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Postgame locker room

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 14, 2008 at 5:38 pm with 26 Comments »
September 14, 2008 5:38 pm

Logan Payne has a torn ligament in his knee and is probably done for the season, though they didn’t say which ligament. Mike Holmgren said it was serious. Payne, the poor guy, stood up with reporters after the game to answer questions and he was on the verge of tears. Can’t help but feel badly for him. He said when he caught the ball, just the toe of his shoe touched the turf when the guy’s helmet hit just above his knee. He said he knew immediately that something bad had happened.

Seneca Wallace strained a calf muscle in pregame warmups, after they had turned in their inactive list. Both Holmgren and Matt Hasselebeck said that Seneca figured prominently in the game plan, and Seneca was going to get a lot of time at split end, and so it severely affected their play-calling. No timetable on Seneca’s return yet. Holmgren said they have to go out and sign a couple of receivers tomorrow or Tuesday.

Billy McMullen was not even supposed to get in the game, and ended up, Hasselbeck said, being the primary receiver on many of the plays. McMullen, the intended receiver on Willis’ interception return for a TD, said the cornerback’s helmet hit the ball, which popped it up. He said his fumble was a function of not getting enough reps this week.

Hasselbeck said simply, “I’m surprised. Surprised, stunned and angry.”

Holmgren said the only thing they can do is regroup and try to figure out a way to win. Nobody is going to feel sorry for them, and as pro football players it is their responsibility to fight through whatever comes their way.

Holmgren said they were going to go for the win on their last drive of the regulation, but poor field position — precipitated by Josh Wilson’s decision to bring the ball out of the end zone — prevented them making bold play calls. Holmgren did not want to make a mistake and have the game decided there. He said there already had been some missed assignments and it was too crucial a spot to be daring.

Jordan Babineaux said it was his blown coverage on the blocked punt. He said he took his eye off the man and when he saw him go past it was too late.

Neither Babineaux nor Deon Grant nor Brian Russell really had an answer for what is going on with the defense. Blown coverages was part of it, in particular on that deep pass to Isaac Bruce. But with eight sacks and good pressure, they need to make more plays.

New punter Jon Ryan said he never really felt comfortable back there. He said he didn’t want to make excuses but it may have been a function of being with a new team, new teammates and a new stadium. He said everything was correctable and he is confident his punts will get better.

Courtney Taylor said he is stunned by the number of injuries that are besieging the wide receiver unit. He said when Payne went down, they pulled together and said they still are responsible for making plays. When asked about his day, he said he could have had nine catches for 200 yards and it would not feel good if an L was associated with it.

Eric covered the rest of the locker room and Ryan Divish covered the Niners locker room. Both will blog what they got from there.

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  1. Please let Holmgren & Ruskell know that my cat is available to play wide receiver.

  2. my wife just told me I can’t be in a bad mood all week. I think I’m sleeping on the couch

  3. seahawk44 says:

    Both Holmgren and Matt Hasselebeck said that Seneca figured prominently in the game plan, and Seneca was going to get a lot of time at split end, and so it severely affected their play-calling.

    —– I was expecting Seneca to have a huge game today. This team is EXTREMELY banged up for this early in the season. The Rams and the Bye are the perfect perscription.

  4. Courtney Taylor should focus on getting more than 2 catches for 20 yards before he even makes a reference to 9 catches for 200 yards – even if it is as an example. I can’t understand how this guy is a starter. He showed nothing in the preseason games. Kent was the best receiver then, followed by Bumpus (excluding Engram and Burleson, of course).

    Hasselbeck is angry…? I’m sure he’s angry that the putz of a president won’t even bring in K-Rob for a tryout. Seriously, somebody needs to dig into Ruskell’s past and see what kind of mistakes he made in his twenties… maybe then he’ll disqualify himself from being associated with the team. Somebody? Please?

  5. Really unbelievable re these WR injuries.

    I know it’s football and all that — but anyone else think the kind of hit that took out Payne’s knee should be against the rules of the game? Helmet right on a knee, of course there’s an injury.

  6. littlelamb says:

    I’ve got some good seats and they are going for half price…..ha ha ha!

    Keep the faith and maybe things will turn around.

  7. pdway, there was a girl in the bar where I was watching the game that was clapping about that hit/injury. Real classy, lady. Real classy.

  8. hawk9680 says:

    I have started my resume for the Seahawks:

    Good hands. Decent route runner. 5’11. Slow. Tough and willing to take hits. No knee problems or any ligament damage.

    Contact me or my agent Drew Rosenhaus.

    Zack Bellerdine

  9. There were lots of positives in this game, compared with last week. I think this team will get better and be in the thick of the playoff race.

  10. jthurman says:

    I’m hopeful that the dire situation at receiver will change Ruskell’s mind about bringing in Koren. He knows the offense, can return punts, and seemingly has finally grown up. There aren’t any other receivers out there who could help immediately.

    Just swallow your pride, Ruskell, and do what’s right for this team NOW. Please. Otherwise, the fans don’t have a whole lot to look forward to next week.

  11. The struggles on offense are explainable. The poor performance of the defense is not. How can a team with 11 returning starters have blown coverages? I am afraid this is going to be a very frustrating year.

  12. He will cost minimum wage.

    He will not get a signing bonus that will affect the cap in the future.

    And if he screws up again, then you can cut him again.

    I thought Koren Robinson was a moron and I totally supported cutting him three years ago but now is the time to bring him back!!! He’s only 28 years old and he can help this team now!!!

    Timmy, do Holmy and the fans a favor and bring back KoRo… even if it’s only for a few weeks…

  13. “There were lots of positives in this game, compared with last week. I think this team will get better and be in the thick of the playoff race.”

    You’ll probably catch a lot of crap from the people on this board who love to rail against the coach and GM, but I actually agree with you.

    We are seriously banged up, and that messes with an offense’s rhythm (ours especially). Not saying I’m happy to lose at home to the 49ers, but with the line-up we were bringing to this game, I didn’t expect to blow the out.

    I thought the offense’s drive to tie when we were down 27-20 in the 4th quarter showed heart; I thought our front 4 had a good pass rushing game, there were positives.

    That said – next week is a must win. Don’t know who they’re going to line up at wideout.

  14. QB_Sneak says:

    why would anyone even come in for a tryout with the hawks at WR now?

    Think back to how many guys we’ve lost for the year already this season.
    Nate Burlson
    Ben Obamanu
    Logan Payne
    Rob Sims
    Tyler Schmidt
    Chris Gray
    Marcus Tubbs

    Plus injuries to
    Maurice Morris
    Bobby Engram
    Deion Branch
    Sean Locklear
    Seneca Wallace

    Suspensions for
    Rocky Bernard

    I’m probably missing someone, but that’s just staggering. It makes me ill. How much bad luck can one team endure?

  15. Yup, there were a lot of positives to take away in a home loss to the 0-1 49ers that dropped the Seahawks to 0-2 for the first time since 2002 and 2 games out after only 2 games which happened to be JT Sullivan’s second start and one where he threw for over 300 yards and could not be stopped at the end of the game.

    Seriously, what happens when the Seahawks go on the road, play a real team and a real QB?

  16. Hat’s off to John Carlson, Julius Jones, Matt Hasselbeck, and new guy Billy McMullen. They played their butts off and didn’t deserve to lose.

    Also, our O line and running game were the best I’ve seen in a couple years. Holmgren should have run the ball a little more and not let Matt wing the ball around so much. Without the 2 tipped balls turning into INTs, we would have won this.

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    SteveO…I totally agree, bro.

  18. Wow… surprisingly upbeat.

    It was AWESOME seeing us run the ball with authority, and solid protection for Matt. We’ve even got a tight end again! Like Stevo said, we really lost on two fluke interceptions.

    I can’t believe that our defense (secondary) will continue to play the way they did today… to many high talent veterans (Trufant, Grant, Russell) for that to continue. Let’s get Locklear, Engram, and Branch back and see where this goes.

  19. tribfan1 says:

    The reason Taylor is even on the team:
    Branch, Engram, Obo, Burleson, Seneca, Payne. If four of those guys are healthy Taylor would be gone. When Branch and Engram come back I’d be concerned if I were Taylor.

  20. Call me Pollyanna if you will, but I’m not done making plans for a home playoff game yet.

    For those Chicken Littles out there – relax the sky isn’t really falling. Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th receivers weren’t in this game, and I though that the 5th and 6th WRs did okay starting. Bummer that we lost the 7th, and I hope the 8th (who has been with the team for a week) does even better next week than this week.

    Even with our WCO offence DECIMATED by injuries, we still ran the ball better, and still put up 23 points.

    Our defense racked up NINE sacks, and a TD. They weren’t perfect, but again (and again, and some more) IF THE OFFENSE KEEPS LEAVING THE DEFENSE IN CRAPPY POSITION THE DEFENSE WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE A MISTAKE.

    No excuse for the OT collapse.

    To recap:
    Sky not falling – lots of season left.
    Running game improved.
    Passing game will heal with Branch and Engram.
    Defense will benefit from offense healing.

    Memo to coaching staff:
    As the season progresses, never take your foot off the accelerator! Pile on, blow them out, g for the throat. We need a killer mentality and a brutal sense of getting revenge against an unfair universe for the rest of this season. And we need to carry that heartless brutality into the post season and into the SB and DESTROY teams by 40 points. Then when the refs steal 14 here and there we will have enough cushion to still win.

    Score today:
    Seahawks 30
    49ers 19
    Refs 14

  21. freedom_X says:

    The defense wasn’t that good. Listen to Holmgren’s comments – 8 sacks, but he’s saying the same thing I’m saying – the line didn’t really pressure O’Sullivan. they got the sacks mainly because O’Sullivan held the ball too long. They missed on a lot of sacks and never forced O’Sullivan into panicking and making mistakes. The defense has serious problems. It’s not even coming close to “carrying the offense” and helping compensate for the injuries there. It is average at best.

  22. mister andersen says:

    This sucks.

    I agree Holmy could have run the ball more in the 2nd half, because Julius was beating them up.

    The receiver situation is disgusting, I would love to see a reuniting of our 03-04 squad with DJack and KRob.

    You guys still think Ashlie Lelie couldn’t help?

  23. Koren Robinson coming back and proving that his troubles are really behind him, and becoming the WR we originally hoped he could be the stuff of movie screen plays.

    Young man makes the big time, and loses his damned mind, and gets cut from the team that drafted him. He doesn’t find his mind for years, and winds up cut from other teams as well.

    He takes a (forced) year of reflection and rehab and starts turning things around. He is well on his way to getting his mind right, but has used up all his “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards. Nobody will take another chance on him.

    After a freakish, Twilight Zone style, unprecedented rash of injuries at the WR position, the team that originally drafted him has no choice but to take a flyer on him, because they are simply out of other options.

    Our hero comes in, makes plays, keeps his nose clean, and makes more plays, and then a Pro Bowl appearance, and then a ring, and eventually, the Ring Of Honor and the HOF.

    Move over Rudy, it’s the new football feel-good story classic!

  24. One thing I saw that I really liked: TJ Duckett’s TD. Another thing was OSchmitt’s reception. Hawks have some good weapons that were barely touched. If Hawks wanted to, I think they could have just run the ball every down with Duckett, Schmitt & Weaver until 9ers had 11 in the box and then throw to Carlson for the TD. Or they could have just continued running from one end of the field to the other. This OL with PC (who was unfairly penalized for a hold) has an ability to run block (at least against the 9ers).

  25. doubledink says:


    OK, you’re cut off! No more for you. We’ll call you a cab.

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