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Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 26, 2008 at 2:27 pm with 19 Comments »
August 26, 2008 2:27 pm

Hey folks, I just landed on my flight back from San Diego. I did a roster analysis while I was on the plane, which is a little premature since it includes some of the players who will be cut. But it’ll give you something to chew on until those announcements are made. I have a call in to the Hawks regarding Lofa’s injury, but they are currently not answering. Just to give you a heads-up, their MO this preseason has been to announce the injury the day after the MRI, so they may not be releasing anything on that today.



Average kept past six seasons: 2.8

In: Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace, Charlie Frye.

Longshot: Dalton Bell.

Comment: Frye increased his value with strong showing Monday night against San Diego.

Running Backs

Average kept past six seasons: 5.2

In: Julius Jones, Maurice Morris, Leonard Weaver, Owen Schmitt.

On the bubble: T.J. Duckett, Justin Forsett.

Longshot: David Kirtman.

Comments: Mike Holmgren made it sound as if Duckett is in after he played well in San Diego. Forsett has had two strong preseason games but faltered against the Chargers, fumbling once. Still, he is a strong special teams player.

Tight ends

Average kept past six seasons: 3.

In: John Carlson, Will Heller, Jeb Putzier.

Longshot: Joe Newton.

Comments: Newton is probably headed back to the practice squad. He is too small right now to be an effective blocker.

Wide Receivers

Average kept past six seasons: 5.5.

In: Deion Branch, Nate Burleson, Bobby Engram, Courtney Taylor.

On the bubble: Ben Obomanu, Jordan Kent, Logan Payne, Michael Bumpus

Longshots: Joel Filani, Trent Shelton, Bryan Gilmore.

Comment: Because of injuries to Branch and Engram, they will have to keep more than the average, perhaps even seven, though Branch is eligible for the physically unable to perform list. Kent should have played his way onto the roster with a strong preseason. Obomanu is solid. Payne has been below average in the games.

Offensive line

Average kept past six seasons: 8.8

In: Walter Jones, Mike Wahle, Rob Sims, Chris Spencer, Steve Vallos, Ray Willis, Sean Locklear, Mansfield Wrotto.

On the bubble: Floyd Womack, Kyle Williams.

Longshots: Ben Claxton, Pat Murray, Nick Jones, William Robinson, Samuel Gutekunst.

Comments: Because of an injury to Sean Locklear, Womack is almost assured of making the team. Williams is probably headed to the practice squad. If they keep Womack, Forsett and Payne, that gives the offense two more players than Holmgren usually likes to keep.


Defensive line

Average kept past six seasons: 9.3.

In: Brandon Mebane, Rocky Bernard, Red Bryant, Lawrence Jackson, Patrick Kerney, Darryl Tapp, Craig Terrill.

On the bubble: Baraka Atkins, Howard Green, Jason Babin, Chris Cooper, Larry Tripplett.

Longshot: Nu’u Tafisi, Kevin Brown.

Comments: Green has played well enough to earn a spot, and so too has Babin, really. They would probably like to keep 10 but the injuries on the offensive side may mean somebody has to be sacrificed. Atkins has not been overly impressive but is a fourth-round pick and three years younger than Babin. Cooper and Tripplett have been injured for most of training camp.


Average kept past six seasons: 7.2.

In: Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Julian Peterson, D.D. Lewis, Lance Laury.

On the bubble: David Hawthorne, Will Herring.

Longshot: Dallas Sartz.

Comment: Mike Holmgren threatened to keep only six last year; he may do it this year. Herring is eligible for the PUP list. Hawthorne has earned a spot. Sartz may be a practice squad player.

Defensive backs

In: Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Deon Grant, Brian Russell, Josh Wilson, Jordan Babineaux, C.J. Wallace, Kevin Hobbs.

On the bubble: Jamar Adams, Omare Lowe.

Longshot: Kelin Johnson, Marquis Floyd.

Comments: They’d like to keep Adams as the ninth but the injury issues on the offensive side of the ball may prevent that. Adams is likely headed to the practice squad.


Average kept past six seasons: 3.

In: Tyler Schmitt.

On the bubble: Olindo Mare, Brandon Coutu, Ryan Plackemeier, Reggie Hodges.

Longshot: Tim Lindsey.

Comment: Plackemeier is the choice at punter. The kicking competition is extremely tight. Coutu hurt his chances by getting injured last week, but Mare didn’t help himself by missing a 50-yarder in San Diego.

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  1. mikew177 says:

    It’s killing me Frank. Anything on Tatupu’s MRI?

  2. i would think they’d find a place for kent, as i’m not sure he’d be able to clear waivers before someone picked him up, as he’s had a pretty good pre-season.

    considering what was paid for deion branch and his subsequent production (or lack thereof), we might as well IR him and let the “young’uns” show us what they can do.

    it seems fair to say that logan payne struggled because his ribs are cracked/broken – shows how hardcore one can be if they can barely breathe but are out taking hits.

  3. I don’t think any of the four young WR’s would clear wavers for the practice squad.

    Every team in the league has at least two serviceable running backs, so I think JF would make it past wavers, but receivers are at a premium league wide.

  4. sscotchman says:

    Wide receivers
    On the bubble: Jordan Kent, Michael Bumpus, Ben Obomanu, Logan Payne.

    I think this is more logical myself, I like Bumpus over Obamanu any day. Kent sure has shown his skill sets that past three games.

    (Let the words fly…lol)

  5. No reason to IR Branch. The PUP list doesn’t require a roster spot until after week 6. Then if he’s still hurt and you don’t need him, go IR if you have to. The PUP list just puts off the decision for several weeks.

    I have two problems with your analysis:
    1) Plack is in, and Hodges is a longshot
    2) I’d put CJ Wallace on the bubble and Jamar Adams in.

    Other than that, I’m fine with it.

    Also, if Forsett plays like he did yesterday against the Raiders, maybe they can get him through to the practice squad, but I doubt he can make the team with a similar performance.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    The NFL is reporting the 5 roster moves are:

    Tyler Schmitt, Will Robinson, Herring to IR

    Omare Lowe and Joe Filani cut.

  7. IDHawkman says:

    Just a thought but you might see Bobby Engram and Payne get put on the IR.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    That’s crazy. Bobby Engram is only out for the first 3 or 4 games of the season. Why would the team IR him when he’ll be around for the final 12-13 games?

  9. Jordan Kent is locked to make this team. He is the most productive Wr with the 1st unite on this team. He gets cut he isnt making it past the waivers & Ruskell knows that.

  10. osoviejo says:

    Putting (leaving?) Branch on the PUP list is an obvious move. He shouldn’t be rushed back anyway, and that would give him a couple of extra weeks over his scheduled return. With quality young players in need of a roster spot, it would be a shame to lose one until Branch is a certainty.

    I have a sick feeling that T.J. Duckett’s career as a Seahawk peaked Monday night, just in time to save his job.

  11. On Duckett, I agree with osoviejo. My perception is that Holmgren made up his mind several weeks ago: Duckett in, Forsett practice fodder.

  12. nighthawk2 says:

    If they waive Forsett, with the idea of PS, then I agree with those who say you can say goodbye to him. It’s not an issue of 31 other teams having two good RB’s already (not all 31 do, btw). It’s a case of Forsett being better than a lot of teams backup RB’s (I don’t just mean No. 2 on the depth chart either). Miami being one, New Orleans another, Houston yet another, etc. Add St. Louis, KC, Indy, Tennesee, Carolina, and several others.

  13. On WRs, i would say Kent and Taylor would be swapped. Kent has played his way onto this team and Taylor has dropped a couple key long passes. Granted they weren’t easy catches, but this is the NFL.

    LBs…who’s Lance Laury and why would he be in front of Hawthorne with all the attention he’s gotten recently?

  14. Just my two cents but I sure hope they keep Babin over Atkins. Atkins has shown nothing in two years.

    Doesn’t matter what WR’s we keep. They are all below average.

  15. Laury was on the team last year and a great Spectial teams and back up guy. I would not call him a front line guy but a solid guy to have on the team.

    I would still put him in front on Hawthorne, but I am not making the decisions.

    as far as the WR’s go. Kent and Taylor have been practicing separate positions. Let’s see what happens!!!

    Only one week to go!!

  16. I don’t think any of the four young WR’s would clear wavers for the practice squad.

    Other teams are making difficult cuts too and they’re not going to dump a player who just made their roster to grab a waived player, unless they’re pretty certain about the player. Kent is the only young WR who’s likely to be snapped up right away, IMHO. Forsett would be too, I think.

  17. Too bad the Holmgren is one of the people who is all caught up in the measurables. like MANY people in the NFL.

    Timmay on the other hand is not. and unfortuately it is starting to cost us on Defense since our D is usually on the smaller/lighter side and we can get pushed around!!!

    It will be interesting to see where this falls. I do think that Holmy must be reading this blog since Weaver said that the Schmitt/Weaver combo was something that was put in this last week!! We have been calling for it for at least 2 weeks!! — That’s my story and I am stickin to it!

  18. reshumate says:

    If Forsett were going to be cut, why haven’t we seen anyone else returning in games? We did see Kent return on kickoff, but that was pretty bad. We have no PR. Don’t say Obomanu and Burleson can’t do it now.

  19. JoeHawk51 says:

    Some of you are talking like we get to hide some players on the PS. They are able to sign with any other team at any time while they are on the practice squad. The good news is there are many players in that same level,( 32 teams x 27 roster reduction to 53 = 864 players). Add that to the existing free agent pool and you see the possibility that we may get to keep some of these guys around. But dont think they are protected.

    You fill the PS with the guys that play in positions we need depth in like linemen, or players with great potential like Kent last year or Joe Newton to add some bulk and still continue to learn the system.

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