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Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 28, 2007 at 1:08 pm with 14 Comments »
November 28, 2007 1:08 pm

Holmgren said that one of the points of focus this week was pass protection, spurred because of the issues they had against the Rams. He said he installed an extra practice session this week specifically to address the issue.

Lofa Tatupu will not practice that much this week because of a rib injury, but Matt Hasselbeck will practice and is apparently feeling pretty good.

Holmgren talked about drawing up an entire schedule to address the time change and the fact that the team starts out slowly on the East Coast. However, he said he realized that blocking the wrong guy or blowing an assignment has nothing to do with sleep patterns or what you had for breakfast. That just means you were more stupid on that play. So he tore up the schedule and said he will not address the time difference or the travel issues for the rest of the year.

AS it turns out, Ryan Plackemeier did suffer a concussion in Sunday’s game, Holmgren said. He said he was not told until after the fact that Plack was loopy.

It sounds like rookie Courtney Taylor is going to start getting more opportunties now that DJ Hackett is out.

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  1. SupaFreak says:

    The whole time Holmgren has been with this team, even in good years, we have started games slowly when in the Central and Eastern time zones when the game is not a night game.

    So yeah, he should have kept that darn schedule and actually used it, as for sure, the time change DOES effect the alertness and energy level of the team. Practicing earlier and going to bed earlier during weeks that they have the away game would be very helpful for the team. Too bad he isn’t doing that.

  2. PapaHawk says:

    I know the team is going out on Friday, so that should help get them acclimated to the Eastern time zone. Especially if the Hawks coaches make the team practice early on Saturday. I travel to Florda 1x per year and that first day is brutal to wake up on time for the meetings which begin at 8am Eastern time. Your whole body clock is f’ed up and gets a lot better the second day. The Key is getting a good night’s sleep and having it feel sort of like 9am when it is 9am.

  3. Why don’t they stay on the east coast time schedule all season? Getting up earlier for home games shouldn’t hurt since they don’t seem to start slowly for home night games. I for one can’t yoyo my sleep schedule by three hours week to week, why should professional athletes be expected to?

  4. Sharpclaw says:

    I agree with HC Holmgren. This whole time zone factor is being blown
    way out of proportion and can start being a subconscious excuse by
    the players for not performing up to par. Coach is going to elimnate
    that phsycological distraction and force the players to concentrate
    solely on playing good football. We’ll play’em on a parking lot in
    Alaska if that what the schedule dictates, and just bring’em on. That’s
    the attitude he’s trying to foster.

  5. We’ve had several home games where we let the opponent get an early lead (New Orleans & Chicago come to mind). It isn’t all about time-zones.

  6. flahawker says:

    Taylor getting more time? Over Obomanu? I thought Ben looked pretty good in limited action.

  7. Chris de Lemos says:

    Gotta praise the draft picks ;)

  8. snydro22 says:

    I wake up at 4:30 am for work. Big deal. Get over it. I’ve worked swing-shifts, going from graveyards to days in back to back nights – and in a highly physical and mentally tough workplace. It’s life, and anyone who whines about having to get up early for a 9 am meeting in Florida or says they can’t swing their work schedule 3 hours from week to week is just whiny.

  9. JazBadAzz says:

    flahawker I agree whats up with that?

    I think the coaches are affected more by the time chage than the players. I’m not in the huddle but I’m sure it’s not Hass fault for the play calling. Re-enactment of the pepsi commercial that Tony Romo was in. Red 32 jet left spread AAAHHHHHH!!!

  10. Playing in the Eastern time zone has been a problem for years. No, it isn’t the only problem, but it should be addressed. What’s the argument, that just because there are other causes for problems, the time zone problem should be ignored.

    “Get over it” doesn’t seem to work too well for the players, even if some posters here might be able to do so.

    The players seem affected by it as much as the coaches. We see the effect repeatedly.

    And, we know the attitude that Holmgren is trying to foster. How well is that working out after almost nine years?

    Again, however, we see Holmgren have one instance of some new plan not going exactly as he’d like to see it go and so he tosses it out. He’s bizarre like this. He had the same problem with the shotgun. One snap over the QB’s head in SF and they stopped using it.

  11. Leroyhill says:

    Time-zone is not the reason for the slow start. The crazy blitzes of the Rams and our inability to make the Rams pay for them are the reasons for the poor first of half. It is an explanation that lazy TV guys want to use because they don’t want to spend the extra work to dig up the root cause of the problem. An average football fan who has never played football can come up with that excuse.

  12. mibuttiznum says:

    But also you have to admit Syndro22, that you probably didn’t perform 100% swinging shifts the first night. Most of us have some sort of issue with the first day or so. Some of us only sleep 5 hours a night(like myself) and do fine. The rest of my friends think I’m insane.They get their 8 hours and do fine that way. But I don’t call them whiners or wussies either. Everybody is different, especially with a roster of 54 people or so.You will get a whole range of players that won’t acclimate as well as others.

  13. stormshadow says:

    You know, I don’t recall the 49ers of the 80s having problems with East Coast games or making such a big deal out of it…

    I think it should be the individual players’ responsibility to prepare for the time change by going to bed earlier/getting up earlier during the week before one of those games. Each guy knows if they’re ending up sluggish in those games and should adjust accordingly.

    It would help to just play better as well.

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