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    Everyone’s favorite trio

  2. bigwavedave says:

    Yeah, and better there than here

  3. I see that the Bengals signed Cedric Benson — is it getting safe to say that Shaun’s NFL days are over? Having watched him the past couple seasons, I get it, but I still would have thought some team would have given him a shot.

    Maybe the Steelers?

  4. Listening to those three is torturous. I still have not figured out what analytical value Tony Sira-useless adds to a football commentary.

    At least Moose knows football.

  5. Moose does know football. I think the Goose adds comic relief. I know many don’t like him, but I think he’s funny.

  6. I’d submit to you that this is the best group in NFL broadcasting… Joe Buck is arrogant and annoying, and that’s their “A-Team”. I will gladly take the “B-Team” with Moose being the rock of the group, he is very insigtful and a good analyst/subject matter expert… Goose is hilarious, remember his fat-man dance when he copied Mebane… good stuff.

  7. Sorry, I still think he takes away from the game. I dont care about a fat man dance so much as watching the game. But I am waaaay too serious for my own good, obviously.

  8. highwatermark says:

    I watched an old Chiefs/Broncos game on NFL Network the other day, and it was shocking how much better the coverage was then that it is today. To be fair, it was originally a Monday night game, but Dierdorf and Al Michaels BOTH new the game of football well, and the director actually SHOWED the controversial calls and close plays that the announcers were discussing. It was all coordinated. Like the director actually listened to what the announcers were saying.

    Whatching the last Seahawks game, there were several times that the announcers talked about big plays that never got replayed. Hasselback’s block that took down two defenders – the announcers were amazed by it, but did they show it on replay? Nope. There was on quick clip of it as they cut to a commercial later in the quarter. But no replay where it could actually be seen while they were talking about it.

    At least twice during that game, the camera was fooled by a pump-fake or a play action. Did they show views from other cameras? Nope. Just kept showing the one view that didn’t actually show the play. One was a TD.

    And the play where Trufant got called for a late hit on the sideline – how about a friggin replay in slo-mo to see how far out of bounds the guy was? I bet his foot didn’t even touch out before Trufant hit him. It was a controversial call that led to a Rams 1st down, but we never got to see the replay.

    But we got a half minute shot of Siragusa imitating a dance move.

    Personally I don’t care nearly as much about the announcers as I do about actually SEEING the friggin game! The idiots that Fox hires to man the cameras and select the shots to air don’t know what they are doing. They’re more concerned with showing their own guys than showing the game.

    Here’s a news flash for Fox. No one watches the games to see your announcers. They watch to see the PLAYERS playing FOOTBALL!!

  9. Hawkfan1951 says:

    Oh PU-LEASE!!! The Goose doin’ another Mebane ‘Hooky-pooky!?!?! I almost lost my lunch the first time!! If he wants to dance… put him on ‘Dancing with the… stars?”

    Let Mebane dance! Plenty of times in the game!! =!)


  10. kinger12 says:

    Nice one Highwatermark couldn’t agree more!

    There was one game this season where they spent more time on the sideline chatting to some player than watching the game. And they weren’t even talking about the game. They were talking about the area or cars or something else completely irrelevant.

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