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Top 10 Football Movies of All-time

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 5, 2008 at 12:39 pm with 18 Comments »
September 5, 2008 12:39 pm

I am about to take off for Buffalo. Eric covered this morning’s light workout and should be blogging that at some point. In the meantime, I was sent this top 10 list of all-time football movies compiled by Personally, I kind of like Remember the Titans because a lifetime ago I used to cover T.C. Williams when I was working back in D.C.

10. The Waterboy

9. Jerry Maguire

8. North Dallas Forty

7. Invincible

6. The Longest Yard

5. Any Given Sunday

4. Rudy

3. Varsity Blues

2. Friday Night Lights

1. Remember the Titans

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  1. North Dallas Forty is the best football movie ever.
    How about these?
    Brian’s Song
    All The Right Moves
    Paper Lion
    Heaven Can Wait
    Everybody’s All American

  2. Willmore says:

    Things that don’t belong on top 10 lists:

    1. Films starring Tom Cruise.
    2. Films starring Adam Sandler.
    3. Films with a cast member from “Dawson’s Creek”.
    4. Films starring former white pop-Rap stars.
    5. Films starring the fat hobbit from Lord of the Rings.
    6. Films in which Al Pacino is not playing either a criminal or a cop.
    7. Films with Burt Reynolds. (I refuse to accept that Deliverance featured Burt Reynolds.)

  3. T_Roy27 says:

    how can The Program not make this list???

  4. Fredline says:

    No Brian Song?!?
    No “Heaven Can Wait”?
    No “The Last Boy Scout”…lol
    And yes “North Dallas Forty is the best football movie ever.”
    And what about “We Are Marshall”?(haven’t seen it yet)

  5. How could I have forgotten Tony Danza as
    “The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon”
    A Classic!

  6. Dukeshire says:


    What about Scott Bakula and Kathy Ireland in Necessary Roughness? Classic…

  7. airbags says:

    dukeshire – i have at least one football move per football day:

    friday night lights
    necessary roughness
    any given sunday

    good call.

  8. mikew177 says:

    How does “The Replacements” not make this list? That movie was awesome.

  9. Your_Mom says:

    The Program is one of the best movies ever!

  10. Rudy brought tears to my eyes, no lie.
    We are Marshall was ok, but just ok.

    ‘We are the Titans’ is a favorite, I remember watching it my junior and senior year a few times in High School. Jeez that was only two years ago!

  11. How about MASH. 69 is devine, 69 is devine….. ;)

  12. any such list without “Brian’s Song” on it isn’t worth the…uh…html it’s coded with.

  13. dionthreed says:

    Facing the Giants for feel good family movie.

  14. Even though I despise Notre Dame football, Rudy is an awesome story and in my opinion should be #1.

  15. Any Given Sunday. Gimme Al Pacino every time.

  16. nighthawk2 says:

    North Dallas Forty is indeed the best football movie of all time.

    The original Longest Yard is great, the remake sucked (as does anything with Adam Sandler). Hope you were referring to the original.

    I remember a movie with Charleton Heston called, I think, No. 1 where he was a QB for the Saints. Better than a lot of football flicks.

    Kudos to those mentioning The Replacements, Necessary Roughness (the scene with the convicts played by guys like Jim Kelly, Evander Holyfield and, I think Ben Davidson, quieting the opposition fans was great) and Semi-Tough.

    To put crap like Remember The Titans and The Waterboy on a list of top 10 football movies and leave off Knute Rockne–All American is just criminal.

    And, of course, The Best of Times. Who wouldn’t want to erase the stain of a moniker like “Butterfingers” by replaying the biggest game of your life that contained the worst moment of your life 20 years later against “that metroplis to the north”, i.e. Bakersfield.

  17. Anniee882000 says:

    Sorry, but I have to reiterate what others have said. Any football movie list without the original, “Brian’s Song,” is sadly lacking. That is the best football movie ever.

  18. jdaniels13 says:

    Heaven Can Wait should certainly make the list.
    One could argue that Forrest Gump was a football movie, but then that movie covered a lot of ground in addition to football.

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