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Morning links: Will Mora stay or go?

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 30, 2008 at 11:36 am with 26 Comments »
October 30, 2008 11:36 am

We don’t often lead with our competition, but I thought Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times hit the nail on the head in today’s column, asking why Seahawks secondary coach Jim Mora won’t clear up the air surrounding Seattle’s future head coach. Is Mora interested in taking the head coach at the University of Washington, the school he attended and competed for as a player? Or will he stay put?

Here’s an excerpt:

The Huskies are coming up on a one-year anniversary since they last won a game. The program that went 26 years without a losing record will not play in a bowl game for the fifth consecutive season.

Logic says there’s no way that job compares to any of the 32 NFL head-coaching gigs, let alone one for the league’s richest owner.

But with nothing but silence from Mora or the Seahawks, the speculation will continue until someone is named coach of his alma mater.

KJR-AM’s Mitch Levy talked about the issue with the Seattle P-I’s Clare Farnsworth and Hugh Millen, a good friend of Mora, during the Seahawks’ Roundtable this morning on this audio link.

Seattle Seahawks

Philadelphia will bring the heat on Sunday, and Seneca Wallace needs to be ready.

Seneca Wallace has been groomed to come in and lead the Seahawks in situation like this, Dave Boling writes.

Frank Hughes reports defensive end Patrick Kerney re-injured his shoulder against San Francisco, and probably will not play on Sunday. That means rookie Lawrence Jackson will probably start again.

Gregg Bell of the Associated Press notes that Matt Hasselbeck was at the practice facility working out, but did not come out to the practice field. Deion Branch also is out for a week.

The Oregonian’s Aaron Fentress provides a brief history on how the blitz has evolved in the NFL, and also talks about how the West Coast offense’s short passing game was developed to counter the blitz.

Scott Johnson of the Everett Herald talks about the two crossing paths of quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Hasselbeck. McNabb is finally healthy this season, while Hasselbeck is struggling through injuries this season.

A story detailing the play of a rejuvenated McNabb.

Eagle’s tight end _EaglesSmith_unable_to_practice.html”>L.J. Smith was unable to practice on Wednesday. He’s still recovering from a big hit by Atlanta safety and Tacoma native Lawyer Malloy. Take a look at the hit here. It looks like Malloy could have eased up. He got a flag on the play. And there might be a fine headed his way this week.

Ray Parrillo of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes about Seattle’s home-field advantage.

San Francisco 49ers

Mike Singletary gets a chance to catch his breath with his team on a bye this week.

Kevin Lynch of Niners Insider discusses why Shaun Hill was named the 49ers starting quarterback this week.

The 49ers will consider putting linebacker Ahmad Brooks at defensive end to help out with the pass rush. The 49ers claimed the former the former Bengals linebackers off of waivers on Aug. 31, but he’s been inactive for all eight games.

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals’ tight end Mark Pope will miss another game this week with an ankle injury.

Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner has been handed over some of the play-calling duties for the offense because he’s earned the trust of offensive coordinator Todd Haley, Darren Urban of reports.

Mike Tulumello of the East Valley Tribune reports Warner and the Cardinals are talking contract extension.

St. Louis Rams

With the Rams playing the Cardinals this week, quarterback Marc Bulger is dealing with a new wave of Warner nostalgia.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz says Warner has turned back the clock during his tenure with Arizona.

Josh Brown was named NFC special teams player of the month.

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  1. OutSydeDog says:

    Mora would be a great choice for the UW. Only thing is, he is under contract already for next year, and I also would have to agree that a NFL gig would top a college gig.
    GO HAWKS!!! Let’s kick some Philly butt! :)

  2. toughguy5128 says:

    Please let him decide to coach UW! I would rather that team have 4 more losing seasons under him than 2-3 losing seasons for the Seahawks!

  3. CowboysP says:

    Do you think he might just be focused on coaching at the moment, and not responding to “rumors”.

    How difficult is that to figure out….

  4. so apparently in order to earn ST player of the month honors, all you got to do is do fail to create touchbacks due to short kickoffs, and out of every field goal made, make only a single one that is of any significance.

  5. Considering the circumstances in which Mora ended up with the Hawks, I would think that anything is possible. Who knows what kind of stipulations were put in place to give him an out if the UW job became available. He is a diehard Dawg, I doubt $ would be the issue.

  6. All he needs to do is put the speculation to the ground and come out saying that he’s interested or not.

  7. If his coaching of the Secondary is soft and the team does poorly ~ He doesn’t have to deal with comparisons of another winning (Holmgren) season when he takes over. Am I loco to think that?

  8. Great, A coach who dosen’t know what to do, go to the dogs or stay with Seattle. Send him to Washington DC, I’ll take Jimmy Zorn over coach Mora any day of the week!!! Jim is a true Seahawk not a Redskin.

  9. CowboysP says:

    Let’s see. Willingham mande $1.5M as Head Coach of the Huskies. Mora went to Washington (the Skins) and turned down the Head Coach position to become the coach after Holmgren. Zorn becomes the Head Coach of the Redskins, and has a 5 year-$15M contract, or $3M a year.

    You would have to think that Mora will make at least $3M a year as head coach of the Seahawks.

    Are the Huskies going to try to get Mora a $3+M a year, when they were only paying Willingham $1.5M?
    Not likely. More like no.

    Would Mora bring instant excitement to the Huskies for huge increases in ticket sales and interest?
    Again. No.

    Most of this just Seahawks fans that DON’T WANT Mora, not Huskies fans that WANT Mora.

  10. CowboysP says:

    “Great, A coach who dosen’t know what to do, go to the dogs or stay with Seattle. Send him to Washington DC, I’ll take Jimmy Zorn over coach Mora any day of the week!!! Jim is a true Seahawk not a Redskin.”

    Don’t worry Wernie. I’m sure that the Huskies will hire Mora, with the ONLY motivation being to save the Seahawks fans from the 2009 disappointment.

  11. CowboysP says:

    Why do I get the feeling that if the Huskies don’t take Mora off of the Seahawks hands, many Seahawks fans will try to start a rumor that “Mora is going to Oklahoma City to coach the Thunder”.

  12. OutSydeDog says:

    Zorn = Coach in waiting for Seahawks

    Mora = New Coach at UW

    Life = Perfect


    History shows that anything is possible. My take is that Mora will be with the Hawks. But I wonder, if the new UW Coach doesn’t win, and neither does Mora, would Mora get the chance later if he couldn’t do it with the Hawks? And, would we be able to get Zorn back here?

  13. CowboysP says:

    Zorn = Redskins coach for 3 seasons

    Mora = Seahawks coach for at least 3 seasons = rebuilding period

    Gary Pinkel = Huskies coach for the foreseeable future

    Life = Reality

  14. OutSydeDog says:

    That’s what I was asking, a few years down the road if Mora and Pinkel (who is also a great choice for UW) don’t win, could we get Zorn back here? Also, if Mora fails with the Seahawks, would he still be a good choice for the UW? Just speculation, fodder for the blog as it were. I hope Mora helps bring a SB trophy to Seattle and coaches for the next ten years. I’d be happy if the UW regains it’s winning ways, but I bleed two shades of blue, with neon trim of course :)~


  15. Hm. I remember that Mora once sad that if UW offer him a job he will take it without thinking. It was at time when he coming to Seattle. Now we will see would this happen.

  16. CowboysP says:

    I think it is actually likely that Zorn loses his position before Mora, or the new Husky coach. Expectations in DC are very high… Too high…
    Then maybe he would return to Seattle as an asst. coach.

  17. CowboysP says:

    “Hm. I remember that Mora once sad that if UW offer him a job he will take it without thinking. It was at time when he coming to Seattle. Now we will see would this happen.”

    Not exactly accurate. Mora said he would take the Husky job while he was still the Falcons coach, while on the Softy show.

    He later said he was “joking”, and Softy has said that Mora was being “sarcastic”.

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    Real question is why is a Cowboys fan always on a Seahawks blog and posting on situations he is in total ignorance of? Stick to worrying about the Cowboys going into the tank and missing the playoffs without Romo and Pacman, and whether Texas gets through without a loss.

    Regarding Mora, considering what talking about wanting the UW job got him (fired) at Atlanta, maybe he’s wise to keep his mouth shut and let his agent make inquires on the QT for him with UW’s people. I agree that money wouldn’t be the deciding factor for him if he took the UW job.

  19. OutSydeDog says:

    I dunno nighthawk, I don’t find Cowboy any more irritating than some of the Seahawk fans that post their rants. As an American, I welcome anybody, even if I don’t agree with their affiliations.

    Cowboy was obviously raised in a remote part of Texas, where the boys are branded with the star at age 9 and can’t help himself. :)~

    I think Zorn will do good in D.C. After all, he’s another branch of the Holmgren tree. Perhaps I’m just not thinking right since my Zorn jersey is a little tighter on me these days.


  20. nighthawk2 says:

    Yep, that part of Texas where men are men and sheep know it.

    Zorn’s a fine coach, I wish he was still here, but as our OC and QB coach, and the heir apparent to Holmy. But, he’s not.

  21. CowboysP says:

    nightgannonhawk You need to take your Cowboys talk to a different board. This board is for the Seahawks. Please stay on subject, and stop getting off-topic.

  22. funballad says:

    let mora go to the dogs. I wonder if Bill Cowher could or would teach this team how to tackle. Dohh….slap self…what could i possibly be thinking.

  23. CowboysP says:

    I mean, but you have to dream. Maybe we will all wake up one day in a couple weeks, and see Ruskell on Sportscenter, saying “I just can’t believe that Jim let me down like this”.

    And then a flash to Mora at Montlake, surrounded by Husky cheerleaders, throwing his right arm in the air, and yelling “Tequila!”

    And then, later in the day, Paul Allen, reluctantly on ESPN, saying “I have just lost confidence in the Front Office, with this latest fiasco. I’m just going to have to make a change”.

    Sorry NH2. It’s nice to dream. But it won’t happen.

  24. bigblue52 says:

    Let’s face it. Holmgren’s gone. In my opinion, Mora’s not gonna cut it, so let him go go to the Dawgs. With what Zorn’s doing in D.C. we’re not going to get him back here any time soon.

    What I think Paul Allen ought to do with his money is go get Bill Cowher off the airwaves and get him back on the sidelines where he belongs. While he’s not a west coast offense guy, at least he’ll slap some guys up side the head and wake them up. Maybe then they’ll start playing the kind of football they should be.

  25. CowboysP says:

    “Regarding Mora, considering what talking about wanting the UW job got him (fired) at Atlanta, maybe he’s wise to keep his mouth shut and let his agent make inquires on the QT for him with UW’s people. I agree that money wouldn’t be the deciding factor for him if he took the UW job.”

    Wasn’t just Fiction…. More like Science Fiction….

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