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Deion Branch says he is ready to go

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 29, 2008 at 5:16 pm with 23 Comments »
September 29, 2008 5:16 pm

While Mike Holmgren was more cautious about saying Deion Branch is ready to come back, Branch himself boldly stated that he is going to play against the Giants on Sunday.

He said he may not have been able to play two weeks ago, but he now knows he is mentally ready to go out on the field and give it his all. He is setting aside all talk about coming back too early (this will be only eight months) and says every person is different. He said Dr. Andrews told him his leg is healthy, now he just has to get his mind right — and it is right.

He said he is going to get any anxiety about getting hit on the knee out of the way early by taking some shots on it in practice this week. He said he likely is not going to do that in front of reporters, but he will do that so he does not have concerns heading into the game.

As for Bobby Engram, we don’t know what he is feeling because he declined to speak with the media today. He was practicing, running routes, and even fell on his shoulder on one play. But Holmgren said he does not yet know if Engram will be able to go. Practice will dictate that this week, depending on how it goes. Speaking of practice this week, Holmgren said they are not going to make any concessions regarding the three-hour time difference. He said the Buffalo game had nothing to do with what time they played; they just got kicked.

Sean Locklear is going to play at right tackle this week, but what remains to be seen is whether Pork Chop or Ray Willis will get playing next to him. Possibly both, since both were getting work there. Holmgren has been very complimentary of Chop, and the numbers have born out (beared out? not sure which) that success.

Mo Morris is not likely to play in Sunday’s game. Of all the players coming back, he has made the least progress, Holmgren said. Which is probably good since the running game is on a roll right now.

The team released practice squad RB Yvenson Bernard from Oregon State and signed Matt Lawrence, who is wearing Bernard’s #41. He’s a 6-1, 210-pound RB from UMass.

Holmgren also said there is a chance the team makes a roster move this week because it actually may have too many WRs — something he thought he’d never say. Koren Robinson may be the guy to go, given his sore knee.

Craig Terrill was limited in the one-hour practice under sunny skies. Holmgren said he has a sore knee that flares up every once in a while.

Hasselbeck said Keith Gilbertson must not have gotten the memo because Gilby attended each players-only practice last week. But Hasselbeck said there were some fun practices where the players got in some work staying in tune, but it was light.

There was a pleasant but stiff breeze during the practice session, which affected players’ abilities to field punts. As they ran to catch the punt, the ball kept drifting back toward the punter, making it increasingly difficult to judge. Brandon Coutu handled kickoff duties during special teams drills, saving Olindo Mare’s leg.

I asked Lofa if it was a good thing or a bad thing that Plaxico Burress is out. He said it’s a good question because on the one hand they may not run stuff that they normally would for Plaxico, making them less predictable. On the other, they don’t have one of their most talented guys. When it comes right down to it, though, they are going to go back to their bread-and-butter and what is working for them.

Notes from practice
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  1. stigmata says:


    Merriam-Webster is your friend.

  2. Spelling is for editors and classless blog commenters.

  3. Engram declined to talk to the media?
    That doesn’t sound good.

    Koren gone already? I want to see what he can do!

  4. hawk9680 says:

    This what I like to see from Deion!

  5. I knew K-Rob was on a short leash but a sore knee?

    It will be interesting to see who will be inactive for the Giants game.

    Did the Hawks run better with Willis at RT?

  6. bitterguy says:

    “Spelling is for editors and classless blog commenters.”

    you misspelled “intelligent”.

  7. K-Rob is the easy release. His sore knee keeps him on the market if they need him later.

  8. Orogenic says:

    I would guess that Courtney Taylor goes to the P.S. over K-Rob released all out. Especially since no one has even seen K-Rob play, and since Courtney Taylor has looked ugly

  9. NickLicatasucks says:

    If Bobby were happy with his contract he’d try harder to get back on the field this week. Sad truth.

  10. Frank – How limited is KoRo?

  11. @dsquid You get my vote for best post so far this season!

    @NickLicataSucks Bobby came to play in spite of his contract. If he can play he will, and he will give it his all. If he doesn’t have his all to give he won’t play, and won’t say he does or doesn’t. He’s a pro, and a class act. I would be shocked down to my socks to learn that he is sand bagging because of contract issues.

  12. AHA! From Sando’s ESPN blog:

    “Engram wants onto the field so badly, Holmgren said, that the team must make sure the receiver doesn’t talk his way back prematurely.”

    See? I told ya so!

  13. Attn: Koren. Dont sign with a team and not bother to tell the team your knee is sore.

  14. Who cares who plays? The Seahawks suck this year face it!

  15. Jeggo, No soup for you!

  16. “Attn: Koren. Dont sign with a team and not bother to tell the team your knee is sore.”

    …Uh, he injured it in his first practice with the ‘Hawks. When you haven’t played football in a number of months things like this happen.

    I make it a general rule not to read the comments section of blogs. Every time I’m up late and accidentally read through some, I immediately remember why I made the rule. The level of discourse is laughable.

    Why did I bother to comment? Not sure…

  17. RichmondHawk says:

    K-Rob’s not going anywhere.

    I heard Holmy’s got a secret 6 reciever formation in the works.

  18. @pwhit44…you broke your rule. now you are just like the rest of us.

    i think our Seahawks will be just fine. once we shock ourselves and the Giants on Sunday with a big win, it’ll give us back even more confidence. i’ve been a diehard fan since ’76, and have seen my share of mediocrity. this team has drive and determination to make an impressive comeback.

    GO ‘HAWKS!

  19. stigmata says:

    “Spelling is for editors and classless blog commenters.”

    It’s also for writers and journalists.

  20. 6 WR formation? Did anybody gat a chance to see some of the formations MIA used on NE? There mighta been a 6 WR formation (not sure).

  21. evilgods77 says:

    I would like to see the 6 WR formation. Of course you have to have 5 lineman out there too, so who would throw the ball? My vote is for a direct snap to Big Walt. :-)

  22. nighthawk2 says:

    “Spelling is for editors and classless blog commenters.”

    I always thought it was for the educated. By the way, you misspelled commentator.

  23. Man, they better not let K-Rob go… how many drops, incorrect routes, or half-ass efforts do they need to see before they realize that Courtney Taylor SUCKS?! He has never shown a damn thing in a game.

    Regardless… cut the second kicker. Enough of that ridiculous BS.

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