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Things to look for in Sunday’s game at Philly

Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 1, 2007 at 9:31 am with 34 Comments »
December 1, 2007 9:31 am

First and foremost, can the Seahawks wake up early enough to compete in this game from the start. Mike Holmgren is trying not to make an issue of this, and the players say they are aware of the struggles in the past, the reason Matt Hasselbeck this week spoke about setting his alarm clock earlier all week. They also left on Friday afternoon, so they get two nights to adjust.

Will the sod have any bearing on the game? They resodded the field at the stadium, and though it is cold back here it is not wet. That should make the field OK. If it gets wet, though, that could be a problem for a Seahawks team that has not been able to establish a running game.

How will Shaun Alexander look and how will he be used in the game? This issue holds the most interest, in particular because the Seahawks have gone 3-0 in his absence. Imagine if they get blown out by the Eagles, and Shaun has a poor game. I’m certain we will hear that it is not a one-man team, which is true, but nonetheless. I am also interested to see how he fits into the passing game and when Mo Morris is going to be used.

Will the Seahawks miss a beat in their passing game without D.J. Hackett. He obviously was a weapon when he was playing, but Bobby Engram has done extremely well when he is out. I think the coaching staff would like to see something from Courtney Taylor this week, too. But if I had Engram on my fantasy team, he would be a sure stat. I’m predicting at least 8 catches for him.

Can Patrick Kerney continue his blitz? He has had seven sacks, three forced fumbles and an interception in the past three games. I’m certain that will force Jim Johnson to give him more attention. Can he overcome that extra attention? Or does that mean that Julian Peterson, Darryl Tapp or even Lofa Tatupu get the sacks this week? Speaking of Lofa, he has not practiced most of the week so we’ll have to see how his ribs fare.

Can Marcus Trufant increase his interception total? Mike Holmgren has now said on multiple occasions that Trufant is having his best professional season. He had a pick last week for a total of four. With A.J. Feeley likely at QB, Trufant may be able to eke into the league leaders.

And finally, are the Seahawks able to increase their division lead? They are up two games on Arizona. The Cardinals play the Browns, no easy task. A win here and a loss by the Cards would almost cinch the division and a playoff game at home.

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  1. halfemptyfilms says:

    In the week leading up to a 10am game, why doesn’t holmgren just make everyone start practice 3 hours earlier or at 10am? Doesn’t that seem to be kind of a no-brainer?

  2. idahoseahawksfan says:

    he has actually. if you go to he talks about it this week.
    all the media has already said that the Eagles will win. I am not so sure about that one. I would love to see Seattle win this one and send a message to the NFC.

  3. SpringfieldSeahawk says:

    If my math is right, here are the scenarios for the Seahawks over the next two weeks:

    -Win at PHI + Win over AZ = Clinch NFC West

    Seattle would be 9-4, AZ would be 6-7 or 5-8. Either based on better division record or just being uncatchable, Seattle wins the West.

    -SEA loss at PHI + AZ loss v. CLE + SEA Win over AZ =

    Seattle would be 8-5 and AZ would be 5-8. Seattle clinches division based on a better division record.

    The bottom line is that the Seahawks are only in SERIOUS trouble if they lose the next two games and AZ wins the next two games… HUGE game at Qwest Field next Sunday, huh?

  4. SpringfieldSeahawk says:

    -SEA loss at PHI + AZ loss v. CLE + SEA Win over AZ = Clinch NFC West

    ..left that bit out :)

  5. Phillyhawk says:

    I’ll be at the Linc tomorrow and will do my best to add a Hawk-fan-in-enemy-territory perspective to the post-game analysis on the blog…

    Predicting a 24-20 Eagles win, mainly because my luck at predicting W’s has been mediocre at best.

    Go Seahawks, baby.

  6. How about Hawks winning out and packers lose 2 more? Who would win the tie for 2nd seed? No playoff games on the road til Dallas….

    GreenDay has the Rams and Bears coming up…+ Lions.

  7. Just thinking here…any chance the NFL would use the “flex game” to move the Cardinals/Seahawks to prime time Sunday. I think some people would be interested in watching that game with so much on the line.

  8. Snugglson says:

    not if the cardinals are 5-7, which i have a sneaking suspicion that they will be.

  9. Anniee882000 says:

    I have tried so hard to get tickets to the Cardinals game. Those of you going better scream your heads off for me.

    And Philly Hawk, hope you come out of there alive.

  10. Why would Jim johnson give Patrick Kerney more attention? He is the defensive coordinator for the Eagles. That makes no sense.

  11. roddychops says:

    this is never a coincidence, is it?

    “best professional season” = contract year.

  12. bobbyk03 says:

    Andruw Jones sucked this past season in Atlanta and it was his contract year… the opposite happens sometimes… not very often though…

    swab – I was wondering the same dang thing; it would be like Matt caring about how the Eagles left guard is doing.

  13. ross_hanratty2 says:

    the national weather service has issued a severe winter weather warning for philly tomorrow. snow starting in the morning.

    will likely be just like the weather when we were there last time.

    42-0! was that score. let’s go hawks

  14. bigjimusaf says:

    Well Maybe ol John Gruden is gonna coach the game for Andy too since Jim Johnson is coaching the offense and as default, Marty Mornhenweg. Looks like an attempt to mix things up on us! Doom and Gloom in Seatown!

  15. airbags says:

    swab – maybe jim johnson has to give game planning attention to kerney.

    so many playmakers on defense… how can you account for tapp, kerney, jp, marcus, AND lofa?

  16. YeeHaawks says:

    I sure hope Holmie doesn’t go to the run game cause ol whats his name is back in the line up. While I do want him to be domminate for our sake I just can’t help but think his best days are behind him. I think this is the biggest game of the year for the Hawks. Gotta get stuck in from the get go!!! If our D is dominate we win. Simple as that.

  17. snydro22 says:

    I hope John Marshall is ready to give extra attention to Brian Dawkins, and Haskell keeps an eye on Westbrook.. haha, Frank Hughes is a dork who doesn’t know football.. Good thing the readers (like Swab) are here to point out the countless flaws..

  18. Come on, Jim Johnson?

    Sando, etc.

  19. jayspice says:

    I apologize if this was cited before, but this is on PFW. THought it was hilarious. Maybe getting Mansfield Wrotto was a good idea.


    * How disappointing has WR Darrell Jackson been as a Niner? According to one longtime team insider, he could be the worst starting wide receiver the team has had in some time, and that includes the departed Brandon Lloyd, who turned out to be pretty terrible. "Not only does he go out of his away to avoid contact," the insider told PFW. "He even fumbles the balls he catches. He can get open, but he never seems to make a clean catch."

  20. Why would Jim johnson give Patrick Kerney more attention? He is the defensive coordinator for the Eagles. That makes no sense.

    This was beat to death a few weeks ago – you get whay you pay for here. This blog is hit and miss because there is no incentive to maintain quality – the ad revenues aren’t sufficient to fund the attention it needs.

    There was a Doonesbury comic strip 2 weeks back that poked fun at just this sort of thing – newspaper blogs that are written as a side-gig by print reporters who don’t have the time to do the blog justice. The blog suffers and the reporter looks bad. This problem is not unique to TNT.

  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    jeez guys bitch a little more

  22. TechWorlds says:

    Our team struggles cause our team is mediocre. Good teams play well on the road in all the time zones.

    The Chargers last year had no issues winning on the road. The great San Fran teams won on the road.

    They won cause they had good players who played up to their potential. Our team is an average football team. Average football teams struggle on the road. There really is no surprise here.

  23. Pilot, some of us remember a time when this blog was the go-to place for news on the Seahawks. Unfortunately, ESPN poached another Seahawks beat reporter and now, truly, we are getting what we paid for.

  24. jerrycurl says:

    I believe it’s Andy Reid, and Marty Morningwheg that are going to be concerned about Patrick Kerney tommorow.

    I’ll be at the game too PhillyHawk, I’ll probably be the only guy wearing a Mo Morris jersey there. Just my luck the 1st game I get to go to in two years, and Alexander is back, plus it’s supposed to be about 30 degrees and sleeting at kickoff.

    The Philly fans think this is going to be a blow out, I’ve been listening to it all week. Their chests are all sticking out, because they almost beat the Pats. They seem to forget that the last time the Eagles scored against the Seahawks in Philadelphia was September, 10th 1989(which just happens to be my first Hawks game in person, the Eagles won 31-7). I don’t expect Seattle to shut them out a 3rd consecutive time at home, but it would be pretty damn funny if they did.

    It should be a pretty entertaining game, I just hope the weather & field don’t become too much a factor. Also the Philly fans aren’t nearly as bad as they’re portrayed, unless you’re a Dallas/Washington/New York fan. Then all bets are off. In three game there I’ve never gotten more than a few rude comments. They’re no where near as bad as the idiots across the state in Pittsburgh. Stealers fans are easily the most ignorant and abusive fans I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve been to more than half the stadiums in the league, and no other city even comes close… Philly included.

  25. SupaFreak says:

    Things to look for in Sunday’s Game at Philly…

    What’s the over/under on Shauna’s attempts to tackle himself?

    What’s the over/under on the number of times Shauna curls up in the fetal position and asks for mommy?

    What’s the over/under on the number of times Shaun lays on the ground waiting for a hand up from his offensive linemen, but they walk away, looking to the sideline for Mo-Mo?

    What’s the over/under on passes thrown to Shaun, even though he hasn’t caught well without the cast the last two years, and hasn’t caught hardly anything WITH the cast this year? You could also call that the over/under on wasted offensive plays!

    What’s the over/under on how many carries Mo-Mo gets?

    What’s the margin on the number of time Shaun smiles and laughs while the team is struggling on a series or if they lose?

    …just a few things to look for! ;-)

    I’m not a Shaun hater, and in fact, hope he does well tomorrow, for him, and for the team, however, I really think until that darn cast is off, it should be Weaver and Morris running the ball!

  26. “I really think until that darn cast is off, it should be Weaver and Morris running the ball!”

    I agree with you 100%, Supa. This reminds me of last year when Holmgren brought Alexander back from injury one game too early. Mo Morris had started clicking with the O line while Shaun was out, and then Holmgren threw Shaun back in while he was rusty and we lost to the 49ers with Shaun gaining 37 tentative yards.

    What’s the deal, Frank? Holmgren said Shaun would not play again until he could practice all week. He missed Tuesday’s practice but will start anyway. He still has a cast on his hand. Mo and Weaver were getting the job done.

    The only good reason I can come up with to start Shaun is to hopefully freeze the D a little with play action in order to keep Philly’s pass rush pressure off of Hass, who seems pretty beat up right now. But if Shaun performs like he did earlier this year, then Philly won’t key on him and all he will do is waste downs.

    I think Holmgren will be making a big mistake if he doesn’t find a way to get at least 5 to 10 touches each for Weaver and Mo.

  27. pabuwal says:

    Why do people here think a good running game is built from draw plays? That is the only production the Seahawks have had over the past month. If a team can not run out of traditional formations, it will not be successful in the playoffs. It’s a good thing the Seahawks schedule is littered with teams like SF, STL, Atlanta, Carolina, Cinn, Baltimore, etc.

    We are all sitting here thinking about how great it would be for the Seahawks to beat the 5-6 Eagles. The 5-6 Eagles with a backup QB who flamed out in 2 other cities!

  28. SupaFreak says:

    The eagles, who are struggling for consistency like we are, but who pushed the Patriots to the very end, losing by only 3. The Eagles, who have won 3 of 4 in November. The Eagles, who despite their record tend to give teams tough, physical games, and who have a good runner.

    Yes, we should have a QB advantage, but only if they can give Matt time. You are right that we don’t have a great running game, even with Mo & Weaver, as our O-line is extremely suspect at run blocking and sometimes at picking up the blitz, be it a run blitz or pass blitz.

    It’s just that Mo & Weaver can run the draw better than Shaun has shown he can of late. Hopefully that changes today, or Mo still gets a lot of carries, because otherwise, we are in trouble.

  29. SPAN1AWAY says:

    This blog has been a serious joke. NOT very informative and I find myself going elsewhere. Just make it a fan forum, cause the information added here isn’t that informative. Except the few excerpts after a game and some of Darren’s information.

  30. VoodooF101 says:

    Sunday 8am Pacific time
    Philadelphia Weather
    Light Freezing Rain 29 degrees,
    Feels Like: 20°

  31. VoodooF101 says:

    Get this guy ready Eagles !

    Kevin Kolb | #4 | QB

  32. navy_at_3 says:

    i know how bad jet lag can hurt you. I deploy to Germany often and usually takes me about 3-4 days to even begin to get use to the time change. I think leaving on friday and allowing 1 day to adjust was smart on mikey’s part.

    Go Hawks, 24-14

  33. navy_at_3 says:

    lol jerrycurl, you mean eagle fans are not actually “boo birds”? :P

  34. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    was listening to nfl channel this morning talking about philly’s blitz package the put in against the pats and how that could make it a long day for hass. in watching the footage it looks like there is a lane everytime for a delayed drawhope holmy saw it,GO HAWKS!

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