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Friday practice — Wallace to start, McMullen out

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 17, 2008 at 1:49 pm with 29 Comments »
October 17, 2008 1:49 pm

The Seahawks just finished about a 75-minute, light practice and are preparing to head out to Tampa Bay.

Here’s some notes from practice.

An angry Holmgren berated players early on in practice as the team struggled with its execution on offense. Missed assignments, dropped balls and just particularly sloppy play had Holmgren fuming early on.

But the team picked up
toward the later stages of practice. Cornerback Josh Wilson in particular made a nice interception toward the end of team drills, tipping a ball with one hand and bringing it in with another and skirting down the sideline.

Holmgren said Seneca Wallace will start
unless something happens with his calf. Wallace has worked with the first team all week and will get his first start since Nov. 19, 2006, a 24-14 loss to San Francisco.

The Seahawks have another injured wide receiver. Billy McMullen suffered a fractured right pinkie in practice on Thursday and will miss the game. McMullen is out indefinitely, but he could miss a considerable amount of time as his finger heels.

With McMullen out, Jordan Kent will make the trip and should be on the active roster for Sunday.

Holmgren said Sean Locklear will get the start at right tackle, not Ray Willis, although Willis will see some time at right tackle. The two split reps during practice today.

“He brings a physical presence,” Holmgren said about Willis. “He’s a physical guy. That’s a little more about Willis than it is about Locklear.”

Safety Deon Grant practiced today and should be ready to go on Sunday.

Holmgren is still undecided on whether linebacker Will Herring will be activated this week.

“We have three weeks to make the move, but if he’s feeling good ,then why wait,” Holmgren said about Herring.

Holmgren said Deion Branch tried to go today but his bruised heel is still sore. However, Branch will go on the trip and they’ll test his heel on Sunday.

Notes from practice
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  1. Hrmm…interesting to hear that Kent will be active.

    Kent runs fast…

    and we all know that Seneca has a cannon on him…

  2. You mean McMullen didn’t have a broken finger before? From what I saw it sure looked like he was trying to catch the ball with a cast on his hand.

  3. stormshadow says:

    You can’t make this stuff up, regarding the WR injuries…


  4. yankinta says:

    Please lose the game. Give me a 2-14 Team and Top 5 picks next year.

    We can pick up Quality CB, S, DT, WR and OT in 2009 Drafts. We have a lot of needs, before we can think about SB.

    I do not want a so so team. Be very bad or be very good.

  5. McMullen is what, our 7th injury at the WR position this year? Unbelievable.

    I realize more and more, that for most every team, you can be competitive several years running, but the year you get to (or win) the SB is the year that everything breaks right. And by that, I suppose I primarily mean that for some inexplicable reason, nobody gets injured that season.

    It does make repeaters like the Patriots all the more impressive.

  6. Holmgren speak: “He brings a physical presence,” Holmgren said about Willis. “He’s a physical guy. That’s a little more about Willis than it is about Locklear.”

    Translation: Willis is an animal. Locklear is a big softy. But the way Willis whifs on pass protection might get Seneca Wallace killed, so Locklear is starting.

  7. yankinta, that is ridiculous. you don’t concede an entire season after 5 games. it is still possible to make the playoffs. we all are disappointed on how this season has started, but as a season ticket holder, you can bet your expletive that i’ll be there each game, yelling until hoarse and expecting a win. there’s two type of fans that are emerging right now:
    Hawks Fans and Bandwagon Fans, you choose which you want to be and act accordingly.

  8. Stevo, I think you’re right.

    I want to believe in Seneca, any chance Mike will let him run? Lets hope his calf holds up.

    Go Hawks!!

  9. yankinta,
    Are you kidding? You want to have to pay a rookie over 10 million per year? You want to pay a guy who has never played a single down of pro football more money than anyone else at his position? There is a reason why no one was able to trade out of the top 5 in the last draft…because no one wants to pay those ridiculous salaries. I hope the Hawks NEVER have a top 10 pick. It’s a waste of cap space. There are plenty of rookies to choose from, and the top 10 are NOT worth that much money. I’d prefer to be in the middle of the 1st, where the salaries are more reasonable, and you still have your pick of a lot of good prospects. You don’t have to pick in the top ten to get a good player…for example, Lofa, Mebane, Colston, etc. It’s proven every year. Besides, we already have enough high salaries on this team. We need inexpensive rookies…not ridiculously over-priced rookies.

    And besides, no self-respecting Hawks fan should EVER hope for a loss! And after just 5 games!?!?!?! Wow.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    tacchad, agreed. The logic that somehow going 2-14 makes you a better team the following season is beyond absurd. I have never, nor will I ever, root for a Seahawks loss, under any circumstances. “You play, to win, the game! Hello!?”

  11. WILDCAT OFFENSE!!!! Seneca ran the option and MoMo played in Eugene, perfect combination if Hass is out for a long period of time. Even Double Winged with JJ would work. Holmgren is the last coach to stir it up though, he says same game plan if seneca or frye starts. that’s just ignorant. but to his credit, he’s one of the most winningest coaches ever. but Mike, you might win even more if you mix it up when need be…LIKE NOW.

  12. CowboysP says:

    taccahad – Is it just slightly possible that the Dolphins might have been practicing the “Wildcat Offense” plays dating back to the Organized Team Activtites during the offseason?

    You know, months before the season started?

    Maybe Seneca could just draw up the play in the huddle, Morris can be the bottle cap….

  13. as I said, “if Hass is out for a long period of time.” not this Sunday. i’m thinking being professionals, they might be able to learn a half dozen or so plays using that formation during the week. but Holmgren would never do it, we all know that.

  14. Read on another page that McMullen’s pinkie injury was a compound fracture, that must have been ug-ly.

    It is messed up – even with Bobby back, our top 4 are now Bobby, and three guys who none of us would have said would be on the team in training camp. I’ve said it for a couple weeks, I’d like to see a bunch more passes to the RB’s this week — we know Weaver can catch, and people say Jones can too, let’s put what weapons we have to use.

  15. It’s good to see the Hawks at least can intercept the ball in practice. In games, they’ve got one pick (one!) out of 150 opponent pass attempts.

  16. “It’s good to see the Hawks at least can intercept the ball in practice. In games, they’ve got one pick (one!) out of 150 opponent pass attempts. ”

    Yeah, that’s a good stat to point out. Picks are directly related to pass rush, and we haven’t had a consistent one all year.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The D has been picking off pass in practice since training camp opened. With regularity. It’s clear now, watching this team through 5 games, that this is a product of the offense, not an aggressive, ballhawking D.

  18. Let’s hope Seneca has the game of his life. That’s what it would take to upset Tampa Bay.

    I’m still hoping for 10-6 or 9-7 and a playoff berth. Unlikely, but still possible.

  19. I really want another year of Coach Mike….nothing against anybody…this Hawks could go 11 and 5 next year and I think we will understand want a great coach and MAN he is…..

    I think the media will miss him more…Mr Hughes….I think that he has to be in your top 5 list of pro sports people of all time….with the media anyway…me thinks he is a tough nut outside of it

  20. freehawk says:

    12-4 baby!!!!

  21. What kind of fan wants his team to lose? Top 5 pick or not that is just ridiculus. Top draft picks usually do not have that big of an impact unless the guys around them are sound players. The “D” will need to step it up for the Hawks to win. Good luck Seneca!

  22. Holmy likes to use the pass to open up the run game so Locklear starts. The problem with that is if Seattle gets behind early they won’t be able to go to the run and JJ gets just 10 carries.

    Why not start Willis and see how the run goes.

    Branch-misses first 3 games, plays one game, out again

    Engram-misses first three games

    Nate-plays one game, out for season

    Obo-misses whole season

    Payne-lost for season early in second game

    K-Rob-hurts knee, misses 3 games

    Seneca-tries to play WR, hurt in warm ups

    McMullen-breaks finger

    Did I forget anyone?

  23. QB_Sneak says:

    Did I forget anyone?

    Beyond the WR issue, we’ve also suffered these injuries:

    Rob Sims, done for the year

    Marcus Tubbs, done forever

    Chris Gray, retired

    Hass, misses 2 games and counting

    Trufant, busted hand

    Lofa, busted hand

    Kerney, busted hand

    Jennings, concussion, short man disease

  24. Hawkfan1951 says:

    oceanic and QB, don’t forget to add Deon Grant to the injured list.

    From another post on the blog.

    “Grant also reveals that he had a torn medial collateral ligament in his knee in 2007 but he played through the pain. Grant said this week’s knee injury is worse, but he still plans to play, continuing his 117-game playing streak.”


    GO HAWKS!!

  25. Locklear is a LT playing RT. He’s not a power drive run blocker, he’s an athletic pass blocker first. Sean will be the LT if Walt ever retires, and Willis the RT. Why not go with the healthier guy right now?

  26. We be cursed!

  27. bobbyk03 says:

    Willis is a FA in about 5 months. It would be nice to have him resigned ASAP.

  28. nighthawk2 says:

    So all that stuff earlier in the week about Willis starting was just blowing smoke?

    Anyone who seriously thinks this team is capable of winning 9 or 10 games, or even 6 or 7, also sets out milk and cookies for Santa and believes the Warren Report, i.e. they are beyond delusional and in need of professional help.

    It doesn’t matter where we pick in the draft, as long as Ruskell is the GM he’s going to screw up the draft, and free agent signings.

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