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  1. jthurman says:

    The Hawks have released long snapper Boone Stutz and signed Jeff Robinson. Officially, this time, according to Clare Farnsworth.

  2. bobbyk03 says:

    I’ve been plenty critical of Numbskull in various areas (Hutch, the mid-season release of Urban a few years ago, Hutch, dumping Dyson, Hutch, etc.).

    Since it’s a light blogging day…

    Where is everyone who was calling him an idiot for trading DJack to a division rival for only a 4th round pick? Seems as if, in the grand scheme of things, he has made the ‘Hawks better (addition by subtraction) and the ‘9ers worse (even though it seems the ‘9ers would suck even with Jerry Rice and John Taylor as their WRs).

  3. bobbyk03 says:

    Anyone else think the ‘Hawks are going to franchise Trufant this off-season?

  4. a) thank goodness Stutz is gone. Robinson certainly can’t be any worse;
    b) I *hope* the ‘Hawks franchise Trufant. Shutdown corners are hard to find and Trufant is rapidly developing into one. They can’t lose him.

  5. AggieHawk says:

    I know a lot of us, including myself wondered what Jeremy Stevens’s punishment for the drunk driving conviction back in September would be… and it is one game.;_ylt=AkNEJzaROBglkORBJq_nzAZDubYF?slug=ap-bucs-stevenssuspended&prov=ap&type=lgns

  6. A) I’m hoping they can actually *sign* Trufant, rather than go right to the tag.

    B) Good time for Stevens to be out a game also…with the TB loss and NO win, the Bucs haven’t clinched their division yet.

  7. i agree with regis – after the niners WAY overpaid for nate clements, the price for corners has been driven up. franchising trufant would mean the price tag would get really high, and that could mean cap trouble.

    sign him! PAY HIM!!!

    just don’t wait until the tag deadline!

  8. Despite what the article says (“The charge stemmed from an arrest while the sixth-year pro was a member of the SeaHawks.”), JS was a free agent and not employed by the SeaHawks or anybody else at the time of his DUI arrest in AZ.

    As such, I’m a little surprised he got any punishment at all. If just being a jerk can get you suspended, he should be out for the season – or maybe the rest of his life, but how would you feel if your NEXT employer whacked you 1/16th of your next years salary for a DUI you got while you were unemployed? Even if your next job was at different branch of the same company you were just fired from?

    Where’s the Players Union and/or the ACLU when you need ‘um?

  9. Please correct me if I’m wrong….but it appears that Jeff Robinson hasn’t played since 2005. I haven’t been able to find anything on him since then?

  10. As for Franks LapTop Computer:

    Don’t you just hate it when a tool breaks!

    I love buying and fooling around with new techno stuff because it’s a hobby, but I hate it when my car breaks down. Frank, I’m feeling your pain.

    Get better soon.

  11. The News Tribune must have a very limited budget…there is not an extra computer that Frank can just log in to? Oh I forgot, that would make too much sense.

    If I remember correctly, franchising a DB can be very expensive, upwards of $7-$8 million. We also have Hackett to think about.

  12. bobbyk03 says:

    Hackett will be dominant next year; for both games he’s healthy for at least.

  13. there’s too much depth to worry about hackett… he’s a good ball player, but, exactly, “for both games he’s healthy”.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    Which is why Hackett is not really an issue. No team is going to pay a high price for a player that can’t stay healthy and on the field, no matter how much potential that player has.

    Hackett missed his shot at the big payday by spending half the season being a high paid cheerleader.

    It’s Trufant that will cost the money.

    Even Brown missed his chance at real dough. He picked a bad year to have an off season.

  15. What about Sean Locklear? I’m most worried about signing both him and Trufant. In my opinion, they’d be the most difficult to replace.

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