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Weekly Mike Holmgren anecdote

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 29, 2007 at 10:30 am with 14 Comments »
November 29, 2007 10:30 am

Mike Holmgren was asked on Wednesday about his thoughts on the field condition in Pittsburgh on Monday night, which is relevant because the Eagles apparently are resodding their field as well. Here was Holmgren’s response:

"There’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes they do a good job of that. Sometimes, it’s not so good. Again, one quick story. When we played in Green Bay, we played Carolina for the NFC Championship Game in 1996. We had played, I want to say maybe San Francisco. I don’t remember exactly. We played somebody the week before and Lambeau Field, there was no grass left, and it was just wiped out. Now you have the championship game and they came in and did that field in five days and it was eerie because in the night, it would be 3 in the morning, there were just trucks, it was just like something was going. It was like ‘Close Encounters of the Something’ and you had this thing going on in the stadium and the lights were on and it was a great field. At the time, I remember Bill Polian was the president in Carolina, and he was stunned that it was so good because that day it was really cold, it was below zero. So we had a good surface. The other night, it rained so hard that it was probably a little bit like our San Francisco game a year ago, but we have the FieldTurf. If we had grass, regular grass, that night, it might have looked like the same thing. I don’t know. It was just so much water that they couldn’t get rid of it."

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  1. I really like how personal Holmy is. Usually all I hear is other coaches answering questions straight up and that’s that. With Holmgren, you actually get to see who he is and what goes on….its nice to see that side, especially when a lot of his anecdotes are pretty humorous.

  2. Sharpclaw says:

    These are great days for the Seahawks. Many won’t realize how much
    they will miss HC Holmgren until he’s gone.

  3. Keep up the anecdotes. They’re a nice break to the usual blog posts and are really enjoyable. I often turn and retell them to a friend.

  4. truehawk says:

    I agree Sharpclaw……….they should have a street in Seattle named after Mike when he retires, and he should definately be inducted into the ring of honor!!

  5. cititravis says:

    I agree this is a great time to be a Seahawk fan. Holmgren, Hass, SA, and big Walt what a great group of superstars.

  6. I totally agree … despite what all the haters say, it’s an excellent time to be a Seahawk fan. I remember 1992 … Ken Behring … etc etc etc. I can remember thinking that we’d NEVER get to the point where we’re at now.

    It still sucks that we had to wait almost 30 years for a Super Bowl, and then to have it ruined by a set of blind zebras.

  7. Let’s change Alaskan Way to Holmgren Way. I think he deservs it. A great man and a great coach.

  8. I also agree. In fact, alot of the current frustration is merely a mark of how far the team has come. Consider, who would have been moaning over being 7-4 in 1992? We’ve had it good for so long we now take it for granted.

  9. bobbyk03 says:

    Mike is a stud.

  10. I don’t know what we are going to do next year when Mike is gone. I can’t believe after two years of watching Tim Ruskell turn the Seahawks into his team that Mike will stay on, no matter haow much better our team has become. Things like losing Hutch and then trading DJ to a divisional opponent are things that will stick in Coach’s mind when he considers returning. I’m not saying that Ruskell is a bad GM, I only point out that Coach has a need to control as much as possible and I don’t think he and Ruskell see eye to eye on enough issues. I respect our GM and what he does but Holmgren is one of the 5 best coaches in the league and no one short of Bill Cower is going to replace him. The odds of that happening are pretty slim especially with coach Mora in the wings.

  11. Paul Allen is no dummy.He knows what Mike Holmgren has ment to the Seahawks and what he has done to improve them to the point they are now.
    I think they should name marginial way after him it runs thuough the middle of Seattle don’t it?From Renton to the middle of Seattle?
    It wouln’t surprise me if Holmgren isn’t given the GM job.They need to take the job of player personal away from Ruskell an give it to Holmgren,or hire someone else. Like Jimmie Johnson I don’t like the Little penis,but he knows his football players.
    There is know way I want Jim Mora as head coach,D coordinator OK,but not a head coach.

  12. You guys are joking right? Naming a Seattle street after Holmgren ain’t gonna happen. Green Bay has one thing going for it – football. Much of Seattle doesn’t even know football exists and are still resentful that a stadium got built.

  13. mibuttiznum says:

    Damn, Holmy was in there late that week, huh?
    Either that or his house is super close to the stadium.

  14. Pilot,I’ll try to explain why I said about the sreeet thing.I’m wasn’t joking I may be a little crazy,(but the VA gives me a check every mouth for that)What I was talking about is for the repect to him for what he did bring a 7 & 8 team year in an year out.Headed to the 5th year of winning the NFC West in a row. Giving us as fans the pride that every time they play they can win.Thats what he has done! Giving us the pride
    an the feeling that we can stick our hand in the air and expose a finger that is in the middle to the in vogue east coast (Harlem) teams.(All teams on the east coast are from Harlem.

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