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Report: Alexander to return to NFL with Washington

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 14, 2008 at 12:39 pm with 28 Comments »
October 14, 2008 12:39 pm

According to a Washington Post report, ex-Seahawk running back Shaun Alexander will sign a one-year veteran minimum contract with the Washington Redskins today.

Alexander worked out for Washington on Monday and apparently things went well. Barring any negotiations between the two sides Alexander is expected to sign this afternoon.

Also, Washington is working out four punters, including ex-Seahawk Ryan Plackemeier, and expects to sign on of those punters as well today to replace released punter Durant Brooks.

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  1. Seahawks East forming up…

  2. nighthawk2 says:

    My respect for Jim Zorn’s intelligence just took a nose dive.

  3. Apparently they have also signed Ryan Plackmier.

  4. I read that Ryan Plackemeier did sign with the Skins. Guess Hawks are stuck with Jon Ryan for a while longer.

    If you have the NFL channel you can watch last years Skins/Hawks game. Shaun ran hard that game. The cast was off. He said he was afraid of fumbling because of the cast and that is why he didn’t try for extra yards.

    Pac-man???? Some people never learn. From what I understand he will now not have the benefit of assigned body guards so that opens the door for even further incidents.

    Two second round picks for Roy Williams.

  5. chrishuw says:

    i’m all about the redskins. jim zorn should have been our coach and mora should be at UW.

  6. I’m glad that SA and Plack are getting another chance in Washington. If they have a good special teams coach, Plack will probably flourish. Maybe SA has learned a lesson about playing soft. I hope them both the best.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    Roy Williams isn’t worth it. He’s a pain in the butt for the Lions and a whiner.

    Alexander had 8 years to learn a lesson about playing soft and never learned it. Or any other lessons, such as about being a team player, putting personal goals and stats second, pass blocking, catching the ball…

  8. Why would they take 2 second rounders from us when they can get a 1st and 3rd from Dallas?

    And why would we give up and picks when we’re old and slow?

  9. BrianBlades says:

    I guess we’ll see what Alexander does, won’t we?

    Something tells me he didn’t sit on his ass and get fat during his time off. Regardless of whether or not he deserved it, getting cut and booed out of town could be a great motivator.

  10. RichmondHawk says:

    “My respect for Jim Zorn’s intelligence just took a nose dive.”

    This coming from a guy who thinks Tubbs got drafted by Holmgren after getting canned as GM…..yeah.

  11. “Roy Williams isn’t worth it. He’s a pain in the butt for the Lions and a whiner.

    Alexander had 8 years to learn a lesson about playing soft and never learned it. Or any other lessons, such as about being a team player, putting personal goals and stats second, pass blocking, catching the ball…”

    Totally agree. Shaun’s success is the result of a great offensive line. He didn’t deserve all the boos but did deserve to be called a selfish pansie.

    With Roy Williams, he hasn’t shown much in Detroit, why would he show a lot here? With the WCO, it will take about 2-3 years for him to be up to par. He could end up like Branch – giving up a draft pick for a WR that “is perfect for the WCO”.

    I don’t know who would come in and help right away, that’s just the thing…

  12. Those of you calling for Ruskell’s head on a platter should now become SA and Plack fans because, given our current state of affairs, Ruskell is going to look like a dips**t if it turns out that he cut two pro-bowl caliber players.

  13. Kuya – Roy Williams began his career under Mooch in Detroit. They ran the WCO.

  14. nighthawk2 says:

    Well Roy Williams was traded to the Cowboys today, so they’ll be playing “The Biggest Whiner” down there. I can just hear it with him and T.O., “I want the ball…no I want the ball…No, I want the ball beeotch, good things happen when I get the ball everyone knows that”. On top of Pacman Jones indefinate suspension and Romo and Felix Jones out a month, it’s implosion time in Cowboy land.

  15. dougenfield says:

    It will be interesting to see the reaction to Alexander when the Redskins come to Seattle in November.

    My gues is that he will be well received unless he’s playing really well. The better he does, the more he’ll get booed – just my theory.

    All this trade talk and waiver talk is too much. The Seahawks are sellers and not buyers in this market. We need picks and young guys.

  16. BrianBlades says:

    What is the market for injured veterans and overpaid, underperforming defensive guys? That’s the only thing we’ve got to sell.

  17. fuzzybear says:

    Shaun will fill a nice role as a backup to Portis and may do quite well.

    Regarding punters, I am still confused by the Seahawks dumping of Plack and Hodges only to pick up a second rate punter who is a step backwards. Yeah, Plack was inconsistent, but anyone who knew Ryan from Green Bay could have told you the same thing. So Why???

  18. jasong96 says:

    What a horrible eight years we had with Shaun Alexander. He never gained 1,000+ yards a season, never scored 14+ TDs a season, never scored 5 TDs in a single game, never earned an MVP. Lots of RBs are productive for as long as he was — and none of them runs behind good offensive lines either.

    His one “backstabbing” comment (for which he apologized the next day) makes him jerk, even if he behaved like a model citizen.

    I’m glad to see that fans aren’t looking back at Alexander’s time with anger and spite. That would be childish.

  19. seahawkbryce says:

    I wish Alexander all the best. He deserves this last shot to pad the stats a little.

  20. You guys have to be kidding me this is a MVP that was on our super bowl team.His only crime was taking the cash that any of you would not of turned down.Hes old but he will help Zorn outand im thinking Zorn has a little bit more knowledge of Alexander then most board members

  21. Pro Football reference did a study where they normalized RBs production based on their offensive line. Alexander moved up in the rankings when they did this. He produced while playing behind the likes of Todd Weiner, Chris Terry, Floyd Womack, Floyd Wedderburn, Chris McIntosh, Chris Grey, Jerry Wunsch, etc.

    Everyone cites 2005 but he had elite numbers from 2001-2004. Hutchinson missed most of the 2002 season with a broken leg and Alexander played his best at the end of that year with Hutchinson hurt.

  22. csungrad says:

    I wish Alexander well. I always liked the guy, and while this isn’t a popular view on this board, I view him as an All-Time Seahawk. Hope he does well in DC. His reception at Qwest should be interesting when the Skins play here.

  23. Fredline says:

    At least we’ll know how to tackle him…just touch his feet & down he goes!

  24. I hope Shaun gains 100 yards against the Seahawks. And the Redskins still lose.

  25. IDHawkman says:

    By the time Shaun comes back to Qwest, the reception for him will be very muted because we’ll have lost so many games that no one will be there to boo him.

    So from last year’s team to this year’s team what changed? We got a pro bowl guard and replaced the RB squads. Sounds to me like we got the short end of that stick.

    I know, the WR injuries was what happened, right. Nope, not gonna accept that since the eagles have had many great seasons without a single big name WR for years.

  26. kurtisballard says:

    the seahawks have had plenty of good years without a big name WR. it’s not about big names, it’s about having someone better than practice squad guys. when you’re starters are clearing waivers you know something’s wrong.

    by the way, the eagles passing game wasn’t very impressive aside from the years owens was there.

  27. CowboysP says:

    It will be interesting to see if Shaun is still with the Redskins when they travel to Qwest. It is Week 12 of the season, and Betts is back in 3 weeks.

    But if Shaun plays well?

    If he does come back to Seattle, I could see a few boo’s when he comes into the game.

    But if Shaun happened to break a couple tackles, and score a touchdown, Qwest would EXPLODE with the boo’s.

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