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Matt Hasselbeck out for Tampa Bay game

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 13, 2008 at 3:02 pm with 29 Comments »
October 13, 2008 3:02 pm

It turns out that that bulging disc in Matt Hasselbeck’s back that the team poo pooed when we were in Buffalo is worse than originally thought. The knee injury that Hasselbeck suffered in New York somehow has triggered problems with the disc in Hasselbeck’s back, the reason that he was unable to play yesterday. They sent him to a specialist in Los Angeles last night, and they said he is going to try to appropriately rehab the back for a week with the hope that he can be back against San Francisco at the end of October.

Now, there are a lot of unanswered questions here. Why did the knee injury prompt the back to flare up? Why is the back creating weakness in the leg? Is this a chronic problem that could bother him for the rest of his career? Mike Holmgren did not have all the answers, but the bottom line is that Hasselbeck is being treated for a bad back that will keep him out for at least one more game.

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  1. i’m not sure of all the rules that govern the NFL, but is there any chance that we can call a Mulligan on our season thusfar?

    if we could just start over and put all these injuries behind us, i think we’d find out that we’ve got a shot at the post-season.

    i’m not sure how much more bad news i can take before i stop watching any football until next season.

    well, regardless, i love this team.

  2. He’s going to be out for the year, isn’t he?

  3. idahoseahawksfan says:

    I have hurt my back a few times and there was one time where it effected my entire right leg. I was limping on it a lot. When Matt got hit it could have easily reagrivated his back!

    We all may be down about this season so far but we know we are true fans when we stick with them through the good and the bad. Too bad that the last year with Holmgren could be a flop!

  4. BORNHAWK says:

    Maybe we should of traded for Favre and reunited him with Holmgren.

  5. tonyb3571 says:

    we were done before the year started..lame duck coaching situation rarely work…and the fatc Engram got hurt killed any chance of a solid passing game…Branch has been a bust since he was traded and the Logan Paynes. C Taylors of the world are merely roster filler , not game changers as they will be out of th eleague in 2 years tops anyways….this team hasnt drafted any exciting playmakers for a long while and relying on oft inured Burleson as ur deep threat and punt return guy….the team was screwed…….they need some playmakers simply because they dont have the team to rely on pounding the ball and giving up only 17 points…time to draft a wr playmaker, they shou;d of doen that a coup years ago.

  6. Kevindot1 says:

    Fantastic! After the Mariner’s crap-taco of a season, after losing the SuperSonics, I had so much hope for the Seahawks this year. Especially to send Holmgren out right.

    It sure sucks to be a Seattle sports fan. I hope the Sounders FC team do not suck as bad as every other Seattle team.

    Seriously, I feel as though i will go to my grave hoping for next year.

  7. Kevindot1 says:

    tonyb3571, I think claiming this was a lame duck season that was never going to work is a total cop-out statement. Nothing that has plagued this year has ANYTHING to do with it being Holmgren’s last year. Just nothing to do with it at all.

  8. opiate69 says:

    Great.. 1-5 here we come. What a terrible year to be a Puget Sound area pro-sports fan.

  9. flipmort says:

    Nerve endings in the disks can cause weakness in your arms and legs. Depending on where Matts bad disks are, it makes perfect sense that he would have weakness in the legs. Usually it would start out feeling like the leg is asleep, kind of a tingling sensation. The correct therapy can make it so he can function normally, but at some point in his life, he is probably looking at back surgery.

  10. This truly sucks.

    If we begin 1-5 or 1-6, it will be time to rehab him for the rest of the year and not risk him at all.

    We need him healthy for 2009!

    We can’t win without him, so here’s to a high draft pick.

  11. CowboysP says:

    Kevin, Tonyd is correct. Lame duck coaching situations are never a good thing. Especially when the next coach is an assistant on the staff.

    In this case, you not only had the lame duck situation, but many injuries, and a team that was in obvious decline.

    It is time to just rebuild, and start from the beginning.

  12. seahawkbryce says:

    Well, hopefully we can at least get Seneca back. We have a much better shot at beating Tampa with Seneca than we do with Frye.

    I’m with you here Bobby. If we don’t win our nest couple of games it would be better to let Hass sit out the seaon and be ready to go for next year than to risk him getting hurt and affeting him next year.

  13. tonyb3571 says:


    with Hass on the team they were 1-3, so they its not like i am playing armchair QB now….in a west coast system you should be able to plug guys here or there to overocme injury, and Branch wasnt playing much anyways. No Injuries has nothing to do with lame duck coaching…but thats why i Posted what I did, they were scrwed BEFORE the season and even if Engram, Branch and Burleson were here and playing, they would still be 2-3 tops
    when times get tough you need some motivation..holmgrem has never been a great motivator to begin with, but now that he is lame duck…maybe even more so

  14. hawksrdie says:

    This whole thing is about timing and injures have kept the offense from getting any and without that the defense(which is small and supposed to be fast) simply runs out off gas. Sorry guys there should be improved play but by the time the timing gets down it will be to late. It probably already is

  15. Snakebit year for our offense. So many injuries. Doesn’t explain/excuse the D’s play – though yesterday, I understood at least some of it, when your offense can’t stay on the field, only the very best defenses can stay strong for four quarters.

    I know we have other needs – but after watching a lot of football yesterday (went to L.V. – bet on Hawks, keeping my streak of never winning a f-ball bet there intact) — I’m in the camp that we need to add a playmaker at WR. I’m basically ready to pull the plug on everyone we have there — between the age, injury, and lack-of-talent issues. And I saw so many guys making plays for their team at WR, and it just underlined the fact that we have nobody like that on our squad.

    For the very first time, I’m done defending Holmgren as a present-day coach – he’s done a ton for this team, brought us from doormat to above-respectable, and that should never be undersold, and I still like the sense of calm and security he brings, but I think his playcalling on both sides of the ball is a liability for us now.

    Hope Hass gets better.

  16. The injuries to our top 75 WRs has nothing to do with a lame duck coach. It’s bad damn luck.

    Holmgren’s loyalty to Marshall has more to do with the bad season than being a lame duck. Marshall may not have the best pass rushers, and Russell may be horrible this year, but being so damn predictable (no schemes that suprise an offense) is the main culprit. Marshall should have been canned and someone new (Mora?) should have taken over so we could have had a chance.

    Of course, if Matt really is done for awhile… nothing really matters because he is/was the one player we can’t do without.

    Jeff Garcia is going to be a 40 year old FA this upcoming off-season. He’d be a great back-up. He knows the WCO and is good at it. Ruskell has already stated the offense won’t change much. He’s the type of guy who can take a team for a month or so and lead them to wins. He can even take a team mid-year and run them deep into the play-offs (like he did in Philly last year). Wallace and Frye won’t get us anywhere close to the promiseland.

  17. Philly a few years ago.

  18. M Holmgren is having one hell of a final year! I don’t think they(players) have the motivations to achieve anything!

    In my world, ther a bunch of overpaid brates to me!
    There’s young people Men & Woman putting there lives online each and ever day! Whether it be military, police, fire, or ordinary citizens for Way-Way-less money than these premada’s get!

  19. The bottom line – they suk at every position. I hope it’s not another 20+ years to get back to the play-offs. This year, they will go 4-12 (if lucky).

  20. seahawk44 says:

    Teams struggle at times. Especially when they have so many key injuries. I’ve suffered, as a fan through a 2-14 season in 1992, yet, somehow I always thought they could win on Sunday. The 80’s were fun as a fan, but never produced a trip to the big show. The last 5-6 years have been easier to deal with than most of my life as a Seahawks fan, because they actually were a force in the NFL and a dominant one in ’05. Management will not always make the correct moves, coaches will not always make the correct calls, there will always be injuries, and other teams will always catch up.

    On that note, I am dissapointed in the players for not playing to their potential. It’s a tough situation for the coaches. There is still hope, although most fans on this blog don’t believe that.

    My rose-colored glasses can see:

    A defense that finds its lost motivation and remembers what it takes to get to the qb and force turnovers.

    Seneca Wallace successfully running this offense with Branch, Robinson and Engram all starting.

    Mike Holmgren realizing that he can be more aggressive & creative in his play calling and it will work.

    TJ Duckett wearing down defenses.

    The secondary getting 3 INT’s in a game.

    Matt Hassselbeck being Superbowl MVP.

    Call me an eternal optimist or a moron. But, actually I am just a lifelong fan that bleeds my teams colors.

  21. We don’t suck at every position. I happen to like our current TE.

    There you go. Thanks to John Carlson, we do not suck at EVERY position.

    Our kicker hasn’t missed a kick all season. And he has good length on kick-offs. We don’t suck there either.

    WhooHoo… Super Bowl XlIII here we come!!!

  22. The only thing that sucks in Seattle are the fans. What does this being coaches last year have to do with the way they are playing or the INJURIES? Maybe he has a voodoo doll and puts the jersey of a different player on it and then twist arms knees and backs so that he can go out a loser. I think not having camp in Eastern Washington has a lot to do with the player becoming cream puffs and not performing up to their capability.

  23. Orogenic says:

    Any chance that we give Holmgren the GM position and Mora the head coach next year? Would the legend himself go for the idea?

  24. The owner hired the GM who is driving of the coach.

    This is why I think we are in trouble. Both coach and GM have to be able to work with each other. Both of these guys are stubborn and have slightly different ideas of where to go.

    I don’t see anywhere in the NFL where the GM has ALL the power does it work for more than a season here or there.
    BUT in the places where they work together do you only see down years every now and then.

    I also don’t believe that a coach/GM dual role works! It hasn’t been successful anywhere long term. INCLUDING here.


    Depending on how long Hass will be gone…. Trent Dilfer anyone?

  26. What did Washington sports fans do to anger the gods in 2008??

    This is the worst year ever in Seattle area sports history. I think we’ve passed losing the Pilots for evil-ness.

  27. mquinn73 says:

    Seahawk44 – those are some powerful “rose-colored glasses” you’ve got there…. what do you see when you look at the economy, the war in Iraq and my 401k??

  28. If Seneca is healthy, would he be able to run the single-wing that Miami has been running with Ronnie Brown? I know it would never happen, but it seems our situation is desperate enough that we should try whatever we can.

  29. njhawkeye says:

    Here is how I see it. Place Matt on I.R. Sit Seneca untill 100% healthy. Start Charlie (this means season is over and a top ten draft pick 2009) and let him get some experience in WCO. This coming off-season.

    1.Sign F.A. Cornerback-prefer to be 6 feet or taller(move Jennings and Wilson for nickel and dime packages).

    2.Sign veteran QB to back-up Matt in 2009. Charlie will be 3rd string. Move Seneca to WR (not sure if free agent this year.,if so could sign him on the cheap)

    3.Sign Linebacker L.Hill
    4.Sign K.Robinson
    5.Keep Mare

    3.2009 draft

    1. D.Tackle or O.Tackle(prefer Left)
    2. O.Linebacker(future replacement for J.Petersen)
    3. W.R. 6-2 or taller please)
    4. Running back(keep J.Jones and Duckett trade M.Morris-4th round if lucky probably 5th)
    5. O-line back ups and or Punter
    6. doesnt matter after that just special teams fodder

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