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Travel Day/Slow Sunday in Hawkdom

Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 24, 2008 at 4:32 pm with 21 Comments »
August 24, 2008 4:32 pm

Sorry for the lack of content today, folks. Eric Williams got permission from Clay Bennett to go on a much-needed vacation, and I have been traveling to San Diego for much of the day. Flew over the stadium coming in; I think I saw Justin Forsett warming up.

The Hawks had a closed walkthrough this morning and then flew to San Diego a little later. They at least had direct. As a reminder, I’ll be blogging from the game tomorrow night, but keep in mind that because it is a late start, most of the blog stuff will come in the first half.

Speaking of the game, here are a few things to watch for:

The Aforementioned Rookie: Loathe to anoint Forsett too early, Mike Holmgren has said he wants to see more consistency out of Forsett. This is the rookie’s chance to go 3-for-3 (4-for-4 if you count the scrimmage) and cement a spot on the roster.

The other running backs: Where has Julius Jones been? For all the talk about T.J Duckett, Jones has not shown a whole lot more. Plus he has a fumble after picking up a first down in the last game. Mo Morris was getting most of the carries in practice this week, making one wonder whether Jones will be given the opportunity to show anything close to what people were expecting when they signed him to a free agent contract. A few nice runs would certainly put a few minds at ease.

The wide receivers:Holmgren has said this week that he is going to force the ball to Courtney Taylor this week. You should have seen Taylor’s reaction when I asked him on Friday if he was not getting the ball because Charlie Frye was looking elsewhere or if he was not getting open. Here was his answer, which started out with a startled, “Wow.” “Well, one thing with me as a receiver, I always feel like I’m open,” he went on to say. “So, I’m never covered. Ever. There are different things that go on. You have a play that the quarterback has to do his progressions and all that stuff, but I feel like I was getting open, yeah." You do have to wonder if it is a good thing for Holmgren to tell his QB to throw the ball to a certain guy. But, he needs to get some touches if he is going to start in Buffalo.

Lawrence Jackson: It appears as if the rookie is on the verge of winning the starting spot, much to Darryl Tapp’s chagrin. But if he is able to show well against the Chargers, that may cinch it. Jackson said that because it is a Monday night game and most of his family has to work on Tuesday morning, he will not have a large contingent of folks coming down from LA to watch the game.

Charlie Frye: Oh yeah, the quarterback. He didn’t do so well against Chicago, though he said he started to feel better toward the end of the game, when he settled down. Let’s see if that carries over to this game, which certainly would give Mike Holmgren peace of mind. If he throws more interceptions, it could be an entertaining week at practice next week — for the one day they actually have practice.

Ryan Plackemeier: As I wrote about in today’s News Tribune, Plackemeier is punting again for the first time since undergoing surgery on his pectoral muscle. Not that I think there is much chance of Plack not making the roster, but a nice showing here could mean Reggie Hodges is part of Tuesday’s cutdown. Bruce DeHaven has said he thinks Plack looks stronger than he did all of last year — though that may have something to do with the fact that he has not punted in two or three months.

Olindo Mare:
Brandon Coutu missed the last two days of practice with a sore groin. This could be a chance for Mare to put some distance between him and the rookie in what has been an extremely tight competition. Or, to look at the glass half empty, a chance to lose his job. But who wants to look at the glass half empty unless the glass is filled with NattyBo.

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  1. toughguy5128 says:

    Coutu NEEDS to be our Kicker!!

  2. Coutu NEEDS to go on IR.

    Holmgren doesn’t need the worry of a rookie kicker in his last season.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    “Coutu NEEDS to be our Kicker!!” Why?

  4. IDHawkman says:

    Holmgren wants to force the ball to Taylor and he’s going to start Frye. Hmmm…. Sounds like a setup. Hope they both rise to the challenge.

  5. seaturkeys says:

    Mare needs to be the kicker. Touch backs and extra points are all I’m interested in. Come to think of it, cut the punters!

  6. I know it’s only a stupid pre-season game, but I can’t wait for the game tomorrow!

  7. YeeHaawks says:

    Call it a hunch but JJ is gonna be just fine.

  8. Coutu can go to the practice squad. Mare gives Holmgren a better chance of winning in his final year. I just can’t see him pinning a significant part of the offense on a rookie if he doesn’t have to. And don’t kid yourself, kickers are a significant part of the offense.

    If Coutu makes the team over Mare, it will be because Ruskell forced the decision.

    As a fan, I see the benefits of getting a potential long-term solution in Coutu, but I like the reduced risk with Mare.

    BobbyK: I’m right there with you. The team might be complaining about a Monday/Friday schedule, but I’m not!

  9. There are enough teams with issues at kicker that Coutu wouldn’t last on the practice squad.

  10. wow, whats with the heavy acceptance of journeyman Mare? Have you even looked at what Mare has done the last two years with %?? Josh Brown didnt work out too well for a rookie here did he? Mason Crosby and Stephen Gostkowski didnt work out for the Pack and Pats either huh? C’mon guys.

  11. I’m not ready to call Coutu a reincarnation of Josh Brown.

    I do know Mare had a crappy “%” last year because of a bum hip. It’s now healed and he’s at least booming the ball into the end zone.

    The way our “special” teams seem to be shaping up, I want all of the touchbacks we can get!

  12. BobbyK: Gotta agree, so far it seems Mare is the right choice at Kicker, his kickoffs have been a very welcomed site. His accuracy has been questionable in recent seasons, but he has looked good so far. Now he has a chance to lock it up tonight with Coutu out.

    mainego: Brown stuck as a rookie because he had a big leg and so did the rest of your examples (especially that kid Crosby for GB). Coutu hasn’t shown that kind of boom at all, so he’s likely out of a job here. If he gets plucked from the PS (assuming he even gets offered that) oh well, 7th rounders are at best 50/50 flyers anyway… we’ll go back to the well next season. Forsett got us to 50/50 already.

  13. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Would Coutu clear waivers? I guess I’d be surprised.

  14. reshumate says:

    Mare has an okay kickoff leg, but his FG accuracy is suspect. That’s why he has been bouncing around lately. Coutu only had one chance to kickoff, and we don’t know if they asked him to kick it into endzone. Most of the time they want them to kick it high to the 5 so your coverage can get there.

    Coutu would be a better choice if we value FG accuracy.

  15. Most of the time they want them to kick it high to the 5 so your coverage can get there.

    whoa. I think someone’s drinking the Josh Brown koolaid. There is not a single coach in the NFL that would prefer a high kick to a touchback. Brown used to hide behind that crap because he clearly just could not drive it deep into the endzone. Now, would I rather have Brown and his FG kicking over Mare and his kickoffs? Absolutely. Let’s not fall for the propaganda though.

    Mare is 3-13 over 50 yards in the last 3 seasons. Brown was 11-18. If I see signs that Mare is still that kicker, I’d be fine with Coutu who seems like at least Ryan Lindell, if not better.

    And, yes, I’m well aware of our luck with kickers in the draft (Norm Johnson, John Kasay, Lindell, Brown)

    I still think if Mare kicks well, he is less risky in Holmgren’s final season.

  16. IDHawkman says:

    Kickers and punters are the easiest positions in the NFL to replace with quality people. Here’s why:

    1. There are over 100 colleges out there that have kickers coming into the NFL.

    2. Each NFL team has room for only 1 kicker on it. There’s no team going to carry a backup kicker.

    3. Kickers have a very long career typically since they are not getting busted up on lots of plays per game.

    Therefore, you have about 30 kickers coming out of college every year to replace like 4 kickers in the NFL. There’s quality out there.

    Keep Mare if he continues to put the kicks into the end zone and put Coutu on the PS – if he doesn’t clear waivers, oh well. There’s someone else out there that will be “good enough.”

    Also, Coutu only had one kickoff? Not so. He did all the kickoffs in the Vikes game (a domed stadium). We scored how many times? Plus the kick to start one of the halves?

  17. SupaFreak says:

    Also, as pointed out, Mare was injured (hip) and that greatly effected his field goal accuracy and distance. Hasn’t been a problem this year in training camp or the pre-season games.

    If we play up Coutu’s injury a bit, we could likely put get him through waivers and onto the practice squad. He might also develop a mystery injury or an increased severity to his current injury and be put on IR. Happens all the time when teams want to protect someone, but don’t need him this year.

    And while reshumate, above, says Mare has “an ok kickoff leg”, if by ok he means in THE TOP 2 IN THE LEAGUE multiple years at touchbacks and pinning teams inside the 20, then yeah, he’s “ok”. Whatever.

  18. JoeHawk51 says:

    Why are some of you guys still compairing stats of either OMare and Brandon C to Josh Brown. If you think there is a chance that Brown could play for us this year, or of you feel he is the gold standard for all kickers. If you want to argue for either Olando or Brandon, compair thier stats.

    To say that OMare is a lessor choice due to some stat that a kicker has that is not a choice will not help choose between them.

    We have a team that is so good it will have to let some real good guys go. Thats not a problem, thats what you want. Plack and OMare can take us all the way, just relax and pop that beer, we are in for a good to great year!

  19. and how about this tid-bit of info from the Hawk Bloger:

    It seems that Mare is pretty good at onside kicks and Coutu isn’t.

    A little quote from the Hawk Blogger site:

    “I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been jealous of teams that had kickers who were gifted onsides kickers. When you really need one, it’s a great weapon.”

    Copy / Paste the above link into a new window and check out his blog, it’s a good read on a slow Monday

  20. I have no idea who is going to be are kicker this year.They had Omare befor the draft.They drafted Coutu why?

  21. JoeHawk51 says:

    Competition. If they had not selected Coutu in the draft, they would have brought in a free agent to push OMare and split some of the training camp work. The same can be said of our firecracker RB taken in the 7 round as well. He was not taken as a plan to push for a roster spot, but you get lucky sometimes and you hit paydirt.

    If you are Miami or Atlanta, you might have enough needs that a smart draft can place most of the draft class on thier roster. With a quality core team like SEA, NE, etc, you should be extatic if you keep 3-4 players. I will surprised if we do not keep 5-6 out of the seven drafties. That is amazing success for the scouts and Timmay.

    This is the golden age of our Seahawks. Enjoy it while we can!

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