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Brian Russell on Vernon Davis

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 29, 2008 at 3:39 pm with 11 Comments »
October 29, 2008 3:39 pm

There was an awfully big hubbub in San Francisco about tight end Vernon Davis, who was kicked out of the game by Mike Singletary for his attitude during Sunday’s game.

Well, the play that preceded Davis being booted from the sidelines was when he was tackled by Brian Russell, after which Davis hit Russell in the facemask, for which he was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Davis said Russell told him to try harder, which I asked Russell about. He just smiled with a Cheshire grin; he clearly said a little more than that.

Regarding the hit to the facemask by Davis, he said it was hard enough to warrant a penalty. “The good thing about it was the ref was standing right there,” Russell said. “Usually it happens and you go complain to the ref and he tells you he didn’t see it. But he was standing right next to us, and when he hit me in the facemask I looked at him and said, ‘You have to call that one, right?’ Hey, 15 yards for the good guys. What are you gonna do?”

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  1. Just like the good old days when Ken Hamlin would instigate something and the other team would get called for the penalty.

  2. kinger12 says:

    Why can’t Russell run as well as his mouth?

    Mr Pile On – can’t tackle, can’t cover but is pretty good at throwing picks on his own team. Why don’t we have Hamlin still? Just imagine Grant and Hamlin together…

  3. seaturkeys says:

    “Why don’t we have Hamlin still?”
    I’m pretty sure we’re looking for guys that don’t get beat on and off of the field.

  4. Congratulations Russell!! It’s your first positive play for the Seahawks all year!

  5. Shmolzer says:

    This truly is pathedic! Russell can’t make plays between the whisle’s, so now he’s doing it after the whisle?!?!? This guy is another said reason the hawks are the team they are this year.

  6. kelphelper says:

    i don’t remember anyone complaining about russell last year. every game that i’ve seen, he has been one of the most sure tacklers on the team. he’s never been super fast, but he hits hard. i can blame most shortcomings on the d this year to the superlame defensive scheme and play calls by john marshall.

    and i’d take russell over hamlin any day.

  7. Cold seaturkeys… cold… I don’t think joking about Hamlin’s head injury from getting a sign post over the nugget is really the way we should go in here…

    As for his play on the field, he took a lot of chances and got fooled some by play action, but the kid could KNOCK you out… I’d take him back in a heartbeat over Russell. Remember when he was here he was asked to play FS and make all the calls for the DBs, his mental game proved not to be his strongsuit, but his natural skills were amazing. Teaming him with Deon Grant and letting him play closer to the LOS, would have benefitted him greatly – I wish we’d have given Hamlin a shot to take Boulware’s spot at SS when we shipped him off for Babin.

  8. Classic, seaturkeys, classic.

    I actually expected Russell to get flagged for “intimidation.” Where’s Bill Leavy when you need him?

    We definitely need to get a safety on day one in the ’09 draft.

  9. wabubba68 says:

    I would much rather have Russell than Hamlin…but the position does need to be upgraded soon. Russell is a bit too small and misses too many tackles.

    I did use to LOVE how hard Hamlin would hit people! I remember a game against the 49ers in Seattle during his rookie year, and he drilled Terrell Owens out of bounds on a go route (one of the first plays of the game) when the ball was clearly over thrown. The sideline mic picked up Hamlin saying, “That’s the way it’s going to be all night. I’m going to be hitting you!”

    Well worth the 15 yard penalty! :-)

  10. kinger12 says:

    hamlin – yeah I get the risk of the head injury but look how it turned out a probowler last year and a 6 year fat deal with the ‘boys!

  11. nighthawk2 says:

    “Cold seaturkeys… cold… I don’t think joking about Hamlin’s head injury from getting a sign post over the nugget is really the way we should go in here…”

    Cold? This clown went to a location and bar known for rowdy, violent conduct, initiates a fight as he’s being ejected, goes back and starts mouthing off after he’s outside, then winds up getting clobbered. And one of the guys involved in it winds up shot dead shortly afterward. Hamlin misses the rest of the season because of it, the playoffs and the Super Bowl, leaving us thin in the secondary in the process so we wind up with Etric Pruitt playing safety at key moments late in the game. Yeah, Ken Hamlin is a real peach of a fella.

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