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Friday’s practice

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 19, 2007 at 1:57 pm with 20 Comments »
October 19, 2007 1:57 pm

Mike Holmgren is still noncommittal about the status of DJ Hackett, though I am still guessing that Hackett will not play. It only makes sense for them to allow him to get an additional week of rest with the bye week coming up, then throwing Hackett and Deion Branch back out there at the same time.

I spoke with Bobby Engram about his thoughts on being so productive as a starter, then knowing that he is going to be go back to a reduced role when Branch and Hackett come back. I will post the entire interview later, but he said it does not bother him. He just wants to take advantage of whatever opportunities he gets. He also said he likes being moved around from flanker to slot during a game because it doesn’t allow defenders to get a beat on him and sometimes they lose track of him altogether.

Holmgren said he does not necessarily tailor his game plan knowing that Marc Bulger has two injured ribs. They do the game plan knowing that he is a talent who is capable of hurting them. If they can bang him around early, sure, Holmgren said, that helps, but they do not specifically say he has two hurts ribs so let’s go after him.

Special teams was a point of emphasis this week, and the players need to know that opponents have gotten their hands on far too many kicks (punts and field goals) this season.

A few humorous notes from practice: With Brandon Mebane starting, and a rookie, the veterans now make him bark (either like a seal or a dog, your choice) when he gathers together the huddle. It is pretty funny to watch and listen to him. Also, when rookie Josh Wilson comes in for a play, he has to put his arms out like wings and caw like a bird. I assume he is a Seahawk but who knows. Boys will be boys.

Notes from practice
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  1. snydro22 says:

    Haha, great stuff, Frank..

  2. IDHawkman says:

    DJ may be better off taking the next two weeks running himself back into playing shape. Being out for 5 or 6 weeks wihtout running and then throwing him into the lineup is not a good idea.

  3. Not sure this is the correct time to be doing that stuff… the team isn’t exactly on top of the world.

  4. bellinghawk says:

    I say if Mebane gets a sack the crowd should bark like a dog…and likewise if Wilson gets a pick we caw like a bird!

  5. I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t send a few blitzes early to go after Bulger and test those ribs out. It probably makes just too much sense so we won’t.

  6. IDHawkman says:

    Holmgren doesn’t game plan for the opponent’s weakness. He just does what he does with no consideration to what they are doing. It astonishes me. But that is also why he says, “they showed us something we haven’t seeen on film”. Ya think? Maybe they game plan for us and taylor their game for us.

  7. PapaHawk says:

    Do you really think that if Holmgren and his coaching staff had something “special” to welcome Bulger back into the lineup, that he’d share it with the media? there’s no doubt that the Hawks will want him to remember his ribs being injured.

    It’d be great to see Hackett out there, but with his history of injuries I’d rather see him get back into the lineup when he was ready to be a big time contributor. We’ll be fine with Courtney and Nate in there this week.

  8. The bottom line is that the game rests on the DL shoulders. If they don’t get pressure, the Hawks won’t win.

  9. I maintain that when the Hawks win, its in spite of Mike Holmgren.

    This is the same Mike Holmgren who was surprised by Reggie Bush’s speed.

    The same Mike Holmgren, super bowl winning coach who gets so much respect from some contributors here, who told the media before the Saints game they needed to respect that team despite their record, and then after the game said he wasn’t prepared for them. The same marvelous coach who has said more than a couple times this season that teams “showed them things they weren’t prepared for.”

    Coach Holmgren seems pretty unprepared to me. Therefore it would be interesting to see how he game plans for ANYONE.

    However, I still love me some Seahawks and look forward to a victory and taking over sole possession of the NFC West–despite the coach–this weekend.

  10. badicalturboradness says:

    I whole heartedly disagree with dhardw. There are 11 Seahawks on the field at a time and whether we win the game or not does not come down to just 4 of them. If our offense clicks, which might be a big if, we could easily put this game out of reach. I think that we out gun them easily this Sunday.
    The Ram’s O-line is decimated, their top running back is out, I am not worried about their rush attack. Their pass protection has also been poor, shown by Bulger’s broken ribs.
    Despite their offensive troubles, their defense is still the inferior of the 2 units. Now, we do tend to make bad teams look better then they are, but I don’t see this happening this week. The last couple years Hass has picked apart their secondary and SA is averaging over 100 yard against them. Seahawk/Rams games have recently been high scoring affairs, but they can’t hang with us this year. Watch for us to bring things together, play our first complete game of the year, and cruise into the bye week. Plus, I’m going to the game so they D@mn well better win!

  11. drmossguy, super funny stuff. Holmgren lucks his way on teams that are on their way to the SB, three times?

  12. Captain_Hawk says:

    “Big Show” needs to light a fire with the D and blitz all day long..funny how it works in San Fran

  13. I agree with drmossguy. One unprepaired, outcoached game could be overlooked because of Holmgren’s resume. But when it starts to become a recurring theme, there is a problem. The TV didn’t have to show his game plan, the rest of the league already knows it! It is time for Holmgren to get his act into gear and have this team ready for whatever the Rams throw at them.

  14. eaglehawk says:

    Watch for a turkey shoot against the Rams.
    This will be a breakout game.

  15. Motojunkie says:

    I’m afraid that we actually get the running game going this week.

    Think about it. It will prove nothing, and the team will believe that they have it (the run game) figured out. Then when they play a quality team and get their collective asses handed to them (in the run game) they will be back to scratching their heads.

    It will do nothing but delay the progress of the team.

  16. Yolohawk says:

    Moto, Don’t be afraid if our line acually opens some holes. Be afraid if SA two-steps(stutters) through and drops too soon.
    I agree with progressing the team. We have to be looking ahead as well as saying goodbye. Nothing too radical,,, or nothing at all if Matt is having another bad day(12 step drops/poor decisions). Too many bad days will erase the great start by Matt.

    I’m more afraid that our Dee flounders.
    We were hard hitting and swarming. Hopefully we’ll get back to that kind of play. It takes o’lot of pressure off of dancing Hass.

  17. calbuzz, no.

    Nothing to do with luck.

    Everything to do with style. And I believe his has been around too long.

    He was great, perhaps, as a coach, but I believe that time has passed.

    I do believe he is a terrific guy and he loves his players and assistants. And on top of that he does terrific things for the community along with his family. I believe he is great in many ways, but his coaching style seems predictable, tired, and somewhat surprised to still be in the NFL these days.

  18. I’m constantly amazed at the shallow depth of which posters on this blog read the comments of Seahawk players and coaches.

    Is it not self-evident that going after a player in attempt to re-injure him is not only a low moral standard, but primarily a low success percetage strategy and would effectively take away from what the defense would like to do in hopefully dictating the game (hopefully).

    Also, innocent (as opposed to cruel) rookie hazing is always good for team moral and we don’t need a bunch of guys ready to give up after a bad first half, or the like.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read a little into what is really going on.

  19. bobbyk03 says:

    Motojunkie — right on! We kill the winless Rams this weekend and then these punks of the last few weeks (oh, I forgot, “that wasn’t really them” out on the field — if it wasn’t the ‘Hawks, I don’t know who the hell it was) feel like they have things figured out. Then we get killed by a good team and wonder how the hell it happened. Derrr…

    I am almost all for the Numbskull approach of character first type of player… However, every once in awhile you need a dirtbag like Jared Allen of the Chiefs who has low moral standards but just goes crazy… If that (TALENTED) dirtbag had plenty of good guys around him it would be okay.

    Good case in point — Randy Moss this season.
    Bad case — Always have been, always will be dirtball TO.

  20. truehawk says:

    Yah, they need to have fun this year and still get down to business. I mean, they wont win again if they are all depressed after losses and cant be a group and have fun…..Holmgren is fine, he expects his players to execute…..its that simple. Even Matt has said, if we run the play correctly, it doesnt matter if they know its coming, we will win the battle.
    This team is not focused, for some reason, Matt seems to be looking very erratic and unshure of himslef and his protection………
    I will be watching protection and Dline penetration today…thats where the ganme will be won or lost.

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