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Hasselbeck likely out vs. Philly

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 28, 2008 at 5:03 pm with 25 Comments »
October 28, 2008 5:03 pm

Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck returned from his appointment in California with back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins on Tuesday.

Hasselbeck said during his weekly interview on KIRO-AM radio that he did not pass a strength test given to him and will not be cleared to play this week.

This means Seneca Wallace will likely get the start at quarterback against Philadelphia.

“I thought they would clear me,” Hasselbeck told KIRO. “He did not. And so I need to see him again real soon. I basically can’t get cleared until I pass his test. And that’s what I’m working towards.”

Specifically, Hasselbeck said he did not pass a test that required him to walk on his heels.

Hasselbeck would miss his fourth straight week if he can’t play on Sunday.

Right now, Hasselbeck said he’s suffering from a dead leg due to the bulging disk in his back. Hasselbeck did say Dr. Watkins told him the injury will not require surgery.

“It doesn’t feel different necessarily,” Hasselbeck told KIRO. “It’s just that because of the disk issue in my back, that nerve is shutting off the muscles that are supposed to work in your leg. So that’s what I’m working on and I’m confident it’ll get better.”

Hasselbeck’s brother, Tim Hasselbeck, said on ESPN this afternoon that Matt Hasselbeck’s injury might require him to sit out longer that the week-to-week prognosis announced by Seattle coach Mike Holmgren this week.

Listen to the full interview here.

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  1. Best case scenario… he’s ready to rock and roll for 2009!

    BUT – what are the odds of something like this flaring up again to destroy the ’09 season?

    If this is something that can linger or be triggered again (relatively easily)?

    Perhaps it will make sense to draft a QB.

  2. really? a qb?

    not to be mean but what qb out there at a number 10 pick is better than Matt or Seneca or even Chas.?

    and if there is one…who will he throw 2 ? besides Carlson?

    this offseason should be a fun one for addressing needs.

  3. matty was a sixth rounder, 184 overall.

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have an elite quarterback.

    case in point: leinart.

  4. that is, just because one HAS a top ten quarterback, doesn’t mean that back is elite.

    looooooong day.

  5. LarryFisher says:

    On the issue of personnel, I have the following thoughts.
    1. WR: I think we should hold off until the end of the season to grade this area. Branch could come back and be productive, Burleson will hopefully be recovered, Engram will be back in rhythm (again, hopefully), and maybe Koren will have made an impact. I like Bumpus and think he deserves more of a shot. Notice I am not talking about guys like Kent, Taylor and Payne.
    2. QB: a lot rests on whether or not Hasselbeck gets healthy. I don’t see Wallace as a number one QB. I say if we CAN pick a talented QB, in ANY round including 1st, do it.
    3. RB: good group here. Love Weaver coming alive. JJ was a good pick up.
    4. OL: Draft, draft, draft. I would like to see two or three picks here.
    5. TE: Carlson is working out well.
    6. DL: I am hoping that Bryant and Jackson will contribute. Not a priority to get new blood here.
    7. LB: keep Hill, cut or trade Peterson before letting Hill go. Lofa will be back with a vengeance.
    8. DB: despite the pick/TD, I still see Wilson as a nickelback. We need to upgrade from Jennings, at the very least. Here is an offbeat idea: since the guys like Kent, Payne, and Taylor seem to be better at making sure NO receptions are made, why not try them at DB? They have size and speed. And let’s face it, no one makes any receptions when they are on the field.

    I see OL as the top need, followed closely by a good CB. DL and possibly a QB to bring along.


  6. one needn’t have a top ten pick to have an elite safety.

    case in point: Brian Dawkins (2nd round)

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have an elite shut-down corner:

    case in point: Albert Lewis (3rd round)

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have a great pass rushing defensive end:

    case in point: Michael Strahan (2nd round)

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have a great pass rushing defensive tackle:

    case in point: John Randle (8th round)

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have a great linebacker:

    case in point: Rufus Porter (oh wait, die hards will know what I’m talking about, bandwagoners will not – maybe not great, but damn good/solid)

    one needn’t have a top ten pick to have a good anything on offense:
    QB – Tom Brady (6th)
    RB – Terrell Davis (6th)
    FB – Mack (I’d hope you know him)
    WR – Some Steve Largent Guy (4th round)
    OL – Mike Webster (5th round)

    bla, bla, bla

    I hate this damn season!

  7. kurtisballard says:

    since it takes a lot more skill to cover a receiver than it is to get open from a defensive back, i am completely against the idea of converting our no-production receivers into defensive players.

  8. BobbyK, Rufus Porter was my favorite Seahawk after Largent retired. He was undrafted, if I recall correctly, and made the Pro Bowl his first two years as a special teamer. I loved his effort.

    My current favorite Seahawk has a bulging disk. :-(

  9. Its easy in hindsight to point out great players picked up in the late rounds, but if you believe in math you will know that the odds (even with Ruskell’s knack for late round choices) of getting a future star from rounds 4 and on are slim. Just because some players have slipped down the board on draft day doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address our biggest needs in the first few rounds. You can’t count on getting a future pro-bowler with each late round pick (sounds stupidly obvious but I feel it needs to be said based on some of the posts here).

  10. I see the Saints dumped their kicker and punter. Maybe they would take our “extra” kicker and a pick for some help in our secondary (said not knowing who the Saints have). Or maybe MoMo could be used similarly for a team needing a RB?

    I’d like to see some *good* trades (I know the deadline passed…isn’t there another opportunity this season to trade?)

  11. LarryFisher says:

    I dismiss the plan that the team should throw the rest of the season in order to get higher draft picks. As BobbyK points out, good talent can be found in the latter part of rounds or in lower rounds. Coaching, opportunity, and injury have plenty to do with a pick’s success (of course).
    I would like to see us in the play offs again, and I don’t think it’s impossible in this division.
    I hope that we continue to see improved tackling by the defense. That drove me nuts watching NY players getting extra yards after initial contact. There was improvement in the GB game and again in SF. Anyone have an opinion on Red Bryant’s play so far? Mebane has been making some push.
    Penalties, poor tackling, watching teams burn us the same way game after game, poor execution in multiple dimensions of the game, all that leads me to think that coaching is an issue. I can see Holmgren getting riled up, but are the players giving their all with him leaving at the end of the year?

  12. Canfan – Not that I am the supreme authority of Seahawk fans… some people on this blog have been with the team since ’76… I can only claim since ’83… but it’s fun to see people who know Rufus Porter!!! I loved that guy. Stud special teamer and then very good LB. #97 I was p!ssed when he was allowed to leave town and go to New Orleans.

    If there is hope for us (I’m certainly not optimistic), we can look at the Raiders in SB XV or what the SteAlers did to us in XL and see that low seeded teams who came together and got hot can still win it all… Hell, that Charger teams started something like 1-4. I’m pretty sure I don’t like those odds though. Take EVERY 1-4 team EVER and then do the math. I don’t like our chances… yet, there’s still a chance:) But I won’t bet any of my money on it…

  13. NateP — every super smart fan on this blog (if you listen to them) would pick the next Tom Brady and John Randle with their late round picks. They would never draft a bust.

    Funny – I hear ya… and I agree with you.

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    “I see the Saints dumped their kicker and punter. Maybe they would take our “extra” kicker and a pick for some help in our secondary (said not knowing who the Saints have). Or maybe MoMo could be used similarly for a team needing a RB?

    I’d like to see some *good* trades (I know the deadline passed…isn’t there another opportunity this season to trade?)”

    Not until the season is over.

    I thougt I put that myth of no one is any good after the 4th round to bed in another thread a few days ago. Guess I’ll have to repost it. Ruskell has a knack for good later round picks? News to me. Too bad he doesn’t have a knack for earlier round picks. But hard to do when you trade them away.

    And in other news, Elizabeth Hasselbeck blamed her brother-in-law’s back troubles on the liberal media sexist attacks on Sarah Palin and Barak Obama’s “socialist” tax plan. She also said John McCain had a secret plan to get Matt’s back in shape for election day.

  15. surelyyoujest says:

    O-line. Draft early, draft often. It starts there. A lot of marginal players have had great careers because they found an o-line to play behind. Take away the top knotch line, and they suck and/or get injured. Ask Trent Green. Ask Rich Gannon. Ask any Denver running back from 1998 to 2006 or so. Ask Matt for that matter. He’ll tell you that he’d be in the hall of fame if he could keep the 2005 line for another 5 years.

    If you can put together a top knotch o-line, your offense will be good, with or without 1st round talent.

  16. surelyyoujest says:

    Arizona put it together backwards. Great talent, no line, and lost. Now that their line is average (at pass blocking), they’re winning more. If they had a top flight line, we’d have no chance, and not many teams would.

  17. You know you’re having a lousy season when blog discussions are primary about draft picks and rebuilding. And it’s week #9!

  18. i have been a diehard fan since 1976 and i’m NOT giving up on our team this season. we seen worse times. granted, this is pretty bad, but i have faith that the Seahawks will find a way to win the division this year.

  19. Seattle12thMan says:

    I think a QB needs to be drafted next year and it doesn’t matter which round. It takes a year or two to full groom a good NFL quarterback. If Hass can last longer, then we have goo trade material, otherwise when the time comes we will have a refined quarterback ready to play. The season is far from over and I know the Seahawks will make the best of it.

    Another Seahawks fan since 1976!

  20. I don’t want to give up on this season either, but after watching Seneca Wallace live and in person this week I don’t see any way we beat the Eagles with him at QB. Or the Dolphins for that matter.

    If I was “Timmay!” my first day picks would be, in no particular order,


    2nd day
    run stuffing DE
    Big CB

  21. Tim Hasselbeck (Matt’s brother) was on ESPN last night. He said Matt’s injury is more than a week to week thing. Meaning, he will be out for a while.

  22. QB_Sneak says:

    Is Dr Watson a Niners fan, or a Cardinals fan?

    All we need to know is this: Can Matt throw the ball? If so, stand him up in shotgun and let’s go already!!!

  23. QB_Sneak says:

    Re: drafting a QB

    Matt has another few years left in him, but we do need to draft his eventual replacement. We all know Frye or Seneca are not the future of this team. Would be nice to have a young QB learning the ropes.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    I believe the first day of the draft is down to two rounds, and day two is rounds 3-7. At least it was that day last year. No big deal, but they cut the time down on the first two rounds so it doesn’t drag.

    Draft will depend on what happens, or doesn’t happen, in free agency. From what I’ve seen of our free agent list, the big ones are Hill, Morris, Willis, Engram, Heller? I agree with drafting OL the first few rounds.

  25. LarryFisher says:

    Of those free agents listed I think Hill is by far the most valuable. Engram is older and I think he will stay with the team, as shown by this year’s off season. Willis has contributed. Morris, I won’t cry if he leaves. JJ has been great, Duckett has worked in relief, and Weaver is making things happen.
    Getting more young talent on the OL is the top priority. Drafting a bunch of guys the same year makes sense to me because they get to develop together and hopefully become a solid unit. You can get more mileage out of O lineman than a lot of other positions.

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