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Courtney Taylor released; Jordan Kent signed

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 7, 2008 at 6:39 pm with 49 Comments »
October 7, 2008 6:39 pm

The Seahawks shuffled some receivers today, releasing Courtney Taylor, who started at flanker the first two games of the season, and signing former Oregon Duck Jordan Kent from the practice squad.

For whatever reason, Taylor’s bravado never translated to success in games, and he quickly went from starter to scout team to, they hope, practice squad if he clears waivers. That has to be a big comedown for the former Auburn star.

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  1. nidhighe says:

    It was about time.

  2. jasoninalaska says:

    You know who I want to see receiving/returns…my man Bumpus. Wilson looked like he was afraid to take a hit. And get rid of Mc Mullin too, he dropped more passes than Darell Jackson ever did.

  3. I don’t believe Courtney Taylor can be re-signed to the practice squad. He has played in 11 games — I believe the minimum is 8 games, at which time you are no longer eligible to be on the practice squad.

    I may be wrong … the darn explanation of the PS rules reads like an endless run-on sentence.

  4. Danny O’Neill reports that the Colts just cut Justin Forsett.

  5. I’d bet someone was kicking Kent’s tires and the team wants to keep him more than they want to keep Taylor right now.

    I’d not be surprised to see Forsett back on the PS.

  6. seaturkeys says:

    You know who I want to see receiving/returns…my man Bumpus.
    Bumpus is the man!

    I say we continue to reward players who catch the ball. I know Bumpus muffed a punt return but I consider that more difficult than catching a pass.

  7. seaturkeys says:

    I ment for only the first sentance to be a quote but forgot the end tag.

  8. freehawk says:

    They cut Forsett! He had a great game this week…

  9. SouthPrairieRedneck says:

    Holmgren can be stubborn at times, Kent was the main guy making plays during the pre-season. Now is his chance and it’s up to him to make the best of the opportunity. He better catch the ball and be a playmaker.

  10. SouthPrairieRedneck says:

    Bumpus has done pretty good considering he was a free agent and undrafted. Again, Holmgren can be stubborn but Bumpus has shown some ability to get open and has done a good job of catching the ball when it has been thrown his way. Better then the guys they brought in from other teams and he practiced and played through pre-season. Holmgren at times seems to be pompous and stuffy and looks down his nose at guys like Bumpus and Kent who have worked hard and shown ability during pre-season. If they get the opportunity, they had better make the best of it.

  11. CHawkFan says:

    I hope, with Kent’s size, he can catch some balls and get the receiving core rolling. I’d also like to see Carlson in some plays on Sunday. I really think he’s got a lot of talent and a great option in certain situations.

    I doubt we’ll pick up Forsett, but I could see him developing into a Reggie Bush in the future…on another team (unfortunately)

  12. SouthPrairieRedneck says:

    What about Holgrem’s comment about forgetting about Carlson….???

  13. CHawkFan says:

    Yeah, that was a bit disconcerting. Sounds like something a 2nd year coach would say after getting overwhelmed during a beat-down of a game. I think Carlson definitely could have helped against NY’s explosive defense.

  14. I knew Courtney Taylor was an idiot from his first interview. Total moron.

  15. Wow, the whole Tim Ruskell young guys reciever strategery really blew up in our faces. Niether Kent nor taylor look like they can play, and it’s not like Payne did anything before he went down.

    It bears repeating:

    We never should have…

    Traded DJack
    Traded for Branch
    Let Hackett go

    Hell, Jereme Urban would look good in a Hawks uni right now. We suck.

  16. RichmondHawk says:

    Great now we’re going to the SB.

    I think the move is more to punish Taylor than anything. I’ll give Kent two weeks then he’ll get cut again.

  17. Orogenic says:

    Frank suggested last week that Robinson would get cut because of his knee and Ruskell issues..

    Once again, sorry Frank, you were wrong.

    Last week, I suggested Holmgren was referring to cutting Courtney Taylor.

    Once again, I somehow have more insight on the Seahawks coaches than the beat writers from the TNT. Which did not used to be the case.

    Hold on, I have to go do some dirty business to Sando, the former TNT legend himself, for actually writing intelligently, now and in the past.

    This post was brought to you by several Jubelales and anger from the Giants game, which will make me loud this Sunday.

  18. RichmondHawk says:

    “We never should have…

    Traded DJack
    Traded for Branch
    Let Hackett go”

    I would really call DJack some kind of savior right now and it would’ve been absolutely absurd if he paid Hackett huge $’s then realized he’s injury prone. You do realize that Hackett’s had the same injury problem that caused him to lose time last year?

  19. RichmondHawk says:

    “What about Holgrem’s comment about forgetting about Carlson….??? ”

    Sounds like a coach mailing it in this year. Oh geez I forgot to go to our #1 catching threat so far this year…hmmm….i wonder what’s for dinner?

  20. freedom_X says:

    Djack? What has he done since he left? He couldn’t even keep a job with the 49ers! That was completely the correct move – no one missed him last year. He’s not exactly a force with Denver now, either. (4th or 5th receiver.)

    Hackett is somewhat the same. He’s not lighting it up in Carolina. He’s the 3rd receiver there, just like he was here. It would be nice if he were still here, but how much do you want to pay your 3rd or 4th WR? He might get better in time, but for now – he only looks good because of the injuries in Seattle.

    I would say the Holmgren offense inflates the stats of receivers and makes them look much better than they are (if they have the basic qualities of precision in routes and hands.) Name one WR Seattle has let go in the Holmgren era that has ever done anything anywhere else. Only Galloway, and even he was considered a bust for Dallas when Dallas traded for him. He had to get into Tampa to revive his career (in a West Coast offense.) Had the guy stayed in Seattle, he probably would have had a much bigger career stat-wise and parlayed it into more money over his career. (assuming he got the picture and sharpened up his routes and willingness to catch in the middle of the field.)

    Holmgren takes all kinds of rejects (Derrick Mayes, Sean Dawkins, Bobby Engram) and gets big numbers out of them. Why do you think they played hardball with Engram? If Engram leaves, he probably won’t come close to matching the numbers he would in Seattle, and Seattle knows it, and so do the other teams in the NFL. If a receiver is too washed up to play for Seattle, they have little chance elsewhere.

  21. bigmike04 says:

    I think we should sign forrestt to PS and release someone off Pratice squad. THought taylor please dont sign him to PS he has no ablity to be a WR.

  22. seahawkbryce says:

    Good move releasing Taylor, he has done nothing. Not too sure about bringing Kent back, he din’t do anything against the Bills in week 1 and I don’t see him doing anything the rest of the season either. Its nice of the team to give Koren a chance, I just hope it pays off. His knee better heal up fast.

    Would be nice since we now have an open spot on the practice squad to bring Forsett back. I don’t see him ever being a starting RB in this league but hey, he did enough to at least earn a chance. He did a heck of a lot more than Taylor did that is for sure.

  23. Does anyone have an up to date ledger of Mr. Ruskell’s transactions? Seems like everything he touched turned to gold in the first year or so and now it has flipped.

  24. pabuwal says:

    That sounds about right. With the exception of Mebane, the 2006 and 2007 drafts have been disasters. Almost all of his FA moves after 2005 have been disasters. The sad part is that this IS the rebuilt Seahawks team.

  25. loadlock says:

    All you so called hawk fans who like to find the bad about the team. Why not help them by finding the good. Remember the 76 era and you will be glad we can even compete.

  26. nighthawk2 says:

    “Remember the 76 era and you will be glad we can even compete.”

    I remember all the eras including the early 90’s and the 2-14 team. This team isn’t playing any better, even if the personnel, on paper, are supposed to be better. So let’s not start that bull again.

    As far as Taylor, what took them so long. We could see in the first couple of games that he wasn’t cutting it, dropping passes and cutting off routes. I’m presuming Kent was brought up because Branch is going to be out for awhile again, and perhaps Robinson too. I thought Robinson would be the one to go, but maybe they’re liking him as KR and so giving the knee time to get “unsore”. Kent does bring a deep threat, unpolished routes and suspect hands notwithstanding.

    I’d love to see Forsett re-signed, the kid brought maximum effort each time (which was noticably lacking by most everyone in a white uniform last Sunday) and he can catch the ball out of the backfield, two good assets in this offense. Especially if Morris goes away next season with his contract expiring.

    I agree we should not have traded for Branch, but the Jackson and Hackett moves turned out fine. My objection to the Jackson deal was trading within the division, but as it turned out that didn’t hurt us.

  27. Once again, RichmondHawk proves how much he doesn’t know about football.

    A) DJack was Hass’s fav reciver, and he’d be far more productive in this offense than anybody else we’ve got now. The reason he had to be traded is because Ruskell spent a 1st round pick and huge money on Branch, and DJack was outplaying him. This was a tremendous embarassment to “Timmay!”, so he concocted a reason to get rid of him.

    B) Hackett could have been signed for peanuts, not big bucks. Big bucks is what Branch is getting.

    And Hackett is better.

  28. wabubba68 says:

    Yeah, the trainers claim that Hackett is much easier to deal with. :-)

  29. I love this move. Give Kent a chance to prove he has the talents he teased us with in the preseason. Plus, he seems like a much more likeable guy than Taylor, for what that’s worth.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    The best thing of all, regarding Taylor’s release, is that Coutu still gets to pollish the bench. I’m pretty sure we were told the reason behind having 2 kickers on the roster, was to keep Mare’s leg fresh. This is what was said. The only thing more ridiculous than that being reported (without any sort of demand for an explanation, mind you) is that someone in the Seahawks front office actually believed it. How many points did they think they would score? Never mind the fact Mare is having a great year, he MUST be exausted after those 2 field goals and 1 kickoff. Does anyone else see a problem with personnel decisions with this team. Waiting for a starter to fail so you can activate his replacement is a problem.

  31. T_Roy27 says:

    I was at the game on sunday and it was downright embarassing. The only good thing was the guys who were really annoying sitting behind me didn’t know anything. they kept yelling in my ear ” Wow Alexander is really taking a beating”……morons.
    Even before it was a blowout the stadium was dead silent and EVERYONE sat the entire game.
    Are the seahawks a little worried about Mora? He is supposed to take over the whole team next year and right now all he has to worry about is the secondary and that is horrible right now at best.


    T ROY27, Are you from NJ?

  33. Tim Ruskell’s notable transactions:

    2005 – Signs WR Joe Jurevicious to a 1 year contract, signs DT ChuckDarby. Drafts Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill and Chris Spencer. Signs LB Kevin Bentley

    Seahawks record 13-3

    2006 – After career year, WR JJ leaves Seattle in free agency. Loses Hall of Fame OG Steve Hutchinson in Cluster-Hutch fiasco. Cuts Andre Dyson for no reason. Lets S Marquand Manuel go. Spends first round pick and money on CB Kelly Jennings. Overspends for LB Julian Peterson and WR Nate Burleson to save face from Cluster-Hutch. Sends 2007 first round pick to NE for Branch. Jackson outplays Branch and Ruskell refuses to give him raise. Overpays for RB Shaun Alexander. Drafts OG Rob Sims to replace Hutchinson. Places RB Leonard Weaver on IR. RB Shaun Alexander gets injured. Weaver is ready to return after six weeks.

    Seahawks record 9-7

    2007 – Gets abused in free agency by OG Kris Dielman. Overpays for DE Patrick Kearney to save face. Lets starting TE Jerramy Stevens go with no plan to replace him. Fails to land TE Dan Graham in free agency. Fails to draft a TE in 2007 draft, but spends two picks on WR’s Courtney Taylor and Jordan Kent. Signs 35 year old TE Marcus Pollad as free agent in desperation move. Trades Matt Hasselbeck’s favorite receiver Darrell Jackson to SF. Jackson once again outplays Branch. Trades safety Michael Boulware. Signs safety’s Deon Grant and Brian Russel in free agency. Lets S Ken Hamlin go in free agency. Hamlin goes to Pro Bowl. Pollard drops 2 touchdown passes in 42-20 playoff loss to Packers.

    2008 – Lets WR DJ Hackett go for cheap in Free Agency. Taylor, Kent and Logan Payne fail to step up. Branch, Burleson and Engram are injured. Forced to sign street free agents to field starting WR’s. Keeps second PK and cuts promising RB Justin Forsett. Fails to upgrade defensive starters at all. Signs 33 year old Mike Wahle to try and fill OG spot vacated by Hutchinson. Defense is in bottom quarter of NFL. Rob Simms placed on IR.

    Seahawks record 1-3 (so far)

    That about covers it.


  34. Dukeshire: The best thing of all, regarding Taylor’s release, is that Coutu still gets to pollish the bench. I’m pretty sure we were told the reason behind having 2 kickers on the roster, was to keep Mare’s leg fresh.

    I don’t think so. I think they just don’t want to lose him. There’s a couple of teams out there that really need a kicker badly. Specifically, New Orleans and the Jets are having real problems. Gramatica missed two easy FGs on Monday and the Saints lost that game by 3 points. Feeley’s been so bad in New York that the Jets would rather go for it on 4th and long than attempt a FG from beyond the thirty yard line.

  35. yankinta says:

    I don’t care anymore, get me 2-14 team with high draft picks next year.

    If we’re not going the SB with this team then I don’t care anymore. Get me a better team next year.

    I will still go to the games and watch it on TV, but will be cheering to lose.

    No more Midgets, Ruskell!!!!

  36. seahawkbryce says:

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but Coutu has been inactive on gameday in every game so far. So yea while it may be strange to have 2 kickers on the team, it is not like he is taking up an active roster spot, because the truth is that he is not.

  37. nighthawk2 says:

    I don’t like Ruskell but even I realize that Jurevicius wasn’t going to re-sign here in 06, he wanted to go home and play for the Browns and that was it. I think it was the same with Graham, although he’d have been used in the passing game more here. Boulware was a failure as a safety in my view, and the trade would be fine if they hadn’t released Babin and kept Atkins after Babin outplayed him all camp and pre-season. Hackett was too injury prone it warrant even what Carolina gave him, and he’s got the same injury issues there, even their fans are peeved at that signing. At the time Grant and Russell were an upgrade over what we had at safety, but Russell, at least, has become a liability in coverage. Payne’s failure to step up was due to a season ending knee injury. Hamlin was a guy who was always out of position, and Manuel got starter money from Green Bay and Seattle viewed him as a backup and he’s done nothing since he’s been gone from Seattle. Other than that I agree with you.

    Feeley is only a temporary fill in for Mike Nugent until he heals up from a thigh injury. Mangini seems satisfied with him for that role.

  38. chucko24 says:

    I want forsett back!!!

  39. I want Hutch back!!!

    Not gonna happen, since all his money went to JP and he couldn’t carry Hutch’s jockstrap. About the only thing JP could do with respect to Hutch is get pancaked by him.

  40. Are you for real Seahawkbryce??? I mean seriously??? You have just cleared any doubts that I might have had thinking you had a single clue as to how the roster works. Here let me clear it up for you in your lamin terms. Every NFL team has a 53 man roster and in every game they are allowed to have 45 active players, putting 8 players of that 53 man team on the inactive list still adding up to only a 53 man roster. How is it that he isnt taking up vaulable space like you stated???

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    Maybe bryce’s question is who would take his spot on the 53 man roster that would be active, or who that is normally inactive would be on the 45 man active list? Last Sunday the inactives were: Frye, Coutou, Robinson, Wrotto, Morris, Bryant, Taylor and Atkins. We can presume that this week it will be Frye, Coutou, Robinson, Wrotto, Bryant, Branch, Atkins and maybe Kent and if not then Morris again.

    If Branch is placed on IR, which I’ve advocated for all summer and now again say should happen, then they’ll sign someone else from the PS (Adams?) who’ll still be inactive. If Forsett were to be re-signed to the PS I think it’s at Yvenson Bernard’s expense.

  42. bigdogap83 says:

    Here’s a shocker: Hackett is hurt, will miss one game and likely will miss more.

    He’s a good receiver when he’s on the field, but he’s rarely on the field.

  43. I wonder if Branch and Hackett are related.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    earther, Lose him? He’s a kicker, not a quarterback. There is relatively no learning curve for him. Either he can kick or he can’t. Besides all that, how long do you think they will actually keep him? The Seahawks turn kickers over every 3 or 4 years it seems. If you want to keep him around so bad, put him on the IR and free up that valuable roster spot.

  45. T_Roy27 says:

    no i am from Seattle but i flew in for the game.

    We need to find some receivers and stick with them otherwise there is going to be no rapport and Matt’s head will be spinning

  46. m2mnelson says:

    This is pathetic. Kent, Taylor, McMuffin, and Colbert will do nothing for the offense. It is time to cut our losses and cut Branch. He is injury prone and hasn’t done much when healthy. Trade for Roy Williams. He has size, something Seattle hasn’t had since Jurevicius. DJack has gotten lots of flack on here, but he has been the best WR in recent Seahawk history. I also like how all the Ruskell bashers leave out Jurevicius as a pickup.

    Bottom line, Seahawks better run the ball.

  47. surelyyoujest says:

    Osiris33, I would certainly agree Tim’s batting average is down from 2005, but point out a GM that has Tim’s 2005 year every year. I don’t think that’s realistic. You’re overstating your case to the point where it no longer rings true. Letting Stevens, Manual, Jackson, Hackett, Boulware, Dyson, and Hamlin go were in my mind correct decisions. Other than Hamlin, none have done anything. And it seems just about everyone on Dallas’ defense went to the pro bowl last year. The safety pairing we replaced Hamlin/Boulware with was a distinct upgrade last year, IMHO.

    I think you can dispute some of Tim’s moves, no argument there. But give him his due as well.

  48. Nighthawk2,

    Yeah Jurevicious was always going to leave for Cleveland. That’s why when a player is out of football and doesn’t have a job, you sign for at least 2 years in case he has a career year. At least, that’s what a smart GM would do.

    And I agree, Ruskell isn’t the worst GM and there are some good moves in there. I just think the bad outweighs the good. At this point, he’s got a D+ or a C-, and for a lot less than he’s being paid, I bet a lot of us could get a C-. And we’re just stupid fans who don’t know anything.

  49. earther says:

    Dukeshire: earther, Lose him? He’s a kicker, not a quarterback. There is relatively no learning curve for him.

    Yeah, lose him. You know, they release him, some other team signs him and then he’s gone forever? It really doesn’t have anything to do with learning curves or what position he plays. They drafted him for a reason. I expect they want to keep him around for the same reason.

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