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Hasselbeck talks on ribs, Rams, etc.

Post by Darrin Beene / The News Tribune on Nov. 26, 2007 at 8:01 pm with 15 Comments »
November 26, 2007 8:01 pm

Matt Hasselbeck, despite the players getting a portion of Monday off, came in and spoke with the reporters. Here are a few highlights:

On how he feels: "I feel pretty good. Not too bad actually; a lot better than I felt last Monday."

On practicing this week: "Yeah, I would hope so. It was a physical game but my ribs definitely feel good so that’s not really that big of an issue. I think everybody’s a little sore. It was a tough game."

On the Rams blitzing throwing the team off: "No, they had a good plan but some of the stuff was just bad luck on our part. They played most of the game with three D-linemen in the game but played a four-man line scheme. Will Witherspoon is a great pass rusher. He’s having a great year. Common sense would say he’s the other defensive end. Well they used 54, (Brandon) Chillar as the defensive end most of the day but they went back and forth and made it hard to recognize. Other times they’d have three DBs playing safety-slash-linebacker situations …. We didn’t identify that very quickly, very well.”

On having to get an IV after the game: "That’s not that uncommon. IVs are good. IVs are good for you. Some guys get IVs before the game. Some guys have to get them at halftime; dome stadiums, warm games. IVs, that’s just fluid, hydration. It’s healthy. I think I was just a little exhausted. I had reverse peristalsis – I think it’s called, a little vomiting.”

On losing D.J. Hackett: "That’s a real disappointing loss right there because Hack’s (D.J. Hackett) had a great season. I think each game he gains more experience. He’s playing a lot better. Really, he was having a great year. Just like we’ve said all year, if somebody goes down somebody else has to step up and play well and I think there is an opportunity there for some guys to get some playing time. Obviously Nate (Burleson) gets back involved in our offense a little bit more and stuff like that."

On offensive tempo: "I don’t feel like we have great tempo. That’s something that I would still like to continue to work towards; a better tempo, putting the pressure on the defense. I don’t think that we’re doing that very well but there’s a balance there. There’s a balance with really knowing our assignments and being correct and then also having good tempo. We’ll see. I felt like the play clock was down on me the whole game."

On injuries at this point in the season: "It’s just part of the game, this is football. It’s a very violent game at times, and a very physical game. Some years you spend more time in the training room then you do with your own family, it’s just how it is. How we handle that part of it is going to be important to our success."

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  1. PapaHawk says:

    I am glad he is the Seahawks QB. We could do a lot worse. I think its safe to say he’s the best QB we’ve had here in Seattle, with all respect to Zorn and Krieg, who were great in their capacities. Vomiting after a game is pretty normal for some. I had a teammate on my college Rugby team who’d blow chunks during and after every game. We’d laugh at him about it. Was normal. For him at least. Other guys would join him some games. Not me. I’d save that for the next morning…but we didn’t use the same painkillers that NFL players use.

  2. blackhalobender says:

    Yeah is it possible to love this guy any more then we all already do?


    Very interesting little article about the physics of a football hit from popular mechanics starring Marcus trufant. There are a few here who might be interested…

  4. Anniee882000 says:

    Yeah, Matt is great. I dread the day he decides to leave, or god forbid, the Seahawks trade him.

    Really a class act.

  5. If we’re lucky, he’ll retire when he’s 42 and have enough big wins by then to make the HOF.

    Having a Top Five QB has made a huge difference to Seattle’s fortunes, especially after the first-round busts of the 1990s.

  6. montanahawk says:

    Thanks for the link. That’s good stuff to read prior to the upcoming game against Philly.

  7. Yeah, he’s the greatest Seahawks Quarterback EV-ER. Just have to remind all those Indianapolis and New York Giant fans too… this is the QB who leads the enforcement of the… NO MANNING ZONE. And Tom Brady is ssssooo next in Super Bowl XLIII.

    Gosh, I think I’ll have to buy me a Christmas present of a Hasselbeck jersey :-).

  8. PapaHawk says:

    I heard on a radio program yesterday that they were discussing Jeff Garcia and how important he is to his team. How he’s probably a lock for the third pro bowl spot in the NfC behind Favre and Romo. I won’t hate on Jeff Garcia, for I respect what he brings to his team. But how can you allow him that recognition ahead of Hasselbeck?

    That leads me to this: Which Seahawks deserve to go to the Pro Bowl this season? Better make sure you vote….

    My opinion:
    Offense: Hasselbeck
    possibly: Walter Jones
    outside shot: Bobby Engram

    great shot: Patrick Kerney, Julian Peterson
    possibly: Trufant, Deon Grant, Lofa Tatupu
    long shots: Leroy Hill, Rocky Bernard

    Think about the defense. Nobody is having a bad year. There is no major weakness. Jennings is young and small, but he competes every play. Both safeties hold their own. I think Grant is really good.
    The next four games will determine who goes. Make sure you vote!

  9. Hass is the heart of this team — probably the best offensive player we’ve ever had, and if you had to rundown the all-time Seahawks team he’d clearly be the QB.

    PapaHawk – agree on the defense. With the way Kearney and Tapp have picked up the pass rush, and the changes in the defensive backfield, we really don’t have any weaknesses on that side of the ball. And the stats are starting to bear this out – – 3rd in the league in sacks, 1st in forced fumbles, top-5 in scoring defense; all good stuff. If the stats stay that way, and we win 11 games, I think that Kearney, Lofa and Trufant all make the pro bowl.

    (BTW – I was a rugby player in college too — and still like to watch the game when I can).

  10. Fredline says:

    Yup, that’s why his Jersey is the only one I own.

  11. elgranderojo says:

    I was bashing Kerney earlier on the season… I guess I should have given him time to give a full body of work. He appears to be coming on very, very strong and will likely be worth what he was paid.

    As for Matt, definitely the best Seattle QB… although I never saw Zorn play. I do wish sometimes he would just try to get a play to work based on offensive execution and not try to gain small advantages by changing every play. Sometimes it is necessary for blitz pickups and hot routes. Sometimes you need to trust the guys to do the job right and not take a chance of confusing them. If they were all as smart as Hass than it might be a different story, but that is just not the case.

  12. Burleson might get in on Special Teams…I’m not sure how many other NFC guys are returning for scores (other than Hester).

  13. Pro Bowl Hawks: Im voting Engram in–the guy has done everything, and is the most consistent wr in the NFL. Every week he has made the difference in the game–and he blocks and returns punts, too. The only way Garcia makes the pro bowl is because of East Coast Bias. Period. Hasselbeck is a much better qb, AND he greatly outplayed Garcia when we trounced the Bucs earlier this year. Hasselbecks problem is that he isnt flashy.

    I wouldnt vote for Peterson, he is too inconsistent, and doesnt cover recievers as good as a pro bowl linebacker should. Kerney is a stud, he might make the team, and Tapp is on his way to next years pro bowl team. Trufant is having a great year, but there are too many big name cb’s for him to make the team. Walter Jones may make the team on name recognition alone, but he has not had even one pro-bowl quality performance this year. Bernard has few sacks, so no way does he make it. Grant and Hill are steady, jack-of-all-trades guys, and deserve to make the Pro Bowl–but they wont. Like Hass, they arent flashy enough.

  14. freehawk says:

    PapaHawwk- what about Tapp! He’s a manimal out there! Fumbles, interception, 4 sacks in one game!

  15. Anniee882000 says:

    Yes, but Garcia isn’t flashy either. I just cannot believe Garcia would go to the pro bowl before Hasselbeck. That is just wrong.

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