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  1. edstang45 says:

    The Man has Class, and I hope for the best for him

  2. Dukeshire says:

    He says the right things, but even in reading, it has that insinsere quality that is his trademark. The only way a team “tells him which field to go to” on his bike, is out of desperation, I’m sorry to say. It’s hard to see a return to the NFL (let alone the super bowl) in his future.

  3. Chris de Lemos says:

    Good for you Shaun and stay classy. Glad you’ve finally healed and I hope that when you land you run like hell and have a year worth retiring on.

  4. Kudos to Shaun for his upbeat, classy attitude.

    If he’s willing to sign for the veteran minimum, how I wish a certain team I love would give its greatest RB ever (with apologies to Curt Warner) another chance.

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    Leon still lives in the land of delusion. But I guess with the money Timmay! wasted on him he can afford that neighborhood. He wants to help some team get to the Super Bowl? Well, he better hope one of those callers is the Patriots or Packers, because he sure won’t get there with Cincinnati (or Denver) unless he’s working as a ticket agent for the conference champions.

    And he’s still full of crap. “I never played for the money”. Suuuuuure. And that $15.1 mil that Ruskell wasted on you that should have gone to Hutchinson wasn’t really your motivation. When he was here he said “classy teams” didn’t ask gods like him take pay cuts. Waiting for a team to say “go do what you do”? I can’t imagine another NFL team telling him fall down on shoestring tackles or at the first sight of an opposing colored jersey in the backfield, drop passes, whiff on blocks and pout on the bench.

    Now he’s willing to share roles? Yeah, I can just see that. MARVIN LEWIS: “Shaun, go in and give Watson a breather. Perry’s injured again.” SA:”I’m playing the rest of the game?” MARVIN LEWIS: “Nah, just till Kenny Watson gets some oxygen. And try not to fumble this time”. SA: “But I’m the best running back Seattle ever had, just ask me”. MARVIN LEWIS: “Says you, and you ain’t in Seattle any more”. SA: “Whaa, coach stabbed me in the back. Coach didn’t take care of me. But tell him I mean that in the nicest possible way”.

  6. DarthKripple says:

    Night hawk, if you never met Alexander in person, I think you shouldn’t act like you know him guy.

    He spent the end of 2006 helping the offense get through some bad patches with less then stellar blocking. He dominated in the playoff game in chicago and spent 2007 doing nothing but saying the right things.

    I know most haters only Joined this team in late 03, but Shaun Alexander was the whole reason we made the playoffs in 03-05 because he kept the defense off the field by running the ball 350+ times per season. It was him that spent the bulk of 2004 hiding the defense from the major passing attacks and keeping us in games. You might feel stabbed in the back too if you spent your entire season carrying this team on your back getting punched around by everyone only to miss the rushing title by one yard.

    I also am tired of this crap of Shaun being the reason Hutchinson left. He wanted to make top dollar as a guard who can’t play any other position and guess what, his starting LT is out for the first for games. Have you ever wondered what it would be like with a ten million dollar Hutch and no Walter Jones? I do.

    Shaun deserved that money, in five years, he scored 97 touchdowns and ran for 8400 yards. No other player has done any of that in the same span. I know everyone mentions the redskins game, but what you kids don’t remember is that this team went with a 5 man d-line, they said, beat us Matt. He did, but they feared our running game so much that that’s what they had the gameplan for. If you’ve ever taken a good shot at the base of your neck, you’d know what happened to Shaun on that play.

    In The superbowl?
    He ran 20 times for 95 yards and no fumbles or turnovers, he didn’t exactly fail to show up like some other players I might name. (Jerramy Stevens, Joe Jurevicious.) He was the best in the business behind only Tomlinson for 5 straight years. Only production matters, also, if we are mentioning players who had crappy lines being good, why do two running backs (Franco Harris and Marcus Allen) belong in the hall of fame when they played with HOF linemen? Watch some film, see how many times he made a bad play turn great with a cutback or all the other things he did. He produced for 5 of his seven seasons as a starter, better than Marcus Allen or Franco Harris did with 12 or 13 years under their belts and Franco Harris played a terrible final season in Seattle. Oh was that fun.

  7. Wow, only 2 hate comments from this story?
    I expected more…

    SA has moved on, working to sign on with another team.
    He was the best back we’ve ever had. You should stop smoking crack if you think differently.

    Yeah and like someone said earlier, Hutch left on his own. He could have stayed in Seattle but he wanted money more and even went to the great white north to get it.

  8. This is 2008, can we forget about Hutch now?

    I am going to root for the guys we do have, not focus on the ones who are gone.

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