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Matt Hasselbeck, most quotable QB in America

Post by Darrin Beene / The News Tribune on Oct. 3, 2007 at 4:26 pm with 33 Comments »
October 3, 2007 4:26 pm

Let there be no doubt that Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck is a quote machine. Just take a look at his comments Wednesday:

On Deion Branch getting more involved in the offense:

“I think the first week Coach Holmgren didn’t have in on his fantasy team, and then he was able to trade for him and it really changed everything.”

On him playing fantasy football:

“I got a real team. It’s not fantasy. It’s real, live.”

On him studying the playbook with help from his wife:

“She plays Coach Holmgren, so to speak. She’ll say the personnel group, then she’ll say the situation, then she’ll say the play. It’s much like when you’re studying for an exam in college or something. … Just sort of (studying) during commercials at night when we’re watching television, or after that in bed. It’s very romantic.”

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  1. OtbBaby says:

    Gotta love the man. Go Hawks. RIP the Stealers.

  2. That is HILARIOUS on Holmgren having Branch on his fantasy team.

    And I like how he says (implies) he doesn’t need a fantasy team because he has a real team.

    Fantasy FF is cool, but it is awful when someone you are watching a game with is always talking about the game from the perspective of how it affects their fantasy team. Painfully boorish.

    When I am watching the Seahawks all I want is for them to win. When I watch other games I just want to see a good football game, no matter who in the game might be on one of my other fantasy teams.

  3. martelt says:

    that was all very funny, haha. thanks for the smile

  4. montanahawk says:

    kjr just reported rocky did not practice and his status for sunday is not known

  5. Has anybody noticed (maybe its already been said…sorry been away lately) how many players our defense has knocked out this year? I think there were 2-3 SF players; we knocked out Rudi; knocked out Garcia and Cadillac Williams…who else am I missing?

  6. PapaHawk says:

    I have noticed the big hits that knock out opposing players. Even in the AZ game we knocked Fitzgerald out for a while. Its the defense doing it. They are very aggressive, playing fast. Hopefully it continues. I suppose you can be the windshield, or you can be the bug…you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that scenario.

    Others injured by Seahawks this year:
    Rudi Johnson comes to mind, as does Fitzgerald, but he came back. I’m sure there are others that special teams has claimed. A hard hitting defense…. a good thing. Great quotes by Matt.

    I like rooting for certain players when watching non-Seahawks games. In fact, I root for the Seahawks no matter how it effects my team, even if it means I lose, that is fine. But it sure makes the other games more interesting and give you a reason to become more familiar with the league. Overall, its very good for the league. I think its crap that “journalists” make it known who is on their fantasy team. Even talk show hosts…shouldn’t matter.

  7. berserker says:

    I am pissed the game isnt in Seattle. I bet the NFL thought it would get out of hand…. ;-)

  8. berserker says:

    Any Hawks fans here going to Pittsburg?

  9. bobbyk03 says:

    They weren’t in Detroit, why would they go to Pittsburgh – which is even further away?

  10. bobbyk03 says:

    Some great quotes by Matt!!! LOL!!!

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Won’t be in Pitts. but going to Philly in Dec., for what it’s worth

  12. Wonder when Matt is going to do SNL…..

  13. Yolohawk says:

    I’ll be going to Phoenix after home field advantage in the playoffs.
    It all starts in Pittsburg. Go DEE,,, keep doing the damage!

    Matt has a swagger about him that I feel is showing in his play this year.
    Last year he seemed rattled often, alot of dancing in the pocket.
    I think he has more faith in the O-line now, and his receivers,,,, and the Dee,,,and special teams, until last week. Our newbies on ST are going to have to step up BIG.

  14. Hope he remembers he’s playing Blitzburg and gets the football to his receivers PDQ.

  15. jcoleman says:

    Is there any truth to this about Rocky Bernard being hurt or is this just some stupid joke?

  16. PapaHawk says:

    Remember- its much easier to get the hell out of Pittsburgh than it is to get to Pittsburgh. LIterally and figuratively.

    The NFL schedule is predictable. The Stealers will be here in 2011. So will the rest of their division. We’ll still be talking about Favre’s retirement party. Hopefully the Hawks will have a Superbowl win under their belt by then. Either way, let’s enjoy the ride!

  17. mibuttiznum says:

    we beat these chumps though, and we aren’t under the radar anymore.

  18. Much as I like the “Hawks” being under the radar I will enjoy beating up on the Stealers even more. Hawk and roll em.

  19. He’s a funny guy, but I don’t know about those clothes. About as Seattle as Niles Crane…

  20. I got to listen to Hasselback on KJR today. He was talking about how there is no beating around the bush when it comes to this Steelers game. He’s still pissed about the Superbowl and he wants to beat them bad. He pretty much said he hated everything about the Steelers.

    And my favorite quote from the show

    “I even hate those stupid yellow things the fans wave.” – Hasselback

    “You mean the terrible towels?” – Gas man

    “Yeah I hate that crap!” – Hasselback

    Haha … I’m glad he’s still angry about that game and I hope they come into Pittsburg with a purpose. Just like the 49ers game. This is a major statement game. It may be one of the least important games of the season as far as jockeying for playoff position. But to the Seahawks nation, this is one step towards redemption.

    First beat the Steelers in the regular season. Then go on to win the Superbowl for what should be the 2nd time in 3 years.


  21. Bernie42 says:

    Wonder when Matt is going to do SNL…..

    In the spring, after we win the Super Bowl.

  22. montanahawk says:

    Matt got ripped on the NFL network by of all people, Deion Sanders, for wearing a black & purple argyle sweater with a black beret. Matt’s just a colorful guy with colorful comments. He’s not afraid to imprint his own style or say what he feels. I like that in a QB.

  23. iqbal70 says:

    Hasselbeck likes his wife to play Coach Holmgren in bed? shudder….

  24. SpringfieldSeahawk says:

    Damn, I love Hasselbeck. I love the way the guy plays, I love his personality, and I love that you can tell he cares every bit as much about the Seahawks winning as WE do. Haters like to talk about “We want the ball and we’re going to score,” but I focus on stuff like this:

    -His obviously crushed reaction after Bobby Engram dropped the tying TD pass on 4th down against the Rams in the ’04 playoffs…

    -In 2002, after Difler tore his achilles, Hass was pressed into action in that “Emmitt Smith is breaking the record” game in Dallas. After D-Jack was knocked out with a late hit, Hass reportedly yelled in the offensive huddle “Nobody F&%*ing does that to us!” He later drove us to the winning field goal.

    -Later in ’02, after he absorbed a cheap shot/late hit from Rodney Harrison of the Chargers, Hass jumped up, got in the dude’s face and reportedly said “You hit like a F&*%*ing (derogatory term for gay gentlemen that stars with F)!!!”

    I’m no supporter of homophobic slurs, but I’ve always love that Hasselbeck has that kind of fire and passion about the game.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    How serious is Bernard’s ankle? When did this happen? I don’t remember him getting injuried during the game.

  26. I agree with everyone saying about the defense hitting hard and seemingly being more physical than they have been in years past. However, the defense didn’t knock out Rudi Johnson. He strained his hamstring during that game.

  27. montanahawk says:

    Rocky went out of the game with the aid of a trainer or two, I believe before the second half or somewhere there-abouts. He returned later & played the rest of the game. It was a scary moment when I first saw him leaving the game but let out of sigh of relief upon his return. For now I guess we’ll have to wait to hear from Mr. Hughes about Rocky’s situation & hope for the best.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    never saw that.

  29. Rocky had his shoe off. When he came back in I thought maybe it had rained there the day before and he was hopping on his other foot to keep from getting his sock wet, with the trainers escorting him. Guess he was playing hurt. Didn’t look hurt. Dang.

    I hope Hass doesn’t throw any more warning footballs directly at the opposing team’s DBs. He got kinda lucky there.

  30. Hasselbeck KJR audio HERE

    Stillers suck!!!

    BTW, I donated to a PA friend’s campaign and did it for the explicit purpose of having an excuse to taunt…

  31. “I’m no supporter of homophobic slurs…”

    Good, we now still think you’re a swell guy. *sarcasm*

    Look, it’s ok to use a non PC word on a football blog. Hillary Clinton isn’t president yet.

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