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  1. I kinda like it when Siragusa is on there. He sometimes has something funny / interesting to add.

  2. chrishuw says:

    at least it’s not jc pearson and matt vasgersian for the 12th week in a row.

    “josh brown WWE style!!!”

  3. VoodooF101 says:

    Tony just comes here for the Hot Dogs and a cup of Joe

  4. martygivens says:

    UGH – Siragusa is the worst!

    I was beginning to think JC and Matt were our local crew they’ve done so many Hawks games.

  5. demingas says:

    What! Bring back JC and Matt, at least they have a working knowledge of the Seahawks. Moose and Kenny are typically dreadful.

  6. Snugglson says:

    siragusa is the most unabashed anti-seahawk commentator around. the guy needs to get lost.

  7. twopaul101 says:

    Johnston and Albert are insightful, Siragusa is an idiot.

  8. ballgame says:

    Can’t wait to hear another gem from tony like the headlines will read “Philly beats themselves, as the seahawks never win by out playing a team.”

  9. ballgame says:

    As far a JC I wish he would do every game as he is the only one who knows anything about the hawks.

  10. bellinghawk says:

    yeah I can’t stand that hot dog eatin siragusa

  11. badicalturboradness says:


  12. Goose is the male version of the Sportsbabe. Doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t add anything to the conversation. I do like Daryl Johnston, however. Solid and insightful, and studies the game. Albert is a solid play by play guy, must run in the family somewhere? :-)

  13. None of the national TV guys know the Seahawks. I find myself talking over the announcers on the road. I should probably just turn on the radio and be done with it, except I am interested in what the national media has to say about the Seahawks. It is just so painful to listen to them. They don’t even follow the substitutions in the game so I hope they show the wide shot to start the play so at least I know who is in on that play.

  14. kurtisballard says:

    moose is my favorite color guy on fox aside from aikman. and no it’s not my love for the mid-nineties cowboys because the t.v. would be on mute if michael irvin or emmitt smith were calling the game. troy and moose are just good at what they do. it’s too bad siragusa has to be a part of that package.

  15. bobbyk03 says:

    The Goose is such a stupid idiot that I almost like hearing him once in awhile.
    Even though I hate the Cowboys and, therefore, Moose when he played — he does do a pretty good job.

  16. siragusa’s a slob, and a moron.

    then again, it is the fox network – what do you expect?

  17. potterpaul says:

    Siragusa is a big pile of suck.

    I remember a couple years back we got Bryan BALL-DINGER every week. I think that dude wears mascara . . .

  18. Surf Hawk says:

    Ah the old 3rd guy in the booth who really isn’t in the booth but instead roves the field yet isn’t a sideline reporter. I’ll miss JC too, he’s been growing on me.

  19. Why can’t Steve Raible and Warren Moon do TV for the Seahawks? I know I know…but I can wish can’t I?

  20. kapowsin2001 says:

    Can someone talk to the powers that be at KIRO and have them delay at least the road games so that they will sync with the TV. I know it wouldn’t be good to sync the home games with the TV (which is delayed several seconds) because of fans listening at Qwest Field, but there’s no reason not to sync up the radio and TV for away games, so we don’t have to listen to the dopey national network announcers.

  21. mibuttiznum says:

    at least JC and Vasp get excited during a game. Most of the former players are pretty stiff

  22. halfemptyfilms says:

    Not the goose! JC and Vasp! JC and Vasp!

  23. JC Pearson can see everything, including what is hidden in the dark recesses of your soul. Think about it.

  24. highimpactstaffing says:

    The last time we had Siragusa, he was standing on the sidelines in San Francisco as we completely dismantled the 49ers. I clearly remember his saying, “I’m just waiting for something positive to happen.” From where I was sitting, the whole game was positive! He is the most outspoken Seattle hater on national TV. I’d love to see Walter Jones tear his fat head off his fat body and stuff it down his fat throat!

  25. montanahawk says:

    I’d almost take Chris Rose over Siragusa. Ugh…

  26. PapaHawk says:

    kapowsin2001- great point about the delay. I’m sure KIRO could do it. I’d certainly turn off the TV sound and dial in Raible and Moon. Do you think their advertisers would want more listeners? Probably…

    Johnston and Albert are good. “the Goose” will be happy on Sunday, he’s in Philly where they are famous for Cheesesteaks and his tummy will be happy. Maybe he’ll meet Brandon Mebane and have a new guy to like on the Hawks. I think he just likes guys who are big tubby dudes like him. The hawks don’t have too many…Philly on the otherhand, what’s their guard? Andrews….huge tub of goo.

    Has anyone ever seen Tiger Woods and JC Pearson in the same room?

  27. mibuttiznum says:

    Twins!! except tiger is in much better shape. He’s ripped compared to JC anymore.

  28. QB_Sneak says:

    I was starting to like JC. Unlike most of the commentators we get, he can at least pronounce and remember everyone’s name, and he recognizes that there are two teams on the field. Most of these jackasses barely acknowledge the fact that the Seahawks are playing.

    Goose, however, is TERRIBLE. I hate that guy. Fat mouth-breathing pile of monkey crap.

  29. Back to who Goosed the moose?Fox network willn’t let a pro seahawks crew like Raible an Moon do a seahawk game.They only want a crew that don’t like the seahawks.The last time Goosed the Moose did a seahawks game I believe it was the first San Fran game this year.All of us was saying how Bias they are.Who can we E Mail at fox to complain about that crew?I’ll have to go to a tavern to watch the game that way I can’t throw anything at the TV.

  30. I think jibo1 speaks for all of us. Well said sir, well said.

  31. Vasgersian is the worst. Anybody notice how he whips out these random sayings that you just know he sat up all night the night before coming up with? When MoMo scored his TD against the Bears, did anyone else catch on to him saying “How do you like it? How do you like it? Mo Mo Mo!!”

    Took me a second but it’s a reference to that old disco song from the 70’s. Absolutely brutal how corny that dude can be.

  32. qwestisbest says:

    a bit off topic, but i see the colts cut semieon rice. (or however you spell it). any chance we might risk him for a 3rd down pass rusher, and maybe let babin go?

  33. Goose makes me want to put my head in a microwave.

  34. PapaHawk says:

    Remember: Goose played under Mike Nolan while he was in Baltimore, so he will be loyal to him. I wonder who he has a man-crush on in Philly. We know already he has no such thing with a hawks player. Hopefully Shaun won’t play so that we don’t have to see that visual of Siragusa in the fake cast.

  35. HuskerHawk says:

    No network announcers will ever be knowledgeable about the Hawks…not until the “rest of the country” bias against the NW ends…how else can you explain that the Hawks only got scheduled for two Sunday night games, with one taken away, and only one Monday night game…

    Look at some of the non-playoff teams from last year and their primetime schedules: Bengals scheduled for four national games, NYG five, 49ers(!!!) four (although one of their Sunday night games could get bumped)…and the Cowheads, who we BEAT last year in the playoffs, will make their max. 6 appearances on national television…

    I’m not naive, and I understand why that is and what drives the NFL to make their decisions, both scheduling and otherwise…but the imbalance is striking at times.

    So, I stick with my Internet connection to listen to the KIRO feed via Field Pass and Sunday Ticket to see the game…in a way, I like the lack of awareness and coverage because it keeps the bandwagon-jumpers off our wagon…but sometimes it’s frustrating and annoying…it must be for the players at a certain level too…but at least it doesn’t appear to hurt free agent recruitment too much, if at all (afterall, $$$ talks louder)

  36. Siragusa makes me want to put HIS head in a microwave.

  37. It is still my contention that the reason Shaun is wearing a cast in the first place is because Goose took a bite out of his arm in the end zone.

  38. i also remmember the SF game when we were absolutely bitch slapping the 49ers in every aspect in the game, and Siriegoosa is saying something like ” these guys just dont play like a team” or “i’m still trying to wake up”……i was like? WTF?!?!? What did he want us to do?!?! we dismantled SF in every way. I cant stand him. he knows nothing about our team and they put him on games we play….unreal!

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