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Offense ramps it up in Wednesday’s morning practice

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August 13, 2008 12:26 pm

For one of the first times this training camp, the usually subdued offense started yapping as much as the defense, making for a lively practice this morning under stellar blue skies.

The exchanges started when it appeared that Mansfield Wrotto carried a block pretty far downfield, prompting the defenders not in the play to start barking at the offense. As the defense was hooting and hollering, offensive line coach Mike Solari was literally screaming at his players, “That’s a way to come off the line. That’s a way to come off the line.”

A few plays later, with emotions still riding high, the defense came on a blitz. Charlie Frye handed off the ball to Mo Morris on a quick hitter up the middle that went the distance, which gave the offense even more reason to start yapping loudly.

On the next play, Darryl Tapp came screaming through the line, waving his hands around his head as he zipped past Frye, knowing he would have laid him out if he had the opportunity.

It was a fun practice to watch because it was very much like a game and there was a lot of intensity. Before they went into goal line drills, even Mike Holmgren was yelling at his offense, “C’mon, we got to get this. We got to get this.”

The block of the day came from tight end Jeb Putzier, who hit Jason Babin so hard that Babin stumbled backward for three or four steps before landing on him derriere.

The catch of the day came from Jordan Kent, who took a deep pass down the right sideline from Charlie Frye, made a Willie Mays-like catch and hauled it in for a TD. On the same play, though, cornerback Josh Wilson was laying on the turf after the play. It was unclear whether John had his pride wounded for getting beat by Kent or whether it was something else, but he was grabbing his right hammy and limped off, never to return. Kent another fine catch along the left sideline a play later, then made a few more catches, wrapping up a really fine day.

Patrick Kerney was back and fully dressed in the early portion of practice, but then he left to go inside, saying he was going to get taped. He never came back out until the end and was out of uniform. Seahawks PR did not make him available to speak to the media.

Meanwhile, snapper Tyler Schmitt has a bad back right now, forcing the team to sign Tim Lindsey, the kid from West Virginia they signed in the offseason but then waived. To make room on the roster, they released Eric Wicks, who had a leg injury.

Matt Hasselbeck sat out practice again, making it apparent that he will not play Saturday against Chicago. They still haven’t said who the starting QB will be but it seems a good chance that it is Charlie Frye.

In the goal line drills previously mentioned, T.J. Duckett got in for a score on the first play, he was stuffed on the second play and Frye hit Will Heller on the third play but Deon Grant plugged him at the 1. So 1-for-3 for the first team.

The second team scored on the first play on a hard run by Justin Forsett, then scored again when Seneca hit Joe Newton for a score. Forsett was stopped by Lance Laury on the third play.

Before they ended the practice with 7-on-7 drills, Holmgren instructed his young receivers, “You are watching your position and you are learning.”

Notes from practice
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  1. FINALLY some enthusiasm about the offense. I’m liking what I read. Sounds like a good day at practice.

    Thanks Frank!

  2. Oh, you should change John to Josh. Haha I was trying to figure out who John was, then read it again.

  3. what is the update on Locklear? O’Neil says he missed practice as well.

  4. NickLicatasucks says:

    hmmmmm… our second round pick getting destroyed by the late round pick from the same year. The two fast guys….one is showing he is stepping up! The other…not breaking through. Hopefully Wilson is okay. Need that guy’s talent to shine through.

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    What’s with the bad back syndrome? Now it’s the long snapper? Apparently the conditioning part of the strength and conditioning coach’s job is eluding him. Perhaps they should hire a yoga practictioner or an accupuncturist for that role.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    More injuries, great. What’s the word on Wilson?

  7. The next cut should be the weight coach!! With this many back injuries that is a real clear sign that something is wrong with what they are doing.

    the next hire – a team of chiropractors, massage therapists, acurpuncturists, and get a fleet of back specialists!!

    Get this figured out!!

    Oh and sign HILL NOW

  8. nighthawk2 says:

    Frye is going to start? Chalk that one up as a loss. Chicago has Grossman, one of the two worst starting QB’s in the NFL, but the other worst one we played last week, and they managed to make him look like Joe Montana.

  9. stormshadow says:

    Jesus, no kidding….either the new Line coaches or Strength coach has done something wrong with our players. I have never heard of so many ‘bad backs’, ‘sore backs’, ‘tweaked backs’, etc. What is the deal here?

    I guess we’re lucky so far (knock on wood) that we haven’t had any major season ending injuries, but if all of these little nagging injuries stay with the players into the season, they will have trouble ever getting healthy and 100% effective. Like Kerney…i’m starting to get a little worried that we’re going to see the version that Atlanta let go, when he couldn’t stay healthy.

  10. Kent has moved up in the battle for the final roster slot and with his extreme potential I’d believe he’s close to making the roster now. This is too bad for Logan Payne who has been solid but got himself hurt, things are going to go down to the wire between these players.

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Payne is back and practicing as well. It will be an interesting battle, but don’t count EITHER one out just yet.

  12. I believe that both Payne and Kent will make the opening day roster. The competition is who stays around once Branch/Engram are back.

  13. seattlelaw says:

    To Stormshadow:

    I would appreciate it if we could avoid taking the name of the Lord in vain–no real reason to do that. It doesn’t add anything to the point or the discussion.

  14. wabubba68 says:

    Oh, Christ, Buddha, Muhammed….relax.

  15. To seattlelaw,
    Don’t worry about it – I am not “the” lord. Never was, never will be. It was all in fun back 2000 years ago, but it somehow got out of control.


  16. Look at the blogs/reports/etc. from almost every other NFL team… All of them have starters who are missing a practice here and there or someone is lame but will be ready for week 1…

    There’s other teams who have lost an Engram (MN just lost their $36 mil safety for the first month or two).

    It sucks having guys hurt, but at this point in the game it’s not doom-and-gloom…

  17. mquinn73 says:

    Pilot – not funny, not even mildly amusing… actually a little bit pathetic…

    Glad to see Frye get his shot. This guy has the potential, he just needs the right environment. Obviously, Ruskell or Holmgren have seen something they like about him. Let’s just give the guy a break and see what he can do with the opportunity.

    Kerney’s situation is a reason to be concerned – as is the apparent inability of Josh Wilson to play up to the level expected of a 2nd round pick.

  18. ohiohawkfan says:

    I would appreciate it if we could avoid using the following terms: Sore backs, bad backs, tweaked backs, guys hurt, doom-and-gloom, nagging injuries, season ending injuries, etc.. No real reason to do that. It doesn’t add anything to the point or the discussion.

    Pilot – I thought it was funny. People need to relax and not take themselves or anyone else too seriously.

  19. I too thought it was funny. PC police go home, blog on or something…God save us from your followers.

    I sure hope Kerney is ok and can go all year at 100 mph all through the playoffs. Spencer is looking more and more like a bust. Vallos will either be the starter or the spark that makes Spencer finally play up to his potential.

  20. wabubba68 says:

    Amen…I thought it was pretty funny too, pilot.

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