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Disagreements proliferate

Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 7, 2006 at 1:17 pm with 25 Comments »
December 7, 2006 1:17 pm

12 07 2006 Week 14 With Comments.jpgThe picks are in for Week 14. Picking against my wife sounded like a fresh idea until someone told me later that’s Bill Simmons was doing it already. It’s always nice to be perceived as a copycat, particularly in my line of work, but even better to have no idea what one of the Web’s best-read commentators is writing. That’s what happens when you spend your free time figuring out how many yards Shaun Alexander averages on first down from one-back, two-tight sets (6.6).

Back to the picks: This week could provide a chance for my wife to rebound, something she hasn’t thought about much since attending Mark Olberding‘s basketball camp for kids back in her formative years. She trails by six games in picks made on the blog. We disagree on seven games this week, a season high. Those games are in green at right. I initially didn’t notice that she took the Browns to win in Pittsburgh. “Good luck with that one,” I said, instantly dooming the Steelers to defeat.

I feel pretty good about the Jaguars and Cowboys at home. My thought on the Lions was that they would win four or five games this season, so this might as well be one of them. I’ll stick with the Giants one more week; they played well enough to beat a pretty good Dallas team last week. I was a little nervous picking the Eagles, but that game should be a lock after seeing my wife took the Redskins, a team she can’t seem to figure out. I took the Chiefs to win at home against the Ravens, mostly on the home field.

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  1. JmyBryan says:

    Steelers/Browns is also in dispute.

  2. You are right! Fixed.

    I guess we have more differences than I thought.

  3. hawkowl says:

    8.35 yards on first down from one-back, two-tight sets?

    How many carries? That is an insane number!

  4. Mike I found this “comment/opinion” on another site and the logic seems accurate. Have you looked at “if Seattle and Dallas, both finish at 12-4? Is it too early for my X-mas gift?

    Dallas can’t win the #2 seed without help. If both Dallas and Seattle win out, Seattle has the common games tiebreaker over Dallas (NYG, ARI, DET and TB and Seattle would be 5-0 to DAL’s 4-1) but there are some scenarios where SEA and DAL both go 3-1 (and DAL beats NO) where the common games tiebreaker would be 4-1 for both, and in that case the tiebreaker would be Strength of Victory, which Dallas has over Seattle by .427 to .354.

    Long story short, no, Dallas would not have the #2 seed without a loss by Seattle on top of the win over New Orleans.

  5. My pick, based on your picks, is that Sando beats SandoWife by 2.

  6. Osiris33 says:

    Wow, Sandoman, the odd bloated, purple-faced Mark Olberding reference from out of the blue. I’m impressed.

  7. CYRREEN says:


    I would take Rams over Bears. I feel Bears will lose that game.

  8. Dave Corzine and Billy Paultz apparently weren’t available.

  9. You made me go back and check. For some reason it was telling me 8.35 but it’s really 6.6 on five first-down carries.

  10. D_Master says:

    Do you and your wife have a wager? You know, like loser does Laundry or cuts the grass. If not, I think I have some brilliant ideas!

  11. She has to re-roof the house if I win.

    I have to re-watch the Denver game if she wins.

    She has it easier, obviously.

  12. jverhei says:

    CBSSports line
    Against a spread…I don’t think that this is fair to compare against but…

    Harmon 96-91-5 51%
    Judge 93-94-5 49%
    Bromberg 80-107-5 42%
    Davis 86-101-5 44%
    Richard 90-97-5 47%
    Prisco 101-86-5 52% –> has only picked the seahawks 3 out of 12 times to beat the spread. The reason I mention this is becuase I hate him. :)

    Only two are better than 50%

    Straight up
    Theismann 107-72 60%
    Salisbury 115-76 60%
    Hoge 112-79 59%
    Jaworksi 116-75 61%
    Schlereth 116-75 61%
    Allen 116-75 61%
    Morstensen 104-87 54%
    Golic 117-74 61%
    Accuscore 116-75 61%
    SANDO 101-58 63%
    SANDOWIFE 95-64 60%

    Mike, you are better than everybody.
    You and your wife might consider a career change.

    These are the only sites that I know of that have “experts” picks. I tried to find Bill Simmons and his wife’s picks but couldn’t. I looked on the link above for about 2 seconds.

  13. I think a lot of people miss Sandowife’s comments for her picks. Maybe you could get those back next week?

  14. sfosterzones says:

    Mike, I really like this part of the blog and look forward to reading it weekly….great “entertainment” and I miss the comments too.

    I know you are impartial, but which team does Sandowife pull for….is she a true blue Hawks fan?

  15. andelero says:

    monte, the only team in control of their two-seed destiny is New Orleans. This has been covered in some detail this week on the blog. This thread has much discussion on the topic.

  16. twisted_steel2 says:

    Yea, where are the wife comments? Those were funny.

  17. ashleykeltner says:

    Almost unaminous… (If one is only viewing the last few comments)Like the comments as well.
    *Wife of A. Keltner*

  18. ashleykeltner says:

    Whoops on the spelling of unanimous. Can’t resist the urge to correct myself.

  19. antediluvian says:

    I too miss Sandowife comments.

    Another “expert”, Dr. Z at SI, is only 2 games above .500

    But then I think we’re pretty much all in agreement this is the best football content on the face of the earth. Easterbrook is entertaining, but pound for pound, Sando is FAR above the rest.

  20. I mentioned the Bill Simmons thing here weeks ago. I thought it was a funny coincidence.

    Bill is getting too full of himself anyway.

    Sando is more like the guy next door, only he knows everything about the Seahawks.

    I hope our boys show up for the Cardinals game. This is the time of year when teams that end up in the Superbowl start winning streaks.

  21. She went back and added some comments. OT pay this week for her.

  22. sandowife says:

    And for the record it was LaSalle Thompson’s camp and Olberding showed up on the second day and did layup drills with us. That ought to up the credibility.

  23. Apparently she missed the drill on shooting from the baseline.

  24. vitalogist says:

    vs the spread –

    simmons – 47.4%
    simmonswife (sportsgal) – 50%

  25. nighthawk2 says:

    Time to show you how it’s done. Again. I’ll get no love, but hey, it’s Jim Morrison’s birthday today, the greatest rock god ever, so I feel good. Woke up this morning and got myself a beer. Sandowife, order the shingles and tarpaper now. Get an early start.

    There are a plethora of sucky quarterbacks out there now. Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell, Michael Vick, whoever the Vikings are playing this week, Eli Manning, Jake Delhomme, Jon Kitna. Makes it tough, but here goes.

    OK: Ravens, Dolphins, Bears (even Grossman can beat that sad sack Rams defense), Cowboys (Saints are 25th in rush D, even Oakland is ahead of them), Broncos, Jets (who’d have ever thought the Bills would be 28th vs the run?), Seahawks, Packers (something’s gotta give here, both going in the same direction, SF lost 2 in a row, GB 3 in a row, but since they’re not playing at Lambeau where the Pack is 1-5, but 3-3 on the road, I’ll take the underdog here; hey if they can beat Miami and Minnesota on the road, they can beat SF), Texans, Eagles, Panthers (did I mention Manning sucks?), Lions, Jags, Bungals, Bucaneers (it’s about time for Chucky to throw out the Win One For The Gipper speach and show some ‘tude by telling them if they can’t beat the 31st ranked pass defense in the league he’s going voodoo all over their heinies).

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