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Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 14, 2008 at 6:45 pm with 12 Comments »
September 14, 2008 6:45 pm

(opening…) Well, it was a very difficult loss, stating the obvious. We had a couple chances near the end where, hopefully with good field position, maybe get in a position to win the game ourselves. But, we gave up too many big plays down the stretch in the fourth quarter, and then we had a couple of mistakes in protection that put us in a tough spot, but they didn’t convert on that one. Look, we just have to regroup, we can’t feel sorry for ourselves, fix the things we can fix, hopefully, and get ready for the Rams coming in here next week. Our fans were great. They were with us right until the end, and we appreciate that, and we need them more now than ever. We did some things offensively a little bit better than we did the first week. Special teams made a little bit of an improvement, I thought. Now we just have to keep getting better.

(On giving up 33 points….) We have a good defense, and we are counting on them. We’ll need to see the film to see what happened, but give the [49ers] credit, they did some nice things. They had a young quarterback, who made a couple of plays. He made a couple of plays with his feet and his arm, but I was disappointed in the big plays. That’s what hurt us.

(On the pregame injury to Seneca Wallace…. ) After we had declared Seneca, he pulled a calf muscle in pregame warm-up, so he was out. Then, Logan hurt his knee, and it is kind of significant. Then, we had to jimmy-rig a couple of things in the passing game.

(On Billy McMullen…) No, he wasn’t going to play. I think Billy, considering everything, did a pretty good job.

(On Logan Payne’s injury…) He has a torn ligament. I don’t know how long it’s going to be.

(On Seneca Wallace’s injury…) Seneca has a pulled calf muscle, those things are kind of funny. I couldn’t give you a time table.

(On the wide receiver situation…) We lost a lot of guys there, which is very unusual. We will have to sign a couple more guys, first of all. We have to continue to get better in the running game, we have to be very, very resourceful, and we can’t turn the ball over. We had the tipped pass for the touchdown, and that was a huge turnover, and then Billy made the nice catch, and it looked like we were going to go in and get some points anyway, and they got the fumble right there. Right now, that is how we have to play the game.

(On how much Seneca Wallace was going to play…) He was going to play a fair amount. He practiced during the week, and we were going to use him. I hadn’t really planned on using Billy at all, unless an emergency took place, and an emergency took place.

(On the offense moving the ball on the ground better…) We moved the ball better, we got behind and the guys did a nice job of catching up and then going ahead. Had we been able to convert a couple of those red zone things, maybe it wouldn’t have come down to a field goal, which is the tough part about it. I thought that we could sustain a long drive, and I thought the guys did a nice job that way.

(On the last drive, that started on the 11 yard line…) Well, if you make a mistake down there, then the game is over. That’s a bad way to look at it, I suppose, but given our situation there, we were playing with some guys that hadn’t played very much, I just didn’t want to do something really bad, and then we had a couple of blown assignments, and we got sacked, and fortunately he missed the field goal there, and we were able to go into overtime. But, give them credit, they started on their own 20, they went down there and did it.

(On the play of Isaac Bruce…) I don’t imagine he is quite as quick as he used to be, but he is really a quality receiver, and has been for a long time. We had way too many penalties today, too. I mean way, way too many penalties, and some big ones. I think we had 3 or 4 pass interference calls. We had a penalty negate an interception in the end zone. There was a lot of things like that in the game today, and you can’t have that many.

(On the chances of getting Deion Branch back this week…) I couldn’t tell you, honestly.

(On the high number of pass interference penalties…) It was too many, I know that. It had an effect on the outcome of the game, there is no question about that.

(On sacking O’Sullivan 8 times…) I expect our secondary to do a good job. I think we have good guys there, we have guys that returned from last year. They made a couple of plays when he broke the pocket, and we missed a couple of tackles on the quarterback that we should have had. He should have been sacked more, in my opinion. You let him run around back there too much, or don’t get pressure on any quarterback, your secondary is vulnerable.

(On the situation…) You have to figure out a way to survive and win, not just survive—win. And so that is what we are going to try to do.

(On Jon Ryan…) It was his first game with us, and I think he is a pretty good punter, and I think that will improve.

(On Kelly Jennings…) He had to get a block, I think it is going to be OK, but he is going to be pretty sore.

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  1. A tonne of the blame for this loss is on your plate Big Show. I hope he is asked during his press conference this week why with our run blocking strong, Jones running really well and an absence of any good WRs – why did Hasselbeck throw 36 pass attempts? I don’t think I saw more than 2 consecutive plays in the second half where the 49ers showed they could stop our run. Holmgren is so resistant to going run heavy because of his love affair with the passing game.

  2. gouhuskies says:

    I disagree. Holmgren’s ground game has always been opened up by the passing game; getting the LBs moving backward ahead of the snap or, as with Jones’ TD, getting the opponents’ d coordinator sending a blitz after Matt to open up a running lane. When we telegraph run, the more common result is a pickup of 2 or 3 yards at the most.

  3. I’m not saying telegraph the run obviously but 36 passes was simply too much when Jones was running as well as he was and our OLine was run blocking so well.

  4. I agree that if we ran the ball just a little more, Matt would not have been forcing so many passes into coverage, and perhaps those two tips/interceptions would not have happened. Those two INTs were the game changers.

  5. Under the circumstances, the main blame I place for this loss is on the awful one sided officiating.

    Under the circumstances (no NFL quality WR on the entire team) the Hawks didn’t do that badly.

    the key to this post is “under the circumstances”. With even 2 quality receivers, I’d be really angry; but other then rookie TE Carlson, we had NO quality receivers.

  6. Balance,jjhsix, balance…the ground game can’t go as well if there isn’t the passing game to keep the defense hanging back a bit. Conversely, if they know it’s almost always a run, they can stack the box, etc.

  7. nightwulf says:

    Cnosidering that we were missing:
    A) our 4 best recievers,
    B) our starting right gaurd (regardless of how you feel about him)
    C) our starting right tackle,
    D) our starting running back
    And the fact that we had a rookie tight end,
    makes scoring much more than 10 pts something of a minor miracle…I don’t suspect we’ll go 41-2, but I’m comfortable that we’ll still win the division…

  8. nightwulf… have you seen us or the Cardinals play lately?? how could you be “comfortable” with the division. We’re 2 games back already and our defense let O’Sullivan, a legit “geek off the street”, throw for 300+ AT HOME!! Our well documented Wide Receiver issues do not explain why Trufant got beat deep by Isaac 100yr old Bruce or why neither Jennings nor Wilson can cover ANYONE, despite constant pressure from the D-Line/LBs.

  9. nighthawk2 says:

    There’ a lot of Kool Aid being consumed here. “Greatest coach in history”. “Comfortable that we’ll still win the division”. “Without our starting right guard”. Dude, we ran the ball well BECAUSE we were without our starting right guards, who couldn’t start for any other team and probably wouldn’t make the roster of any other team. Denial is not a river in Eygpt dudes. This team is pathetic, from the coaching and game preparation, or lack thereof, on down. And when are the “conditioning” coaches going to be fired? How does anyone pull a hamstring in a pre-game warmup? I’m not even “comfortable” we can beat the Rams next week.

  10. Seattle12thMan says:

    Yesterdays game sucked, not just because of the mistakes made, but because of the poor NFL officiating. There was more than one questionable call there and of course the NFL will deny everything. I am beginning to question how much the NFL tries to influence games through Officiating. Are some crews really that bad? Or does the NFL have officiating crews they use to influence games?

    I was at the game yesterday and it felt as if we were playing against two teams.

  11. I wonder if this team misses Ray Rhodes. Ray’s an excellent teacher of the secondary. There’s a reason why Trufant and Grant had such good seasons last season. Houston is lucky to have him.

  12. badcat63 says:

    again with the Kool Aid. Get a new phrase Jonestown.

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