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Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 4, 2006 at 11:08 am with 21 Comments »
December 4, 2006 11:08 am

Did you know the Seahawks are on pace to more than double their 2005 total for dropped passes? Did you know Seattle’s offense is on pace to cut holding penalties almost in half? Did you know Seattle’s quarterbacks are on pace to throw 15 additional interceptions this season? Did you know Seattle’s drafted starters were selected, on average, with the 73rd overall choice in their draft classes? Did you know the offense is on pace for 1,020 fewer yards than last season and the Seahawks’ lowest output since 2001? Or that the defense is actually on pace to allow 11 fewer first downs?

These and other cool things are a few clicks away. That’s because I’ve updated the 33-category roster, the 2005-2006 Season Log and the 2000-2006 statistical comparison. The roster and season log are long-standing features here. The 2000-2006 comparison is relatively new. This one breaks down Seattle’s offense and defense by a few dozen categories, with separate columns showing how the 2006 projected stats compare to 2005 final stats.

Note: Previous season logs were not showing a full accounting of personal-foul penalties. This has been fixed.

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  1. Love the selling points. Feel like I want to buy a magic bullet or something by Ronco. “Set it, and FORGET IT!”

  2. truehawk says:

    Consisitency is the missing link for the Hawks this year. Yah, injuries and free agent losses count to that, but I really thought we were better on paper than our Super Bowl run last year.
    Somtimes teams dont gel, and the Hawks are not gelling.
    We are sloppy in almost every aspect of the game. We are un-disciplined, and that is probably the biggest shock to me this year!
    I have been a fan all my life and I take nothing for granted, no such thing as an easy game, but I really feel like its 1999 and I am not sure which team is going to show up on Sunday? I keep waiting for the prolific, long drive, methodical, offense to get it going and the run stuffing, ball hawking defense to make plays.
    We are who we are, we are an everage team trying to find itself in the last month of the season.

    I hope we find it, and quick!

  3. PapaHawk says:

    Did you know its been about 4 games since Ken Hamlin made a bonehead play to cost his team yardage?

    Heart cannot be measured in stats, and I think this year’s team has a keen ability to hunker down in all three areas of the game, to make plays out of nowhere. If the game is close, the Hawks win it, as long as Hass is in there, that is. It has a will to win, but somehow, that doesn’t come out until the 4th quarter.

    The stats tell a real story though…that needs to be tightened up. Those drops last night were killing me!

  4. Mike Holgren’s play calling has been suspect this year….

    He opens the game throwing and as a result we have consecutive 3 and out drives. The offense sputters, and has 0 points if not for Cutler’s beautiful arcing pass into Tapp’s awaiting arms.

    The second half is a different story. 70+ yards for Shawn and now we have a different game.

    KC and San Diego both had success running the ball against Denver. Why the heck would you get away from what past teams have blueprinted a game plan to beat them with?

    It’s just kind of backwards thinking that we’ve seen from the Walrus in the past weeks.

    I question Holmgrens nickname of the walrus.
    I would say he relates well to that of the spider monkey family.

    Description of a Spider Monkey:
    “A typical spider monkey is described as a pot-bellied, worried faced creature with a mind of its own.”

    Ok. Maybe walrus is better.

  5. aelliott11 says:

    Yeah, that !#%@ Holmgren! All he’s done is lead this team to 3 consecutive division titles (assuming this year), 4 consecutive playoff appearances, and a Super Bowl. That jerk! I want a REAL coach with decent play calling abilities, like Andy Reid or Mike Shannananahan, or Jim Mora Jr, or Jeff Fischer, or Marty Schottenheimer, or Herm Edwards, or Tom Coughlin. You know, all the many, many coaches in the league who are better than Holmgren and who are always consistent play calling gurus.

    Or, any of the posters on this blog, who are much more qualified than Holmgren to call offensive plays. Most of us could call a better game from our La-Z-Boy’s watching TV. After all, what’s so hard about this game?

  6. What? You got something against Denny Green?


  7. andelero says:

    Post o’ the day.

  8. MaxwellEdison says:

    Wow, people on here sure like to piss and moan about how bad things are for the Hawks. Players can’t play, coaches can’t coach, fans can’t…fan.

    It’s a lot better to be Hawks fan today than it is to be a Broncos fan; and it’s way better to be a Hawks fan this year than it is to be a Steelers fan.

    I guess it’s just more fun to pretend that you know more than the coaches and that you’re better than the players.

    Get a grip peoplem your team is 8-4 and has a three game lead in the division.

    Just cheer them on and see what happens. You may be suprised.

  9. jverhei says:

    Um, aelliot11….. you are funny. I never said he needed to be replaced. I like Holmgren. I’m glad he is our coach. I’m basically reiterating what Holmgren has stated himself in his press conferences. He has had lapses in his play calling.

    Part of my point was that the first 15 plays that are SCRIPTED were VERY ineffective. These are plays that are probably the very definition of how you are going to attack the defense. (Or set-up the D) These are plays that he has a week to come up with.

    I could be wrong but I think my point is valid.
    Holmgren, when on a roll, is one of the best play callers in league.

    I wish Holmgren was my god father…….. and Mr. Sando comes in a close 2nd.

  10. Holmgren did have issues with those first few drives, but you have to also blame the receivers for dropping the balls. If there had been more catches in those first couple drives things could have been WAY different and it could have been a blowout once we got a lead and Cutler starting throwing more (much like the end of the game). We just need to look back to last season to see the problem. Last year the receivers actually caught the ball, they went up and down the field and got many early leads and played the pass on defense. That’s all you need to change IMO.

  11. aelliott11 says:

    jverhei, I’m with ya, we all wear blue here. I was just being flip. I just think we sometimes forget that coaches are like players – sometimes they are off their game. Last night, for reasons known ONLY to Mike and probably some of the players/coaches, they went with a very conservative gameplan. Nobody has ever accused Mike of not passing enough, but last night, they seemed to not want to. Maybe Hass is hurt, maybe the frozen ball was a problem, maybe the Broncos showed us a D we weren’t expecting, maybe the Broncos secondary was savage in their coverage, maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe Holmy and Matt just had a bad game.

    Who cares though? We won, now it’s on to AZ. We’re 8-4. I think Mitch (a noted Holmgren fan) said it best this morning on KJR. Whatever gripes we have about the game last night, Holmgren deserves the benefit of the doubt still. Nobody on this blog (including Sando) can pretend to know half as much about football as Holmgren, and nobody has access to the meetings, gameplans, video, etc that he does. So let’s get up off his back – especially in a victory – and be thankful we’re not the Giants this week.

    But I’m with you – last night was a head scratcher in many ways.

  12. lemonverbena says:

    Holmgren does occasionally realize that his offensive plan is stalling… as the two deep passes on the 2nd-half touchdown drive demonstrated. the thing that drives me crazy is the audible to the halfback draw. that worked a number of times last year but no more. at least Hasselbeck seems aware of this; after the game he told the NBC sideline reporter that they thought they could “gash” them (run the draw) but that the Broncos were showing blitz to bait them into it, then backing off and defending the run.

    two years ago it was the quick slant everyone knew was coming on the audible, now it’s the draw. time for a new approach.

  13. buddhabrad says:

    I can’t really imagine being in a place emotionally where my favorite team is 8-4 (and coming off a Super Bowl appearance) and just beat a play-off team on the road AND ALL I CAN DO IS COMPLAIN.

    If you are an unhappy Hawk fan today, of all days, then you will likely never be a happy Hawk fan, because the bar you have set is unattainable: win every game, score 80 pts, allow Z-E-R-O points every game, etc.

    Chrissakes….. They WON last night.

    There were so many more positives than negatives to take away last night. It was thrilling.

    To the critics, a simple question: If they won last night 80-0, wouldn’t you be complaining about how boring the game was, how the back-ups didn’t get enough playing time, and how it wasn’t 90-0?

    They WON.

  14. mikew177 says:

    No press conference today Mike? I plan my Monday lunch around these. What’s up? I’m anxious to hear what Holmgren has to say about Strong and that whole situation.

  15. hawkowl says: has a video feed if you can view it at work.

  16. truehawk says:

    Holmgren can coach this team as long as he wants. He has taken this franchise to places it has never been. I have to remind myself how thin a line it is in the NFL between winning and losing. You are never as good as you think or as bad as you think.
    The Hawks WILL make the playoffs, and we all know that is a season of its own.
    I cant wait!! Lets defend our NFC title!!!

  17. jverhei says:

    I believe we are all happy about the win. But, if you ignore obvious problems and trends you are fool. There, I said it! A FOOL!

    Ok. Just kidding. We all want the team to win or we wouldn’t be fans. Part of the fun is looking at stats and that sort of stuff to see where we could be better.

    But if you criticize anyone you have to criticize Mike and all the time and effort he puts in to crunching numbers and putting charts together for us diehard fans to go over to see where we lack and where we could get better. Thus, you nullify the sole purpose of the blog and its intent.

    So, if you lambaste me or anyone else……YOU LAMBASTE MIKE SANDO!!

    lambaste \lam-BAYST\, transitive verb:
    1. To give a thrashing to; to beat severely.
    2. To scold sharply; to attack verbally; to berate.

  18. Thanx for the King5 link ;)

    Strong is sore, but that is apparently it. Holmgren thought it might be a high ankle sprain at first, but it’s not.

  19. buddhabrad – you lack the wisdom of your namesake.
    Most of us are quite pleased to be 8 and 4 and happy they won last night, but see that with the way they are playing/coaching there won’t be many more wins.
    What frustrates me is I think this team has potential to be substantial better but correctable problems are prohibiting this.

    Missed tackles

    If just those two things were corrected this team would be formidable.

    This team can be much better; don’t be content with poorly played wins.

  20. buddhabrad says:

    Yes, the way they are playing/coaching, there won’t be many more wins. Right. Whatever.

    By definition, we are headed to 12-4 or 11-5. By any reasonable definition, that IS formidible.

    Any rational person at the beginning of the season would have pencilled the Denver game an L. A W of any type is a blessing in my book. Complaining about the Denver game is no different than complaining about the Green Bay game last year. Look at the big picture.

    We are looking at a #2 seed, in a situation where the #1 seed is playing worse than we are.

    No reason to be content, I guess. We didn’t win by 80.

  21. A fair point about the #1 seed. Dallas looks to be the team to beat at this point.
    I still think you’re a bit myopic to be pleased with what you saw on Sunday.
    And actually the # of points we win by is irrelevant to me. I look at execution of plays and the plays called as my criterea for being content.
    Now if Sundays game had been the SB then no worries a win is a win … we’re the champs.
    But there’s alot of games left to be played and a few areas that have to be improved on if there is to be any success in the post season.

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