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  1. Frank, did you catch Brock before morning coffee? Both of you sound a little sleepy.

  2. dionthreed says:

    It sounds like they are on the sideline of practice, so they are probably trying to be quiet enough not to disrupt practice.

  3. Sure, sure, find the LOGICAL reason for it.

  4. no offense or disrespect to Brock or Frank or anyone, but is anyone else sick of the term “something to hang your hat on” ????


    its fun having audio to listen to at work. Less obvious to the people walking by than, say, NFL films…

  5. Hey Frank,

    I was just wondering if Strong is still with the ‘Hawks? After his retirement, did he pack it all in and go home to his fam….or has he been sticking around and helping coach Weaver and the bunch? If so, to what capacity is his role?

  6. How many people are actually watching this game over the Pats / Colts game?

    I’m probably going to Tivo it and watch it in between Pats / Colts commercials, halftime and after that game is over.

  7. cititravis says:

    I will be watching this game. I care more about the Hawks fixing their problems and making a serious run than I do an overhyped regular season game. Do you really think Peyton or Tom feel like this is the Super Bowl? It will be a good game but will not get me to turn off the Seahawks.

  8. Frank Hughes says:

    Mack is around, though he does not appear to be super involved from what I can tell, at least not during practice. Mostly he hangs with Shaun and Leonard and Mo, though I am sure he is offering advice. It was funny because one day we were in the locker room and Mack came out of the shower. And a few reporters commented on the fact that Mack is in this weird position where he is no longer a player because he retired, so should he be showering with the players if he is a coach? But he also is not, as far as I can tell, a full-time coach, at least the Seahawks have not announced him as one. So what is he in terms of what is appropriate protocol regarding that coach-player separation?

  9. I’m watching the hawks game. I could care less who wins the pats/colts game. I care that the hawks win their game.

  10. kinger12 says:

    Pats/Colts don’t they have their own blog? luisc – Why don’t you go hang out over there. If the Hawks are playing we are watching – then either TIVO the pats/colts or wait for all the additional stuff during the week when the NFL network will rebroadcast with all the witty and stirring quotes from Bearcheck and Dungy.

  11. Frank

    The appropriate protocol is whatever helps the hawks out of thier funk. If having Strong shower and hang out with the players while offering advice/sorta coaching might help, then they’d be fools not to allow it. Strong is leader, and there is no way having him around in ANY capacity is a bad thing. For my two cents, I think the Hawks coaches and players like having Strong around, he’s a good guy: and he probably isnt ready to be at home watching games from the couch. The guy is just a part of the team fabric, and probably they are letting him ease out of his playing days…

  12. Mack is still under contract to the team and is on IR, he has said he’s retiring but have his retirement papers been filed yet? He’s still on the team and Seahawks player until the papers go in.

  13. Pats/Colts don’t they have their own blog?

    What does this even mean?

    I follow the Seahawks as closely as anyone but not blindly enough to miss the best game of the season.

  14. richveyor says:

    I too am going to watch the Seahawks game and check in on the over hyped game which happens to be the second game on cbs double header here in Reno where we always get the 49ers and Raiders. There will be some upset Raider fans here. Oh well. Thank God for NFL Sunday Ticket. Go Seahawks!

  15. “So what is he in terms of what is appropriate protocol regarding that coach-player separation? ”

    I doubt that anyone cares except reporters.

    “…hang your hat on” is a lot better than “it is what it is”. That one is really getting tiresome.

  16. rbuzby–

    yeah, but I assume everyone is sick of “it is what it is.” That is just a lazy, spineless way to avoid invoking any sort of thought, and a good way to avoid a real answer. I notice #37 and Holmgren are CONSTANT offenders.

    You are what you are.
    It is what it is.

    Barf barf.

    I will be Hawk watching.

  17. rbuzby

    Remember Knoxisms? “You play the hand you’re dealt”, etc? At least he never said “At the end of the day…”!

    I am still trying to understand why people think Patsies/Dolts will be the game of the year. Look at Monday night football–most overhyped games end up being slop-fests or blowouts. I’d rather watch reruns of the hawks sucking in New Orleans. Bad hawks games are better than any other nfl games, although Farve’s OT TD was pretty damn cool.

  18. navy_at_3 says:

    drmossguy….its fun having audio to listen to at work. Less obvious to the people walking by than, say, NFL films…

    Now THATS something to hang your hat on!

  19. navy_at_3 says:


    Oh im sure the colts/pats game will be replayed next wednesday on NFL Network. If you have digital Comcast, you get that channel for free (or at least i do) Its in the 100’s amongst the HD channels.

  20. navy_at_3 says:

    When STRONG retired he said he would stick around the team. Seems like he is honoring that and i respect that. He could of taken a month off or so but he didnt do that. His advice is GOLD as he has been there done that when the Hawks had crappy lines before. This guy IMHO knows how to win games or what it takes to win games.

    STRONG is one of those guys you wish to never see leave the game/team. I hope the hawks pick him up next year or later this year as a players coach. That can be done right?

  21. PapaHawk says:

    lusic, in fact the Colts/Pats game not only has its own blog, but it has its own website and its own television network: ESPN. In fact, they have more than one channel. If I didn’t know any better, you’d think there was only one game on this week in the NFL.

    However, knowing better, I’ll be watching the Hawks game and enjoying it, pulling my hair out, or whatever. I’m sure that whether I want to or not, I’ll be aware of every big play in the “game of the decade”.

    Go Hawks, I sure hope that Branch is able to play, and hopefully Pork Chop will road-grade on Sunday to help the Hawks to victory!

    by the way, on Colts/Pats radio network I heard Boomer Esiason pick the Browns to beat the Hawks- 24-17. Anyone else confused by the Browns holding the Hawks to only 17 points?

  22. Surf Hawk says:

    Thanks for posting up the chat with Brock. Always a good time.

  23. Heraclitus says:

    Knoxisms? Wow, that’s been awhile. One question, though–can you hang your hat on the hand you’re dealt, or does that only work if it is what it is at the end of the day?

    Man, this stuff is better than Newspeak.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I have a few questions for you Frank: how is Womack doing as part of the offensive line? Is there any discernible difference in how they play as a unit when he’s subbing in for Sims or Gray? Are the rest of the linemen stepping up their play now that Holmgren’s sent the message?

  24. That was indeed a fine finish to the MNF game. If the Hawks don’t go to the SB, I would like to see Favre there again. He has had an incredible career in the NFL and it would be great to see him rewarded with another SB appearance. One thing about Favre, he always looks like some crusty old f@rt from the back woods of Mississippi.

  25. navy_at_3 says:

    pilot agreed.

  26. jmatt8711 says:

    I might,might, take a peek during time-outs at the pats/colts game,
    But I would never dream of not watching the hawks over any other game.

    Im sure luisc will switch to re-runs of CSI ig the hawks lose this week.
    Im in it for the long haul,,,,,,go HAWKS,,,,My Hawks.

  27. nighthawk2 says:

    Yeah, a bad football game is a better than a good football game. That’s great logic. By the way leshthomas, the Seahawks sucked IN Seattle against New Orleans, not IN New Orleans. Let’s see, watching two undefeated teams (first time in NFL history that’s happened halfway through the season) with some bad blood between them one of which is going to be in the Super Bowl, or two 4-3 teams that haven’t beaten a good team where one has a crappy defense playing a team with a crappy offense. Decisions, decisions…

  28. Heraclitus

    It is what it is, you play the hand youre dealt—then you hang your hat on it at the end of the day!

  29. Nighthawk2

    Uh, are you forgetting the logic that says our team is playing, and we are rooting for them? Or are you one of those guys who likes three teams–the Hawks and wichever two teams are ESPN’s favorite flavor of the year?
    Youre welcome to watch any game you like, I just dont understand it…I certainly hope the Hawks dont play bad football this sunday–It looks to be a good game to me. I just cant give a rip about any other team if the hawks are on…but thats me.

    And yes, I meant when they played New Orleans, not IN New Orleans. Speedtyping sucks.

  30. Heraclitus says:


    Well played, sir.

  31. UT Hawk says:

    Since I’m not lucky enough to live where the Hawks are on local TV every week, I have to go to a bar to watch. So I’ll be able to watch the Hawks game AND the Pats/Colts game.

    Also, someone said that MNF never lives up to the same kind of hype. The thing is, ESPN has a personal stake in how many people watch MNF so of course they’re going to hype it up each week. They NEED to hype MNF. This game (Pats/Colts) is totally different. These are two phenominal teams meeting for the first time this season (likely to meet again in playoffs) and are undefeated. This absolutely is the game of the season, but I’ll be paying more attention to Seattle than the game in Indy…


  32. GeorgeOhWell says:

    Unless you drink the Kool Aid and get thrown under the bus.

  33. footballscaa says:

    Here’s a Brock Huard analysis: How to look like Frankenstien in a tie. Puttin’ on the ritz!

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