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Jennings, Trufant quotes

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 14, 2008 at 5:55 pm with 20 Comments »
September 14, 2008 5:55 pm

Kelly Jennings

How do you rebound from this and get ready for next week?

“We just really have to go back out there and study the film and see what happened. I think we made too many penalties on defense and at critical times, and those are things we can’t do. So we just have to get corrected.”

They made some big plays against you guys. What do you need to do in order to rectify that?

"We really have to go back and study that to see what we did wrong and why they got the big plays. We know that we have a great defense and we try not to allow that. So we’ve got to go back and find what exactly was happening, and see if it’s fixable or not, but I think we definitely can get it corrected."

You guys are 0-2 right now and I know you were expecting bigger and better things, how is the morale of the team right now?

“No team wants to start out 0-2, but we know we have a great team. And we know that we can bounce back. And I think all the guys on this team know that we can get this corrected and we will get it corrected.”

Does it make this one harder to swallow knowing how close it was and that it was a division opponent?

“It’s always tough losing a close game, and on top of that it was a division opponent. So I guess you can say it makes it a little tougher knowing you’re kind of behind the 8-ball a little bit. We’ve just got to go out and when the next one from here.”

Marcus Trufant

What’s the morale of the team and how do you rebound from this?

“Well, it’s right after the game so of course everybody’s disappointed. I thought we fought hard. We played hard, but we didn’t do as well as we’d like to do in certain situations. But you can’t be perfect, and that’s what football is all about. We’ve got to bounce back from this, and that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve got a veteran team. We’ve got some good guys on this team, and we know how it works. If you’re down you can’t stay down, you’ve just go to back out there next week and get better.”

Is this one harder to take knowing how close the game was?

“Anytime you lose in overtime in a close game like that it’s going to hurt. But at the same time like I said, we’ve got a lot of vets on this team. We’ll watch the film tomorrow, bounce back on Wednesday and go about our business and try to fix what we made mistakes on.”

They got some big plays in the passing game, what do you need to do to rectify that?

“I think just work on the details and watch the film tomorrow. I don’t think it was nothing major. But we’ve got to fix the little things, work on a couple details and we’ll be all right.”

What happened on the one play where Issac Bruce got deep on you? Was that a mix up in coverage?

“It was kind of a mix up. But at the same time that’s on my side and the corner on my side is supposed to be the deepest, so I’ve got to be able to read that better. But like I said, I’ll watch film and correct that.”

Do you feel the offense provided enough scoring for you guys to get the win?

“How we feel as a defense is if they score once, a field goal or a touchdown, that’s all we really need. We’ve just got to play better all the way around. It’s not about what the offense does. We’ve just got to control what we do, and we’ve just got to make it happen.”

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  1. yada yada yada…same ol same ol

  2. Jennings should just retire.

  3. Same crap… look at the film… got work harder… bla, bla, bla…

    It’s true, if I were a professional I’d answer the same way… but I’m a fan and I’m pissed off…

  4. littlelamb says:

    Take a good look at the rest of the schedule guys. Tell me what you see?

    I see a lot of games we could lose.

    Phi/Dal/TB/NE/AZ x2

    We gotta get something going or this could spiral out of control.

  5. Jennings was pretty disappointing out there today. Seems like he’s taken a step back from last year – don’t know why that would be.

  6. freedom_X says:

    Cut Jennings a break. He’s not an all-Pro but he’s a solid corner. Solid corners get beaten in the NFL – the guy who doesn’t get beaten is Deion Sanders in his prime.

    If you send 6 guys after the QB in a Mike Martz offense, you have to get to the QB. Martz doesn’t hold guys back in pass protection, so that means 1-1 coverage all over the field for the DB’s. There might be 2-3 corners in the league who can cover 1-1 all the time without help, and BTW Trufant isn’t one of them.

    That’s why I say even with the 8 sacks the pass rush was disappointing. Given the way that SF offense works, and all the guys Seattle sent, they should have had at least that many. They missed at least 4 more, and didn’t pressure O’Sullivan into mistakes and errors. I would say 4 of the 8 sacks were due to good coverage, and O’Sullivan holding the ball too long.

  7. Jennings doesn’t get beaten occasionally… he gets burned ROUTINELY. I saw potential in his ball skills last year, but he has regressed in a major way.

  8. Last week an optimist comforted me after the Seattle’s loss to Buffalo. I told him things couldn’t get worse.

    He assured me that they could; and today they did.

  9. Bernie42 says:

    One thing to keep in mind with Jennings is that his teammate on the other side of the field is now known as a Pro Bowl-caliber corner. Teams are gonna go after Jennings a lot more now than they might have in the past. So he’s gotta step his game up. Jim Mora needs to show that he can coach the DBs like Holmgren coaches quarterbacks. I’m hoping and expecting to see much improvement from Jennings as the season goes on.

    One other thing I’d add is that Deon Grant had a heck of a game today. I see all these people trashing the DBs, but he was putting solid hits on guys all day, and even had a sweet interception (did you see his feet?) that unfortunately got called back due to the penalty.

  10. MechanicMan says:

    At least we won’t get spanked on MNF. LOL, This team really sucks. It’s amazing how only a couple weeks ago things looked at least optimistic, now it looks like a lost year. As a life long Vikings and Seahawks fan I’m used to disaster but this year I’m going to do something different. Every year for the last 25 years I have spent every Sunday watching the Vikings and the Hawks, and every year that leads to disappointment so… I’m going to spend Sundays rebuilding a 68 Camaro this year and come February next year I will have something to show for my time. Plus the little woman and my kids won’t have to listen to me rant and rave every week and spend all day Sunday in a bad mood.

  11. I have never seen a seahawks team do well against a Martz team – we ALWAYS struggle against them. I should have known to play Bruce this week in my fantasy league.

    Right now I want to know what we do with our top 5 pick for next year. It will probably be some overrated good guy who is too small!!!

  12. SharkHawk says:

    Jennings can say whatever he wants….. he still sucks, and Ruskell was an idiot for drafting him and Wilson so high.

  13. SharkHawk… couldn’t have said it better myself.

  14. freedom_X says:

    Got news for you guys – *all* corners give up completions. When’s the last team you saw that gave up 0 yards passing? Gave up under 100 yards passing? If you think the mark of a good corner is not giving up any completions, then there has never been a decent cornerback in the league.

    If you think Jennings is a horrible corner, you have no idea what corner play is all about. Go look at Jason David from the Saints last year. You need to take a look at what other teams are running out at cornerback. Go ask John Clayton if Jennings is a solid corner. He fielded the same type of pinhead questions saying Jennings is terrible and he told the caller Jennings is actually above average and very solid.

  15. Jennings would be a starter on 29 or 30 of the 32 teams. There are a dozen guys as good as he is, but doubt there are a dozen better corners in the NFL.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you actually do the research to back it up, I bet I’m not wrong at all.

  16. People are defending Jennings today?? Why??

    He was absolute toast all day long and when he didn’t get beat he got penalties… sometimes he even double dipped and got penalties and allowed big receptions. Maybe he can bounce back, I thought coming into the season he was solid based on his play in 2007, maybe he can’t… we shall see on that one.

    OL – A- (Dominant most of the game)
    RBs – A (Julius ran HARD all day/Owen nice catch)
    WRs – B- (Other than ANOTHER drop by Taylor, they competed hard, Bumpus looks like a good PR, they need to get open more though)
    TE – A (Looks like we found the ANSWER at TE)
    QB – C+ (Matt made some seriously bad decisions)

    DLs – A (Mebane – WOW/Terrill – I love fat guy TDs)
    LBs – A- (sign LeRoy long term NOW)
    DBs – D- (Deon’s play keeps them from getting an F)

  17. SharkHawk says:

    Bring back Koren.

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you actually do the research to back it up, I bet I’m not wrong at all.”

    You’re wrong as usual. Jennings sucks. So does Wilson. Clayton? Clayton spent all summer insisting that Chris Simms was going to be a Cowboy. How’d that prediction work out?

    With Ruskell’s track record, that top 5 pick will get wasted on either A) another small corner, B) another small WR, C) another offensive lineman who can’t block or D) traded for another small corner or another small WR or another offensive lineman who can’t block.

  19. wabubba68 says:

    What do the cornerbacks have to do to rectify the situation?

    Other than growing about 6 inches so they can cover someone other than an actor from Willy Wonka or The Wizard of OZ, not much.

  20. Hawks corners are either not as good as 9ers corners, or they were put in positions not to play as well as 9ers CBs. 9ers had deflected 7 of Hass’s passes, and Hass threw one flukey pick. Hawks CBs were zero for both categories. Still, I don’t blame the Hawks CBs as much as the D Scheme vs Martz’s offense. Marshall always has a lotta trouble with Martz. Also, with our D-guys injuries they had less time and not much info to scout JTO with. If Alex Smith was QB Hawks coulda gone in with little prep and won. With Martz and JTO (& injury rehab) Hawks didn’t do the needed prep. It’s also the pass rushers. When they bring the whole house blitz on 3rd down there’s single coverage and except for Tru, none of Hawks CBs are single-coverage types. Russell also isn’t a very good cover-one. He just isn’t fast enough for that. When the edge pass rushers see there’s a blocker in front of them they hold up instead of continuing to press ahead and collapse the pocket.

    One other thing, when there is a break-away opponent WR and Tru is gaining on him, change the Jumbo-tron to an advertisement for the snackbars or something.

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