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Forsett, Kent, Plackemeier released

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 9, 2008 at 3:17 pm with 84 Comments »
September 9, 2008 3:17 pm

Here is the team’s release issued a few minutes ago:

The Seattle Seahawks have released running back Justin Forsett, receiver Jordan Kent and punter Ryan Plackemeier, the team announced this afternoon. The team also placed receiver Nate Burleson on injured reserve and signed punter Jon Ryan to replace Plackemeier on the roster.

Ryan spent two seasons in Green Bay where he punted in 32 games, averaging 44.5 yards per punt. Prior to his stint with the Packers, he punted for two years with the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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  1. ibgoofy says:

    Forsett got blamed for the Burleson injury!!!

  2. dover5005 says:

    if kent and forsett clear waivers will they be put on the practice squad?

    that currently leaves 3 roster spots
    -koren – for nate
    -horn – for kent
    -bumpus – for forsett

    wr core-

  3. ErikG803 says:

    ^ I could live with that. Otherwise these moves seem very odd.

  4. badicalturboradness says:

    So we cut our rb and wr with the best possible upside and retain 2 kickers? What am I missing here?

  5. HawkFan72 says:


    you are forgetting that we need 2 spots for Rocky and Babs to come off the suspended list.

    There is only one open spot on the team.

  6. crehling says:

    That’s actually only one roster spot, as they will need two of those spots for Rocky and Babs.

    I’m still questioning why Coutu is on the roster and why Kent is off, leaving only Taylor and Payne for next week. There is certainly more to come on this.

  7. natedogg says:

    Are you kidding me? Morris is out and we are cutting Forsett? Boggles the mind. Coutu is still on the roster?

    We are cutting Kent too? I know he couldn’t catch a cold on Sunday but it was only two passes…? What about Payne who fumbled, and sucked on S/T?

    All we have is Payne and Taylor now. Thats two receivers. Two. Some scrub who isn’t on a tea

    Why are we ditching young players with loads of potential?

  8. nighthawk2 says:

    Horn and Robinson are not coming here.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Cut a RB who can help on the pathetic special teams and who didn’t get a chance to play because they made him inactive last week. Cut the one speed receiver on the roster and keep Hands of Stone Taylor who can’t run a route properly, plus another guy with gimpy knee coming off an ACL surgery who should be on IR. But keep two kickers. Brilliant.

  9. They have to clear waivers first before they are signed tot he practice squad right (if they sign them, which I hope they do)?

  10. marcyun says:

    whoa, crazy. but hold on. maybe Ruskell has something up his sleeve to fill those spots.

  11. hotthumbs says:

    Yeah!!! Forsett is the sacrificial lamb…I don’t know if it is going to work but what the hell give it a shot.

  12. fuzzybear says:

    Mind Boggling. We are lean on receivers, one gets injured, and we cut another. No other out of work receivers (that we know of) are in town…so who are we proposing take these places? Of course, I thought Bumpus had a great pre-season so I could stomach Bumpus for Kent…but still, now what?

    Mind Boggling, we have an injured running back so we cut another running back who could be back up. My only thought here is they were going to release Forsett the entire time and Momo’s injury is really not that bad to put him down for a period of time.

    Plack? Well, Sunday spoke for itself.

  13. Umm if Forsett is as good as some have made him up to be, they would have kept him. There is reason for the selections. They have bigger issues than a 3rd stringer. Hopefully both make it through waviers and get on the squad.

  14. kvpHawk says:

    I think they kept Coutu because Mare barely made his only field goal attempt, and the NY Jets kicker got hurt Sunday. If they cut Coutu he’s gone for sure. I was a little surpised with Kent getting cut. I thought it would be I cant catch or get open Taylor. With Nate going on IR, it creats 1 more roster spot. So they probably are going to sign Horn or some other reciever.

  15. fuzzybear says:

    From the Times: is reporting the Seahawks worked out five receivers on Tuesday — a tip of the cap to reader Jimmy Mac for finding the tidbit. Here’s the group: Sammie Parker, Billy McMullen, Mike Hass, Devale Ellis and Mark Bradford.

    From me: WHO???

  16. mocarob says:

    Zorn can pick up Kent and have him ready by the time we play them this year..

  17. What the heck is Brandon Coutu still doing on this 53 man roster??

    There has to be another shoe ready to drop in this story. ?

  18. kurtisballard says:

    sounds like seneca is guaranteed some time out there now.

  19. We have two WRs.

    One of them, Taylor, completely sucks and is not ready for the NFL. He may be decent next year or good the following year, but for now he’s fricking terrible.

    The other (Payne) hasn’t shown much either.

    What the hell does Ruskell have up his sleeve? I hope not one of these loser scub WRs that no other team in the NFL wants through today.

    And, remember, Branch has always been injury prone throughout his career. When we do get him back, he’s going to get hurt again later in the season and miss another game or two or three.

    Timmy, whatcha gonna do?

  20. UT Hawk says:

    I assume this means Bumpus is going to get signed to the 53-man roster, as I previously speculated. Unless TR has a card up his sleeve, but the group that the Times reported doesn’t seem rife with amazing talent.

  21. airbags says:

    well, now… i’m just talkin’ here, but what do you think the chances are that seneca gets tossed out on the field as a wr, charlie frye takes the #2 qb spot, and timmay! reaches way down into the tampa bay seahawks barrel and pulls out chris simms?

  22. kvpHawk says:

    I agree with kurtisballard. Seneca is going to be a WR this year and maybe a punt returner.

  23. fuzzybear says:

    I like your thinking ‘bags’

    But we still need another SOLID receiver.

    There must be more news to come.

  24. Tompage says:

    What the hell is Ruskell thinking?

  25. kvpHawk says:

    I think New England signed Simms.

  26. fuzzybear says:

    From the Boston Globe:

    Yesterday, the Patriots brought veteran free agents Chris Simms and Tim Rattay to Foxborough for a visit and, presumably, to work out. But in a curious twist reported by the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter on his blog, when Simms and Rattay arrived at Gillette Stadium, they were told “the situation had changed and they were no longer needed,” and they departed without working out.

  27. airbags says:

    nope. simms is still free.

    i forget who made this point, but on another thread, someone said that seneca basically has ONE catch (nfc title game ’05)… so what makes us think he can do it?

    raise your left hands if we’re screwed!

    raise your right if we’re less screwed than we think!

  28. nighthawk2 says:

    The Jets already signed another kicker, Jay Feely.

    “Umm if Forsett is as good as some have made him up to be, they would have kept him.”

    Yeah, just like Moorman and Kluwe and Lindell weren’t any good. And we’re on our umpteenth punter and place kicker since then. And Darche wasn’t any good anymore. How many LS’s have we gone through since then.

    Samie Parker has been with several NFL teams, including the Chargers. Mike Hass is a kid from Oregon State that was on the Bears practice squad, renowned in college for great hands. McMullen is a 5 year veteran who was cut by the Redskins on Sept 1 to get their 53 man roster. Do a little basic research.

  29. seahawks25 says:
  30. tacomaboy46 says:

    I heard New England sent Sims on his way and is staying in house for their QB…(That’s to their cuts and practice squad)…
    New York signed Feely to kick…(Clayton)…

  31. fuzzybear says:

    And all of those “well known” receivers with the history you reference are currently unemployed. I should feel good about this because they have had jobs before? With the exception of Parker, they are still ‘no names’.

  32. nighthawk2 says:

    McMullen would make sense having been with the Redskins and knowing (at least somewhat) the WCO.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Very, very surprised (and disappointed) Forsett was released. Hope he clears waivers, but I don’t see it. And I agree with those above, what the hell are they doing with two kickers on the roster?

    nighthawk2, Darche had a broken leg. Has he signed with anyone since?

  34. fuzzybear says:

    McMullen it is. It looks like 3 healthy receivers and Seneca.

  35. IDHawkman says:

    I don’t like the moves today.

    I wouldn’t overlook Hass though. He is another Steve Largent “TYPE” receiver in that he’s not fast but he’s very precise in his routes and if the ball gets near him, he sucks it up like a shop vac.

    Don’t overlook Hass. But he doesn’t know the offense either. Put him and Bumpus out there and at least you’ll have a couple recievers who will fight for the ball and catch it when it is thrown.

  36. nighthawk2 says:

    Darche broke his leg in 2006 and that’s why they brought in Rackley. His contract was up the end of that season, Ruskell told him and his agent they were “going in a different direction”. We know the LS saga since. Darche signed with Kansas City in the 2007 off season and is still there. He even kicked a field goal himself last season.

  37. Billy McMullen! Sheesh.

    What you see here is “Timmay’s” ego at work. Cuts Forsett to keep Duckett, because he paid a ton of money to Duckett. Signs some hack off the street because he doesn’t want to bring back Koren Robinson after he cut him.

    If I’m Forsett, I’m insulted that they cut me and kept a second kicker, and I’m signing with anybody but Seattle.

    Ruskell is an idiot.

    I hate to say i told you so… but check all my posts about Hackett and DJack.

    7-9 this year, tops. Guess I’ll burn my over\under bets on Seahawks wins. The line was 9, no way we’ll make that.

    We’ll be lucky to score an offensive TD against Frisco this weekend.


  38. chucko24 says:

    I will feel sick in my stomach if forsett is snatched up. he was a sparkplug. We need a sparkplug! I know it wont happen but wish we copuld trade for a top notch receiver:)

  39. watsoni says:

    think we could somehow get boldin? know it would be stupid for zona, but why not dream.

    Boldin in our wc…..beautiful

  40. tmcclurkan says:

    Watsoni, not happening. Forsett is not going to get signed by anyone, so he will be put on the practice squad, as will Jordan Kent. Other teams are not going to waive someone off their 53 man roster to sign young guys who have not proven anything.

    McMullen? Really? That was the best we could do? That’s it, I am cutting Hass from my fantasy team.

  41. We need Seneca starting next Sunday at WR.

    And, I would be on the phone to Koren Robinson in a minute. Now one else will be able to pick up the offense and get on the same page with Matt as quickly as he will (provided he is as sober as they all say these days).

    Whether Forsett or Kent will clear waivers and end up on practice squad really isn’t imporant. They have been judged unable to help the team win this year,and this team has bigger problems than thinking about developing depth for next year. We need to gear up for a string of wins right now.

    I really don’t see why they kept Coutu though, we need that roster spot for a WR or PR.

  42. nighthawk2 says:

    From what I read Arizona isn’t interested in trading Boldin this year. It’s hard to imagine they’d trade him to us even for a 1st round pick, and I’d rather keep that 1st rounder for a guard.

    If Forsett signs elsewhere, Houston would be a likely spot. They have some real RB issues. Miami, St. Louis, Cincy could all be interested.

  43. BrianBlades says:

    I’m baffled here. I’m no expert, but what the hell?

    I’m not even going to float a theory. Did no one in practice or preseason see that Plack was sucking so bad that he can get cut in week 1??

    We can’t make a freaking call on a kicker?

    I see the posters here are divided into Holmgren vs Ruskell camps, but don’t you think that maybe the two of them working against each other and for their own egos is crushing the team and they are both pathetic at this point?

    With ticket prices the way the they are, we deserve better than two overpaid, past their prime ego divas battling it out with our team and season. I don’t care who is right and who did what any more, they both suck…

    Can someone in the local media call them out?

    I’m baffled here. I’m no expert, but what the hell?

    Did no one in practice or preseason see that Plack was sucking so bad that he can get cut in week 1??

    We can’t make a freaking call on a kicker and are keeping two when we have NO wide receiver?

    My 8 year old son is going to be crushed when I tell him they cut Forsett! I really hope he gets picked up somewhere and does well.

  44. fuzzybear says:

    Am I missing something…don’t we only have room for one on the practice squad?

  45. thedude says:

    who’s Hass???

    very strange things happening in this organization. it’s odd that you spend all mini camps, training camps and preseason working on these young kids then after one game cut one and don’t even suit up another.

    we could have gotten through SF and the Rams with our young receivers, working in seneca and jones creatively and let our defense go nuts at home, get to the bye and get healthy.

    but instead, it just feels like they threw the gameplan out the window, timmay shite his pants and panicked.

    i mean, it was one game, on the road where we suck, in the rain. at least wait til one home game is done before trying to sign people that i’m sure are not very sought after.

    this is a shit show, no question…

  46. redneckhawk says:

    Thank God we have readers digging up breaking news like McMullen.

  47. BrianBlades says:

    Oh, and I’d also like to join ranks of people wondering how the heck Seneca got the reputation of a secret “randy moss” that we’ve been hiding.

    Could someone explain that, or lead me to some youtube video or something? That is also baffling. I wish him the best if that is the case, but I’m more comfortable with him as backup QB to our always secretly injured aging Hasselbeck with no O-line protection.

  48. mikew177 says:

    At least McMullen played for the Eagles for 3 years. That’s somewhat comforting (is there a sarcasm font?) He didn’t have a regular season job in 2007. (Wonderful)

  49. fremont_hawk says:

    I wouldn’t say Ruskell is an idiot. Lets not overreact! DJack would be nice to have right now, but we are in a crisis. We were fine last year without DJack.

  50. nighthawk2 says:

    “I see the posters here are divided into Holmgren vs Ruskell camps, but don’t you think that maybe the two of them working against each other and for their own egos is crushing the team and they are both pathetic at this point.”

    I agree, that’s what happend with Holmgren and Whitsett. I very much want to see Ruskell follow Holmgren out the door, but I doubt it happens without a palace revolt such as happened with Whitsett when Allen was finally made aware (since he has no clue what happens with this team) and fired Whitsett.

    Who’s Hass? Go back read the posts in this thread.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    A good friend of mine is an avid Packer fan. When I texted him about Ryan he said; ” He hits them low and shanks 1 in 4. He is so erratic.” That should help punt coverage.

  52. nighthawk2 says:

    So McMullen was out of football last year. We’ve got a long snapper (thanks to Ruskell) that was out of football for 2 years.

    As for Wallace, I think that talk comes from some of the coaches, who have said in the past that he’s a tremendous athlete and could be a fine receiver if he was dedicated to that position, but he’s a quarterback and that’s where he wants to play and should play.

  53. surelyyoujest says:

    It’s one game. One game. Two guys were going to get dropped after week 1 for Rocky and Babs. We knew that. Apparently the two were going to be Kent and Forsett. Why assume this is reactionary to the one loss ? Plack got cut for showing up out of shape and kicking poorly.

    The big thing is we have our 1,2, & 3 receivers out. That’s bad, but Holmgren and TR aren’t to blame for that. And for the person who mentioned they’d be happy when Holmgren is gone, I can only laugh. Short memory apparently. We had a better coach when ? We’ve had more success when ?

    One game.

  54. BrianBlades says:

    I agree Nighthawk, we probably won’t get a two-fer with Holmgren leaving next year, but it would be nice to see some accountability for this stuff.

    I think we are both old enough to know that the Superbowl window is slamming shut and beating the Rams Cards and Niners to back into a playoff spot isn’t going to do it any more.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    I really thought we’d see Forsett returning punts this week, despite the fumbles. Wallace was back there at the end of the game last week, is that who goes this week? Someone please tell me why there are two kickers on this roster, what am I missing?

  56. Dukeshire says:

    nighthawk2, didn’t know Dar. was with KC.

  57. Fredline says:

    Billy Mc-who?!?!?

  58. Fredline says:

    And so if/when Wallace goes down who in the hell is going to receive, return punts & back up Matt?

  59. SteelBlueLime says:

    One of the reason we may be carrying 2 kickers until later this week is to allow us to move Bumpus from the pratice squad to the 53-man roster. We will then slip our rookie kicker through waivers at the end of the week when there is not any time left for him to try-out with other teams! We then sign him to the practice squad to take Bumpus’ spot.

  60. snohawk907 says:

    I still get pissed everytime Kluwe punts for the vikings. He’s not perfect, but he’s out punted every guys we’ve had since he was cut. Didn’t we keep Rowen (sp?) when we cut Kluwe?

    on keeping Cotu and cutting kent, all i can say is HUH?

    Timmay better have something coming.

  61. ibgoofy says:

    Ya mean Bruce DeHaven didn’t get sacked with Plack??? Forsett gave us a lot more than DeHaven’s special teams…. I’m with the baffled group….

  62. It is so risky for a team to use an important player to also return punts. You are flirting with disaster.

    I remember Kenny Easley used to return punts. As a kid, watching a game in the Kingdome, he ran out of bounds, tripped on some TV camera cables and messed up his knee (?). I think he ended up missing a bunch of games after that injury.

  63. mike98541 says:

    As a Seahawk fan, I hope I never here Koren Robinson’s name as a potential candidate on this team. I would rather here Terry Glenn or Joe Horn. As for Nighthawks comments out regarding Ruskell and Holmgren heading out the door, I said the same thing on this blog following the draft this year and got dismantled. Im glad to see people are coming to their senses. With the “possible” exception of Carlson, the draft was a Joke. We past up on much more talented players as week 1 showed all too clearly. I dont want to rant on too much of what I stated in previous quotes on this blog but the beating I took for it warrants a response at this time. I also said we were in a lot of trouble at HB. Jones has never been a proven RB and Duckett gets cut everywhere he goes. The only reason he is here is because he is a Ruskell guy. We should have drafted a RB like Mendenhall or Felix Jones and played for the future because the now is done.

  64. kriegtoskansi says:

    We are 0-1 and a lot of people are pushing Ruskell and Holmgren out the door? That’s goofy. We’ve been a perennial playoff team, division champions, and actually played in a superbowl under these guys. I vividly remember suffering through countless seasons where mediocre would have been cause for celebration.

    I think some perspective is needed in here, before we get what you are wishing for and end up hoping for the final wild card playoff spot every year with a 7-9 record and a series of Dan McGwire/Rick Mirer/Kelly Stouffer/Gale Gilbert/Jeff Kemp caliber quarterbacks and our only perennial pro bowler is our punter (remember Rick Tuten?).

    Get your heads up and have some faith. There’s a lot of football yet to play.

  65. chuck_easton says:

    It’s my thought that most of the people whinning on here have only been Seahawk fans since 05 or so.

    As a lifetime (the team’s lifetime not mine, I’m older than the team) Seahawks fan I have been thrilled with both Holmgren and Ruskell. I never want to go back to the Behring/Erickson years for anything.

  66. Good post chuck. Too many are panicking after 1 game.

    Kent, Forsett, and Coutu will all end up on practice squad where they belong.

    Who the new WR will be is the big question.

    I trust Ruskell and Holmgren more than anyone I can think of in this very difficult situation. No one could have avoided this. Its injuries. I’m looking forward to seeing what this team looks like in a few weeks time.

  67. hawkdawg says:

    They COULD all end up there. But only if others now on there are cut. There aren’t 3 spots left right now…

  68. what’s this I hear about Sims on the IR?

  69. on KJR for those wondering…

  70. How stupid we keep Baraka Atkins over Justin Forsett. Tim Ruskell sacrificing offense for his precious mediocre defense yet again.

  71. nighthawk2 says:

    I’ve never liked Ruskell and grew disenchanted with Holmgren a long time ago. We’ve had one great season under Holmgren, 2005. The years before and since have been mediocrity. The groupies here think that Holmgren’s mediocrity has been better than previous mediocrity. I don’t, mediocrity is mediocrity, period. “We’ve won four division titles in a row”. So what? It’s a matter of being the least worst team in the worst division in football, except for one great year. How many defensive co-ordinators and bad defenses have we gone through? How many Special Teams coaches that can’t coach since Pete Rodriguez left? Now the defense is decent (for a small ‘finesse’ defense) and the offense sucks. I was disappointed that Mora was named Holmgren’s successor, I wanted a defensive minded coach (yes I know he was DC for the 49ers) who would build a mean, aggressive, smash mouth D like the old Steelers and Ravens, not some small quicker one that can occasionally rush the passer but gets run over. I wanted a whole new staff with a more modern, daring offensive scheme. We’re not going to get that. So I don’t expect any improvement, especially not as long as Ruskell is here. Some are always on his nuts, but he’s a terrible judge of talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. He cannot draft a good offensive lineman if his life depended on it. He’s got the personality of a cobra, alienates players, can’t re-sign them, doesn’t value them or the position they play, gives out insane contracts to players that don’t deserve it (Alexander, Jones, Duckett, Branch), throws away draft picks like candy, and apparently reads his own press because he has an ego the size of his living room. And for no good reason. If we had an owner that paid attention to his team, things like this would be taken care of. Holmgren is a guy who made terrible draft choices as GM, has awful clock management skills, doesn’t adapt well, babies “his” players like Robinson, Alexander and even Stevens and has no patience with a lot of others.

    No people, for the umpteenth time, this is NOT “just one game”. This is a continuation of a real bad slide, this team has lost it’s last four road games, the last two were blow outs and the two before that were to really bad teams led by 3rd string quarterbacks. This team hasn’t won in Arizona since 2005. This team was swept by San Francisco in 2006. The Seahawks brought in someone who’s supposed to correct the flaws in the O-line as offensive line coaches and the line still sucks. Spencer and Sims were awful draft choices of Ruskell, got thrown around like rag dolls last year, got thrown around like rag dolls last Sunday, and nothing has changed. New, high priced running backs who can’t run because the line sucks. Receivers who can’t catch, Special Teams that should have been fined their entire paychecks for the game, a Special Teams guru coach brought in to fix that and it’s still awful, a defense that can’t rush the passer, a cornerback who was a 1st round pick and still can’t cover. They’re picking up where they left off. There was absolutely nothing in that Buffalo game to indicate that it’s not going to keep continuing. You can plug your ears and close your eyes and keep chanting “It’s only one game, it’s only one game, it’s only game” until you’re blue in the face. This team gives no indication that it’s capable of beating anyone better than San Francisco and St. Louis, and I’m not sure about them. Until Spencer and Sims are benched and they pass block and open holes, until they find receivers who can run routes and get open and catch, until they actually cover receivers and learn some fundatmentals like double covering the other team’s best receiver, until the Special Team learns some fundamentals like staying in lanes and tackling, there is no reason to think this is anything more than a 7-9 team at best. And I’ve been a fan of this team since it’s inception, and I too am older than this team. Most here have indeed jumped on the wagon in 05. So don’t give me the bandwagoner b.s.

  72. crovax74 says:

    why is everyone freaking out in here…..I have been a fan for over 20yrs and Im not even from Seattle…faith everyone faith. All the Hawks have to do is get by the 49ers and Rams….maybe close but they should be able to do it. After the bye week both Engram and Branch should be back. I knew Buffalo was going to be tough and maybe a loss. All the Hawks have to do is take care of home games and sweep the division….thats 11-5. Maybe 10-6 at worst. Ill take that into the playoffs. We have a really good Defense that should carry the team until WRs are back.

  73. nighthawk2 says:

    (One more time) Did you watch 2007 at all? Did you see Sunday at all? What good are a gimpy Branch (who is coming back too soon and likely to re-injure the knee more seriously) and Engram when the offensive line sucks? How long is going to take them to get into shape and get the timing down with Hasselbeck? What good does it do to squeak by a couple of sad sacks like the 49ers and Rams when road trips to the Giants and Bucs, and the Packers coming here, are coming up? Is the line going to fixed? Are the special teams going to be fixed? Is the running game going to work (only if the line is fixed)? 5 sacks at Buffalo, I can only imagine what’s going to happen against the Giants, Packers and Bucs. Faith and $3.00 will get you a latte. Give me someon who can play center and right guard that can block.

  74. QB_Sneak says:

    Jeez, I didn’t think I could possibly be more depressed about Nate’s injury until I saw who the Hawks chose to work out as his replacement. Cripes. I’d much rather stick with Jordan Kent than some guy 32 teams couldn’t use last year. WTF…

    Insult to injury: watching Michael Turner run for 200 yards this weekend, knowing he was a UFA this summer. And we signed Julius Jones. The only thing JJ has shown me is that Dallas knew what they had with Mario Barber.

    I’ve staunchly defended Ruskell and Big Mike, but I’m struggling with this series of missteps. We can’t run, we can’t move the ball in the air, we can’t block, and we can’t punt. We’re in for a rough year.

  75. steph19 says:

    Does anyone remember the first game of the season the year the Seahawks reached the Superbowl? Also coach Holgrem is the most succsessful coach the Seahawks ever had. Took them wher no other coach has. As for Tim Ruskell I have always questioned his moves and now you see what is happening. Top heavy on defense and thin on offense. He just does not respect offense enough that he lets quallity talent go and does nothing to replace them with anyone close to the same talent level. If the Seahawks fail to make the playoffs I blame the man in charge in the front office and not the one on the field.

  76. steph19 says:

    Oh and for you people that keep slamming the owner…..You should still be kissing his behind or have you forgotten that if it was not for him NFL football in Seattle would be like the NBA in Seattle today!

  77. nidhighe says:

    “got thrown around like rag dolls last year, got thrown around like rag dolls last Sunday”

    Actually, rag dolls would be improvements on Spencer and Sims!

  78. littlelamb says:

    I doubt Forsett clears. Some other team will pick him up. That bums me out because I wanted to order a Forsett Jersey.

    I can’t imagine why you would keep your punter through week one and then cut him. If he was so terrible he should have been replaced two weeks ago. Maybe he just had a bad game. To cut him now seems like a knee jerk reaction to one bad game in the rain.

    Releasing Jordan Kent seems a bit odd as well. He may have dropped a pass here or there but Taylor looked like he was in the land of the lost on Sunday. Lining up Wallace at WR is just playing with fire.

    Ultimately Ruskell is trying to mold this team into something you might see in Tampa Bay. Defense defense defense and to hell with the offense. He’d like to win games 10-3. The only problem is the defense is good, not great. The offense is good, not great. In the NFC West they will need to score 24 regularly to win the division this year. With the O Line getting pushed around and the running game following suit, it looks like we may see Hass in the gun permanently starting in week two.

  79. I am very confused. Kent, Taylor & Payne are all awful, but we don’t have any replacements for them that I know of………

  80. Until Holmgren learns how to run the ball here, it doesn’t matter who is our wide outs. One dimensional and still way too predictable. It looks like its going to be a long season for Hawk fans. Grrrr.

  81. oooh, if we signed K-rob, I could break out my old #81 Robinson jersey.


    This is all bizarre. How did the NFL get so thin at WR? A few years ago you could get Jerry Rice on the cheap or Keenen McCardell that were still capable players. Now the talent pool looks like the same players much older.

  82. bigmike04 says:

    I am not so worried about this team as NFC West proven once again to be weak due to fact Arizona has Kurt Warner who will some how get injured and they not trusting Matt Leinhart at all. St.Louis is getting older. 49ers is going with vetran who hasnt start a game and been on lot of PS and being 3rd string QB.

    Now billy McMullen know WCO so he might be better than guys we brought in who would have to be able to study the WCO and learn it. Do you want someone who doesnt know WCO to come in and you all be complaining. Now i know holmgren and Russell might not see eye to eye but you would think they will do what best for the team.

  83. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    I think Ruskell is sinking this team on purpose. One only has to listen to Ruskell to figure out that he is just a complete back-stapping piece of crap. He wants Holmgren to go out on a low-note so that “his guy”, Mr. Moron or is that Mora, can look like an improvement over Holmgren. I say fire Mora and Ruskell immediately, they are both a$$-holes.

  84. Cutting Kent: Lemonade. When starters came back Kent was gonna be cut anyway. This way his inexperience made him look completely inept. Even Zorn will think twice before putting him on his roster. Kent still needs this season for polishing on the PS. We gotta keep him and get him coached up.

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