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Herring on roster

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 18, 2008 at 9:31 am with 27 Comments »
October 18, 2008 9:31 am

The Hawks just added linebacker Will Herring to the 53-man roster, putting receiver Billy McMullen on the waived/injured list.

Herring was on the physically-unable-to-perform list all season. McMullen had seven catches for 124 yards as a free agent acquisition signed on Sept. 10 because of the rash of injuries to front-line receivers.

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  1. Sigh. We activate another undersized defender and lose our only big wide receiver. This team is so headed in the wrong direction.

  2. bobbyk03 says:

    We have a few other big guys in Kent and Colbert. They just suck. At least Kent has potential at WR. Colbert was just worthless after his R year when all Carolina needed was one decent complimentary WR opposite Steve Smith and he proved incapable of being even almost average. Then Denver signs him, he can’t beat out a R (Royal) and isn’t even one of their top 4 WRs… and then we give up a draft pick for a proven worthless player who is guaranteed to be just as crappy as any FA WR available. Yet we don’t sign a crappy FA, we trade a draft pick for a proven crappy WR.

    At least Herring can help out on special teams. Who cares if he’s an undersized defender? It doesn’t matter b/c he’s not going to be playing any defense anyways. We need all the special teams help we can get.

  3. travisr11 says:

    Yeah because McMullen was such a force at WR…..please.

  4. LoafOfTattooedPoo says:

    Not saying that McMullen was a “force”. But he was the most productive Seattle WR so far this season behind Carlson. And he was a starter in Seattle’s two most productive games offensively. I realize that isn’t saying much considering who they played and how horrible this offense has looked, in general, this season but still. I’d rather have him or Bumpus playing than Kent. Kent’s potential doesn’t win games. I’ll take guys with more than 4 years experience playing organized football over potential any day of the week. Someone needs to step up in this WR corp., whether it’s Colbert, Kent, Engram or whoever.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I love how this whole size thing has become the answer to all their troubles. Get real. Being taller won’t help Jennings or Wilson play better in coverage. Being bigger won’t help gap containment. On and on. This team isn’t losing simply because they are getting bowled over. There are so many issues with this team beyond the size issue.

  6. freedom_X says:

    McMullen also had a broken hand/finger, so he wouldn’t be able to help for weeks anyway. If you hold someone on the roster who can’t produce, it has to be for potential (or a big contract) neither of which apply to McMullen. If he’s snapped up in the next 5 weeks by another team I’d be surprised.

    I was surprised by the Kent activation but my guess is that Seattle knows they need some modicum of a deep threat. Maybe Robinson provides some of that dimension, but until Branch is healthy (if ever) Kent is all they have in terms of speed. So they’ll bring him along on roster, even if just to run a couple fly or go routes per game.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    “…If you hold someone on the roster who can’t produce, it has to be for potential (or a big contract)…”

    You mean like that golden foot kicker we have on the 53 man roster that’s the future of the franchise?

  8. CowboysP says:

    “You mean like that golden foot kicker we have on the 53 man roster that’s the future of the franchise?”

    Mare is the kicker for this season.

    Contu is obviously the kicker for the Seahawks future, who the Seahawks used a seventh round pick to attain, a pick that they received in trade from the Dallas Cowboys. If the Seahawks had attempted to move Contu to the Practice Squad before now, someone would have grabbed him.

    I think its a good move to keep both kickers at this point.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    “I think its a good move to keep both kickers at this point.”

    It is moronic to keep two kickers on the roster “at this point.” If they think he is the second coming of Morton Anderson and for some unknown reason is unable to play, tell him he has an injury and put him on the IR already. For a team this dinged up and in this much disarray, to keep two kickers is beyond me.

    By the way cowboysP, his name is COUTU, not Contu. If you think this highly of him, the least you could do is learn his damn name.

  10. CowboysP says:

    Coutu…. Got it…. Thanks…..
    And actually I don’t know much about him.

  11. bobbyk03 says:

    All I know is that he (Coutu) can’t regularly kick it into the end zone and that sucks.

    I wouldn’t have a problem keeping him if he was as good of a K as they think he can be… but when he can’t kick it deep on kick-offs, then it’s just kind of stupid.

    Plus, Mare is kicking ass this year. Why can’t he finish out his contract and kick in Seattle again next year? Jeez… they guy is perfect on all field goals this year and they want to run him out of town after the season because they have some rookie who can’t kick it off very far? Dumb.

  12. jasoninalaska says:

    THe hawks have made a big deal about Will Herring but I can’t figure out why. Did he do something great?

  13. He was the tackles leader on ST last season and is very good in ST coverage. He’s a hybrid S/OLB and is quite fast downfield.

  14. again, we will win by 7 in Tampa tomorrow. our team’s season is not over.

  15. bigmike04 says:

    Maybe we can sign him when he get healthy and place Cantu on the IR with fake injury not like he will be activated and he will still be with the team no matter what just cant play.

  16. bigmike04 says:

    Can someone ask Tim Russell why he keeping Cantu on 53 man roster when their no plans to used him this season. I understand they want to keep him but can they as team put him on IR and that open a spot for someone else or is Tim Russell that stupid!

  17. I just love it when the Seahags lose. I can’t stand this team, Losers they are losers they will be. Go Tampa Bay!

  18. Thank goodness…now JP can play CB like that one dude was suggesting…LOL

  19. redwolf75 says:

    stevo, “undersized defender”????

    Herring is 6 3 and ripped, fool.

  20. stratboy says:

    hey,jeggo,you JERKO………………….you shouldn’t even be allowed to post on this site!!!…………..Drag it!!!!

  21. stratboy says:

    can we have this MORON ousted????………

  22. Kent is not big, he is tall. He is lanky and skinny. When they jam him on the line, he is so thrown off of his route and the timing and steps fall apart and he is out of position.

  23. …..Oh and jegggo, you are an idiot.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Frank must be exhausted with one post since Thursday. Can the Trib. please give control of this blog to Eric? He does most of the work anyway.

  25. redwolf, what’s with the rude comment? I don’t call people here fools and you shouldn’t either.

    Herring was barely 230 pounds last year and I saw him bowled over by blockers. That’s why I called him “undersized”. That said, I hope he can help out on ST.

    All my comment was saying is that losing another WR is the last thing this team needs, and gaining a 230 or 235 LB doesn’t make up for it.

    I’ll be rooting for Jordan Kent tonight, but so far what I’ve seen from him is that he is a track athlete who cannot get separation from a starting NFL CB, adjust to the ball in the air, or catch. I hope he does better tonight.

  26. bobbyk03 says:

    It will be VERY interesting to see what happens tonight.

    Can we win? I don’t know.

    The quicksand we’re standing in sucks.

  27. redwolf75 says:

    Sorry stevo, but I’m tired of reactionary bandwagon fans going off, especially on this blog.

    Our defense is NOT undersized for a 4-3 defense.

    In fact, we’re on average LARGER than Tampa Bay, whose defense has carried them to a 4-2 record and among the leaders in defensive DVOA.

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