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Roster moves and afternoon practice

Post by News Tribune Staff on Aug. 11, 2008 at 4:52 pm with 32 Comments »
August 11, 2008 4:52 pm

The Seahawks waived/injured cornerback Derrick Johnson, who was with the team for all of three plays in practice before injuring his toe, and linebacker Matt Castelo.

They signed linebacker Dallas Sartz from USC and cornerback Marquis Floyd, who promptly took Johnson’s #29. With Tubbs being released this morning, they have room to sign one more guy to the 80-man roster.

Charlie Frye putting in so much time with the first unit makes one wonder if he is going to see the majority of the time against Chicago this Saturday. With Matt Hassel(bad)beck sitting out the last two days, it seems there would be no reason for him to risk his health in a meaningless preseason game. Probably better to let Frye get a lot of time now that he is comfortable in the offense, then bring in Seneca in the second half.

One problem with that: Frye and center Steve Vallos botched four exchanges today. Frye did not fumble them this afternoon, but he is bobbling them. He did fumble one this morning and bobbled another.

I think Logan Payne looks really good coming back from his rib injury. He is wearing a red jersey and so is not getting hit, but he has been running crisp routes. He even got behind Kevin Hobbs this morning and beat him for a TD. And he continues to catch everything thrown his way.

Mike Holmgren was not pleased during this afternoon’s practice, which was in helmets, shells and shorts. He stopped practice once to step in the huddle and yell at the second unit about doing things consistently and correctly, and he ended practice by calling everybody together and re-iterating the same thing. And he wasn’t just unhappy with the players; he was letting the coaches have it too.

Courtney Taylor said the receivers are going to miss Bobby Engram, and not just for his production. “He is an ambassador,” Taylor said. “When the coaches are getting on us, Bobby is the one who stands up and says (to the coach), ‘I got it.’ Now we don’t have that anymore.”

Taylor also marveled that Engram caught the pass, cracked the bone in his shoulder and went back in the game and caught another pass.

Notes from practice
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  1. Frank Hughes:Charlie Frye putting in so much time with the first unit makes one wonder if he is going to see the majority of the time against Chicago this Saturday.

    Let’s hope so. The whole world already knows that Hasselbeck and Wallace can both drive that offense. Let’s see what Frye can do. They should just let him play the whole game.

  2. Frank, with loss of Engram for 6-8 weeks and the return of Branch being unknown, will Holmgren consider using Mr. Seneca Wallace at one of the receiver positions?

    Burleson is the only true veteran WR on the active roster and I feel that Senecas knowledge of our WCO could help dramatically during the regular season. With a little under a month or so of practicing with the first team as a receiver, I feel like Seneca could be an excellent short term solution to the Branch and Engram injury situation. Thanks for your time.

  3. I personally think we are in BIG trouble at WR.

  4. mister andersen says:

    I agree…we are hurting at WR considering our #2 WR has 12 career catches and everybody behind him has 0. I would love to see Seneca at WR because I think Frye is an adequate backup and got caught up in a numbers game in Cleveland.

    Go get us a WR Ruskell!!!

  5. nighthawk2 says:

    I don’t think so. If one prefers “experience” or talent, I guess so. Me, I’d rather have talented receievers if I have to choose, so I’m not worried about it.

  6. Maybe we could trade for Darrell Jackson and DJ Hackett…

  7. Let’s go get a veteren receiver so we can use him for 3 (or less) weeks and cut one of our young guys to make room. Ya, that makes a lot of sense. Both Engram and Branch will be on the roster so we are stuck with what we have. I am more concerned about the center position.

  8. The only injury that concerns me is Spencer. I have a bad feeling this is going to stretch out and eventually end up with Surgery. I think we have the depth to deal with the injuries do far with the exception of Spencer. If he can’t go, we are in big trouble.

  9. hawk9680 says:

    All I’m saying is I remember 2005 we lost DJack and had guys like DJ Hackett and Joe Jurevicious step up. I was very pleased with what I saw from our youngins like Bumpus and Filani. Let’s not worry just yet and see how they respond versus Da Bears.

  10. Spencer should start his day at the chiroparctor – then to the massage therapist. Relax and study. Most to the accupuncturist and finish the day with ultra sound and heat!

    Have they done anything to get him healthy? I don’t understand how so many football players have Hammy problems (I know not related) but no other sport where speed is required seems to have nearly as many! Have they not learned about stretching/flexibility/muscle use? They are spending MILLIONS on these guys – figure it out!

  11. RichmondHawk says:

    At this point, the odds are Spencer is done for the year. There’s numerous reasons that point to that outcome.

    Seattle should take a good look at LeCharles Bentley right now or face the fact that they might have to go with Vallos/Claxton as their starting center.

  12. RichmondHawk says:

    “Have they done anything to get him healthy?”

    The last I heard is he can’t even touch is foot and Holmy’s claiming his people don’t know what’s up. He’s suppose to be healed by now according to them. Most likely scenario is they find out what it is and he needs surgery etc.; hence, he’s more than likely done for the year. PUP or IR who knows, time is running out for Spencer this year.

  13. RichmondHawk says:

    “Guards Wahle and Rob Sims talked him through much of the Vikings game, too. And they surely helped him deal with the ominous presence of massive defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams.”

    Well Vallos definitely shutout Pat Williams because Minnesota sat him for that game, doh.

  14. nearborn says:

    @Just me

    Most other sports don’t have 300+ lb angry men hitting you really hard, then pushing you to the left, right, and backwards WHILE you are trying to do the same thing to the other guy.

    The physics of being a offensive/defensive linemen is completely different than any other sport.

  15. chucko24 says:

    I hate to say it but what bout a receiver like chris henry??? He showed flashes of brilliance in incy. Sure he is a nucklehead but maybe one more chance???? Nah, taht is stoopid!

  16. chuck_easton says:

    The good news is that Seattle has now pretty much been written off by the national media. Evidently the team only had Engram, Burleson, and Obomanu in camp.

    I’m not worried about WR. Just a week ago this blog was full of debates about which WR that by all rights should make the team was going to have to be cut.

    I’m more concerned about Center if Spencer doesn’t heal up. I have been against the idea of LeCharles Bentley because I assumed Spencer was coming back, ‘any day now’.

    But if this drags on any longer I think the team should at least make some calls. A starting Center is more important than some cast-off WR that will only really be needed for 3 or so weeks of the regular season.

  17. tmcclurkan says:

    I agree the problem with Spencer is more concerning in the long run. I have reasonable confidence that one or two of the young WRs will step up, and Branch and Engram should be back by 2eek 4, latest. Fingers crossed. By the way, Spencer’s shoulder issues were mentioned as “potentially chronic” by someone in the media (Clayton?) about this time last year. Unfortunately, I do not have the reference, but I remember reading it. You would think that our front office would have been planning for this eventuality a while back if that is truly the case. I think Spencer is another Tubbs: that is, lots of potential, but fragile. Not a combination that works on the O or D line.

  18. “The Seahawks waived/injured cornerback Derrick Johnson…”

    So, it’s not bad enough these dudes get waived, we have to injure them too? Like, do we whack them on the knee with a club while they’re in the locker room just to make sure we can’t change our minds?

  19. Back injuries that fail to respond like Spencer’s are always a little ominous. Since it hasn’t healed in a traditional time frame, it most likely rules out a strain/sprain; this leaves us with a likely disc problem…not good. That generally means surgery or decompression therapy – surgery: could be out for majority if not all of the season(depending on severity), regardless won’t be the same guy; decompression therapy, minimum 8-10 weeks. I think its either Vallos or find someone, and based on how highly Holmy speaks of Vallos in the most recent article he’s going to focus on developing Vallos.

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Even if Vallos develops into a solid NFL Center the team needs another Center on the roster. I’m hoping it will be Spencer, but given the bombshells dropped yesterday I’m not holding my breath.

    The team needs to sign another Center, not another WR.

  21. IDHawkman says:

    Ugh!!! What a terrible situation we are in. Claxton is a center but the knock on him is that he doesn’t know the offense nor the blocking schemes yet. So bringing in another center won’t help – including LeCharles. We have to “hope” that Spencer heals or that Vallos doesn’t get nicked up either.

  22. What everyone yelling about?Vallos did a good job last week.lets see how he does this week befor we start playing with the wires.To bring someone in that knows less that Vallos,but have him start.

    We lost Tubbs we havn’t had Tubbs for two years what did we lose?

    Being without are two best receivers for the opener that might hurt a little bit.But we have 4 or 5 real good new an young W/R’s.My question is have they anought time with Matt to have that feeling you need?

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Correct. Again, WR is still quite deep. O line is not.

  24. chuck_easton:I’m more concerned about Center if Spencer doesn’t heal up. I have been against the idea of LeCharles Bentley because I assumed Spencer was coming back, ‘any day now’.

    Yeah, I agree. The situation at center is by far the team’s biggest worry.

    Some of the things I’ve been hearing on this board and elsewhere really have me scratching my head. People say things like Owen Schmitt is going to steal Weavers job and out perform Duckett or Steve Vallos is just going to step right in there and be a better center with absolutely no experience whatsoever. Then, in the next breath, they say they can’t have any confidence at all in a group of young receivers who have been practicing (and playing, at least a little bit) with the team for two or three years.

    It seems that Bentley has too inflated an opinion of himself for his current circumstance. He doesn’t think he has to work his way back into a starter spot after his two year hiatus. Of course teams are going to be very leery about just handing him Pro Bowl money and saying, “the starting job is yours”. On the other hand, that staph infection may have almost killed him but it’s not like he’s struggling with a Tubbs like orthopedic problem that just won’t heal. He just might be Pro Bowl ready after all, you never know, and the current situation with the Seahawks could be the perfect solution for both parties. They could offer him a one year deal and see how things go.

  25. RichmondHawk says:

    I have been keeping an eye on Bentley the last little while and here’s the latest:

    “A source close to the situation said the Lions had a good visit with Bentley, but the team is not interested in signing him.”

    Another story why he hasn’t signed:

    “It’s hard to imagine that Bentley can return to the pro bowl form. Not only has he not played in two complete seasons, but the injuries to his leg more than likely sapped his strength and movement. Most felt that Bentley wouldn’t even have a leg, let alone walk again. Now he’s trying to come back and play. It’s easy to fall into the ‘feel good,’ Bentley comes back to dominate stories that would surely heat up if he did sign. I have to be a lot more realistic however.”

    Leg strength aside, Seattle does not have a power running team so even if that issue was true he would still fit.

  26. Covingtonhawk says:

    Typically, you do not offer one year deals in the NFL. The money here is not guaranteed. The only penalty to cutting someone early is the outstanding signing bonus. If you choose to take a flyer on a guy link Bentley, you sign him to a 3 to 4 year deal with a signing bonus (which is often referred to as guaranteed money) that you can eat if you cut him early. In this case, you would probably look at a 3 year deal, with 6 – 7 million in signing bonus. If you cut him after one year, you eat the outstanding 4 million. If he works out, you have him under contract for the final two years and you can look at a rewrite of the contract.

    Of course, they probably do not look at Bently, so this is a moot point. He is a talented player but his presence (the “I do not have to prove myself” attitude) is not desired in Seattle.

    Go HAWKS!!!

  27. tmcclurkan:I think Spencer is another Tubbs: that is, lots of potential, but fragile. Not a combination that works on the O or D line.

    Why do you think that? He’s never missed an NFL start. In fact he wasn’t even supposed to play in 2006 but he wound up with 13 starts that year, alternating between center and guard, because he was the only guy in the lineup who could stay healthy.

    He had some off season surgery which, let’s face it, can almost be called standard procedure these days. By all accounts that surgery was wholly successful and has completely healed. He was good to go except now there is some indeterminate back ailment which, in spite of all the wonderful diagnoses being posted here, we know absolutely nothing about. Don’t you think writing him off as an injury bust just might be a bit premature?

  28. seahawk44 says:

    C’Mon Robbie Tobeck……Make a one year comeback for a Super Bowl Ring!!!

  29. RichmondHawk:Another story why he hasn’t signed

    I’m not so sure I buy that logic. The original surgery was to repair a tendon but the complications (the reason why he almost had his leg amputated) and follow up surgeries were due to a staph infection. Once those problems are eradicated I don’t see any reason why he can’t get his leg back to optimal strength, albeit with a patched together tendon.

    Covingtonhawk:Typically, you do not offer one year deals in the NFL.

    I suppose you’re right but this situation doesn’t seem very typical to me. It doesn’t sound like Bentley would want a longer contract in light of the fact that Seattle has Spencer penciled in as their starting center. He’d still be in Cleveland if he didn’t mind being the backup trying to win back his spot. I don’t see why the Seahawks couldn’t agree to that to get them through the season unless there’s some kind of NFL rule for UFAs that I don’t know about that prevents it.

  30. wabubba68 says:

    Terry Glenn is out there to be had if Holmgren wants a veteran WR…could probably get a good report on his character from his good friend Parcells in Miami (since Miami is not interested in veterans right now in their rebuilding phase).

  31. Hawks should pick up Steve Smith and Chad Johnson.

  32. bigmike04 says:

    I cant wait for the game sat night game as I got 4 free ticket to the game. Can you say sweet. now just need to go buy hasselback jersey and I am good to go.

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