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Practice squad players announced

Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 31, 2008 at 3:41 pm with 23 Comments »
August 31, 2008 3:41 pm

This is Frank’s wife, and he asked me to post the practice squad, which includes the following players:

S Jamar Adams

DT Kevin Brown

WR Michael Bumpus

CB Marquis Floyd

T Samuel Gutekunst

G Pat Murray

TE Joe Newton

T Kyle Williams

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  1. stormshadow says:

    Nice work, Frank’s wife!

    Glad to see Adams and Bumpus stick around.

  2. SharkHawk says:

    How long until you take over the blog? We’re looking forward to more timely info like this.

  3. I concur,

    Bumpus and Adams were the ones I was sweating as well

  4. Gutekunst is not on the practice squad. He is allocated from Europe and stays on the team as a non roster guy

  5. I thought Samuel Gutekunst was an exemption and we could have nine on the practice squad?

    So, could we add one moe guy on Sept. 9th?

  6. firejimmoradotcom says:

    Murray should go buy some lottery tickets tonight. One lucky dude.

  7. sscotchman says:

    I am also glad to see Adams and Bumpus as well, more particularly Bumpus because, we will have that extra insurance encase (heaven forbid) we lose another receiver to injury.

  8. quazimoto says:

    Kinda suprised somebody didnt pick Bumpus up before he made it to the Seahawks practice squad. Last I heard Gutekunst is on the practice squad but doesnt count towards the 8 man limit. Looks like theres room for a couple more.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    “I thought Samuel Gutekunst was an exemption and we could have nine on the practice squad?”

    Correct. They have to cut 2 more players on/by the 8th, (once Bernard and Babs. come back from suspension) one of which can be placed on the ps once he has cleared waivers. That’s why only 8 players right now.

  10. emitch423 says:

    Thanks, Mrs. Hughes!

  11. FLHawker says:

    Frank, There has been a lot written about players “clearing waivers” and being “stashed” on the practice squad. Isn’t that a tad dramatic? It’s my understanding that any team at just about any time can sign another team’s practice squad players to their active roster. I guess I don’t get how making it to the practice squad protects a player in any way? Of course, another team can’t sign your practice squad guy to their practice squad, but then why would they?

  12. hawk9680 says:

    I bet you Brandon fills this list out when Babz and Rocky are cleared next week.

  13. Who’s going to be emergency backup to our geriatric long snapper? Will they be in game shape if they’re not on our, or somebody else’s, practice squad?

  14. jshawaii says:

    FL Hawker, You have it right, and the issue is that most teams won’t want to sign another teams PS player to the 53 man roster as the new team would have to drop one of their own players to do it.

    Teams in need (see: Miami ) first look to sign veterans who have been relaeased and are now free agents, then the next group is to sign players from their own PS and then as a last resort will look to other teams PS for players.

    Bumpus, Adkins, and next week Koutu are all safe this year.

    But, you are right that anytime you can lose the player to another team. I think we lost Pat Ross a couple of years ago to another team, but it’s very rare.


  15. Pat Ross was injured and was waived, not just picked up by another team. But he had been getting a lot of practice time with the #2 team offensive line.

    He was Plack’s roommate for their rookie years, too.

  16. vandeway says:

    Just wondering how Gutekunst can be allocated to Europe when I am pretty sure I heard NFL Europe folded up? I am glad that we hung on to Forsett and that Bumpus and Adams made our practice squad. Everyone gets excited about our guys that made the practice squad but other teams are excited about their guys too which is why they are still here. I like Coutu alot but Mare kicking the ball deep into the endzone consistently is quite a weapon and it lets us gamble with better players that maybe wouldn’t make the team due to bad st play.

  17. reshumate says:

    Gutekunst is a developmental player BECAUSE of NFL Europe folding. Every team has one.

  18. bigmike04 says:

    I hate to ask but why are the hawks carrying Gutekunst if NFL Europe folded? It would make perfect sense to stop carrying any NFL Europe football if NFL europe folded than that ruled should be folded too.

  19. I have a question,on something I don’t understand.

    We will put the two bad boys back on the team next Monday.Doing that we will have to cut ,or put on the PS two players from the team.If we do that won’t we have to cut two players from the PS to make room?Thats the way I understand it,but it could be as clear as mud.

  20. Never mind thanks anyway,My question was answered with the Bumpus story.

  21. rramstad says:

    I hate to ask but why are the hawks carrying Gutekunst if NFL Europe folded?

    Because it doesn’t really cost them anything. They can’t use his spot for anything else, he basically comes for free, and is therefore a warm body to beat on during practice…

  22. nighthawk2 says:

    I wouldn’t say anyone is exactly safe on the PS. If another team gets and injury and likes a player on some other teams PS better than their own, it could happen. Don’t know how likely that is, but never say never.

  23. scottiedog65 says:

    A couple of years ago, Gibran Hamden, was our 4th string QB in back-to-back training camps. I think it was in the 06 season Hamden was sign to the 49rs practice squad after we cut him in the final cuts. That season David Greene, our third stringer, was hurt and we signed Hamden from the 49rs practice squad. Which made sense for two reason. He’d been to two hawk training camps and had a basic knowledge of our system. And we were about to play the 49rs soon and we could pick his brain about all things 49rs. So another thing to consider in all this is some of our cuts may have gone to other teams’ pratice squads and we could potentially bring them back.

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