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Postgame locker room

Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 25, 2008 at 11:04 pm with 42 Comments »
August 25, 2008 11:04 pm

First let me say that the Chargers visiting locker room is one of the smallest and hottest I have been in. It is split, in fact, into two locker rooms, with the showers between them, so you have to shuffle back and forth in order to talk to guys on offense and defense.

Nate Burleson said his touchdown celebration was a tribute to Usain Bolt, letting the Jamaicans know they are being watched and appreciated. He also said he was working in the slot for the first time this week and he was in the slot when he caught his TD pass. He said it gives them more options on offense. He said he was tutored this week by Ben Obomanu because he forgot some of the plays at that spot.

Patrick Kerney said he felt very good, his calf and shoulder were strong. He said it was nice just to get out there and bang around with guys, although he was not super thrilled to be double- and triple-teamed in a preseason game. He better get used to it. When I asked him how much he wanted to play Friday, he said, “Does it matter what I want? We are just pawns.”

Leonard Weaver said he loves the short-yardage combo of him and Owen Schmitt in the backfield, something they just installed this week. I asked him about the first one, when Schmitt went to the left and he went to the right. He said the play is designed that way because the LBs key on the fullback, so it is meant to throw them off their reads. It worked because he picked up the first down.

Justin Forsett said his fumble got punched out from behind and he never saw the guy who did it.

Holmgren is usually very talkative, but he was not tonight. His answers for some reason were all short.

Ryan Plackemeier said he felt good, and it was nice to get off a 60-yard punt. He said he spent much of the game swiveling his head around making sure he was not going to get chep-shotted while covering a punt.

Deon Grant said the sun got in his eyes, the reason he did not intercept that pass. He said the only reason he knew the ball was there was because Jennings was yelling, D, D, D. He also said he lost Jackson on that 59-yard pass play, and he was already past him when he noticed him.

Pork Chop said there was a miscommunication on that false start penalty he had down near the 20. He said he didn’t hear Frye’s signal calls and he couldn’t hear what was going on because it was so loud.

Lofa was very kind about it but said he didn’t want to speak to reporters tonight.

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  1. Here are my thoughts. I was embarrassed by the Seahawks run defense. I sure hope Red Bryant will resurect some pride in that area. I only really saw the first half and just snippets of the second half.

    I said last week to give Charlie Frye and chance and he looked pretty good out there. Ben Obamanu…1 catch 5 yards. I think Jordan Kent should be starting; at least he’s tall, and fast AND can jump.

    Trufant; more missed tackles. He’s like GP, too cool to play good defense in preseason.

    I was wondering how Duckett looked since his numbers appeared pretty good.

    Hopefully no one got seriously hurt.

  2. Duckett made a couple nice runs, but it was against second and third teamers. It’s going to be really close between he and Forsett.

  3. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Forsett looked like a rookie for the 1st time – very confused on the punts.

    And if Jordan Kent can be a good punt gunner, man, that’s some value. He’ll be like Alex Bannister, except he can catch.

  4. Hawks road defense still a serious question mark, and it will be until they prove otherwise. Game 1 would be a nice place to start.

  5. skyrunner says:

    It has to be Forsett, he has more up side and can return. Duckett is supposed to be a banger but we have enough of those already…and he doesn’t hit the hole hard enough (shawn are you listening).

    Trufants issue is that his wallet is acting like an anchor and his head is so full it’s going to burst or pull so hard because of its upward spiral he gets torn in half.

  6. Bernie42 says:

    I don’t know what you guys are seeing with Trufant, but I’m not seeing the same thing. Just like Sando pointed out on his blog, Truf seems to be getting better as the preseason goes on, playing more “aggressively and effectively.”

  7. IDHawkman says:

    Duckett hit the hole very hard last night. I guess you have to threaten him with losing his spot for him to play hard.

    Who is GP?

    Our Run defense was an embarrassment no doubt. Especially since Kearny was getting double and triple teams. Our linebackers took bad angles and got eaten up by blockers all night long. They looked no where close to the elite linebacking corps that has been touted. The biggest problem with that is this is the way they play the regular season on the road, too. Same old lackluster defense on the road.

    Can anyone ever motivate these “professional athletes” on the road? I’m sick and tired of seeing this type of performance from this group. Preseason or not. They got owned.

  8. paulb7070 says:

    Gary Payton

  9. idahoseahawksfan says:

    You all have to remember that our team does no game planning for these games at all. We just throw out the defense and say go get them.

  10. goneshootin says:

    IDHAWK MAN – You’re 100% right… the tackling was terrible. I’m REALLY GETTING TIRED of Brian Russell taking the wrong angles on run support and completely whiffing. It happened 2 times last night, and A LOT last year… Russell against the run is like Bouleware used to be against the pass.

    And where was Bernard? Other than the fumble that fell in his lap… he was non-existent. LT wasn’t even playing… these guys had better step it up.

  11. goneshootin says:

    idahoseahawksfan – these “errors” have nothing to do with game planning. they have to do with fundamentals that players should be using in any game, home or away.

  12. johneerocket says:

    Defense lost this one. Wide open receiver on the first touchdown. The PI in the end zone was totally ticky tacky, as Jaws said. Sproles tore up the run defense though. Still the greatest loss in one of these games is if you lose one of your starters to injury. Hope Lofa can be OK for the Bills.

  13. charlien says:

    Even though it’s preseason, the woeful road defense was eerily similar to the regular season–getting pushed around all night. Torn apart by little Darren Sproles, and Phillip Rivers looked more comfortable in the pocket than I was in my living room. I was in more danger from spilling a beer than he was from getting hit by a Seahawks defender. If the run defense doesn’t improve, the Seahawks are again looking at being on the road in the playoffs.

    On the good side, Charlie Frye showed that he can play and make some big time throws, and JJ and TJ ran hard.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “I was in more danger from spilling a beer than he was from getting hit by a Seahawks defender.” LOL

    My fingers a crossed Lofa’s knee is nothing more than a mild sprain.

  15. IDHawkman says:


    What is the extent of JJ’s injury? Also, please check on Burley’s left arm, and I think it was Payne or Taylor who came off with a dead left arm. Hopefully just stingers and bruises but I’m curious.

    JJ looked as though he got his neck jammed and I’d like to know what the extent of that is.

  16. JoeHawk51 says:

    The offence did a great job considering it was lead by our 3rd string QB. Our defense did real good too. Yes that right! In almost every play you could see holding and tackeling by the SD offence. Our “D” showed up but the reffing did not.

    I do not care if the refs call it tight or loose, just call it the same for both sides. But for some reason they let a whole lot go by for SD and then call us tight on a number of plays including the “pass interfearence” at the end of the game.

    The issues that the Seahawks have on both sides of the ball will melt away once the final roster is set and the team can meld into one unit. In the end, we will field a very good team and hope the zebras get glasses or proper training.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    FYI; Hass. will be on Jim Rome this morning.

  18. JimWilke says:

    I continue to be pleased with the development of the running game.

    32 for 162.

    More important, 31:32 TOP.

  19. Lofa not wanting to talk to reporters (or holmy) is not a good sign…as well as crutches and not being able to drive home. Isn’t anyone else concerned about this? Usually all you ladies would be in a tizzy about the QB of our defense going down?!?!? Bruised knee my ass…

  20. Dukeshire says:

    As I said before, fingers crossed. You don’t get MRIs for a bruise.

  21. Frank – when do we expect results of the MRI, or some announcement of the injury?

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Less than two weeks before the opener and the two most important players on the team are dinged up. Can only hope neither are serious.

  23. JoeHawk51 says:

    You get an MRI to ensure it is only a bruise. Lofa wanting to be driven home might as well be from his lesson with DUI. OK, maybe not, OMG I feel a “Tizzy” comming on!

  24. Bernie42 – i agree re: Trufant. he is generally playing well, if not 100% consistently. he has been lax at times, but i’d attribute that more to a pre-season mentality. but his tackling has seemed very solid, he’s been very quick and aggressive with his angles and and his hands look great breaking up the passes – was also impressed with Jennings in that respect last night.

    the biggest problem on D continues to be its size, or lack thereof. our line and LB’s are on the lighter side, and our DB’s are short. did you look at the size of that SD receiving corp? not a single guy under 6’1. we can make some of that up with speed and smarts, but at the line, SD’s massive front held us completely in check. i think that is what ultimately kills us… only hoping someone like Red Bryant can be a difference maker.

  25. Where’s Sando’s Blog?

  26. Frank: Is there a press conference scheduled for today? We’re all anxious to get the news on Lofa.

  27. doubledink says:

    Sando is on ESPN blogs, NFC West.

  28. nidhighe says:

    I have to agree with JoeHawk51. On every single big run play by SD, there was blatant holding going on, especially on Lofa.

  29. you guys are panicking for no reason. Pre-season games mean NOTHING. If they play like that in Buffalo, we;ve got something to worry about.

    Frye looks like a Hasselbeck of the future though…

  30. frye literally looks like hass…put a number 8 on him and i would think its him.

  31. thedude:frye literally looks like hass…put a number 8 on him and i would think its him.

    Same coach, same WCO technique. However they don’t really look the same, do they? There’s no way that Frye has Hasselbeck’s pocket presence. He is able to compensate a little bit with better scrambling ability but the coaches need to make sure that he doesn’t start to rely on that. He needs to stand in that pocket and make the drop back game work the way it’s designed to work. Scrambling down field must be last resort at all times (except when the first down or touchdown is a given).

    I’d say he’s learning his lessons very well. In fact I thought he looked a lot sharper in that first game then people gave him credit for. Earlier I said that the interception touchdown was just bad luck but since then I saw the play again and decided that it was a very bad decision on his part (The throw and the hit weren’t simultaneous like I first thought. The defender had him in his grasp before he threw it. He should have taken the sack). Still, errors aside, I thought for the most part he looked as composed as the pass protection would allow and he made some very impressive plays.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    When can we expect to hear who was released? Also, Hass said he would most likely not play next week but would definitely play week 1 against Buffalo.

  33. Osiris33:you guys are panicking for no reason. Pre-season games mean NOTHING. If they play like that in Buffalo, we;ve got something to worry about.

    Two pre-season road games, two very poor defensive showings. Maybe you should panic just a little bit. This road trip mystery has been a big problem for this team for quite a while now. You’d think that fixing it would be top priority, pre-season or no pre-season.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    The team has until 6pm EAST COAST TIME 3pm PDT to notify team headquarters who has been released. No telling how long after that that the rank and file get notified.

  35. kinger12 says:

    Can somebody tell me who blew the assignment that left the Chargers reciever so wide open in the middle of the field. The tv angles I saw did not help at all!
    And what the hell is with the side chats with the various players at the expense of the game? When Frye got hit there was no replay and no aftermath all we got to see was Rivers big head chatting up the sideline wench! MNF is getting more like watching the HGTV – funny Shaun has a job there now! So he can still highlight on MNF!

  36. kinger12 says:

    and fundamental tackling is not just for the regular season!

    cmon Russell make it stick! Spores is 40lbs less than you and even then your supposed to be taking his legs out!

  37. SupaFreak says:

    kinger12, Deon Grant said that he is the one who blew that coverage. He also is the one who had the easy pick 6 interception, but dropped it. He said in both instances, he was at a spot where the sun blinded him and he simply couldn’t see what was going on. Bad time of day for the direction the Seahawks were defending in, and no shades on the helmets.

    As for the TV crap, that was so frustrating, all these interviews, and no attention to the game. Teams are evaluating players, and so are fans, so how about showing the actual plays? Geez, and not many replays or anything on questionable plays at all either.

  38. I seem to recall coaches saying that jobs are won and lost at practice, and rpeseason games are not as important. Sure that rookie looks good against their third team. Don’t put too much into the preseason. All they are are glorfied scrimmages that make the league a ton of dough!

  39. Frye does *not* look Hasselbeck of past, present or future. One thing Matt always had was charisma and top-flight leadership skills. He also always had Holmgren, and later, Dilfer and Zorn.

    Frye has Holmgren this year, and then what? The guy does not sound like the sharpest tool in the shed either when being interviewed.

    Matt gets by with average physical skills because of his superior football IQ. I don’t see Frye having superior either.

    We might not ever see another Matt come along, so enjoy him while he’s here.

  40. kinger12:The tv angles I saw did not help at all!
    And what the hell is with the side chats with the various players at the expense of the game? When Frye got hit there was no replay and no aftermath all we got to see was Rivers big head chatting up the sideline wench!

    ESPN just doesn’t know how to broadcast a football game. They have the worst announcers imaginable, terrible camera work and the program directors (whoever they may be) think they’re televising an episode of Oprah.

    Monday Night Football has become a nearly unwatchable joke. The Sunday night game has taken over as the game of the week.

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    The E in ESPN stands for entertainment, and notice it comes before teh S (sports), so it’s no suprise they’re game coverage sucks. Mondy Night Football has sucked since Meredith and Cosell left.

    Burleson does a tribute to a ‘roided up, no class show boat foreigner? What does that tell you about Burleson?

    Frye shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with Hasselbeck as a quarterback. Frye sucks, always has, always will.

  42. nighthawk, can you actually back up anything you say? or can you at least find something else other than the seahawks to complain about? no offense you seem like the kind of guy who’s lived his entire life in Seattle, and still complains about the rain every winter.

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