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Seahawks announce Colbert release

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 11, 2008 at 4:00 pm with 32 Comments »
November 11, 2008 4:00 pm

Here is the press release. There is no mention of Courtney Taylor though the game notes indicate Taylor is now an active player:

Renton, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks have released wide receiver Keary Colbert, the team announced this afternoon. Colbert originally joined the Seahawks on September 17 after the team traded a 2009 undisclosed draft pick to the Denver Broncos.

He played in seven games with four starts for Seattle, posting seven catches for 52 yards and one touchdown. He also played in two games with Denver to begin the season.

Originally a second-round pick (62nd overall) by the Panthers in the 2004 NFL Draft, he started 42 of 55 games for Carolina and had 109 catches for 1,424 yards with seven touchdowns. He had a career-year in his first season, when he set Carolina rookie records for catches (47), yards (754) and touchdowns (7).

Cuts and waivers
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  1. I really hope it’s not Taylor that replaces Colbert. That’s like replacing constipation with diarrhea. Either way, it’s not good. I don’t project Bumpus going to the Hall of Fame anytime soon, but he just seems to have a knack of making plays here and there. Guys we can somewhat count on are the ones we should be grooming for the future. When Bumpus was in the show, he showed he was okay. Taylor just showed he’s terrible.

  2. stupid, stupid, stupid.

    timmay!, i got one word for you: BUMPUS.


  3. hawayanguy says:

    To BobbyK, that was a funny and right on regarding the metaphor. It was evident the way Colbert played in sunday’s game…to many drops. I like Bumpus and is more consistent. Hopefully we will address WR needs in the upcoming draft….CRABTREE!!!

  4. seafanalways says:

    boobyk, taylor should he was not ready to be the teams number 1 reciever, not that hes terrible. you people are not smart…

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Being number 1 or last on the depth chart, how does that effect ones ability to catch the ball? Taylor, who does have a big upside, had hands of stone when he was in earlier, where Bumpus has shown he can catch the ball, when given the opportunity. Bumpus deserves the nod.

  6. let taylor see if he can do it…if he can’t he’s gone…this is the first sign they are playing for next year….the over under on Mora close ups on the Sunday night New England game must have jumped to 50 by now

  7. BobbyK…what a vulgar methaphor…ya know, we are talking about human beings here. And, wouldn’t it be more like puke telling vomit it stinks??? :-)

  8. I think Bumpus may prove to be a solid player. I don’t think he’s going to be a Pro Bowler, but not every player on a team can be a Pro Bowler. You need solid role players.

    I know Taylor has more upside, but lots of players have proven that they have talent but it translates into NOTHING on game days.

    I think if Taylor plays like he did earlier this year, he will be gone and then Bumpus will get his shot (as should be the case).

    I think of ’05 and what a guy like Hannam meant to the team. Was he a Pro Bowler? No. But he was a solid player who played his role well. That answer is obvious.

    I think Bumpus and a guy like Logan Payne can/will be solid WRs for our team. I don’t expect Logan to be a Pro Bowl WR, but he’s the type of guy we’re going to need as a solid player.

    But our O definitely needs at least ONE RB or WR who can be a true game changer (in addition to all of our good role players).

    What’s the over/under on Branch starting each game for the rest of the season?

  9. luckman15 says:

    Colbert was better than Taylor. Anyone but Taylor! Man, Branch really needs to step up for once.

  10. So let me see if I have this right. TR has given up the following at the WR position with nothing to show for it. The only one halfway worth it is Burleson. I am officially off the TR bandwagon.

    1st for Branch
    3rd for Burleson
    5th for Colbert
    6th for Kent
    7th for Taylor
    7th for Obu

  11. Was the pick traded for Colbert was conditional? If so its good they got rid of him now to minimize the damage. Hopefully they won’t have to give up a 5th rounder now.

    But, Bumpus, Taylor, Kent… Pu-leeze. None of these guys is going to win a football game. They are all irrelevant. They are not worth talking about or worrying about.

    When Matt comes back he should throw the ball to Carlson, Weaver, Jones, and Morris. Tell the WRs to block downfield to earn their pay. Other than Bobby, there isn’t a pair of hands in the whole WR bunch.

  12. We continue to mortgage the future (the draft pick we lost for Colbert) for this worthless 5-11 excuse for a season.

  13. Good thing that they got rid of that lazy D-Jack huh?

  14. Cardinals 27
    Seahawks 28

  15. i’ll second that score.

    Cardinals 27
    Seahawks 28

  16. How do you figure this team gets to 5 wins?

    The point is, Ruskell could have made another move rather than give up a mid round pick. It should have been a 7th that good upgrade to a 5th or 4th. The Broncos were probably going to release him at some point anyway.

    We would have been better off just keeping Kent or Taylor on the active roster and letting them play and try to get better. Oh well.

    For the record, I don’t favor firing Ruskell right now, but he needs to have his god-like powers over the roster taken away. A coach needs to have the threat of cutting guys as leverage over his players. Ruskell can still run the scouting and pro personell departments, and lead the draft. But somebody else needs to be drafting the offensive players, Carlson notwithstanding.

  17. fuzzybear says:

    The time has announced that Taylor is the player being brought up from the practice squad. Wonderful.

    Let the games begin!

  18. fuzzybear says:

    Of course by that I mean the Ruskell bashing…

  19. smithcharles says:

    I think it was a good idea to trade for Colbert. Now Ruskell probably thinks he doesn’t even need to show up for day two of the draft. Less pressure for him. Randy Moss went for a 4th.

  20. cdnhawkfan says:


    I think 5-11 is very achievable. With Hasselbeck and Branch back I predict we finish the season 5-2 for a 7-9 record, which sadly will likely not be enough to make the playoffs. Lets not forget that the season started with Hasselbeck having no-one to throw to. Then Hasselbeck went out. The defense has been better of late, but the offence can’t sustain drives, that should change with Hasselbeck and Branch back.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo, The 5th round pick is gone. But there was a condition based on playing time that it could have moved up to a 4th rounder. He did not reach that, so the damage remains their 5th round pick.

  22. Are we certain that we have only just given up a 5th round draft pick for essentially nothing for a worthless prospect that failed here like he failed in Carolina and Denver? Why don’t we know the precise detail of the transaction?

    I’m always amazed how the FO gets to skate on accountability for poor decisions. Why hasn’t Ruskell stepped up to be heard on this? Was this blunder yet another ‘failure of communication’ like allegedly occurred when he fumbled away Hutchinson, the best OG in football?

    Ruskell gets credit for his good moves and face zero real accountability for the blunders.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    We do know the details, what are you talking about? They gave Denver a 5th round pick. What’s confusing about that? (aside from the fact it was a terrible move made out of desperation.) As for his blunders; he gets hammered on this site, daily. If you’re not seeing the criticism, you’re not reading often enough. They are those who defend him, of course, but there is a solid group, like myself, who will gladly pack his bags for him on his way out of town.

  24. Moo you said:
    “We continue to mortgage the future (the draft pick we lost for Colbert) for this worthless 5-11 excuse for a season.”

    At present we are 2-7, yet you predict our final record will be 5-11, please advise which 3 games we are going to win of the final 7? Given our record so far I can’t see the team winning any more than 2 more. However we could always live in hope.

    I agree Ruskell has seriously pooched it up this season and has given away yet another late pick for nothing. he’s done that since being here and should be forbidden from trading draft picks because none have consistently produced for the team and we are overpaying for an undersized WR who was a slow learner and of the system and who can’t stay healthy. Does anyone care? The O has been reduced to shadow of the ’05 O that was in place when he arrived, his defense is playing extremely poorly and the depth on the team has been weakened. Who are the playmakers on the O? he has simply weakened the O to strengthen the D and even that has failed. Ultimately he has accomplished the result of reducing the power of the team so it is now a lower tier team without any new young depth with extreme potential. In reality this team has a higher character than when he arrived but it isn’t a better team than it was when he arrived as key parts of the team haven’t been replaced and the FA moves and draft pick trades have been dubious. The team is seriously weak at WR, OG, C, FS, & RCB. The depth at LB is absent after Lewis, and the we are not very strong at DE, as our failure to consistently mount an effective pass rush shows. He gets an bare average grade for drafting but if Spencer doesn’t work out (and he looks like he’s a bust) Ruskell deserves a much lower grade on his draft success. In my mind we still haven’t replaced the players Hutchinson and Tobeck or Gray lost through stupidity retirement or injury and we have cycled numerous players through the LG, RG, C positions to unsuccessfully bolster a weak mid OLine. None of the backups appear to be of starter quality or soon to be starters.

    Ruskell deserves a big fat Bronx cheer and an F for his crappy work.

  25. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Ruskell has now solidified his place behind Matt Millen as the worst personel man in the history of the NFL. Now, we can only hope that Paul Allen wakes up out of his coma long enough to give Ruskell the beating he deserves before firing the moron.

  26. Carlson notwithstanding

    carlson was drafted by Holmgren and not by Ruskell.

  27. CowboysP says:

    IF you want to hear something interesting, listen to the interview with Leroy Hill on He doesn’t say anything about Seahawks personnel decisions.

    But he does say “I think, you know, Jim Mora being the coach next year, brings in a breathe of fresh air”. He also mentions that Holmgren has become somewhat predictable.

    Like I said before, Holmgren should just leave now.

  28. nighthawk2 says:

    Cdnhawkfan, I like the enthusiasm but I can’t share it. I don’t see three games this team can win. If we are to win even one more, I want to be on Thanksgiving. Realistically though, I think our only shot is at the Rams and possibly Arizona here IF they play as poorly as they did against the 49ers Monday night and we get the kind of bad weather we’re getting today. I don’t see us winning here vs. the Redskins (unless Alexander starts that game), on Thanksgiving (unless Johnson or Bolinger starts) or against either the Patriots or Jets or at Arizona (where we haven’t won since 2005).

    Holmgren hasn’t drafted anyone since 2004. If you’re suggesting that it was his influence that got us Carlson, I’d like to see some evidence of that.

    I’m not counting on Branch to do much except get injured again.

    Dukeshire, the confusion about the 5th round pick comes from, I think, reports in the media that maybe we can get it back. Particularly KJR’s goofy dj’s have been suggesting we might get it back.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Maybe, but the next time Softy at KJR is right it will be the first. I’d be very surprised to learn that there is a condition in the trade that would allow the ‘Hawks to get that pick back.

    I do agree with you on this point; 3 wins from here on would require a dramatic turnaround.

  30. OutSydeDog says:

    While my heart holds out for running the table, my brain tells me it will be hard getting three more wins this year. Beating Dallas on Thanksgiving, and AZ twice would ease the pain of this year.


  31. SharkHawk says:

    I’d trade Ruskell and 100 million dollars to the Titans for Mike Reinfeldt right now. That is if I was Paul Allen. Ruskell is a knucklehead.

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