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Shaun Alexander’s new gig

Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 25, 2008 at 8:37 am with 22 Comments »
August 25, 2008 8:37 am

No, he did not get a job in the NFL, per se. Here is a press release keeping you up to date:

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander is playing a new position this football season: rookie virtual host of’s annual Builders Football League (BFL). The league is an online, weekly pro football pick-and-win contest for contractors, remodelers, and home improvement enthusiasts. Throughout the season, players predict the winning teams from the Sunday and Monday night pro football match-ups. Weekly winners will receive a $100 Circuit City gift card, and the player with the most points at the end of the season wins the grand prize – a Samsung 50″ HDTV (approximate retail value = $1,199.99).

“I’m excited to join the home pros at HGTVPro in their popular Builders Football League,” Alexander said. “This Web site is a great resource for professional and armchair builders alike, and the BFL is a fun way for both to build team spirit and heat up competitive juices.”

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  1. Sniff. Sigh.

    On a bright note, Julius Jones is a monster in Madden 09 for the Wii.

  2. IDHawkman says:


    Be careful. You are going to severely sadden a lot of SA haters that don’t want to see any positive info on SA. They only want to hear that he is curled up in the fetal position crying his eyes out wondering what happened. They don’t want to know that he still has a life – a very good one at that- and successes with or without the NFL.

  3. ArgentineHawk says:

    I think him accepting that “oppurtunity” is a sign that he is curled up in the fetal position crying his eyes out.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Positive? That is about as far a fall as I’ve ever heard, without being arrested. He just joined Home and Garden TV! (Whatever that is exactly, I’m not sure.) Not ESPN or FOX Sports or is coaching a high school team, HGTV. That is plain sad.

  5. Wow. A press release to announce the end of relevance? I suppose I’m glad that Alexander finished his career as a Seahawk, but I wish the guy had gone out more on his own terms and at a higher level of performance. That cliff came awfully fast, even for a running back.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Shaun should just anounce his retirement so the team can have a Sunday to bring him back and honor him.

    This is a win/win for both Shaun and the organization. It’s pretty clear he’s not going to land a job in the next week. If he’s holding out hope that some team’s #1 RB goes down with a season ending injury before the August 30th cut-down to the 53 man roster, then that is just sad.

    Face it IDHawnman, it’s over. I think everyone but Shaun and, it would appear you, know this. Let’s just thank him for all he gave the organization and move one. Can’t do that until Shaun is ready to let go.

  7. ahhhh! Finally a job Shaun Can handle!

  8. that would be his best move, chuck – do the one-day contract bit, show up, wave at the crowd, and then sit comfortably on the big pile of money the team gave him.

  9. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    Hopefully all the SA supporters over the past couple of years understand what the entire NFL did (except the Seahawks until this year): SA is a JOKE!

  10. SA is not a joke. He’s the Hawks leading all time rusher & 2005 NFL MVP. With over 100 TD’s scored?
    Take your negativity and go beat your dog.

  11. SA is/was no joke. His playing career is over, though … and continuing to play WOULD be a joke. What he did for the ‘Hawks up to and including 2005, though, should be remembered with great fondness.

    ElPerroGrande … more like ElCerebroMinúsculo.

  12. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Frank – I would love to see the back and forth on SA’s place in the Ring of Honor.

    League MVP, rushing title, got us to the SB for the 1st time ever? #1 rushing yds in franchise history (24th all-time). Could a case REALLY be made???

    I guess if SA gets a spot, so should Ricky Watters (#19 all-time rushing) and John L. Williams (the ORIGINAL 3rd down back).

  13. Dukeshire says:

    If one has to “make a case” for a player to be included in the Ring, then it’s my feeling they do not belong, IMO. Look who’s up there.

  14. reshumate says:

    I don’t see how you exclude the man who got the team to its only SB appearance. Five years of dominance should be enough.

  15. Norseman says:

    This is exactly the return to football I figured shawn would make.

  16. The Seahawks fans are hilarious. They disparage one of the greatest Seahawks ever and celebrate stiffs like Maurice Morris, Julius Jones, TJ Duckett and Leonard Weaver. Good thing Ruskell stumbled upon the Schmitt/Forsett combination, otherwise it would have been a long year rushing wise.

  17. ElPerroGrandeIII says:

    SA was a complete JOKE of a player in 2006 and 2007 seasons. His weakness and patheticness during those two seasons were fully reflected in his stats during those two seasons, anyone who would argue otherwise has either not looked at his statistics in those two seasons, nor saw any single game that Shaun played in during those two seasons.

  18. How did SA lead us to the SB? He did NOTHING but get a concussion against Washington in the first game and didn’t do anything positive. Matt took over and got it done for us. Our smothering defense was huge in the Carolina game. And Steve Hutchinson, you know that worthless “just a guard” guy, was a HUGE reason Shaun was able to lead the NFL in rushing (many other factors offensively, but Hutch was the biggest). The offense around him allowed him to excel. Put Shaun on the Texans that season and do you really think he would have been the MVP of the NFL?

  19. QB_Sneak says:

    Wow, great insight BobbyK! Are you excited for school to start soon?

    By your rationale, then you have to discredit everything Hasselbeck has done too. Behind that offensive line, and in the WCO, his play is inflated. But Hass on the Texans and no way is he this good.

    The reality is that Shaun had some amazing years and two really horrible years. He had a great offensive line in front of him. Very few backs don’t have a great o-line.

    Bottom line: he’s the Hawks leading rusher and was an NFL MVP and was a major factor in getting us to the SB. The road to the SB didn’t start in the playoffs, it was the monster season he had leading up to it.

    Ring of Honor for sure.

  20. hawk9680 says:

    I give it two months until he signs with us for a day. Retires and then that game against New England, Sunday Night. Yeah R.O.H for sure.

  21. What the Hell does SA know about “competitive juices”?


  22. DarthKripple says:

    You know what’s funny? Ask people about the 2005 season and they forget one key component. The Seahawks threw the ball 120 times less in 2005 Matt still had his average TD year with a few less INTS (9) and who picked up all of that slack?

    Shaun Alexander did. He took the punishment, he got beat up pretty good, but it was his ability to cut back without losing any speed that allowed him to beat defenses. Because he usually found the flow of the defense with nine in the box and broke the tackle of the first man. In the Rams game in ’05 he broke 9 tackles in the redzone in the entire game for his TDs in that game.

    Shaun came back from his foot Injury and Had 733 yards and 6 TDs in 7 games. He Ran well against the Chargers and Packers and the Bears in the playoff game and then in 2007 he just didn’t have the speed to hit the edge anymore and since the Line up the middle never created holes he was always trying to keep plays alive so he could make something happen. It’s a little unfair to always *Obscene action* Hasselbeck when in his career he’s been average in leading comebacks. Hasselbeck won that game in washington, but he lost that playoff game in chicago.

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