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Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 4, 2006 at 12:46 am with 54 Comments »
December 4, 2006 12:46 am

I’m not sure what would happen if Mack Strong were to miss a long period of time. He has an ankle injury. Knowing him, he’ll be on the field Sunday in Arizona. We don’t know that for certain. If he’s out, they could sign David Kirtman from the practice squad, or they could just coach up Will Heller. Shaun Alexander ran pretty well in the second half tonight. This was a late game, which meant I had to stop charting in detail midway through the third quarter. Therefore I haven’t had a chance to chart the personnel to know exactly how many of Alexander’s second-half yards came with Heller on the field. …

Cititravis: The DBs have definitely stepped it up in pass coverage, but it helps when the other team has the Jay Cutler game plan going. Jordan Babineaux and Michael Boulware do not seem to be getting it done from a tackling standpoint. That is an issue. They are not alone, however. Julian Peterson is playing at a Pro Bowl level consistently. He is pretty much alone on that front. …

Bellinghawk: No fair getting on my Denver pick AFTER the game. The Seahawks were bad tonight. They played losing football (that would be TWO first downs in the first half). The Broncos were worse. I picked Denver 24-19. I can live with that. …

Andelero: I’m not sure why they didn’t wait longer before spiking the ball. It was fourth down, so no need to save time. Perhaps they were afraid of a penalty and 10-second runoff? That’s a stretch, probably. …

I’m done for the night. Plane leaves in five hours. Need a couple hours sleep.

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  1. tribfan1 says:

    Seahawk receivers have been playing losing football all season, nothing is new. The fact is, when Shaun and Matt both play the Hawks are 5-0, despite poor play from the line (even with starters missing) and typical play from the receivers. It seems people who think the Hawks are a bad 8-4 team don’t take into consideration how many OL shuffles they have done since August and the injuries and inconsistencies of the receivers (Bobby Engram is vital to this offense, he was the leading receiver of their 15-4 team last season) and how vital a consistent offense is to the performance of the undersized defense – let alone that they’ve only played 5 games out of 12 with both Shaun and Matt. Why is it difficult to believe that when they get healthy and in rhythm this team will be able to beat any team in the NFC? And another thing, was Hass’ first half performance poor because of him or because of his receivers?

  2. Mike,

    Thought it was finally time I added my appreciation for the work you do here. Not a lot of Seahawks news in the papers here in Australia (well, none, actually), so your Blog is my first read of the morning everyday.

    Thanks for the great work…

    Go Hawks.

  3. mystireeman says:

    a lot has been made of the clutch FGs obviously, but Brown has shown some athletic prowess as last line of defense on coverages gone awry.

    that fumble forcing pancake (in the 3rd Q?) was a thing of beauty. Laury would’ve been proud of that hit.

  4. The hit was sweet, but the ball was on the ground (or almost there) before Brown hit him. One of the DBs knocked it out of Clark’s hands.

    Mike, I guess I could go back and look, but if you have it: how many GW FGs have there been this year? It always seems that Josh Brown’s FGs are part of a crowd of game-winning kicks.

  5. mystireeman says:

    he’s tied for the league record of 4 GW kicks in the final minute of games in a single NFL season.

    look around the net, several articles on this topic.

  6. Its good that we were able to keep pace with New Orleans and Dallas for the conference 2nd seed.

    This week Dallas and New Orleans play each other while we travel to Arizona. Sounds like an opportunity to get a game up on the cowboys or saints.

  7. bobbyk03 says:

    I am not and have never been a D-Jax fan. He will drop easy passes and make you want to take a baseball bat to the tv like the first 2-3 quarters last night. Then, he’ll do some great things. He’s good for some screw ups and great play each game. It’s frustrating. Overall, he’s a good WR… he’s just going to cost me a few grey hairs more than the average player.

  8. drmossguy says:

    It must not be so much fun to be Deion Branch and having swarms of defenders around you. He hasn’t produced big numbers because defenses really cover him, and its sad because he is a much better recever fundamentally and talent wise than our other guys. Although Hackett has been key lately, and seeing replays it looked like even Burleson made a nice grab on the game winning drive.

  9. Gandalf says:

    It might also be interesting to note exactly when D-Jack has the dropsies, which routes or patterns he has the most trouble with. It seems to me that the short curl routes, where he turns around and sits at a spot are the ones he drops – I think mainly because he’s either anticipating getting hit in the back, or is turning his head before the ball arrives. He seems to be better when moving forward, either slants, or go routes.

  10. Osiris33 says:

    C’mon dmbank, our kicker decleated their return man. We have the meanest kicker in the league.

  11. I agree about DJack. His drops on what easy looking plays are very frustrating.

  12. kyledmb says:

    D-Jack drops all the easy passes, like you said gandalf, the ones where he has to sit and wait for them. Our best WR’s are Hackett and Branch. They are the future or this team’s offense.

    I still can’t believe we couldn’t even score a TD when we started that drive from the Denver 15!!!

  13. I can’t believe how forgiving everyone is of D-Jack’s drops, but they call for Stevens’ head. Maybe we can re-assess the lynch mob?

  14. Osiris,

    Brown did lay a mean hit on the return man, but he didn’t cause the fumble. Kelly Jennings had already stripped the ball before Brown hit him.

    The TiVo tells me so.

  15. kyledmb says:

    Ha Regis…I could see the fans in the hawks nest now!

    Kelly Jennings and Marcus Trufant played outstanding. Im starting to believe Holgren now when he says Trufant’s playing his best ever. They both force fumbles and were step for step with the Denver WRs. Did you see Jennings cover Smith on that deep ball?!?!?

  16. We play San Fran in seattle next week on the NFL channel.Won’t it be on King or Komo also?

  17. iqbal70 says:

    Lots of folks (including our blog overlord here) have said the Hawks have really benefited from playing in the NFC West. Has anyone taken a look at the rest of the NFC? Besides the Bears the NFC North isn’t exactly crushing the opposition and both the “vaunted” NFC East and NFC South are hardly better. The conference seems wide open, but the Seahawks are going to have to play significantly better that last night to take advantage.

  18. OOPS I’m wrong we do play in Arizona next week.

  19. yankinta says:

    The game against San Fran on the NFL channel will be made avaiable on Local TV.

    I think we need to have the 2nd best record to have a chance in the playoff. I think the Saints are going lose another 2 games so we only have Cowboys to worry about.

    If Seahawks and Cowboys end up with that same record. The first tie breaker would be the conference record. They both have 3 losses in the NFC right now. What is the next tie breaker? Is it the division record or the common opponent record?

  20. elgranderojo says:

    can someone refresh me about the 10 second runoff? Is it only if 10 seconds aer left? I thought it was 1 or 2 minutes left… I was wondering why we didn’t have one on our false start with about 22 seconds left.

  21. hawkowl says:

    Seattle used a timeout to avoid the 10 second runoff.

  22. Big Red –
    Certain offensive penalties will call for a 10 second run-off if they occur within the last 2:00 of regulation (or half?). However, if the penalized team has a timeout, they are allowed the option of using that instead of losing the time. This is what happened last night after Stevens’ offsides…the ‘Hawks were offered the choice of the 10 second runoff or using their last timeout.

    Yankinta –
    All things being equal, we would beat the Cowboys on the common opponents tiebreaker…we currently hold the advantage because we haven’t lost to any of the common opponents (Giants, Cardinals, Bucs, Lions).

  23. yankinta says:

    Acutally, I was asking with if it was common opponents OR Division records. I guess we’d win on both………..

    Could it be something else?

  24. vichawkfan says:

    Lofa is not even close to playing at a pro-bowl level. Can’t tackle, can’t shed blocks….

  25. PapaHawk says:

    The NFL Network game will be broadcast locally (WA State) on the “New CW-11″. The Game will air immediately after “Totally Raven” and prior to “Moeisha”. The re-runs of The Beverly Hillbillies and Seinfeld will be moved to a later time.

    Contrary to popular local belief, Damon Wayans will not be providing color commentary on this broadcast, the broadcast will be the NFL Network team.

  26. DMTHAWK says:

    I think the rips on D Jack are a little unfair. The guy is hurt, not practicing and when it comes to game time is giving it all he has. Just like J Brown, D Jack catches the ball when they count. 9 TD’s this year…That is why Seattle is not calling for his head…

    I heard the comparision to last year, (D-Jack had no drops) keep in mind he only played in 6 games last year…There should be no doubt that we are a better team with him in the game…

    Go Hawks!!

  27. williambryan says:

    what about in southwest washington? we dont have CW-11

  28. It would be great if someone could ask Mike Holmgren today why he chose to run 6 times in a row after that last turnover, and not even try to throw once in the endzone. A touchdown there would have ended the game, instead of allowing them a chance to tie, which they did. You have a Pro Bowl QB and you cant even trust him to throw once in the endzone? This was the best red zone defense in the league last year.

  29. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like it would have been a better idea to go for a quick out or something to the left instead of spiking on that last play. The way they were playing at that point I would think they could have gotten something down the field a LITTLE farther, but all is well that ends well I guess.

    swab: From what Hasselbeck said after the game, it seems like they were showing blitz a bunch of times that drive and they ran it to take advantage, but the Broncos pulled out of it just about every time. Madden was making the same comment during that whole drive, but that reverse would have justified it if Walter didn’t stumble when trying to make that block.

  30. I’m pretty annoyed with the whole NFL Network thing, not because of the Seahawks game, but all the others. I’ll be at the Seahawks game, but would like to watch some of these others down the stretch (especially Cowboys-Falcons in a couple weeks), but I’m in the minority having a cable system that doesn’t have the channel available :( I would think about a dish provider, but my apartment is facing the wrong direction to get reception so I’m stuck with cable (not that I don’t like it). Guess I’ll complain :/

  31. seahawkfan says:

    Next tie-breaker with Dallas will be record against common opponents. Dallas beat Arizona, NY Giants, and Tampa Bay. They lost to the NY Giants earlier this year and still have to play Detriot so the best they can be is 4-1 against common opponents. Seattle beat The NY Giants, Arizona and Detroit but they still have to play Arizona again and Tampa Bay so Seattle could go anywhere from 5-0 to 3-2 so this Arizona game will be important.
    If both teams are 4-1 the Next tie-breaker is strength of victory which Seattle will not win against Dallas and also trails New Orleans.
    New Orleans will most likely have a better conference record so the common opponent thing will not matter so we need to see New Orleans lose to Dallas, Washington, NY Giants or Carolina.
    If Seattle loses one game San Diego would be the best one to lose.

  32. I don’t think injuries are a contributing factor for DJacks drops. He has always been a dropper. Last year, when he dropped very few, was an aberation. This year its back to his normal of 2 drops for every 3 great plays.

    I am surprised nobody ripped Stevens for his drops and false start penalties.

    Has anybody noticed that Tapp is playing quite abit more for Wistrom of late? I think that soon (maybe this season) Tapp will be starting and Wistrom will be coming off the bench.

  33. Mike, would it be hypothetically possible to cut Lenoard Weaver and then resign him to the active roster? If Mack can’t go, we need a fullback. I expect that Weaver would generate very little interest from other teams. The resigning would basically be a contract extension and a way to circumvent the injured reserve tag.

    I know…… its a crazzzzy idea.

  34. The first “drop” from Jackson on the first drive looked more like a good defensive play from the coverage guy. Maybe somone with TiVo could look at that.

    Lofa hasn”t only been a poor tackler, but he’s been making rather poor reads on runs, often getting stuck on the wrong side of the line and not plugging the right holes. Shedding blocks has also been a weakness.

    J-Pete is the man. He had a big missed tackle on a run I remember, but there was one play where he battled a guard a yard deep from the line of scrimmage and shed him perfectly when Tatum ran by for a no-gain. It could have potentially been a big play if he hadn’t stepped up there.

  35. I’d be interested in reading a brief explanation of the penalty on our second missed FG in the first half. Will Heller got called for holding on the kick. The Broncos were allowed to accept the penalty (10 yards) AND take posession of the ball — which seems both pointless and unfair. Al Michaels claimed the rule was new this year, and I’d like to know what the logic behind it is.

  36. mibuttiznum says:

    Tapp for wistrom? I’d beg that as bad as our defense has been, wistrom is still better against the run at this point. Tapp is in the same breed, but 20lbs lighter and not as stout vs the smashmouth.

  37. If you watched the Mike Holmgren show after the game you would have gotten the explanation from Mike himself. If I remember right, the rule is (changed 2 years ago) that on any kick (FG, Punt, Kickoff) if there is a penalty on the kicking team the receiving team gets the option to take the result PLUS the penalty.

  38. aelliott11 says:

    It would be great if someone could ask Mike Holmgren today why he chose to run 6 times in a row after that last turnover, and not even try to throw once in the endzone.

    1. Cuz the redzone is supposedly where Shaun does his best work

    2. Inside 15 yds, it’s very difficult to complete a pass because everything is so bunched up

    3. The Broncos have an OUTSTANDING secondary

    4. Matt was effective in places, but overall not very sharp last night

    5. In case you missed it, Champ has like 6 INT’s this season, all inside the opponent’s 30, and 2-3 in the end zone

    6. A turnover down there does more damage than “settling” for 3 pts. 3pts gives you a TD lead. No points allows them to score a TD to win. Basic football math.

    7. Denver was showing blitz on every play

    8. We needed to run the clock down

    Just some thoughts. I’m not totally defending Mike’s playcalling last night, but running the ball inside the 15 so many times in that situation given the circumstances is not out of the question.

  39. Nothing2CHere_MoveAlong says:

    Brown’s hit on that return was critical, not becuase he jarred the ball loose, but because the ball was loose but still on/around the returner’s arms. Just like the TD catch earlier in the game, the guy could easily have regained control of the ball as he ran. Josh prevented that from happening and seperated the runner from the vicinity of the ball.

  40. yankinta says:

    Thanks seahawkfan. I actually did some research and found out that we cannot lose to Arizona or Tampa if we were to win second seed against Cowboys. They can lose the other 2 games, if they were to end up the same record as the Cowboys.

    We need to have the 2nd Seed, if we’re to have any chance in the playoff. First round bye is crucial.

    I’m surprised that there’s not a lot interest for this topic. This should be No.1 topic for all of us Seahawk Fans.

  41. Only after the Hawks win the division can we start talking about a first round bye. They have a dangerous team to contend with on Sunday on the road and they need to win!

  42. owenbytheway says:

    The signing of Benny Joppru gives the Hawks more flexibility in moving Heller to FB.

    The question is, since the biggest knock on Joppru when he came into the League was his inability to block.

    Did he have enough time, between injury stints, to learn to block over the past couple of games.

    I believe he came in for a tryout with four other TE’s early in the season.

    With Heller’s primary responsibility as a blocker, was Joppru brought in to cover his blocking skills or to keep Mr. Stevens motivated?

    Thanks answerman.

  43. jzulaski says:

    My heart can’t take these last-second wins anymore. Holy cow!

    Good thing we were at Evergreen Hospital waiting for my daughter’s first baby to be born. I was close to a doctor just in case.

    The nurses kept having to come down and shush us expectant Grandpa’s up – we kept forgetting where we were and were yelling and cheering at the TV.

    I was strategically stationed in the lobby where I could still see the TV and look for the nurse at my daughter’s room to let us know when we could go in.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better day – new baby daughter, 7 lbs 5 oz AND a Seahawk victory.

    But oh, my aching heart.

    Josh Brown, I love ya man but, could you knock this crap off. Talk to Holgren some more about making these games a bit less “exciting”, ok?

    Go Hawks!

    Joe Zulaski

  44. As far as the division is concerned, there is only 1 important game:

    Beat San Francisco

    That’s it. We can lose every other game, the 49ers and Rams can win out, and we will *still* win the division. This is because at 9-7 for all 3 teams, we hold the tiebreakers:

    Head-to-Head plus Division Record against the Rams.
    Conference Record against the 49ers.

    If we tied only the Rams straight up, we hold the Head-to-Head. If we tie with both teams, the Head-to-Head gets thrown out, the Rams get eliminated at Division Record, then we reset for a tiebreaker against the 49ers and win that on Conference Record. But only if we split games with them.

    Once the Division is won, we are guaranteed 4th Seed at least, which equates to at least one home game in the playoffs. So that is our first goal to achieve. Since the Arizona game comes first, I’d say it’s mildly important to win that one for future considerations, but not as important as the next game 4 days later.

  45. I do think D-jack has a problem catching the ball when not in motion, but he also dropped a pass on a quick slant route, so maybe it doesn’t matter. I definately saw his head turn before the ball got to him on one of his curl routes. Perhaps on plays where things are happening on the move, he doesn’t have to worry as much about making a first move.

    On Hasselback: I’m wondering if you all saw the footage of Hass and Zorn talking about his hip and throwing arm. Basically what they said is that his hip wasn’t able to turn because his knee wasn’t loose (result of the cold/altitude?), resulting in his elbow lowering on throws… I think this may have affected his ability to pass to his left on short drops. If he can’t turn his hip very well, it’s definately gonna hurt his ability to throw left unless he’s got time to set his feet and hips to face that direction. And as you know… Champ Bailey is gonna be on his right side the whole game… and if he doesn’t have the agility to turn quickly to his left, you’re gonna have to throw that way if you’re being rushed.
    This would directly explain the multiple runs in the red zone… If the broncos showed blitz every time, matt would need to go to a short drop… if he can’t turn left quickly on short drops, he’s gonna have to throw right )… right at champ bailey… in the redzone… not a good formula for success… result:audibles and playcalling for alexander (also, shaun’s great in the red zone)

  46. roddychops says:

    hey, are we going to hear about the extent of mack’s injury to his ankle today? i’m pretty concerned about this. affects the already-iffy running game immensely.

    there are no gimmes–all of the remaining games including arizona are going to be hard-fought. a lot o’ teams that were looking pathtic at the start of the season are having nice second-winds right about now, with cusp-wild card hopes and a lot up for grabs.

    though the logic of wins/loses, divisional/head-to-head records and the like still leave the hawks sitting in a pretty good place, i’d really like to see things clicking on all fronts a little more before the postseason.

    every game matters. GO HAWKS!

  47. ballgame says:

    I was fine with the play-caling. It shorten the game and produced a TD lead, it looked like to me that Mike didn’t think that the broncos would be able to drive the broncos down for a win.

  48. ballgame says:

    ***cutler would be able to drive the bronco’s down the field for a win.*** and congrats jzulaski

  49. Tompage says:

    I am all in favor of not getting too far ahead of ourselves, but the division race is affectvely over. A three game lead with four to play is a very comfortable lead.

    I think having a first round bye is helpful but not having a first round bye does not seal your fate. Do I need to remind everyone that the Steelers won the Super Bowl with no bye and no home playoff games last season.

    The key to our success this post season is getting on a roll for the playoffs. Last night’s game was a win but I would not say we are close to being on a roll. The offense looked terrible (as has been stated by many others). Matt is still fighting injury problems which I think has contributed to the situation. I give the Broncos defense part of the credit as they have a strong unit, but when our offense is clicking it can score on any team in the league.

    The running game was not working either which was surprising as well. After the success against the Packers I expected more. The linebacking core of the Broncos is excellent which contributed to the situation, but we can do better.

    To have success in the post season we need to have the following:
    1. Consistency in the running game
    2. Consistency in the passing game
    3. Limit big plays against our defense

    If we can demostrate these things we can have success in the post season no matter where the games are played.

  50. hawkdawg says:

    Tatupu is consistently overruning plays this year. Out of position, wrong gaps, etc. Strange. I also think his D-Line is not protecting him as well.

  51. HAWKERDON says:

    We will win the division and make the playoffs, but no team that gets ripped apart by all these running backs like we do is going to win a super bowl. The team had better start getting it together right now if they want to win a super bowl this year.

  52. Fatejd — I’m still looking for an *justification* for the rule re penalties on kicks , not just confirmation that the rule was correctly applied last night (apparently it was). In every other circumstance, the team has the option of taking the penalty and gaining the yards OR foregoing the penalty and forcing the loss of down. The basic idea is to allow the nonpenalized team a choice between two options. The penalty on kicks is no choice at all — obviously, you will take the penalty 100% of the time. The only rationale I can think of is, the NFL must have really, really wanted to discourage holding on kicks — but why? Why is that penalty deserving of particularly harsh sanctions? Be interesting to ask a former member of the competition committee what’s the impetus behind the rule.

  53. jzulaski says:

    Thanks “Ballgame”. I’m not sure why but my daughter named her little girl, “Bleu”. I kept telling her that Seahawks’ Blue is spelled “Bee, Ell, You, Eee; not BLEU”.

    Hey, maybe the Hawks will make my granddaughter a team mascot or something and I can take her to a game.

    I am going to get over to the Pro Shop and pick up a little jersey or Seagals outfit for her this next weekend.

    Gotta get her started off right, don’cha know.

    Getting back on topic – the Hawks need to fix two things right now and they are fundamentals: tackling and catching.

    As someone else noted, DJack was worrying about getting hit or worrying about where he was going to run after the catch. He’s turning his head too soon and not looking the ball in all the way. You gotta catch the ball first and secure it.

    And tackling – fer crying out loud guys, how many missed on the last long run of the Broncos, 4? That’s pathetic. We need to work on fundamentals and get this fixed if we’re going to do well in the Playoffs.

    That’s all I have to say.

    Bleu’s Grandpa, Joe

  54. Hey mike, I have a Q about the state of the NFL in general. I have been under the impression lately that QB’s are expected to perform at high levels a little earlier than what is realistic. I feel that QB’s take 3-6 years to really get going, but that processed seems to be rushed more as of late (i.e. Brees a few years ago, Leftwitch, Boller, etc)

    Is it an expectation to perform sooner, or just thinking it’s better for a QB to learn on the bench if a they don’t perform now?

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