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Things to watch for in tomorrow’s game

Post by News Tribune Staff on Sep. 29, 2007 at 3:06 pm with 35 Comments »
September 29, 2007 3:06 pm

Can the run offense get going to the satisfaction of Mike Holmgren, particularly with Shaun Alexander still affected by a cracked bone in his wrist? The return of Mo Morris may help that.

Can the run defense repeat its performance from a week ago and stop Frank Gore, especially against a much-bigger offensive line that dominated the Seahawks the past two games?

How will Darrell Jackson fare against his former teammates? He is the leading Niners receiver with 11 receptions. But you know the Hawks will be focused on shutting him down.

If the defensive line is focused on stopping Gore, will it be able to get pressure on Alex Smith as well?

Will Mike Holmgren loosen up the conservative play-calling to take advantage of Matt Hasselbeck’s hot start?

Which wide receiver will emerge this week as the replacement for Jackson? It has been a different one each week.

Will Marcus Pollard re-establish a presence in the offense? He had five receptions the first week, one since.

How will the loss of TE Vernon Davis affect the Niners?

Just for the record, I disagree with Brock Huard and think this is going to be a blowout Seahawks victory. I think they understand the affect of losing both those games last year, and I think Holmgren has gotten that ingrained in the players this week. I also get the sense that the offense is tired of playing around and wants to put together a complete game to make a statement, and this is where they do it. I think they realize if they go up early, it puts the pressure on Smith to produce and that is not San Francisco’s strength. I also think Holmgren has made them realize the importance of the game in terms of winning the division. Plus, I think San Francisco has some issues right now that will play an affect. I’m saying 30-10.

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  1. idahoseahawksfan says:

    I think that Alexander needs to have a minumum of 100 yards and a TD in this game. The wide receivers need to step up and not drop any balls. I think that the 49ers are not expecting trick plays so it would be great to see a few of those. Morris will help out a lot with blocking and 3rd down situations. Are we ever going to get Pollard involved or Heller? I know that the 49ers LB is really good but I think some quick throws to thwart the blitzes with Pollard cathing them down the middle will help as well. I think this game will be close though.

  2. bulldog80 says:

    I hate to disagree with a fellow Idahoan but, I think that Matt is going to go crazy throwing regardless. If SA gets his yards fine, but I think the offense is tired of waiting for it to happen and is going to come out passing like crazy. Look for a lot of slot receptions especially utilizing Pollard.

  3. Jeez, Frank, 30-10’s pretty bold, hope you’re right…but they’ve acted in the recent past more like the Niners have their number. In any case, we might just see how good (or shaky the Seahawks really are…when it would seem to be a very good idea now for them to just win this game clearly without fooling around (if that’s in fact in them).

  4. idahoseahawksfan says:

    bulldog80: i hope you are right because that would be so awesome. revenge is sweet.

  5. berserker says:

    24 – 14 Seahawks victory!

  6. Can Wilson/Kelly Jennings shed 9er WR (Battle) blocks and tackle or force Gore inside (assuming Gore runs outside Jonas Jennings)?

    How will Rocky/Darby do against double teams from 9ers OL?

    Can Walter Jones play up to his All-Pro standard?

    Can Shaun Alexander make any yards against Lawson’s replacemant.

  7. As usual there is nothing in these posts to support the conclusions given, except a lot of wishful thinking. Let’s look at the unbiased experts and take it from there. 1) puts the 2007 Hawks Mean Projection wins at 8.0 wins and the Niners 8.1. 2) Given home field advantage that would project out at a 3 point edge to San Francisco. 3) Reduce that due to the absence of Manny Lawson (LB) and V Davis and Smith’s lack of effectiveness that should place the betting line back to even at best. (This is reflected in their respective Week 3 DVOAs – Seattle’s rating puts them 10 places above San Francisco’s). 4) The betting line has the Hawks as a 2.5 point favorite. The smart unbiased bettors will take the Niners and points. 4) This game will be decided by 2 points, barring some luck and/or special team gaffes. If any of you can predict the latter then you should be in the market and be out with the babes all that $$ would bring.

  8. Frank, I like your decisive post. I think you are starting to learn football, or at least you think you are. I would love for your scenario to be true but I don’t think it is going to be that easy. I predict Gore gains 150 yards and is a pain all day. Seahawks offense is able to offset it as you predict. Seahawks win by a touchdown in a hard fought game is what I predict, but I hope you are right.

  9. Kooshster says:


    Nothing would make me happier than if your prediction came true. It’s time for the run offense to step up and produce in not just the second half, but for all 60 minutes as well.

    P.S. Small typo – “affect” should be “effect.”

  10. bustinheads says:

    Gee, thats right – go by past stats and think they will apply to this game. WRONG! Did you really expect Cleveland to whip Cincy 51-48??? Did you expect a lot of the outcomes of the games this season? I doubt it. My pick — Seahawks 31 – 17 — SA will get his 100 yards and Hass will pass for more than 300
    BTW, lets watch how Mebane does againest 9ers Oline too…in double teams

  11. For Seattle to win, Stop Gore below 100.Win the turn overs.Get the lead right off the bat 10 points would be nice.Seattle 24 SFO 20.

  12. star4343 says:

    I think they will do what they always do struggle till they get out of the scripted plays and then kick it in overdrive and beat the 49ers. Either way I guarrentee Sa will be a part of it weather it is opening it up at the begging of the game or closing the door at the end.

  13. In previous years, it’s been the scripted part of the game that’s been succesful. Only this year has that been a problem. Maybe other teams have figured out the script.

  14. Yolohawk says:

    If we can keep gore below 100 (I think we can), and our dee plays like they have, Franks guess is not far off. I think SF would be lucky to score two TDs.

    Our offense is due to explode. I think Mike will go for their throat with some razzle-dazzle, and a little Seneca to boot.

    SFs offense has played conservative and so far they don’t show alot of confidence in Smith or the recievers,,,,it’s all Gore and he’s still sleeping. D-Jacks hair cut isn’t going to help him hang on to the ball.
    SF is in for a rude awakening.

  15. Chris de Lemos says:

    the script fails when there are stupid penalties.

  16. montanahawk says:

    I don’t think they’ll focus on Daryll Jackson, I believe the ‘Hawks will focus on Gore. If they get caught up in the personal BS & focus on Jackson they will lose.

  17. Sharpclaw says:

    I’m with you Frank. San Francisco’s offense can’t play from behind,
    and it will snowball as the game progresses.

  18. Time for the “Hawks” to play smash mouth football and ram the ball down the niners throats.

    Bigmag if your looking for conclusions and backing up the posts you are in the wrong place. It is time for the Hawks love fest to begin.

    Hawk and Roll

  19. aelliott11 says:

    As usual there is nothing in these posts to support the conclusions given, except a lot of wishful thinking.

    It’s called educated predictions. If you had the confidence in your statistical formulas, you’d be the one with the big $$ and lots of babes.

    Your stats aren’t much better than the qualitative analysis others offer, they just sound more formal.

  20. Bernie42 says:

    There’s lots to get up-in-arms about as a Seahawks fan reading Niners Nation tonight, but this little tidbit stood out (emphasis mine):

    I certainly don’t want to denigrate another team’s players, but this should be a mismatch the 49ers take advantage of all day. Nate Clements and Walt Harris have taken care of business this season and should continue to do so against Deion Branch and Nate Burleson. Clements has done all we can possibly ask for this season and aside from some early struggles against the Rams, Walt Harris has turned in a respectable follow up to his Pro Bowl season last year. I see no reason for the Seahawks to make big plays with their receivers.

    That’s funny; I see at least four good reasons: #8, #81, #83 and #84.

    15 more hours!

  21. Yolohawk says:

    Bigmac needs to have actually watched the niners play.

    Their loss was nothing special, but they also backed into two wins.
    So what ever 8.1.2 means (I don’t bet, I’m a fan), if you watched the 9urs play their last three games, you would put all your money and your babes and watch the Hawks Kick Ass. Your chances are better at getting a li’l!

    I hope you’re not laying too much on the points.

  22. bustinheads says:

    1st Aell – I think that the ‘educated’ should be in quotes, as I am not to sure of what some of these guys say ;-)
    Next, that mess of garbage that he wrote, just confuses me…what? you understand what he said? Seahawks by 2.5. and the smart money will take SF and 4 and the win will be by 2 points …. what is he really saying there??? (The rest is more confusing)
    OTBBaby – Ya! I want those WR, TE, and QBs all very nervous and Gore hurting after the 1st Q — Smash ‘em, beat ‘em and hurt ‘em! REAL Smashmouth in the trenches. I love it!!! YA, SEAHAWKS ! ! !

  23. The Hawks need to get up on them early (10+pts) and force the 49ers to pass. If they have to play from behind, they will wear down in the 4th Qtr.

  24. jcoleman says:

    Frank has it right, payback is a bit(#. I’m sick and tired of all this “if we can just split the next two…blah blah blah” Are you serious? The Hawks are better than that and they will prove it starting tomorrow.

    So all of you fairweather fans can plan on jumping back on the wagon in two weeks.

  25. There is no fairweatherness in saying the team is in for a tough game tomorrow. This team is built to take it to the house. If we are going to dream that dream then we need to show progress towards being a quality team. We have shown signs of that thus far, but not on a consistent basis.

    If we can demonstrate some consistency on offense then we could score some points, and we are due to do that. If we periodically commit stupid penalties and blow assignments, then we will continue to be inconsistent on offense. If we can eliminate those things, we could score a lot of points. I think Matt is ready to do that and the team needs to help him do it.

    The defense needs to show us something tomorrow. We have built to this point and we believe our defense has a chance to compete with these Niners. I think Brandon Mebane is part of the solution tomorrow, but it is led by Lofa. Our middle line backer has to stop their prime time running back. I think that is what the Tampa-2 is all about in the running game. We will see if we are up to the challenge. I for one think we can cut it on defense.

    Seahawks by seven, take it to the house!!

  26. Keys to this game:

    1) Seahawks passing against the nickel. It seems like the run should be successful, but Lewis, Lewis, and Roman are better against the run. Pass against the week nickel.

    2) If they do that in the first half, then Nolan will come back will 3 CBs in the 2nd half. Spencer, Clements, Harris. Draw, draw, draw. Alexander for 100+ yards in the second half alone.

    Frank is right. Blowout for the Seahawks. Assuming Holmgren has a brain.

  27. questisbest says:

    i’ll never forget the shot of vernon davis standing in our endzone at qwest, with one foot perched on our pilon, imitating our hawk, mocking our fans, whether he’s involved this week or not. i think we needed to take exception to that right then, and did’nt, and need to today! i think lofa tatupu will take personally the way everyone expects gore to run over us everytime we play, as well as peterson. it was two in a row for them last year, but it’s been a long time since we’ve played, with a lot happening since. another factor besides having mo back today that nobody’s mentioning, is that they better game plan for # 87 today as well. ben had a great pre-season, and looked great getting open, and catching the ball for us. i think he could be more of a factor than we know going into this. this should be treated as a playoff game…4th of the season or not. it’s that important. we need to hit them very hard, very early, and knock ‘em back on their heels. if we piddle around till half time with a feild goal and a bunch of close calls and mistakes, we could be ruffed up. better stick it to ‘em right away, guys. GO—-SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

  28. snydro22 says:

    Don’t mind jcoleman, the dude is only 13 and he’s one of those ‘special’ kids..

    Today’s game will be a dogfight..

  29. hawks4372 says:

    The Seahawks will lose eight games this year, and half of them will be a direct result of this organization’s idea that every single player has to be a nancy-boy nice guy. The cub scouts that make up this team aren’t physical enough to win games like this one, but we had a perfect opportunity to help fix that. Our awful, awful run defense could have been helped TREMENDOUSLY with the addition of a real off-field jerk- Tank Johnson. He would have filled a gaping hole in the middle (that Gore will prance through time and time again today) and given this defensive line some sorely needed toughness. Instead, Ruskell ignores the blatantly obviously good fit for our d-line only because Johnson is a dickhead.

    It’s this insanity that will be the reason the Seahawks watch the Super Bowl from home again this year. Oh- and they’ll be watching Tank Johnson and the Cowboys in that game. But hey- at least that means our guys can spend more time walking old ladies across the street, right? Yaaaaaaaay!


  30. mothertruckr says:

    whatever cowgirl fan! Go show you luv for Tony Homo somewhere else!

  31. hawks4372
    Hope you’re wrong, might be right. It would go a long ways if our ‘little’ D guys would learn not to takle high on big guys, or even Gore. Last year watching Gore, it looked like a conga line with Gore in the lead of a half-dozen Hawks trying to tackle him by hanging onto his shoulder pads. The center of gravity (COG) is around his belly button. At least match his velocity from the opposite direction and aim helmet for his COG, or one guy go low and one guy high.

    It would be really nice to see Mebane start 5 yds back from the LOS and start running toward Gore’s intended gap full out when the ball is snapped or start more slowly at 2 seconds on the game clock if the ball isn’t yet snapped. If he accelerates to 7 yds per second at the time he hits Gore he’ll put his helmet through Gore’s back (nearly a ton of force). A couple of those should do.

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hawk3472, nice to see you picking up where you left off last year,putz.
    tank wouldnt have helped today or next week if the guys playwith intensity for 60 minutes they cant be beat. the problem this year is theyre doing it for 20as the year goes by they will better better and better, 11-5

  33. Yolohawk says:

    hawks4372 probably won’t how his face for a while. Our Dee STOMPED them!
    Not bad for a bunch of “nancy-boy nice guys”.
    How many yards did Gore have?
    Hey Cowboy fan start looking at Romo to stumble, we’re looking at home field adv.

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