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Tuesday morning practice — Hasselbeck still out, O struggles

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 12, 2008 at 12:23 pm with 31 Comments »
August 12, 2008 12:23 pm

The Hawks just wrapped up this morning’s practice, and with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck missing for the third straight day and veteran receiver Bobby Engram on the shelf for 6-8 weeks, you can imagine how the offense looked passing the ball — ragged.

In particular, the young receivers really struggled getting off press coverage, as they were knocked off their routes on more than one occasion by physical play from defensive backs like Marcus Trufant.

Seattle head coach Mike Holgren vented his frustrations with the offense in general, and the receivers inability to get open in particular, chastising the offense for looking sloppy during team and 7-on-7 drills.

Quarterback Charlie Frye continued to take most of the reps with the first team, as it appears he will get a lot more action this weekend against Chicago if Hasselbeck’s back continues to bother him.

As you would expect, Frye’s play was uneven. Frye fumbled a couple center exchanges. He overthrew a wide-open Jordan Kent on one crossing route, resulting in a pick by Kelin Johnson. And he also missed a couple open receivers during 7-on-7 drills. But he did hit Jeb Putzier and John Carlson for some nice gains, as both tight ends had a solid practice catching the ball.

Frye said he’s happy to get an opportunity to work with the first offense, and against the first defense. He hasn’t been told if he will play more this weekend.

“It’s good for me,” Frye said about the increased reps. “It’s a chance for me to run some plays that I haven’t had an opportunity to run. Instead of the basic slant or hitch throws that I’ve been running, I’ve been running some more of the fancy plays.”

Receivers Nate Burleson, Logan Payne and Bryant Johnson also came up with a couple nice grabs this morning.

Along with the usual list of suspects who have not been practicing, Leonard Weaver (hamstring) did not practice this morning. Chris Spencer (back), Patrick Kerney (calf), Floyd Womack (knee), Deion Branch (knee), Red Bryant (knee) and Larry Tripplett (knee) also remained on the sidelines.

During special teams period the Seahawks worked on punt protection. Burleson, Ben Obomanu and Seneca Wallace were back catching punts. Running back coach Kasey Dunn had the trio doing an interesting drill. They had to hold two footballs tucked under their armpits while catching punts.

Anyone who has caught punts before can imagine how hard this would be. It’s hard enough judging and catching a punt with the oncoming players coming at you. But the guys seemed to do well, only dropping a couple. I’m assuming the drill makes you focus on catching the punts with your hands.

Ryan Plackemeier looked better punting the ball today, but Reggie Hodges continues to boom the ball during practice. Plackemeier said he feels good, and that he’ll begin to punt better the more he punts as his timing comes back.

“I actually feel more in shape than I’ve been,” he said, referring to all of the rehab work he’s done to get back on the field. “I’ve just got to get the consistency back and the muscle memory back in my leg where I’m hitting the ball consistently.”

Late in practice defensive lineman Rocky Bernard hurt his right leg while flowing to the ball on an outside run play, and had to limp off the field. No word yet on the extent of the injury.

The Seahawks also picked up another offensive lineman, Nick Jones, who the team cut during training camp last season. The move fills the roster spot left by Marcus Tubbs being released.

Training camp
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  1. mikew177 says:

    I like that there seem to be three basic injuries on our team (knees, backs and hamstrings) Maybe we can just start having full team rehab sessions.

  2. hawk9680 says:

    Jay Feely is available and it I was just wanting to make sure, but Seattle isn’t interested right Eric?

  3. What’s with all the back injuries? Sounds like they need to order a few cases of Robaxisal. Maybe sign up some of those geisha foot massage girls for post practice rehab.

  4. r3cusant says:

    The blog has wings Frank!

  5. tmcclurkan says:

    what the heck would we want Feely for? He is not as good as either kicker we have in camp.

  6. IDHawkman says:

    Picked up another offensive lineman???? I bet Womack is gone when he passes his physical.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    It’s no wonder the practice was “ragged” with a bum like Frye taking all the snaps. With this guy sinking up the place and Hasselbeck having a sore back, I don’t want Wallace returning kicks or catching passes. Are you seriously saying Kelly “The Midget” Jennings was knocking someone like Jordan Kent or Courtney Taylor off a route? Kind of hard to blelieve.

  8. CeaYoung says:

    Can we start being honest with ourselves here?

    We are in trouble with the current starting wideouts… BIG TROUBLE.

    These guys can’t get off the line with decent DBs pressing them. Well, they better get used to it cause once the word is out around the league it’s over.

    I’m very happy Ruskell addressed the running game… seems we’ll have to do ALOT of it until we get proven receivers on our team.

    Sorry guys… I like the young WRs we have but they just aren’t good enough yet.

    And on another note… Why are we not trying to get LeCharles Bentley in to check out the new training facility? Spencer’s injury is nagging and nagging and nagging and… well, you get the point. How long is this going to continue?

    It’s really hard for me to admit… but something extraordinary is going to have to happen for the Seahawks to be a good team this year.

  9. Anniee882000 says:

    What is exactly wrong with Hasselbeck and how long is he expected to be out?

    Why is everyone being so vague about his injury? Is it a serious thing? I need to know if I should start panicking or not.

  10. All this injury business this early is kind of a weird and unsettling way to start Holmgren’s last season here, which has never seemed at all ho-hum or lame-duck, but still makes it all feel a bit too strange now. Not a believer in bad omens, and enjoyed the clear signs of polish, talent, and depth in the first exhibition game. But still…a bit concerning, as I’m sure it is for the Big Show himself. Amazing about Vallos though, hope it doesn’t burst like a bubble though after the real season begins, with it’s more rampant blitzing and other complexities.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing, Aniee. What, exactly, is the injury?

  12. CeaYoung, holy cow, relax, it’ll be fine, quit feaking out. Trust Ruskell. One or more of the young WR’s will step up. Bottom line, Timmy would have brought in a couple of free agents if they needed it.

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    Trust Ruskell? This is the guy who can’t draft O-lineman (Spencer, Sims and Wrotto suck). This is the guy who devalued guards so much he let Hutchinson go in free agency. This is the guy who, instead, gave an over-the-hill running back an insane contract we’re stuck with. This is the guy who sent Darche packing in free agency and then went through 3 different long snappers (two of whom were cronies from Tampa and Atlanta) and we had to use a draft pick on one this year, 5 LS in 2 years, and it wrecked havoc on our kicking game. This is the guy who so lacks people skills he ran off Hutchinson and Brown and couldn’t close the deal with Dielman. This is the guy who traded away a 1st round draft pick for a receiver when receiver wasn’t a big need (and we lost a shot a guy who would be our starting LG for 10 years). This is the guy who gave Duckett crazy money for no other reason than he used to be in Atlanta with him, after he failed in Washington and Detroit. This is the guy who traded a 3rd round pick away for Burleson. What I trust Ruskell to do is let his ego get in the way of making good decisions.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    Why yes, by all means. Let’s just have the front office call the league and tell them that we are going to forfeit all our games this year and not play because Bobby Engram got hurt.

    There, does that make you feel better?

  15. nighthawk, do you really have nothing better to do than mouth off your (often unfounded) negativity on these boards? it gets a little tired.

  16. Let’s have a bit more information on Hasselbeck’s back injury please.

    How did he hurt it , whats wrong, when can we expect him back?

  17. marcyun, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s frustrating to hear someone rant about a man that has brought success to a franchise that lacked leadership for years. It’s easy to pick out a few mistakes and bash him for it, but you can’t argue with the great things he’s done for Seattle. Without Timmy, we have no SB appearance, nor do we have 5 straight division titles.

    Although the loss of Bobby is dissapointing, it should only be a couple games. Considering they are against some of our easiest opponents, I’ve got no real concerns. We can get our core healthy for a serious playoff push while allowing our young guys some time on the field. The hawks will be fine and once again show they are the class of the NFC West.

  18. CeaYoung says:

    Sorry… can’t relax. Hard to say but… Chris Henry anyone? I know ole Ruskell won’t have any hooligans on the team though.

    Im not saying to cancel the season. That wasn’t a bright comment. I’m saying everyone is sipping the kool-aid with unproven, raw, can’t get off a press wide-outs.

    Hopefully they work out but and eveyone can say I told you so. I’m not seeing it though.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Stop with the Chris Henry talk, enough is enough. Koren has come and gone, the ‘Hawks don’t need to revisit that kind of situation. Recievers will be at full strength by the bye. Because Frank says they couldn’t get off the line today, that’s how it is period? Did you even watch the game Friday? Good God.

    In more good news, Sando reported that Rocky hurt his ankle just before the end of practice this morning.

  20. I agree with Duke, can we not throw in the towel after one bad practice for the WRs? Jeez, it’s a long season, it’s just the beginning, i’m sure they’re playing it safe with some of these injuries so as not to make them worse.

    They came out sharp, lets rest the starters and let the kids play in the exhibition. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and get a grip! I mean, doesn’t anyone on this blog work!!?!!??!

  21. Chris Henry?!?!?! The day we bring him into Qwest in a Seahawk’s jersey is the day I sell my season tickets…

  22. For every post that expresses concern about the WR’s or other spots, there’s about five telling that person to CHILL, or some variation thereof — actually, it’s ok to be concerned about the WR position, we are undeniably inexperienced there, and it’s the pass game that has been the strength of this team’s offense for a long time now. It’s a seahawks blog, the one place where diehard fans actually get to express this kind of concern.

    That said, in my opinion, it’s all about Hass and his health – if he’s good, then our passing game will be alright, as long as these guys have the hands to hang onto the ball, I’m still confident. Hass is a very accurate QB. The additions of Carlson, Jones, and Weaver (in a presumably bigger role) all should also make the passing game stronger than last year.

  23. This year Holmgren was going to have the young receivers learn only one position instead of trying to learn all of them. I hope Kent is learning split end, and Payne slot. Let Nate, Obamanu and Taylor learn more positions/routes.

  24. I don’t trust Ruskell either. He sucks. This team was way better before he came around. Remember the good old days when we never made the playoffs? I LOVED THOSE YEARS! I hate that we’ve won the division 4 years in a row.

    I think it’s totally fair to judge a man only by his mistakes, no matter how few mistakes there are. There’s absolutely no reason to look at everything a man has done and judge him by the overall outcome of his work.

  25. spunjdog says:

    Bryant Johnson?

  26. Wow nighthawk. This is also the guy that is responsible for signing or drafting 17 starters in just 3 seasons. 6 of them being pro bowlers. The same guy that finally gutted the team of several malcontents (Stevens, Robinson, Okeafor). The same one that got a 4th round pick for another malcontent in D-Jack, and was ridiculed for trading him within the division. How is that move looking now?

    He absolutely has some failures. Most notably, Hutchinson.

    But for a GM to completely turn around a team, stabilize the front office, bring a division championship each year of his tenure, and the first super bowl berth since the teams inception, I’d have to say qualifies as a glowing success.

    Also, what you listed as detractors, I’d have to disagree. He couldn’t close the deal on Dielman, or Jureviscious. That had nothing to do with him, they both accepted less money to play at “home.” You aren’t going to win a bidding war on a player that doesn’t want to be there.

    He didn’t let Darche walk in FA. He released Darche due to injury.

    He didn’t throw ungodly amounts of money at Duckett, he signed a 5 year deal that contains 4 million in guarantees.

    Yes, he let Brown walk. And he became the highest paid kicker in the NFL (at the time). I tend to agree with this decision. Specialists can be replaced. Seattle has faired pretty well in the kicking department. Norm Johnson ~ FA, John Kasay ~ 4th, Ryan Lindell ~ FA, Josh Brown ~ 7th. They’re replaceable.

  27. Dukeshire says:


    Thank you for taking the time to post what needed to be said. I agree totally.

  28. I’m pretty sure Bryant Johnson is a 49er, Brian Gilmore maybe?

  29. reshumate says:

    Some people have never have positive things to say about a team that wins playoff games every year.

    The team won’t be signing a vet WR. It would make no sense with Branch and Engram taking up roster spots and due back the first few games. It would take too much depth away elsewhere.

  30. MarkinSeattle says:

    Nighthawk, your criticisms are baseless and in many cases factually inaccurate. I think Maltz did a good job responding to you in that department.

    I think that too many people forget how easy it is to go from good management (Gillick, Ruskell) to bad management (Bavasi, Walker, Ken Behring). The difference between the good organizations in sports and the bad ones, are the people who run them and make the decisions. When Gillick was running the Mariner’s, we consistently made the playoffs and won more games than any other team in history. Bavasi takes over and the team turns to crap in no time. Prior to Ruskell, the Seahawks had a grand total of 3 playoff wins. Since then we have been to the Super Bowl, and advanced to the NFC Championship, and won 4 playoff games. While Holmgren deserves much of the credit, the difference in the quality of our drafts before and after Ruskell took over is dramatic (especially in the lower rounds).

    As for the OL, I don’t blame the selections, I blame the OL coach who we just fired. I bet we see a dramatic difference this year, especially among the younger players.

  31. mquinn73 says:

    maltz88 – excellent post. I completely agree.

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