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Holmgren on the running game

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 31, 2007 at 1:36 pm with 40 Comments »
October 31, 2007 1:36 pm

Mike Holmgren was asked about the running game, and he was careful to say that there is not one person or thing to blame.

“I would like to caution everybody. When it is not working, there are lightning rods and people you want to identify as the problem, whether it is the coach, whoever. This is not that clear-cut. We have high expectations, and that is where it starts. If you don’t meet those expectations, then fans are disappointed, I am disappointed, everyone is disappointed. So then you try to study and figure out what the problem is. What we came away with is that you can’t just take this guy and move him over here and everything will be fine. That is not the way this is working. That is not the way this analysis came out. So, what do you do? I am just trying to stir it up a little bit, hit on some different combinations, light a little bit of a fire, get somebody to study a little bit more or whatever it is. It is not just the line, it is not just the backs, it is kind of a combination of stuff right now. Based on the fact that we have high expectations for what we think we should be able to do. We are going to do that, we are going to mix and match just a little bit and stumble onto something that works a little bit better for us. It might be something as simple as we had the week off, let’s get going, we start playing better again. Sometimes that works. If we start playing really a lot better, I am going to come up with really a great theory on what I thought about it and how I made that happen.”

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  1. i know there are words there, hughes-man, but all i read was, “blah blah blah blah blah blah.” same ol’ coach-speak.

  2. IDHawkman says:


    Good point. When I was done reading I was thinking that Holmgren’s back side is not spectacular enough for him to be playing Ostrich with his head in a hole.

    My gosh, when will he wake up? The entire football world knows a couple of issues that are wrong, why doesn’t he?

    Actually what I think he’s saying is that there are no other alternatives than the personnel he has starting right now.

  3. turboskylinegtr says:

    “If we start playing really a lot better, I am going to come up with really a great theory on what I thought about it and how I made that happen.” HAHAHAHAHA

    He didnt say anything worthwhile because hes just being diplomatic and maybe doesnt want other teams to know where the weak point lies, who knows..

  4. I completely agree with you Airbags & IDhawkman.

    It’s actually a little bit frustrating to me. I think it’s frustrating to a lot of us, when such a big issue as the offensive line AND the running game…2/3 of our offense…is kind of brushed away…and seems to be an afterthought for Holmy.

    I don’t doubt that they are working on it, but I think we all want to see a commitment to Holmgren on this subject. This in the NFL, not flag football…come out, address the issue to it’s face…and go tackle it. Whatever the problem may be, lack of discipline, lack of effort, individual efforts(Chris Gray & Shaun Alexander)….whatever that may be…do something about it.

    If it’s Gray, recognize that and do something about it. There are worse guards out there than Gray, but due to well planned schemes….the flaws are protected. If it’s Alexander not being tough enough, then forget about his contract, bench him and put in someone who will put forth the effort to gain us some yards and seize any opportunity. If it’s the entire line’s lack of effort or discipline…then you work them physically until they understand or are throwing up on the field.

    Do something that will make a difference and will show on the field….please.


  5. I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t know where thing are going wrong.Correct me if I’m wrong, it can only be one of three places. Blocking,play calling,running.Blocking is it in the line,WR’s,FB?Play calling,Thats all on Holmgren.Running Is Alexander giving 100%?,is he giving up on the holes?If I’m not wrong there isn’t alot to look at to find out what hell is going on.I also believe Coach Holmgren stays with players to long he is a players coach he will stick with someone past the time of let go.That can be a bad idea sometimes.

  6. navy_at_3 says:

    your right airbags… bla bla bla…

    Please Holme really thinks he can pull one over seattle fans?


    L. Weaver has 5.7 average yards per attempt with 12 total 68 yards on the year(basicly 3 games and no its not in garbage time)

    M. Mo has 3.9 average yards per attempt with 19 attempts with 74 yards on the year.(remember he was injured and wasnt even in the lineup for i think 4 games.) In the last game against the then 27th ranked rushing D STL, he had 10 attempts, 42 yards 4.2 per attempt.


    $hauni has 3.4 average, 138 attempts, 460 yards total.

    See a pattern?

    It’s not all about the O (line)

    BTW, Steven Jackson averages 3.6 yards per attempt, 77 attempts, 274 yards total. And STL’s O line really does suck… oh btw they lost yet another O lineman to injuries.

    It’s high time that M.MO or heck even Weaver start sharing more carries with $haunie as it’s clear that those two produce when used.

    Side note. Against STL, Mo MO had 10 attempts 42 yards rushing.
    $haunie had 19 attempts, 47 yards rushing. Again against the then 27th ranked rushing D. Now we face the 30th rushing D.

    Anyone else think that Mo.MO needs more attempts then just 10 in a game? BTW 10 attempts was his highest in this season.

  7. cititravis says:


    nice stats but go rewatch the game Mo got most of his yards on 2 carries. Shaun would have added about 40 yards to his totals if not for spencer and falling down in a huge hole right in front of him and getting a holding call. Or when he had a 20 yard run called back for a locklear hold after he had already cleared the hole. I went as far to tivo and watch all the running plays and yes MO gets some good yards but he also misses some cutback lanes and gets stuffed. SA has not gotten as many tough yards but is playing with a broken wrist and anyone wh says he did not ru hard in the last two game needs to rewatch the game or get their eyesight checked. The O-Line has played very below average in the run game. They have been above average in the pass game I think. We are missing the nastiness that we had with Hutch and we need to find that soon.

  8. cititravis says:

    Oh and I like spencer but please stay on your feet when pulling!

  9. star4343 says:

    Trick Weaver has 5.7 ypc avg with 12 carries 68 yards but 36 came on one run. Wiht it he is 11 for 31 unver 3 ypc.

    Trick MO is 19 attempts for 79 for a 3.9 avg but 21 came on one carry so he is 18 for 58 for 3.2 ypc

    SA has 123 for 460 yards but 22 of them came on 1 carry take that away and he is 122 for 438 for 3.6 ypc adn even if we take away 2 big carries which teh secodn would be a 16 yarder SA is 121 for 432 for 3.6 ypc

    The point is with the exception of a run here adn there th eo-lien is not doing anything.

    Oh and as far as MO agains the Rams yup 10 for 42 except 21 cam on one play toher than that he was 9 for 21 for 2.3 ypc.

    Like I said the o-line is not opening holes consistantly and all our RBs are showing it.

    It is high time MH fizes th eo-lien since it is obvious they are the biggest problem we have.

  10. Blah, blah, blah, I don’t know how to fix it, because I don’t know what’s wrong, blah, blah.

    Hey coach, have you noticed they aren’t blocking anyone on running plays?

  11. seattlelaw says:

    Holmgren dosen’t understand the game anymore–that simple.

    The linebackers are so fast; the safetys are such quick reads; running the ball in the first half doesn’t work for anybody. Maybe with a dominating offsensive line; a Mac Strong in his prime blocking back; but nobody in the league has that combination any more.

    The most effective offense in the league is throwing the ball 66% of the time; that only because they run the ball more in the second half. Like it or not, the only way the Seattle offense works is completing high percentage passes, particularly in the first half.

    That’s how you have to do it. Wasting downs runing the ball a yard or two on first or second down just insures you won’t move the chains and keep your defense off the field.

  12. It’s always amusing to come to a blog like this and get the experts’ insights into what Holmgren is really saying, why he is saying it, and what he doesn’t understand about football, especially his own team.

    I’m sure that’s why these experts get paid the big bucks, and how they got their team to the Super Bowl. They know so much more. They are absolutely certain that this coach who has had the best W-L record in the NFC over the last 5 years has absolutely no reason to answer questions in a vague way. He definitely doesn’t know more than they do.

  13. What Holmgren is saying is simply that it’s more than 1 thing. Let me translate for you:

    1. Sims and Spencer are new. They screw up and mis-read things and make mistakes. They are rookies, what are you going to do? They won’t get better on the bench, they just have to play more.

    2. Locklear and Jones are fine. They’re not perfect, but most of the time they do well.

    3. Gray is an old bugger who messes up a lot, but if you take him out the 2 rookies to the left of him will make more mistakes. Spencer may well need Gray there to make the right calls.

    4. Alexander is running poorly.

    5. The TEs don’t always make their blocks (Pollard in particular)

    6. The WRs miss their blocks regularly.

    With the WR situation, teams can stack the run and single cover the recievers.

    So, what would you like him to do? He’s not going to say all this stuff, because then he has to single out guys to the press. He doesn’t do that unless people have a good game.

    Replacing Alexander won’t help much, but we will see Morris more. When Hackett and Branch get healthy, that will help also.

    Watch for Chop to play RG occasionally this week. Holmgren rotated guys into the OL last year, he may do some more of that. I’d look for Willis to play some once he’s healthy. I expect him to experiment with that, but he’s not going to replace a starter yet.

    In this case, I think Mike is playing it right.

  14. navy_at_3 says:

    You can’t simply just take away yards to prove a point using statistics. “take away that 21 yard run and mo did….” Did he or did he not get 21 yards? Did he earn those 21 yards… or was it just given to him after the game to make his stats look better? Fact is he earned them rushing hard. This guy has more heart and soul (and speed) then $haunie does. NO mo is not a cutback type of runner… otherwise he’d be exactly where $haunie is right now, piss poor runner (with the O line and WR/TE not giving anyone a chance to cut back). Mo has always been a south to north type of runner. He uses his quickness and speed to get through the small and often times closing up quickly holes. Remember, this guy has very limited catches/experience. Given the oppt. i believe he can get the yardage even if you take away “one play here, one play there”.

    I’d like to see a split RB (oh yeah.. just like all the other teams are doing). Two diff. style of RB’s, two diff. style rushing games. Imagine the D trying to figure that one out.

    Take a look at all the teams that use a legit split RB in their games. 99% of them are winning and winning their Div.

  15. PapaHawk says:

    I’m done thinking about our running game. Its not my job, and never will be, its HOlmy’s. You know what? He’s not going to throw his players under the bus individually, ever. The opponent knows where our line is weak because they see it on film and they are professionals, whereas, we are not. All we can do is hope. We in fact, are prisoners of hope. So, HOPEFULLY, the running game will get on track at some point this year. Shaun is not the problem by himself. Neither is Chris Spencer. Its a cumulative effort that involves a lot of inconsistency.

    That is similar to telling you the weather for this week:

    variable cloud covers with a 30% chance of precipitation and occasional sunbreaks. Did I commit to anything? Not really. Neither did Holmgren.

  16. ” your right airbags… bla bla bla… ”

    The only way to win this game is for our Offense to have long drives and score points.

    Cleveland can score against us. They have a big O-line, QB Derek Anderson is good, very mobile, and is 6’6″ and 230.

    WR Braylon Edwards.. 6’3″ 215 …………. Kelly Jennings 5’10 180
    WR Joe Jurevicius….. 6’5″ 232 ………. Marcus Trufant 5’11 195
    TE Kellen Winslow.. 6’4″ 250…….VS….. Josh Wilson 5’9 192
    TE Steve Heiden.. 6’5″ 275
    RB Jamal Lewis.. 5’11 245
    FB Lawerence Vickers.. 6’0″ 252…………….Small Defensive Line

    Holmgrens … bla bla bla… better work on our Offense because Clevelands Offense can score on us, and we need to outscore them to win.

  17. star4343 says:

    You can take away yards if it proves a point if mo was so good and great with his “heart”, by the way remind me when he has played hurt? Answer never, Shaun has played hurt so much for heart. As I was saying if mo avg 4 ypc but most of that comes on one run then that means for one run he is great for the rest he stunk it up. SO with mo we get 2 ypc for 9 carries and then one big one, that still doe snot score. Wow that shows..nothing. It further proves my point about the o-line. With the exceptions of a few runs her eand there the o-line is doing nothing and the stats and facts show none of our rbs are doign well. Last year MO got his chance and did nothing. The point is you hate Shaun so anyone is better but the facts show you are wrong and the o-line is the biggest problem.

  18. Sharpclaw says:

    cititravis: I agree with you. IMO, part of the problem is attitude.
    We’re lacking a consistent attitude on the OL due to the personalities
    of the players that replaced OC Tobeck and OG Hutchinson. OG Dielman
    would have brought that to the OL; but we struck out. That’s one of
    the things that is making it so difficult on the coaching staff to
    get the run game in gear. It’s not enought to have the physical
    ability or even to execute, you gotta love to run block. Just like
    FB M. Strong used to love to run block. It’s gotta be in your blood.

  19. navy_at_3 says:

    “The point is you hate Shaun so anyone is better but the facts show you are wrong and the o-line is the biggest problem.”

    I dont hate $haun, i have him on my fantasy football team. I hate what he’s doing this year (sitting down quicker and more often before getting tackled. With his “great” vision he often runs into the O line for no gain or loss of yards.

    Tell me when the last time $haunie had a big gain this year?

    I’m not defending the Oline by any means. They are as consistant as the weather in seattle. What i am saying is the diff. styles between $haunie and Mo. One is east to west, the other is south to north.

    I’m not saying start MO in place of $haunie. I’m saying split the carries up more then they are doing now. STL game showed a glimpse of what MO can do when given just 10 attempts. BTW, most RB’s do get little gains here, little gains there… a big gain here… little here little there. That’s how the run game works. You jab at the D line then give them the ole 1-2 punch!

    Likewise you can’t use last year’s MO starting as an example of “how bad he is”. Our O line last year was just as bad as STL’s lineup this year where only 1 person on the whole O team started all season long. Not to mention most of those games last year we were using 3-4 WR’s each down. That’s not going to help any RB.

    bottom line, split carries and improve blocking upfield.

  20. QB_Sneak says:

    I’m sorry Frank, I tried to read the comments. I saw words, but all I can hear is “blah blah blah”. Bunch of arm chair coaches who know more than a HOF coach with access. Whatev.

    Does anyone think it would be either productive or professional of Mike to stand in a press conf and call out specific players? Throw his Line or his RB under a bus? Does anyone here have any PR skills? You toe the line, everything is fine, don’t worry, one game at a time.

    If you’re expecting honesty from a PRESS conference, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  21. doubledink says:


    Spot on. Some fans think the place for the coach to work on his problem areas is the press room.

    A bunch of welder’s helpers who think they are in the same league with professional coaches. Chuck Knox used to just love their type. Oh well, fans… go figure.

  22. jcoleman says:

    LVHawk- last time I checked Josh Wilson doesn’t play the nickel position and usually a corner isn’t covering the TE, it’s usually a safety or a OLB.

    Clevland has no better offense than Tampa Bay.

    And will people stop whining about Holmgren not throwing people under the bus. YOU ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL SCOUTS, COACHES, or COMMENTATORS. You don’t know more than people on the Seahawks staff, so stop acting like you do. If you did, I’m pretty sure you could get a job working for at least the crappy Huskies.

    How about everyone just shut up until Sunday, watch the game and then go complain to your girlfriend or wife about how your smarter than a Hall of Fame coach.

  23. As I have said before, the primary problem of the running game is piss-poor blocking. However, Shaun’s tepid, unagressive running style (which has gotten progressively worse since ’05) contributes as well…in a way I had a hard time putting my finger on. After finally figuring it out, I also recognized the flaw as the the primary source of the rabid irritation that is building among the fans.

    Essentialy, a football game can be broken down into a series of violent altercations between each individual and his opponent on the field. Each altercation (play) has a winner and loser defined by who physically dominated the other. Even a small amount of fear or doubt will give one’s opponent a huge advantage in these match-ups. If one opponent concede’s ANY advantage or weakness, his opponent will now have the psychological upper-hand.

    This is why most players will go to any length not to let on they were hurt on a play – bouncing up right after a collosal hit…or walking off the field with a concussion or knee injury.

    For any runningback to be successful in their “battle” with opposing defences, they must apply a key psychological tool: punishing a tackler. Jim Brown used to brag about his knees as weapons – about how they struck terror into all would-be tacklers. By being an easy (soft) tackle, Shaun Alexander imparts no fear into the opposition, and thus, no hesitancy…no pause. A linebacker knows there is no price to pay when taking on Alexander, and can attack with reckless impunity.

    Maybe Shaun doesn’t understand this sublety, but it is putting him (and the Seahawks!) at a serious disadvantage. Do his coaches have the guts/authority to clue him in on this…or do they bite their tongues because he’s a one-time MVP and the franchise’s feature back?

    Until Alexander re-asserts the physical, punishing side of being a running back – forcing defenders to THINK, he will never again do the things he once did.

  24. navy_at_3 says:


    for October, $haunie is just rushing 2.43 yards per carry. This number has declined from SEPT’s output. He has 107 yards on 44 carries with 0 TDs.

    Please tell me if it’s the O line’s fault, why it was better and got worse?

    Desslok SPOT ON! I for one totally believe $huanie is clueless. Remember his interview about the running problem? He actually thought he was running to hard and to quick for the O line.

    This is why i say MO has more heart. From what i see he doesnt care if he gets hit. His goal is to get yards and punish the D.

    BTW are you a coach for an nfl team? apperantly you have to be one to post a comment in this blog for which it was set up for.

    Look guys, you dont have to be a Coach to know and point out the obvious.

  25. DarthKripple says:

    The fact is it doesn’t matter who you put back there at this point the way the line blocks, It used to be, we could get 3-4 yards no matter who was in the game and that was a consistent margin

    The Reason I say Mo’s average per carry is crap is because he earned it on two runs where the blocking was good. On 8 other runs the blocking was bad and he got less than a yard. That isn’t a consistent 3-4 YPC average at all.

    I might be willing to completely blame Alexander if mo was consistently getting yardage and moving the line of scrimmage better than Alexander, but he isn’t. Leonard Weaver isn’t a fast first step back either and without blocking he won’t be any better, in fact, he may be much worse.

  26. navy_at_3 says:

    Again, when was the last time $haunie broke off a large gain like mo has done (as you said twice)?

    What’s different when MO got his big runs and the O line blocked.

    Why isnt that done all the time?

    See my point?

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    jcoleman, your wife/gf leave you? geez get a grip. this sight is here for us as fans/armchair coaches to vent and post our opinions, if you dont like it go away.

    2 keys to the game; 1. which defense shows up, if we get pressure on anderson it’s over if…..
    2. hass has a solid game and we can manage enough yards on the ground to keep the d honest .

    as far as the backs go shaun is a better cut back runner, mo is a better n/s runner and weaver is the best reciever out of the backfeild.
    i am not putting this on anyone other than the coach it’s his responsibility to fix problems. if his game plan is better than the other coaches we win if not we strugle. same on d if we gameplan right we kill the qb.

    WHAT I HEAR HOLMGREN SAYING IS NOT BLAH BLAH BLAH, I HEAR HIM SAYING”HOW THE HELL DO I FIX THIS” in my opinion the problem is the team can forget how to play with an agressive attitude.i would rather them n
    knock some teeth out and lose then watch them rollover and play dead.

  28. DarthKripple says:

    He had a 16 yard run against San Fransico and Had a 3.2 YPC avg. with 25 runs. A lot of things go in to making the running game successful, not the least of which for the west coast offense is the short passing game.

    If you look at the Tamapa Bay game thru the san fransisco games. The short passing game really kept the defense honest enough to Allow Shaun to compensate because he was able to find open space because LBs couldn’t sit on the run.

    The run wasn’t great in our first five games, it was just that the passing game was great until the Steeler game. The passing game has been no where near as solid as it was early. So it isn’t that the line has gotten worse necessarily, just that the passing game was covering up a lot of the issues by making it impossible not to play off the LOS

  29. navy_at_3 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma couldnt agree with you any more. Your 100% dead on.

    DarthKripple Are you $haunie in disguise? What seahawks team are you watching? Shaunie’s best running games were week 1 thru 4.

    The last 5 games shaunie has 90 attempts 285 yards and 3.2 average. Remember, in OCT he has a 2.7 avg and 107 yards… so guess where he had his good games… in SEP.
    Week 3 he had 100 yards 4.8 avg on 21 carries.
    Week 4 he had 78 yards but only 3.1 avg on 27 carries.
    The next week was PIT. 11 attempts, 25 yards. since then he has done shiza. Pits was the first game in OCT.

    Tell me the running game was crap the first part of the season again.

    And the passing game? Matt is 11th in the NFL with most yards, 1705. The PITS game killed his stats otherwise Matt would be around 5th or 4th with 1800+ yards.

    Matt is also 11th with 243.6 yards per game in the NFL.

    TD’s? Matt is 8th place with 11 td’s on the season. He’s only 6 TD’s away from second place amongst all QB’s.

    QB rating? he is 14th with 88.7 (down from 2005 season) but still decent. 3 QB’s ahead of him with better QB ratings havnt played as many games is matt has.

    INT’s? He only has 6 on the season. Palmer, D Anderson, j Kitna, B Farve all have more INT’s then Matt… and i think we all would agree they have great passing games.

    No sir, dispite our WR’s having problems staying healthy and the young WR’s having to test their knowledge on what they were tought on the practice field (most likely playing with second team) our passing game is not only above average, it’s pretty decent!

    Also you mentioned west coast O. STL game in recent weeks is probably the closest we have come to playing anything that resembles what a west cost O is where our TE was involved and picked up 2 TD’s (like the old days) IMHO (gotta add that otherwise people will yell at me lol).

    I really honestly believe if we get into a passing contest with CLE that we may come close to losing. That’s why i have the score at 31, 27. However, I think our chances of winning will be ten fold if we break out running first, and running with authority (like the golden years.. 2005 season).

    BTW who had the third most receiving yards in 2005 for seahawks? He was only 140 yards from being second most yards and was second for most TD’s. (it will surprise you).

  30. navy_at_3 says:

    DarthKripple oh yeah.. im still wondering when the last time shaunie had a big gain. im talking about breaking 20 yards.

    The point was… he hasnt done it in a long time (nearly 5 weeks) yet MO has done it recently. What gives? what’s the difference? it’s still the same O line. Now do you see my point?

  31. MoMo was 3.9 ypc for the games he covered for Shaun last season, which is what he’s averaging now. In other words, we have seen his high watermark. I’d like to think Shaun has yet to hit his high watermark for this season. If he doesn’t, they’re both bad and both need to go – I don’t see a point in dropping bad production in order to replace it with…bad production.

  32. navy_at_3 says:

    Regis your right and wrong imho. More then 1/2 of the NFL teams this year would die to have a RB that averages 3.9 yards per carry. 5.6 seems to be the high (set by A Peterson). B Jacobs has 5.2 avg. LT has 4.4 avg.

    I agree with you, shaunie historicly has done alot better at the end of the season or should i say second half of the season which is now.

    I’m just saying… bottom line…. the both our RB’s should be splitting carries 60/40. I think the production would be better then having shaunie carrie 90% of the times, comma dramatic pause, for right now. My point was it’s NOT ALL ABOUT THE O. For sure it’s apart of it, but shaunie’s game just isnt the same. That’s my point.

  33. DarthKripple says:

    And I’m saying, I can’t be sure of that when Spencer can’t set initial blocks and Chris Gray gets smoked on every snap and Rob Sims lets Linebackers into the backfield because he’s not seeing his assignments

    If the Line is consistent and MoMo who’s reportedly healthy can gain 3 yards a carry “Consistently” I will not blame Shaun until that point

  34. I believe the PROBLEM is the GENERAL MANAGER. And Holmgren has been told to deal with it.

  35. Wait! The Browns and the Bengles got into a slug fest right! and didn’t we beat the Bengles?. Didn’t we hold their Two WR to dink and dunks? I don’t think we are going to beat the Browns like we did the Rams but we are going to win. And if my memory serves me well the Browns didn’t stomp the Rams like we did.

  36. SupaFreak says:

    navy_at_3, Shaun had 1 big game in the last game, just like MO, but his was called back because of a hold. It was a 20 yarder or so. He also had an 8-10 yarder called back by a holding call. So two decent runs that would have changed his average significantly and gotten the whole team more confident in the running game were called back because of O-line mistakes. Mo was just fortunate a hold wasn’t called on his 20 yard run.

  37. navy_at_3 says:

    Dark your not getting the point.

    if… “And I’m saying, I can’t be sure of that when Spencer can’t set initial blocks and Chris Gray gets smoked on every snap and Rob Sims lets Linebackers into the backfield because he’s not seeing his assignments”… happens all the time, how in the world does MO ever break off a huge gain? and do it more then shaunie?

  38. navy_at_3 says:

    SuperFreak… i hear what your saying and yeah that would have been great (would have being key words).

    Why didnt the O line get called for a holding call when MO broke it lose? U think that the holding started well before shaunie broke it lose? Then didnt get called till after he was down field?

    The point is there seems to be a different chemistry between shaunie and the O and MO and the O. Now im sure all is ok up front and im just speculating but perception is everything in football.

  39. DarthKripple says:

    Let’s put mo in, because I sure enjoyed his 8 carries for less than a yard against the rams. Lets do that, so idiots can shut their traps about the oline, but then, somehow they’ll twist the truth and tell us how “Shaun was always awful, you guys should all hate him.”


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