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Mike Holmgren press conference

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 21, 2007 at 1:17 pm with 13 Comments »
November 21, 2007 1:17 pm

Mike Holmgren’s weekly meeting with the media was a lightly attended affair, presumably because of tomorrow’s holiday. There also was not a ton that came out of it, in part because they are winning and in part because the Shaun Alexander topic remains on the back burner.

It is interesting because Holmgren continues to dodge Shaun’s issues. He said he was going to go out there and run around. “Practicing?” No, not practicing. “So does that mean he is not playing?” You’ve attended my press conferences before, right?

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

I asked Holmgren if, because of Mo’s success, he was tempted to let Shaun just get 100 percent healthy before he returns. He said that was the conversation he had with Shaun, don’t come back until you are fully healthy because you could get hurt again. My question then is who is determining whether Shaun is 100 percent? Is it Shaun? Is it the medical staff? Is it Holmgren? Is it Morris’ performance?

A few other highlights:

Holmgren said almost everybody has a chance to play this week, including Will Herring. He said they are in the enviable position of trying to figure out who can play rather than who cannot.

Here is an interesting stat, which Dave Boling is addressing in his column tomorrow: In the team’s six wins, the Seahawks have 28 sacks. In their four losses, they have three sacks. Can you say correlation?

In regards to that, I asked Holmgren to evaluate Patrick Kerney relative to the salary he is earning. He said first of all, he does not take salary into account. Once a player is signed, they are signed and then performance is what matters. He said he thinks Kerney is having a good year, and his contributions cannot be measured only by his numbers. What he means for other players, what he means in the locker room, what he means for inspiring other players because of his high motor, all those things are intangibles that go into his value. It has been my experience that if Holmgren does not like what a player is doing, he says he is doing “fine.” If he likes a player, he expands on the question. So I would say he genuinely likes what Kerney is doing.

Matt Hasselbeck will not practice this week but will play. Holmgren said it is something he can do because of his experience. He will try to throw on the side at the end of the week but will not practice even then, it sounded like. He will spend the first part of practice in the training room, the last part with the team watching the 7-on-7 drills.

No great anecdotes today but I will feed you some quotes later today.

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  1. The Seahawks have success against weaker offensive lines and have little success against stronger offensive lines. This is defined by looking at how many sacks those teams allowed against other teams.

    Cleveland had one of the best OLs in the NFL when they faced the Seahawks. They lost a starter due to injury for year in that game. But Joe Thomas is quickly becoming the best LT in the NFL, if he is not already.

  2. I believe Holmgren has stated at least 3 other times over the last two weeks that if Shaun doesn’t practice, he won’t play. Do you call it a dodge because he doesn’t tell you a 4th time?

    When Josh Brown clocks Devon Hester, then gets up and screams like Kerney, you know Kerney is definitely an inspiration.

    I’m actually worried about Hass not practicing. I think he and Branch need to re-establish their rapport…that’s not guaranteed to happen during the game.

  3. Joe Thomas has been doing a stellar job, but hold the phones on putting him in the “best LT in the NFL” category. He’s a young beast and is looking to become a great…however he has a lot of learning and growing to do before you can put him in the same sentence as the “best” in the NFL.

    And I slightly disagree when it comes to saying we have success against weaker offensive lines and vice versa. Of course that does come into play to a certain extent, however there has been so many times where we come in facing a leaking offensive line and still generate little to no pressure at all and we’ve excelled versus fairly good offensive lines as well… I don’t think that it has to do simply with going against a good/bad line. It has to do with our entire team’s issue: consistency. We need to be consistent with our pass rush, regardless of who we have played in the past, and who we are going to play….and we can’t seem to be consistent.

  4. Snugglson says:

    i would hardly have called arizonas Oline with an undrafted rookie at center as “good”.

  5. i couldn’t agree more, the arizona o line was in terrible condition when we played them yet we struglled. playing at home helps but i think it’s the game plan two. once is luck, twice is a coincidence and three times is a pattern. hopefully this third game in a row can prove that we can rush the qb well

  6. JazBadAzz says:

    Hass not practicing could be a good thing because, Seneca can get his reps in with the 1st team. Besides the rams seem to take alot of cheap shots on Matt. If Seneca does have a great game and throw lasers around the feild (like I’ve read he was doing lately) than that seems to be perfect trade bait when the draft comes around next year or move him to WR and let Bobby Engram go because of the lack of explosion. Hopefully Charlie will be ready to step into the backup QB role. He got to get healthy down the stretch and peak at the right time so we can dominate through the playoffs. Imagine Shaun comes back and he’s a beast, nobody is stopping us!

  7. Chris de Lemos says:

    In the Arizona game Leinart was doing an amazing job of getting the ball out of there before taking a sack.

    It was very frustrating to watch the day he was having. It was a “bend but not break” offensive outing for them. I do not expect Kurt Warner to have the same success. Yes, he is a veteran.. but he is also notorious for holding it just a *bit* too long. Against the ‘Hawks that will be to his demise.

    Go Hawks!

  8. Chris – that assumes that Warner hasn’t been knocked out for the year before we play them.

  9. “In the Arizona game Leinart was doing an amazing job of getting the ball out of there before taking a sack.”

    Exactly. He threw the ball a split second before the Defender sacked him on numerous occasions – and often for a big play. It was surprising how quickly he fell after that game.

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    warner doesnt do very well against us. personally i think tapp will t-off on him. what we really need to do is make sure we protect hass in the pocket. hawks 45 cards 13

  11. Chris de Lemos says:

    I knew Leinart would end the year on IR after watching them play the first game against the 49’rs.

    Wiz runs that offense like he has Big Ben behind the line. Leinart is a pocket passer. He can run the occasional bootleg and move around in the pocket a little bit but he’s not going to make plays on his legs or take the hits that Roethlisberger can.

    That is why they have had trouble keeping the guy consistent under center in Arizona this year. Roethlisberger is a very unique QB. He has the size and talent to make big plays and take hits – often completing a miracle pass while a line backer is wrapped around his waist. He’s also deceptively fast for such a big guy.

    Leinart is not a mobile QB – and he has the skillset to succeed as a pure pocket passer. I hope he’s working with his agent on a trade to a team that could use him during the upcoming offseason.

  12. c_hawkbob says:

    In your experience Frank? In your whole 5 months of experience with Holmgren press conferences you’ve decided that you can “interpret” him for us?

    Come on, I’ve been listening to Holmgren press conferences since his Green Bay days and when he says a player is doing “fine” it means that the player is playing well enough to keep his position but still has things he needs to work on, which is generally true for 90% of the starting roster. [i]Nobody[/i] grades out at 100% (except Walter Jones, once), but the fact that Holmes doesn’t wax effusive about a players talent doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like how that player is playing. It could … but it could also mean that the players development is at a stage wherein it would be in that players best interest not to hear his coach wax effusively about him.

    Don’t sell Holmgren short, while not above a little disinformation here and there he’s generally thoughtful and considerate of the answers he gives to the press and even seems to care that his intended meaning was understood by whomever he is addressing. But he is not so simple as to be decodable in black and white as in “if he says this he really means that. For while that may be true in one instance it may be completely off the mark in the next. But in every instance his motivations are what he sees as best for the player and for the team.

  13. bustinheads says:

    You have to remember, C-HawkBob – Frank didn’t know the game of football existed before he was reasssigned to the Seahawks – he does know a lot about the Sonics tho – Frank, the Seahawks have fans that won’t back down to anybody…you have to learn that ;-)…
    BUT, I will give you credit for doing this well so fast (after all you are a SPORTS WRITER.

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