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Linkage, October 1

Post by Ryan Divish on Oct. 1, 2007 at 11:25 am with 28 Comments »
October 1, 2007 11:25 am

A pretty solid win for the Seahawks. As for the TV coverage, Kenny Albert and Moose Johnston weren’t too bad at all, I could do without Tony Siragusa’s ramblings. But you can really tell that Moose studies up before he does a game. His analysis was good.

Today’s News Tribune coverage …

Here’s Frank’s game story. Dave’s column focused on the “devastating” defensive performance from the Hawks. Here’s Frank’s story on Seneca Wallace’s return to game action. Here’s the game notebook which focused on D-Jack and his lack of production.

The 49ers’ local newspaper coverage …

In the San Francisco Chronicle the game story by beat writer John Crumpacker ran with the headline “Missing in Action.” Columnist Ray Ratto was not impressed with the Niners. Fellow columnist Nancy Gay believes the”NFC West balance of power still stilts toward the Seahawks.” Here’s the game notebook with a small item about Matt Hasselbeck consoling Trent Dilfer.

In the San Jose Mercury News, the game story ran with headline “For 49ers, separation and anxiety“. Columnist Tim Kawakami sees doom ahead for the Niners. Colmunist Mark Purdy doesn’t believe the Niners offensive woes weren’t just because of Alex Smith’s injury. Here’s a story about Julian Peterson tormenting his old team. And here’s the game notebook focusing on the offensive line’s ineptness.

At the Sacramento Bee the game story ran with the headline “Sack-rificial Man“. Trent Dilfer was obviously a little rusty in relief. The Niners defensive schemes had mixed results.

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, this columnist can see the Niners offense is flawed. Duh. The headline for the game story used the phrase “reality check.” It looks as though Alex Smith is out for at least a week, perhaps more.

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  1. madpunter88 says:

    Not only is Siragusa’s rambling annoying, it is strange the way he roams the sidelines but participates in the normal play-by-play commentary. It confuses you when he chimes in.

    And thanks, Goose, that demonstration of why wearing a cast on your hand would cause problems holding the football was very informative.

  2. Wow, some of those pieces are just brutal.

    Folks in the bay area are getting their newspaper money’s worth today. I’ve never seen so many different humorous ways of saying “they suck” in one article, let alone an entire sports section.

  3. Kenny Albert and Moose Johnson weren’t too bad? What game were you watching? I turned those morons off after the half and tolerated a 10 second delay between Radio and TV in the second half they were so bad. A blocked punt at midfield is a ‘huge momentum change’ for San Fran, while the next TD (which put Seattle up 10-0) had no such effect. At halftime, when the 49ers were down 13-0 and had been sacked 6 times, they were ‘beating themselves’.

    You’d have thought the Hawks were playing Steve Young’s Niners rather than the team that’s been the division doormat for 5 years running. It was awful, like most of the coverage Seattle gets. There was no respect at all for Seattle, even as they were dominating a game they could easily have won by 40.

    The coverage stunk, pure and simple.

  4. mikew177 says:

    HAHA, Thanks Ryan. I was looking for either your or Frank’s e-mail to request a post like this. I’ve been quietly searching the internet for San Fransico headlines. I think it’s hilarious how much confidence the announcers seemed to have in Dilfer. I agree he’s a good student of the game and a good quaterback but no one is going to come back on the field after not playing a real game since 2005 and be much more effective. Our defense has now knocked two starting QB’s out of the game. When they smell blood they’re going for the kill. Love it. Bring on Ben the Bonehead and the Stealers.

  5. Snugglson says:

    the commentators were aweful. all day long they talked niners this, niners that, the niners need to do this to win, the niners cant keep doing that or they will lose. only once or twice did they actually give seattle credit. but that is typical.

  6. Ryan Divish says:

    Actually, I was comparing Kenny and Moose’s performance in relation to Chris Rose and Terry Donahue awful showing. Let’s not kid ourselves here, there are few top announcing tandems… which should be an entire post rating them … But it could have been much worse.

  7. Thanks Ryan, I love the links. Give me a day or two to digest all of this and then bring on the Pittsburgh papers.

  8. lsquire56 says:

    Did anyone else feel apprehensive when Dilfer came in? I was thinking ‘here we go – getting beat by a 40 yr old’. Yeah, it turned out he was rusty, but had NO supporting cast. This was a day the Hawks took for themselves – they wanted it more.

  9. Wait, are people actually arguing that a blocked punt usually isn’t a big momentum shifter?

  10. slacktied says:

    I have to say the announcing crew were PISSING me off, and I normally like moose…Siragusa is a complete moron. I do radio play-by-play as well as color commentary, and I wince every time I hear that idiot speak. The Seahawks completely dominated and dismantled a 49’ers team in their own house and the broadcast team keeps bashing the hawks? It made my no sense and was very irritating that in the middle of a physical beat-down and near blow-out the “Goose” is saying yeah these guys aren’t really impressing me” And the “Moose” is saying yeah Seattle is one of those “near-finesse teams” Hey note to you idiots in the 4 games we’ve played this year that finesse team has knocked out 2 QB’s (Garcia, concussion…Smith seperated shoulder) and 2 star Running backs…(Rudy Johnson, Hamstring…Cadillac Williams, bruised ribs..) so stick your finesse up your #$@…you morons.

  11. a buddy had a great idea for the game – record, then re-release with our own commentary, which wouldn’t amount to more than smack-talk for the entire three-and-a-half hours.

    it’d at least be funny… that’s more than i can say for siragusa-fool.

  12. tmcclurkan says:

    The D was great, but is anyone else concerned about our continued struggles on 3rd and short. If we don’t get better in that area, we are NOT going to beat the good teams in our schedule. Sorry to be a downer after such a great win, but there are still ways we can, and need to, get much better.

  13. Surf Hawk says:

    I live in California and the announcers were so one sided (towards SF) that I thought I was listening to the Niners announcers on a Bay Area feed. I didn’t realize until almost the 2nd quarter that these were the NATIONAL announcers and I was getting the same thing as listeners all over. They fooled me with all of their talk about the Niners all game. Whatever, I’m OK with the Hawks quietly destroying teams.

  14. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    on the third and short issue, time for some play action. teams are so expecting shaun that a play action pass might just go for six.

  15. tmcclurkan says:

    Following up my cautionary email, I feel obligated to make post an optimistic one. I was really worried about the schedule this year when it came out, and thought I was being generous giving us a 10-6 record. I now think we are clearly the second best team in the NFC right now (Dallas has to be No. 1), with a long season to go, and 13-3 is looking very possible, and 14-2 achievable. Our remaining schedule includes road games at Pitt next week (which we will probably lose, but would win in our house). I can’t see us losing at home (against any of the divisional opponents, N.O., Chicago or Baltimore. We might lose at either Philly or Carolina (if one of those teams gets their stuff together), but both are winable, and we should pull off wins at Cleveland, StL, and Atlanta.
    So barring injury and mental lapses, I have to say things look pretty good for a Dallas-Seattle NFC championship game!

  16. Siragusa& Johnson struck me as being bias for the 49ers.Mostly Siragusa they must be hard up if they have him do the games.

  17. Is there any way to get are comments an feelings about the bias of those that did that game to Fox?That kind of bias shouldn’t be on TV.Frank can you help with this?

  18. i thought the announcing crew kept appologizing for the 49ers playing so badly.
    The 49ers’ defense is nothing to sneeze at and the Hawks’ running game isn’t clicking yet. The Hawks defense obliterated a struggling offense. What else do you expect from Fox? Fair and balanced. That’s a good one.

  19. GeorgeOhWell says:

    Mc Cluhan’s “The medium is the message” has morphed into the messenger is the message. With some announcers, if they arn’t interested in the game, you’re not going to get much information.

    CBS and FOX weekly crank out their respective versions of “The Complete Idiots Guide to Pro Football”. Announcers read from their well thumbed “Handbook of Pro Football Cliches” and spout knowingly.

    Television has a facilty for making the complex, superficial. The game is all about quarterbacks, receivers, running backs and defensive players who make plays. Line play is largely ignored. Fantasy football!

    As Dr. Z says “Hype the stars, sell the product”. It’s a bisiness. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  20. Siragusa actually said the headline in the paper should be “San francisco beats San francisco.”

  21. luisc, I don’t mean that a blocked punt isn’t a potential momentum changer, but you can’t tell that when it happens unless the team scores. The idiot announcers were telling us that the momentum had shifted the instance the punt was blocked (even though our defense had thoroughly dominated the 49ers up to that point, and the fact that the ball was still only at mid-field). Then, when the Hawks sacked them and forced a punt, which they turned into a TD, there was no mention of momentum at all.

    You would think that a drive the length of the field that gives you a 10-0 advantage, AFTER your punt had been blocked, might be an indication of where the momentum was.

    It was wishful thinking. The announcers wanted the 49ers to have momentum, and they wanted them to win.

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    it’s real simple people just ignore the anouncers, just because they played or mighgt have played doesnt mean they know diddly about the over all game, i live in oklahoma you never hear anything good about the hawks.

    as far as pitt goes we can beat them just as easily as we beat san fran, intensity is the trick

  23. jasong96 says:

    Some of you care way too much over whether the Seahawks are respected by the announcers and the national media. Who cares? Let the Hawks fly under the radar and sneak up on opponents.

    Besides, it’s a long season and respect doesn’t mean anything, especially now. Respect isn’t important. Winning is!

  24. Oldslow says:

    Will Bill Levy be the referee?

  25. dmcclaran says:

    One thing for sure, I really enjoyed the CBS crew of Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker during the Cincy game; exciting play by play by Johnson and well informed analysis by Tasker. Wish they could do all of the Hawks games!

  26. mibuttiznum says:

    I seem to remember playing the “respect” card a couple years ago. Seemed to work well then. Maybe we are an odd year team like the spurs.

  27. I never play that old “respect” nonsense or complain about “East coast bias”.

    But I do notice dumb comments, and there were far far too many from the announcing crew on Sunday.

    They kept telling us that everything that went wrong for San francisco was the niners fault, not the Seahawks doing. Not just once, they said it over and over and over.

    It was an unusually bad performance by the broadcasters, and worthy of our scorn.

    Seattle will never get respect for anything. Even when we win our Superbowl (soon I hope) there will be no “respect”. And nobody should care about that. Only wins matter, not mushy concepts like “respect”.

    When we complain about not getting much national exposure, it’s because we want to see our teams highlights on tv more than we do. Thats what I want, not respect.

  28. jaybrank says:

    Quite honestly, I like the Hawks flying under the radar, and I don’t care anymore about annoucers, or opinions of so-called national experts. I expect national media to be ignorant of the Hawks or include them as an after thought. In jest, I now call the Hawks “America’s (Forgotten) Team”.

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