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A few things left over from yesterday

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September 4, 2008 10:54 am

In writing about the Deion Branch stuff yesterday, I did not get the chance to write much about practice and the locker room. I wanted to fire that stuff off this morning before this afternoon’s practice, which starts at 1:30.

First, the team is back to its regular schedule, and is back to doing its game-week routines. Players wearing the yellow jerseys of opposing players, alternating first units on each side against the scout teams, special teams being worked in, most of the reps going to the starters while the backups work on the scout team.

One of the things to get used to is seeing Darryl Tapp on the scout team after he started at defensive end most of last season. I spoke with him yesterday and he seemed like he was taking it in stride, though I think he is disappointed. In a sense, I think he feels his season was unfairly portrayed last year because he had the broken hand and could not produce the same way after that as he did before. You have to wonder if he had not broken his hand and kept up his pace in sacks if Tim Ruskell would have looked elsewhere in the first round. But that’s not how it worked out.

Neither Jackson nor PAtrick Kerney were saying much about their matchups with Bills tackles Langston Walker and Kirk Cameron. As Kerney said, if they have an NFL logo on their jersey, they are NFL players. He prepares accordingly. Jackson said he thought despite his size — listed at 366 pounds — Walker has relatively quick feet. He would not say what his scouting report is on Walker, but you’d have to think he tries to use his speed and quickness to get around the guy. Kerney said he expects to be double- and triple-teamed, and if he is not then it is that much easier.

Last season, we heard Deon Grant’s musical selections all season long. The locker room is so big now that they actually have two stereos going and they don’t interfere with each other. One was in Kerney’s locker, the other in Grant’s. The latter was playing rap, the former I can’t remember but AC/DC comes to mind.

Notes from practice
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  1. JoeHawk51 says:

    Nice frank thanks. As a sports writter can you please tell me why the NFC West is always identified as the weakest in the NFL? If it is base on regular season records, the AFC East was worst at .250 and our division was .333. Is this just lazyness by the national media or is thier some method or system that does place our division last.

    I am just real tired of hearing that if we win it will be because we play in the weakest division. All of the national media never mentions this when discussing New England.

  2. madpunter88 says:

    Wait wait wait…hold on…his name is Kirk Cameron? Remember the episode where Leonardo DiCaprio makes a cameo appearance as a homeless teenager? Yeah, that was a good one.

  3. Yep, the NFC-W is the weakest division in the NFC according to media and the NFC-E is the strongest, yet the Seahawks have mostly owned the NFC-E teams in their head to head contests. Despite that the Seahawks get no love from the media and are written off with a sneer as the strongest team from the weakest division thus somehow are unworthy of respect as a legitimately strong team.

    Just like Rodney Dangerfield we don’t get no respect. The uninformed bias of the media unwilling to actually report on facts instead of unsupported opinion is the real reason for the NFC-W being identified as the weakest division in football. That’s life out west here in Egypt.

  4. egypt? man, i thought this was pakistan!

  5. ohiohawkfan says:

    Stupid East coast media bias. They still think
    Seattle is located in South Alaska. Jammer got it right above, they only report opinion and not based on facts. What they don’t know scares them so they make something up. I’ve been to Seattle before, love it, wish I was there now.

    Also, Tom Brady and the Patriots are their “can do no wrong” media darling. I’ll take Hasselbeck anyday over Brady on my team. He’s got personality to go along with the skill.

    By the way, love his crib.

  6. LondonHawk says:


    I have to compliment on the recent updates and training camp coverage! You are writing interesting stuff and it now sounds like you are a lot more connected to the team and the process of covering them.

    I seems to me that you are starting to reveal a bit more of your own personality in the blog coverage as well, which is a welcome thing.

    Well done and keep up the good work!

  7. madpunter88 says:

    hambone, at least this article called the AFC West the weakest division and not the NFC West. That’s a start.

  8. madpunter88 says:

    But let’s face it, it is a very weak division the last three years. San Francisco is moving backwards right now, St. Louis is no longer that competitive and is probably in more of a rebuilding mode than they think, and Arizona is historically the most inept franchise in NFL history. We should be glad we play in a weak division instead of lamenting it.

  9. JoeHawk51 says:

    It is not just East coast media bias, they feed on thier own stupidity plus the NFL helps them out. Picking the Probowl players befor the season ends is why you see the Cowboys,(13-3 regular season 2007), with half thier team voted to the pro bowl. Then they loose in the playoffs, and have not won a playoff game since 1998. Now in 2008, the media says “look at all of thier talent, they are loaded with probowl players”.

    You can not fix stupid or lazy, but Rodger Goodell can do something about when the leauge selects the pro bowl players. Or select players for thier production in the regular season, and select the best of the players in the post season.

    I guess we will see this Thanksgiving.

  10. c_hawkbob says:

    Right on, Kerney’s a rocker.

  11. Shattah206 says:

    It’s a $$ thing. Sportswriters need to sell papers (uh . . . blog hits, I guess). There’s a zillion more people back east. If they start in about how much better we are than the teams back there, they sell less. The readers go where the writers say what they want to hear. I’m fine with it for the most part. I’d rather fly under the radar, until the bias gets to the referees.

  12. hambone08 says:

    I smiled when I read the rest of the article and I thought the same thing. I find it hard to believe Minn @ 10 and SD @ 1, not to mention the defending champs @ 8. Bottom line, I think we’re still playing ball in January barring a major collapse/injury bug.

  13. antonio82 says:

    ok people I love the seahawks and we are good but not great. We do some things well but nothing really great. For the guy who said Hass over Brady, really!? Give me Brady everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. That is no knock on Hass but Brady is a future HOF’er. When was the last time the Seahawks beat a quality team on the road hmm?? And by quality I mean a playoff team. It has been a while trust me. We had a chance in 2006 after a strong start to head into Chicago and make a statement, but what did we do? We choked big time. In 2007 we had a chance for redemption at Pittsburgh, what did we do? We got spanked big time. We have to take care of business before we complain about not getting media love. Oh, and yes this is a very weak division.

  14. antediluvian says:

    Yes there are a zillion more people back east, and I’d like them to stay there. They can keep their east coast bias, and we can just revel in the fact that the Hawks will kick some east coast butt this season.

  15. earther says:

    madpunter88:St. Louis is no longer that competitive and is probably in more of a rebuilding mode than they think

    Don’t underestimate St Louis. They have a good offense when they haven’t been wiped out by injuries like last year and their defense has improved. All last year proved was that they don’t possess the depth to weather a bad injury year, especially at RB and QB.

    Arizona has very little dimension but they do have a powerful vertical passing attack. They can beat you if you let them get you into a shootout.

    2007 was a bad injury year across the board for the NFC West. The Seahawks got hit pretty hard (although it seemed pretty tame compared to the year before) and they were the lucky ones. Every team except Seattle lost their starting quarterback and SF and the Cards both lost their backups as well. They’ve been a weak division, but they should have been stronger last year. It was just an unlucky season for everybody. In fact, last year was kind of a weird one across the league, especially when it came to starting QBs. It made some teams better than they should have been and really destroyed others.

    We should be glad we play in a weak division instead of lamenting it.

    Why? When people say things like this it makes me wonder if they’re interested in watching football or just want an opportunity to attend a Super Bowl party.

  16. Espn is most bias,Josh Eliott (Spelling) said seattle was in russia,Plus someone said it is the north pole here.All those comments has made me start calling the East coast HARLEM. The Football teams are the Harlem jets,Harlem Giants,Harlem Redskins,Harlem Pariots,and so on.Harlem goes from Greenland to the KEYS to the Mississippi.

  17. JoeHawk51 says:

    I am proud of our area and proud of our team, so I take this stuff a little too serious. I like our chances and this schedule gives us the chance to show how we measure up to the favorites.

    One game at a time, and darn if one of the starting LB’s for the Bills will not play Sunday. A fast start can set the tone for the year.

  18. kurtisballard says:

    the east coast bias is real and in full force, especially when it comes to the seahawks, but what baffles me is how little credit the NEW YORK giants get. don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t bother me at all because i really can’t find anything at all to like about that team, but they won the super bowl last year in possibly the biggest sports upset ever, yet they aren’t even the most popular football story in their own state.

    go skins!

  19. The east coast is bigger than just New York City.

    East coast bias is real AND people in NYC eat their young. Two separate things.

  20. nighthawk2 says:

    I think it was Shawn Springs who said playing here was like being in Egypt. Apparently he’s never been to Egypt (their cops are more honest and less brutal). The NFC West is hardly the worst division. Anyone seen the NFC North? There’s one good team, Green Bay. The Vikings have a fine defense but outside of their RB’s one of the worst offenses in the league. The Bears have what is now only an average defense and a pathetic offense. The Lions, well, the less said the better. How about the AFC West? San Diego and the 3 Stooges. Or the AFC East? New England, an above average Buffalo team (about like Minnesota) and two forgetaboutit’s.

  21. OutSydeDog says:

    I believe in one thing more than anything else…and that’s the coach. I was a happy camper when (bowing down)…Chuck Knox was here. The last ten years have been a sheer blessing for me, and I will be among the saddest people on earth when Holmgren is (sigh) gone. Kinda like when we lost Karl and Lou, not to mention..ahem…Don James.

  22. thedude says:

    antonio, why don’t you move to the east coast?

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