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Shaun Alexander practicing today, could play Sunday

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 28, 2007 at 1:00 pm with 30 Comments »
November 28, 2007 1:00 pm

Mike Holmgren said in his weekly news conference that running back Shaun Alexander will practice today, and depending on how he does he could play Sunday at Philadelphia. Specifics on how exactly he will be used were more vague, Holmgren not really willing to address the topic. I will have exact quotes later, but Holmgren basically said he is going to throw guys out there and he expects them to execute the play if they are on the field.

At the same time, Mo Morris will not practice until Friday because he suffered a sprained ankle toward the end of the win in St. Louis. Holmgren said he does expect Morris to play, and he said he spoke with Shaun to let Shaun know that Morris is going to continue to be a part of the offense.

Mostly, Holmgren said let’s wait and see how Shaun does in practice this week before determining exactly how healthy he is and how he can be used. After he sees him in practice, he will have a better idea.

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  1. I will not be signing onto to the blog for the next several days as I foresee the Shaun haters taking over.

  2. antediluvian says:

    You can call it being a hater, or you can admit that SA does not catch the ball and is unable/unwilling to block. Do you really want that kind of RB responsible for helping protect Hass either as a blocker or as a safety valve for passes?

    I sure don’t.

  3. waveblasternutcase says:

    I was afraid that this day would come…

  4. DarthKripple says:

    Funny because I remember Shaun picking up several blitzes against the Rams and Browns. Watch those games, you’ll see he done really well, especially this season in those situations.

  5. waveblasternutcase says:

    btw – since i don’t feel that SA should play, i would be labeled a SA hater. i would however consider myself a Seahawks fan that wants this team to get better. if that requires not playing SA, so be it….

  6. DarthKripple says:

    I’ll be looking forward to another week of Chris Gray getting obliterated by D-lineman.

  7. SupaFreak says:

    Indeed, DarthKripple, while Sims and Spencer have their moments of crappiness this season, for Gray, he only has a few moments of NON-crappiness this season. He is by far the weak link physically on the line. I sure hope Willis becomes a viable option there soon.

  8. this is bad… watch kirtman come in as fb, and weave take over as rb…

  9. I figure it’s a hey-day for the haters…Shaun will start against a rush defense several times tougher than anything MoMo has seen. :P

  10. truehawk says:

    So there are people that think Shaun should be playing and he has done a good job this year? I am shocked….it doesnt make us haters, but c’mon, the guy has been absolutely average this year at best….in ALL areas of his performance.
    I knew he would reappaer at some point, but I hope he is able to play well and not cost us plays on offense?
    He doesnt need to be great….but he needs to be able to get the tough yards and catch the friggin ball when he is open and make a play.
    Honestly, if Shaun never played for us again, I wouldnt complain, I like the way Mo runs and hits holes and definately the way he catches the rock!!

  11. i fail to see the “hater” debate. facts are facts – players are not as valuable as the team concept. when a player – be it jim zorn, steve largent, kenny easley, derek devine, david greene, bryce fisher, or shaun alexander – can no longer contribute at a high level, the team must learn to move on.

    “why draft shaun alexander when we have ricky watters?”
    “why start mo morris when we have shaun alexander?”

    shaun has not produced the way mo has, and he simply hasn’t shown the same desire that mo has. it has nothing to do with “hating” shaun, and has more to do with understanding the sole purpose of playing the game:


    if you have a man on your roster that can’t help you do that, what good is he? (see MIAMI DOLPHINS)

    shaun has also had his chances against weaker run defenses, and failed miserably, so stating “Shaun will start against a rush defense several times tougher than anything MoMo has seen” is not correct logic.

    the facts? since holmy has moved to the pass-oriented offense, we are 3-0. before, we were 4-4.



    here is true logic: the more losses you have than wins means you’ve a lesser chance of getting to the SUPER BOWL.

    remember the SUPER BOWL? ah, a glorious day… until some foolish zebra screwed it all up!

    hurry back, mo. captain ruskell – we wants a new running back!!

  12. All this about SA is so funny.

    The guy scores TD’s by the boat load, wins awards, brings lots of positive publicity to the SeaHawks, re-signed with the club when he didn’t really have to, says all the right things, is a model citizen, does community service work, and nobody really likes him.

    You’d think he’d be the mayor of Seattle by now and already have his number in the Ring Of Honor. What’s he doing wrong?

  13. ray – the man has a good publicist. remember when he felt “stabbed in the back” by holmy at the end of 2004? how is that a team player or model citizen?

    he’s human, and he’s allowed to be… however, most of the arguments (and by “arguments”, i mean “discourse”, not “fight”) have been about his ability on the field.

    he can be a scumbag or the cleanest gentleman, but not putting up the numbers and winning games should be the final arbiter of shaun’s legacy in seattle.

    ‘sides, he may have been the league mvp, but the team mvp wears jersey #8.

  14. navy_at_3 says:

    i really hate people thinking there’s SA HATERS. Hell i drafted him in my fantasy league as a first round pick. Why the hell would i hate him (btw i did put him on the wire, just so i can pick up someone that was getting points).

    SA when 100% healthy is still a great RB as the first 2 games of the season proved. He has his flaws, being that he doesnt punish the D (ie break tackles) but when healthy he is great at useing his vision.

    MoMo is a completly diff. back all together. A power hard north and south downfield down hill runner. He lacks vision but makes up for his power hitting as he runs through the line. He also makes a great receiver as a check down back. He picks up blocks and does well in that area.

    Say what you want about momo (regis, darth) and say what you want about SA…. It sure will be very very interesting to see what exactly Mikey does with these two players. I’ll trust him to do what is best utilizing each back’s potentials. Much like how NE does with their backs.

    Mike did say if SA practiced by wednesday that he would start. Mike should honor that…. doesnt mean SA gets to play the entire game now does it :)

  15. bobbyk03 says:

    He WAS a good player. I love Kenny Easley, he’s my favorite Seahawk of all-time… but for this week against Philly, I’ll take Grant or Russell at safety.

  16. Fredline says:

    Any word on Hackett?!? Last I heard they were guessing 2 weeks…any updates?

  17. DarthKripple says:

    The thing is…..people still defend the o-line by boosting Mo’s stats.

    The seahawks are 2 for 19 in short yardage (less that two yards)

    1 for 7 Shaun
    1 for 9 Morris
    0 for 3 Kirtman/Weaver

    So much for Mo running harder making us better in run situations.

    Look, when teams stack the box and actually defend the run instead being tricked by late draws, this line consistently doesn’t block no matter who it is.

    Mo’s 46 yard run was nice

    but he was stopped twice on 3rd and 1 and even gave up a safety.

  18. martygivens says:

    I don’t think he’s going to play much better with the cast still on, maybe he’s thinking too much about fumbling or something but he definitely goes down more quickly than usual with it on (not that he’s ever been one to dish out punishment unless he’s near the goal line).

    The draw plays that we’re now running are much more suited to Mo’s style.

  19. While it kind of sucks to know he’s going to be back there, it seems like there still is just that slight chance that he is gonna play his ass off, because at this point he has to know he is playing for a job. I mean really, he has got want to to show everyone that his game now is not just complete garbage right?

    I’m holding a glimmer of hope that he will run like he’s in a contract year for the rest of season when he’s in there. That’s his only chance of being productive. Well, that, and the O line opening some freakin holes

  20. DarthKripple says:

    Shaun had about 6 draws in chicago one of which resulted in a 12 yard TD. He can run draws, it just depends on if he can speed up his first step a bit, because he has shown some burst when the blocks are there. I just hope we can do something to take pressure off Matt early. I’d like a three back formation if we could manage it, just for like 3-4 plays to give the defense something to think about.

  21. Darth – you are making the common mistake of looking at one dimension of what an effective RB for this team must do. But there are other dimensions that matter and the whole thing get summed up by the W/L statistic. With Mo we are 3-0, with Shaun, we were 4-4. That is what we should focus on here. I prefer to keep winning and Mo delivers in that regard. This has nothing to do with hate or personal feelings for Shaun. As my mama used to say, the proof is in the puddin’.

  22. ballgame says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with having 2 backs that can somewhat get the job done. I think everyone here will agree that Mo does somethings better than Shaun and Shaun does things better than Mo. No where does it say Holm’s is going back to the 1 man show it was before Shaun got hurt, in fact he said Mo will be a part of the O. So shouldn’t this be seen as a positive that now we have 2 backs that do different things well so we can call plays to their strengths instead of only having 1 back and having to work their weaknesses?

  23. DarthKripple says:

    Except that I don’t think Mo would have been any more effective than Shaun in the run first offense we were running during that 4-4 start. You’re forgeting that in the last 3 wins the hawks have a pass first offense. Something that Shaun did reasonably well in ’03 with. I don’t see the harm in taking a look see at Shaun in this offensive style and seeing if he can be effective and if Mo Morris isn’t able to play (let’s hope he is) Shaun would need to start because as much as everyone likes Weaver, he has fumble issues. And Kirtman hasn’t had a full game of experience yet.

  24. martygivens says:

    I think putting the emphasis on the pass is what has spurred the current winning streak, not which back is carrying the ball. That thought process may get put to the test this week or next so we’ll see!

  25. antediluvian says:

    Uh Darth? About the 0-3 for Weaver and Kirtman in short yardage… about Weaver’s TD last week? He needed 1 yard for a 1st down (I think) and punched it in for a TD from 4 yards. Most definitely a short yardage situation.

  26. DarthKripple says:

    I thought that was a first a goal wasn’t it?

  27. c_hawkbob says:

    Good! I’m, anxious to see how he does.

    Sooner or later all backs lose their effectiveness, and Shaun may well have reached that point, but there hasn’t been anything I’d call conclusive evidence that that’s the case yet. I want to see for myself what he’s got left. I wanna see how our new offensive focus suits his style rather than be told by some self professed expert how it would suit it.

  28. PapaHawk says:

    He’s not putting up All-pro numbers, that’s what he is doing wrong. He’s not catching passes thrown at him. He’s not blocking well enough to please people. These folks have short memories and somehow forget the great things he’s brought to the Hawks. Then, they get down right nasty in their description of him. If you have a problem with him, just state facts and move on. No name-calling, no venom in the words, just state facts and move on. Its pretty obvious to me that Shaun and Coach Holmgren have had numerous conversations about what he is expected to be able to do to help this ball club. I look forward to seeing how he does in his next game. If he sucks, then he sucks. If he shows us something then we win, its like picking up a free agent mid-season. HOpefully that damn cast is gone.

  29. TechWorlds says:

    So Shaun has to practice everyday to play but Mo doesn’t? Interesting….

  30. If we try to throw another pass to Alexander I am going to puke.

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