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Gil Haskell reticent to talk about DJ Hackett

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 18, 2007 at 4:07 pm with 47 Comments »
October 18, 2007 4:07 pm

When we spoke with offensive coordinator Gil Haskell about the receiving corps, he was hesitant to say anything about DJ Hackett and how he fits into the plans this week. Haskell essentially said he did not expect Hackett back this week, and he has been limited so far in practice, so he does not have a clear indication of what Hackett is going to be able to offer. I would say there is a chance that Hackett gets shelved this week because Haskell said he was sore this morning after only one day of practice, but they want to see how he does tomorrow before making a firm decision.

I also spoke with Courtney Taylor after practice, and he seems pretty jazzed to be getting the opportunity they are going to give him. What exactly that is remains to be seen. But he said he has learned so much from his teammates in the relatively short time he has been here that he wonders how he ever survived before without the knowledge. Mostly, he said, it is about awareness, and if a defender is doing one thing, it means he is trying to accomplish a certain thing, or force a receiver to do a certain thing. He is easily the most gregarious of the receivers, very funny to listen to.

Notes from practice
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  1. maybe he can make cornerbacks laugh while he’s whizzing by with yards after a catch?

    i just hope he catches the ball…

  2. hawks4372 says:

    For the second week in a row, a winless team waltzes into the Q and leaves with their first victory of the season.

    Time to cut bait like the Dolphins and trade any vets of value.

    Seahawks in 2019!

  3. badicalturboradness says:

    Dang! All of a sudden there is a lot of room on this bandwagon! I think I’ll stretch out my legs and enjoy the ride.

  4. emitch423 says:

    That’s a great attitude hawks4372, too bad you don’t know that the trading deadline has already passed. Check your negativity at the door and get your facts straight before entering the land of knowledge that is Hughesland!

  5. aelliott11 says:

    we’ll be sure to look for you when the hawks win their 4th straight division title, 4372. But yes, go ahead and cut bait. We’re gonna miss you.

  6. stephentrapani says:

    Realistically, Hackett isn’t going to be anywhere near 100%. Since Hackett has really never gone against #1 CBs when he was 100%, expecting him to make a huge difference at this stage of the season, as #1 or #2WR, is highly wishful thinking.

    The Seahawk WRs aren’t beating anybody’s DBs. That has to change or forget about challenging this season.

  7. IDHawkman says:

    Holmgren is going to tinker with the WRs, which is the least of the problems on the offense and then he’ll expect a different outcome. When Hass has time to throw and get comfortable, moving the ball has not been the problem. Until the Steeler game he had over 100 QB rating which comes from passes and completions, TDs, etc. In the N.O. game he had over a 100 QB rating but Holmgren thinks the woes are in the WR corps? Why?

    The problem we have is there’s no rush offense and according to him it not the RBs but the O-Line. The one part he’s stated he’s not going to mess with. Why? Does he want to trash this team before leaving it?

    Can someone put some logic to what is going on with the entire coaching staff? How many more weeks are we going to hear the big two exceuses? E.g. “They threw some looks at us we didn’t see before” and “our young guys are missing blocks and Weaver missed a blitz or two”? Can’t the coaches fix those two problems without messing with what is working?

  8. hawks4372 – You need a hug and a pat on the back. Everythings going to be OK. Sorry your Dolphins are really bad year after year since Marino retired but we don’t really need comments coming from bandwagon fans and someone sucking on sour grapes anymore. The Seahawks got it handed to them and showed they are beatable 2 games in a row (imagine that – they are not going to win every game this year) and all of us here are just as mad about it but throwing the towel in is NOT the option. Not even close to the option. Get a grip.

    The game this week will be a getting back on track game for us. The Rams are coming to our house on two broken crutches and they BETTER get a good beat down Sunday. I don’t expect Hackett back until the Cleveland game and my Seahawks will be even healthier by then. Until then our young receivers are only going to better with playing time.

    As far as all the rebuilding comments and wholesale fire sale, hope we lose the rest of the games for draft position, Shaun sucks, the line sucks, Hasselbeck sucks, management sucks and so on comments go that I’ve read here and have heard on the radio, be an optimistic fan and respect the fact that this team always starts slow.

  9. osoviejo says:

    “The Seahawk WRs aren’t beating anybody’s DBs.”

    Not entirely true. If Hasselbeck could hit an open receiver 30 yards downfield the season would start to look a little better.

  10. mingweezy says:

    In all of our recent playoof losses, it has been our recievers that have hurt us the most. I don’t care who we try out. we need guys that can hold on to the ball, be where Matt expects them to be and can run with the rock.

    all the extra one handers and double toe taps are nice but not necessary. Matt proved last week that if guys are where they are suppose to be that he will hit them.

  11. hawks4372 says:

    What morons. Yeah, keep thinking Alexander will get better and the defensive line will get bigger and more stout versus the run. And Trufant will learn how to play the ball in the air. And Hasselbeck will not be surprised by every blitz. And Holmgren will remember that a touchdown isn’t worth 11 points.

    Season’s over. And not just this one- the next 8 to 10.

  12. Typical. DJ hackett is one of the more fragile players in history.

  13. Sharpclaw says:

    Whichever WR runs his routes most correctly in this game will be
    the one that moves up the depth chart when WR D.J. Hackett returns
    to the starting position. I’m betting on WR Taylor despire being
    the least experience of the three in contention: WR Burleson,
    WR Obomanu, and WR Taylor.

  14. swab – what are you talking about “more fragile players in history”? D.J. has been a back up to the backups his first two years here. When has he lost other playing time other than last year in training camp?

  15. hack has never finished a season healthy. dude is always injured.

    BadicalTurboRadness – true, and it’s about time, too. it’s funny watching the fairweathers talk their smack and leap off the bandwagon. talk to me about the hawks in twenty years, i’ll still be here.

  16. Someone should have said this by now.

    Let Hack take this next game off, then with the bye week he will really be healthy for the stretch run. Sure we need him now, but we need him healthy.

  17. vichawkfan says:

    statement game for the vets on this team. Hacky will play much better, Shaun will get close to 100yrds, and Bobby goes for about 120. 31-10….our first 30 point of the game.
    In all seriousness, the players know what’s been said/written this week, and what better way to bounce back then rip apart a hated division rival at home that’s 0-6?

  18. If Hack plays this weekend I can’t imagine it being a very big role. I do agree, he should wait for Cleveland

  19. I don’t understand who pissed in 4372’s Corn Flakes this morning, but those are some pretty harsh words for a team that doesn’t even have a losing record and is tied for the division lead. Particularly when that division is shared by the Lambs, the Retardinals, and the Noners.

    This team’s going to compete, and they’ve got enough talent – particularly when they start getting some receivers back – that I expect to see them hit their stride in the second half. 13-3? Probably no. But there’s a very good chance of them taking the division again, then it is anybody’s game.

  20. snydro22 says:

    We got this one, I can feel it.. The team needs to get a fire going inside.. The fans will be there for them, they just need to execute..

    Like I’ve been saying – adversity builds character. Fight or flight baby, fight or flight..

  21. It sure seems like the Hawks receivers in the last two games were having a ridiculously hard time getting open. I hope Hackett can make some kind of difference on that front. Regardless, Matt needs some freaking time back there. Lets hope the O line can step up

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i saw them open mant times matt either didnt see them or over threw them

  23. CyberCowboy777 says:


    The o-line is the problem and the coaching staff knows it, unfortunately they have few options to “fix” the problem.

    Hass has no time and is getting hit with completely unblocked pass rushes. SA is getting to the line only to find no hole, no crease, no daylight. The receiving corps are missing routes, but even when they hit the mark Hass is on his rear end with two or three defenders standing around.

    It could be mitigated with short yardage passes to the RB or TE, but every defender knows that SA is not going out for the pass with the cast and the o-line needs the TE just to hold the line.

    It is won and lost in the trenches boys, and the Seahawks are losing ground.

    Hopfully coach can find a way to stiffen the line, then the offense can get rolling.

  24. freehawk says:

    I agree with Wes09 about the receivers. I’ve heard that Taylor can run great routes, maybe that will help the passing game.

  25. Anyone else notice that Hasselbeck has 3 passes of 40 or more yards this year? That’s the same as Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, and one fewer than Tom Brady.

  26. nighthawk2 says:

    What is a Courteny Taylor and why is it on our roster? The receiver problem isn’t going to improve until Branch gets back.

    “The o-line is the problem and the coaching staff knows it, unfortunately they have few options to “fix” the problem.”

    Blame that squarely on Ruskell. He tried to “make a big splash in free agency” with Dielman, blew it as usual, and proceeded to ignore the position.

    What is with you people that think “winning a 4th straight division title” in this totally suck ass division is some kind of great accomplishment. LSU could win this division. It sucks. All it means is that the Seahawks lose in the 1st round at home instead of on the road.

  27. The receiver problem cannot be dependent on one man. It will be nice to have Branch back, but in order to succeed, the team needs to be able to carry on without him. Likewise with losing Tubbs. Likewise with losing Mack. Likewise with losing Darby.

    If Hackett *is* injury prone, expect him to be working somewhere else eventually. If we’re lucky, Haskell’s pulling a Patriots-trick and just waffling on DJ’s status until the last minute. If we’re not lucky and Hackett can’t play this weekend, see paragraph 1.

    As for the division, it’s there for the taking for us. That being said, the team has to go out and take it. I’m looking for the results of Sunday’s game to show me what their response to the last two games will be for the rest of the season. At the least, I expect a win, but it will be *how* they win that lets me know whether they mean it…


    O-Line stability – BLOCK DAMMIT. Keep the sacks to 0 and open some holes.
    Successful rushing game – 100+ yards; no stops at or before the line of scrimmage.
    Successful passing game – completions and accuracy for Hass; no drops for the receivers.
    3rd down conversions – where needed (I would prefer 1st & 2nd down conversions ;).
    Scoring Drives – as time-consuming/time-saving as necessary.
    Win big – put ALOT of points on the board. I don’t care if you get them passing for a quick score. I don’t care if you get them rushing to kill the clock. Just get them. Don’t feel sorry for the opponent, just keep driving and scoring points.


    Stop the run
    Take out Bulger – he’s playing hurt already, make him leave. Do to him what Rocky did to Alex Smith.
    TURNOVERS – We’ve stopped getting them recently…it’s time to get back in the habit.

    Obviously, I don’t expect us to excel at every item (that would be wonderful), but I do expect us to excel at at least half of them if the team is to be successful throughout the rest of the season. *All* of these things can be accomplished against the Rams…they are the perfect team for us to get back on track…but if we can’t manage it against them now, don’t expect the Seahawks to pull it off in the playoffs.

    As for the “suck ass division”, it’s what we got. You go with what you got. I suppose you could start a petition for SF, STL & AZ to get better in order to make us look good in the league, but don’t expect stellar results. Get to the playoffs and win big and it won’t matter where you came from. The Pats are 6-0, the rest of the AFC East is 2-15 – 2-4 div = 0-11. The Seahawks are 3-3, the rest of the NFC West is 5-12 – 4-4 div = 1-8. Guess our division doesn’t “suck ass” quite as much as the Pats’.

  28. tezzer21 says:

    Does anybody around here actually just “enjoy” the game of NFL football? The vitriol and animosity against our team is just ridiculous. It’s a SPORT people…it’s for entertainment and enjoyment and a break from our everyday lives. Who cares is we are in a bad division? It’s still fun to win! It’s still fun to go to the playoffs. Does it feel less good to win if we don’t dominate every game all year long? I think the adversity we are facing now, will make the wins we get later feel even better. If you can’t enjoy the journey, go find another hobby! Most of us still enjoy the Seahawks, even if we get mad at them from time to time!

  29. qwestisbest says:

    you go, tezzer! great post. hey, syndro…i believe there’s hope for you yet. stunning transformation.

  30. bulldog80 says:

    Thanks for that tezzer I needed it. I too love the game of football. I try to watch every game and not just he Seahawks games (but of course that is my favorite game each week). I can only speak for myself, by I find that I get too rabid occassionally living my pathetic life vicariously through the Seahawks. Everything seems to go better when they are winning and the opposite when they are losing. Anyway, thanks man and GO SEAHAWKS!!

  31. PapaHawk says:

    some great comments today, I love tezzer’s attitude…right on!

    Last week versus New Orleans there were many open targets that Hass wasn’t able to hit. I rarely agree with broadcasters on the television, but Madden and Michaels were dead on regarding Matt’s tendency to “fret” about things…receivers, protection, etc. His fretting did not help him and he missed several open receivers on deep routes. It’ll be nice when the offense starts to click and I think C.Taylor will become a regular in the rotation.

    Has anyone else noticed what a stud Obomanu is on punt coverage?

    Hackett does have a tough time playing through injuries. I’d like to see him get a few snaps on Sunday, but ultimately the second half of the season he is more important.

  32. Nighthawk – Google Courtney Taylor and you’ll know why it is on our roster.

    Part of Matt’s problem is he hasn’t been hitting the TE when open. It helps to ‘soften-up’ the D. Weaver will help this team immensely if he can get the ball more than 5-7 times a game as well. Too bad Holmy had to dumb things down on Offense as there are a myriad of options once the train gets rolling. The D needs to be unpredictable and relentless like in the SF game, why the change since then? It was like the Hawks lost focus of what they needed to do in all aspects of the game after the ‘thrilling’ SF game.

  33. Heraclitus says:

    Absolutely, tezzer! Whether the Seahawks win or lose (and I root hard for them to win), it’s still just a game.

    Still, if you’re a fan of the Seahawks only when they’re winning, then you must not have tuned in to a game throughout most of the 1990s. I watched through Krieg’s later years when his ribs were basically mush and a mean look from a defender sent him diving to the turf; I watched when Mirer was playing, for crying out loud. Even when the ‘hawks are terrible, there’s still someone out there on the team like Cortez Kennedy or Steve Largent who makes the game fun to watch.

    Fans who are actually dedicated to a team watch them even when they’re bad and make us shout at our TVs.

  34. maimster says:

    It’s difficult to tell which commenters are long time fans and which are new. However, for anyone who has been a Hawks fan for 25 years, many comments on this board are ridiculous. Have so many people truly forgotten what the 90’s felt like? A couple of years ago we were begging for a playoff appearance. Then, we were begging for a playoff win. Now, we don’t care if they make the playoffs because the division isn’t any good? Or if they make it winning a bad division then we won’t watch (even if they win a game and go to overtime against the eventual NFC champs?). And we say “punt the season and expect crap for 10 years?”.

    For crying out loud, be a fan, by all means be pissed when the Hawks play two crappy games in a row, but these are the glory days for this franchise. Time will tell if this is a great organization, or a league average one, or a truly crappy one (and it’s closer to option 1 than option 3), but enjoy what we’re watching. I’d much rather be watching a team we complain is only good enough to win a bad division than watching the Cardinals for the past 20 years, or the Falcons, or any team which goes from 10-6 to 3-13. Don’t kid yourself about what this team could be, and enjoy the fact that it’s better than that.

    Keep up the good work, Frank and team…

  35. maimster says:

    tezzer and Heraclitus beat me to it, but I guess it’s time for the positive thinkers to start piling on!

  36. Seatownplayer says:

    I to don’t always agree on what Madden & Al Michaels say but one thing that stood out to me was the fact that when stutz snap went off ; madden said that Special teams is one thing you just don’t mess with.

    Ruskell should worry more about finding linemens to help our offense then LONG SNAPPERS!!!

  37. I sat through all those games in the 90’s in the Kingdome. I think the difference between then and now is that back then there was only one place to go – up. Now, we have higher expectations from the team and it is frustrating and disappointing as a fan to watch them struggle and decline in not only wins, but also in general crispness of play that we have come to expect.

  38. maimster – while i agree, i think coach said it best: this town has been given higher expectations, and #12 gets upset when the team doesn’t produce. i think that’s fair. three division titles in a row, one super bowl appearance, three playoff wins… yeah, the city’s got the right to feel upset. we all want them to do well, and a little negative reinforcement isn’t always a bad thing.

  39. pilot – you beat me to it… i should refresh my screen more often.

  40. PapaHawk says:

    To anyone who thinks the Hawks have no chance to be a superbowl team:
    I give you- The Colorado Rockies.

    Its all about playing your best at the right time and not too late. It’ll be extra fun when the team plays its best.

  41. qwestisbest says:

    i think some of the negative avalanche is a product of the tease we got in having such a super season in ’05, and then missing the trophy by a few dropped passes and SLANTED TAINTED calls. the seahawks…11 wins in a row?? first round bye?? home field throughout the conference playoffs???? to finally put together a year like that, and miss it the way we did, i think we feel it can’t end THAT way for this team, so when we start to feel the threat of an impending decline that may inhibit us from getting back to the top of the mountain, we’re responding with wrath because we need to climb it again. well, as long as there’s a game ahead, a chance to pull out front, a minute on the clock, i’ll be behind my hawks. you guys and gals that get to go out to qwest and get all geeked up at our stadium, take it to ‘em!!!! let ‘em know you’re there the whole way. we need to pummel st. louis and go into the break on top! GO….SEAHAWKS!!!!

  42. Seahawks_05 says:

    Bulldog80, great post. I believe that we get so wrapped up in our team, we forget we are just watching entertainment. All of us here on this blog can relate. This is not our lives, this is our team which we love. I have to remind myself during (seahawks) losing streaks that this is what is happening to my favorite programming not my own life. I am from Seattle but live in AZ, I root for the Hawks not just for football but to represent Seattle. Let’s keep rooting and less pouting.

  43. IDHawkman says:


    You could also cite the Ravens when they won. They went like 6 games without a TD but were winning enough games with their defense to keep in the hunt.

    That all said, in the 90s I could expect them to play as hard as they could. Even though their talent wouldn’t get it done. Now, I’m not sure the team will show up until the last 5 minutes of each half. That’s my big beef. For goodness sakes, put forth 100% effort for 60 minutes. Win or lose.

  44. “Anyone else notice that Hasselbeck has 3 passes of 40 or more yards this year? That’s the same as Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, and one fewer than Tom Brady.”

    Did you happen to notice what would happen if the Hawks were playing either the Cowboys, the Colts or the Patriots this week? Can you say worst home loss in Qwest history?

  45. PapaHawk says:

    all you can do as a team is to play the games on your schedule- one at a time.

  46. maimster says:

    I don’t really remember being impressed how hard the Hawks were working in the 90s, that they were a scrappy bunch up against the odds. Really, it depends on, as a fan, if you are surprised and happy when the team wins (like much of the history of the Hawks) or shocked and pissed when they lose (like lately, when we have so much recent evidence that they should be better). Both are legitimate feelings…

    Funny, though, this is life in the NFL these days. Other than the Colts and Patriots (hello Peyton Manning and Tom Brady), there is really no team that can be uniformly pleased with their last 7 or 8 years. I’d still rather be a Hawks fan right now than almost any other team.

  47. Bernie42 says:


    If Hasselbeck could hit an open receiver 30 yards downfield the season would start to look a little better.

    Are you counting receivers who are open but ran the wrong route?


    Season’s over. And not just this one- the next 8 to 10.

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