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J. Ohn-McGrath: What’s in a name?

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 29, 2006 at 6:55 am with 38 Comments »
November 29, 2006 6:55 am

John McGrath definitely brings his own style to his job as News Tribune columnist. He’s a hilarious guy who couldn’t be mean-spirited if he tried, and with his off-beat sense of things, that makes him an entertaining read. In his latest dispatch, John offers career advice to Jerramy Stevens. His tongue-in-cheek suggestion: a name change.

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  1. tezzer21 says:

    What kind of classless fans, and classless hometown media, boo their own team? Would you boo your own kid if he was messing up more than you would like and was still a little immature?

    I am really disappointed to see McGrath get on this destructive bandwagon…at least he ended it with “there’s still time Jerramy”.

    I still believe that it is classless and unbecoming to our city to be so freakin mean and rude and judgemental about one of our players. Rip him when he leaves, like we did with Hutch and Kacyvinski, not while he is one of ours.

  2. Tezzer21 – on the money. His team mates appear to support #86, so perhaps we should. As for “Only 5 weeks left in a Seahawk career”. – I really hope not. Even if you don’t think he will be back next year we still hope to win 3 playoff games.

    Reading some of the messages on the blog this year you would think we were 0-11, had a coach with no proven winning record and were about to move to California. Of course as fans we get frustrated by anything less than a perfect season, expecting the defense to post shutout after shutout and Matt, Shaun and DJack to gain huge numbers. If you win the SB no-one remembers how you played to get there. The regular season only serves to provide momentum and seedings for homefield advantage in the play-offs, and to gloat over the lambs, etc. Better to finish the season strongly (Steelers last year) than start fast(Indy).
    Go hawks

  3. You guys have missed the point.

    The issue with JS isn’t just his performance. People are critical of Djack and Burleson for performance reasons (dropping the ball, just like JS), but they don’t necessarily want them run out of town.

    Since Ruskell has arrived, character has been noted to be as important as athletic ability. DJack and Burlseson haven’t driven their cars thru retirement home walls or been accused of sexual assault. Or, more relevant, haven’t been accused of ‘giving up on plays’ or being soft. JS has been accused of all of these things.

    JS may have the physical tools to be a tremendous player, but his character issues doesn’t allow him to reach his potential. How long should we continue to wait for him to grow up (like we waited for Koren)?

    He is like Anthony Simmons or Koren Robinson.

    He is a puss stain.

  4. Irshprde24 says:

    Good call blocis!

    I see it like this: I pay good money, brave horrible driving conditions, sit in stands freezing my A#$ off, and cheer until I blow my voice (which still hasn’t recovered). If you are a player and not out there earning your keep and giving your all on the field to justify your pay and fan support, YOU WILL GET BOOED. Since when was football a soft sport?

    Tezzer- we were not booing the whole team! We were booing an INDIVIDUAL that was hurting the team! We also cheered him when he caught the touchdown pass– it goes both ways. So relax and if the booing hurts your feelings there is always a gallery following a golfer that won’t boo. (just kidding)

  5. Drillslinger says:

    A couple of years back, if y’all will remember, DJack got a few “Boo’s” for dropping passes as well. But there appears to be a difference in how DJack and now Stevens reacted. I remember a TD reception by DJack in a game where he’d suffered from the Drops. What did he do when he got the TD? No, he didn’t turn around to face the (then) cheering fans in an “In your face” gesture, he simply smiled, shook his head and jogged, laughing, to the sideline.

    While I’m a bit disappointed in Stevens’ performace this season (so far) I still believe that once he gets his head back into the game he’ll be a force on this offense. (Just in time to run the table and get HFA ;] ) He just needs to calm down and play like we ALL know he can.

  6. owenbytheway says:

    My cheek is biting my tongue, Mr. John.

    Jerramy is riding his own self out of town.

    ESPN is planning a feature for the Espy’s next year entitled “Jerramy..ah Jones, Mountain Man”.

    Please Mr. Stevens, get it back together.

    Get loose, get tough, get unstressed, get receiving and blocking.

  7. JAMAN8901 says:

    JS Sucks

  8. tezzer21 says:

    blocis, you MADE the point. Classless fan.

  9. You reap what you sow.
    Like Drillsinger said, the would be alot less boos (there would be some) if it was just the drops and fumbles. I for one can forgive all that and see his potential for the next play after a fumble or drop.
    But, it’s everything else that he does that make people dislike him defenses and fans alike.
    Also, because he’s a jerk defences look to hit him extra hard which causes more drops/fumbles.

  10. lemonverbena says:

    if Jerramy Stevens goes to another team in the offseason, he will be Born Again Hard and make Seattle regret letting him get away. i for one am rooting very hard for him. he has incredible talent and skills, and when he gains enough maturity will be one of the top 2 or 3 TEs in the league.

    Mike, does that 2nd NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Brown come with a contract extension, or would the front office prefer to wait until after the season when they will have to compete with every other team for his services?

  11. lsquire56 says:

    With tight end such an integral cog in the West Coast offense, it would seem JS is filling a void that existed. Mili and those before him had fallen short of Pro Bowl category as well, and don’t compare to him physically. Do you think JS is a project worth saving?

  12. ballgame says:

    For all of the hating on JS, I’d be willing to bet that all most EVERY team in the NFL wishes their TE scored 3 TD’s for every 5 games played. And who cares what a player does after the score a TD, as long as it doesn’t cost the Hawks 15 yards.

  13. Drillslinger says:

    Nobody cares… until that attitude affects on-field production (i.e. giving up on an active pass play while in the ENDZONE). I don’t see many people arguing that Stevens has a lack of talent or athleticism. What he appears to lack is that mental focus that he had last season.

  14. Handover_Fist says:

    I keep reading that Jerramy Stevens is a FA after this season but the NFLPA website shows him signed through 2007?

  15. lemonverbena says:

    i’m in full agreement that Stevens choked horribly in the Super Bowl and has dropped passes this year too (as has every other receiver other than Hackett). but, i thought he just didn’t see the ball that went off his knee. it was snowing y’know…

  16. Drillslinger says:

    He didn’t see it, cause he wasn’t looking. From what I remember watching (and then during replays) it looked like there was some contact right before he crossed the goal line, he turned towards the middle of the field and basically stopped. Then the ball hit him. I don’t recall seeing him look back for the ball at all :-( I could be mistaken of course, but that’s what I remember.

  17. buddhabrad says:

    First off, I have to laugh at the concept of “classless fan”. This is NFL football, an entity not exactly known for decorum and civility. The sport is based on passion and energy and the fans inject huge amounts of both. Without ALL fans, the sport would be sterile. The cussers and the face-painters (not the same) are not my cup of tea, but to paraphrase Voltaire, I’ll defend to death the right of blocis to call Stevens whatever he wants.

    Now, of course Stevens is supported by his teammates. They have no choice. Of course they want him to succeed. If Stevens succeeds, they all succeed. There’s no one else to replace him, so they rally around him and hope for the best. But to use the team’s support as evidence that Stevens should return is confusing the issue. Everyone supported K-Rob too, and then management made him dispensable.

    As for production, yes, Stevens has decent numbers. But we all know that he could have twice the production if his drops percentage was even at the team average amongst all Hawk starters. His production is a result of his talent AND the offensive system. Look at Marcus Pollard in Detroit. Did he lose all of his talent this year? No, Martz’s system essentially has neutered the TE role in Detroit. Stevens benefits from a very TE-favorable system.

    This team is not about potential. Its about production. If you don’t produce, you end up in DC.

    (On another note: Something is up with the O-line. You don’t just have Sims play a quarter for no reason in the middle of a must-win game. It seems to me that it was pre-meditated, as Sims must have been getting reps during the week in order to have him ready to play. I’m betting that the team is working out Chop at RT, and once Sims is ready, then Chop replaces Ashworth, who is little more than a blocking sled out there. I can also understand why our moderator would not be able to comment on this. In fact, NONE of the media seem to be talking about it, which leads me to believe something is up. Or I’m paranoid. Or both. I did quote a French philosopher earlier.)

  18. In fairness to Jerramy it’s possible that he lost sight of the ball. We haven’t heard anything definite, as far as I know.

    On the other hand, tezzer, I think it’s very telling that you compare booing Jerramy to booing your own kid. The Seahawks are NOT our kids, they’re being paid millions of dollars to play football, and do it well. The fans who paid up to or over a hundred dollars to see the Seahawks play have every right to demand better performances.

    If you think it’s mean, rude, and judgmental to boo for Jerramy Stevens, great, be the loudest man cheering for him at Qwest. But it’s not classless for other fans to pay a lot of money and expect something in return.

  19. There is a difference between what a person has a right to do, and what they should do. And I believe that any Seahawk fan who wants the team to do well should not boo JS. This is only going to compound his problems, so if you want our TE to start performing like we know he can, give him some confidence instead of shattering it every time he shows he’s human.

  20. ballgame says:

    The play in the endzone it looked like to me JS never saw the ball (never mind he ws just held), the whole thing about him quiting on the play is crazy. People who say he stopped running, the ball hit him, imagne if he kept running the ball would have been well behind him.
    As for I play lots of money so I can do what ever I want argument. That is crazy, it is like the guy in MN throwing the bottle on the field. If you want to boo go ahead, but don’t forget why you went to the game. To watch the ‘Hawks win and if you think booing helps that your an idoit.

  21. andelero says:

    Booing your own players is stupid, period. Does it help the player play better? Help the team? Of course not. If you’re annoyed, you paid your money and you can scream pretty much whatever you want. But don’t call yourself a fan. You’re not helping your team.

  22. tezzer21 says:

    Raider fans and Cowboy fans boo their own players because they are classless. Some fans even throw bottles and other things at their players because they are frustated and have no class.

    It doesn’t “hurt my feelings” that our own fans boo our own players, it embarrasses me that they do. I get as mad as the next fan when we suck. But fans who really want the Hawks to do well usually try the glass is half full approach, rather than the “I sit my fat, lazy ass in a recliner with my beer resting on my gut and call people puss stains although I never played a NFL game in my life” approach.

    I am glad Holmgren is more likely to lead and draw-out his players from a good, encouraging place, rather than run after them with sticks and rocks like so many seem to prefer.

  23. Or maybe it lits a fire under the player’s butt to do better. It’s laughable that Stevens is suffering from any confidence problems, judging by how much crap he talks to the other team. (See balls, kick in the)

  24. ballgame says:

    players that this level, don’t get a fire lit under ass by fans booing. You don’t get to the NFL without being the one that lights the fire under their own butt.

  25. If he has any character, the boos/media criticism will cause a change for the better in him.

  26. Can you point to a long, extensive NFL experience to back you up, or is that what you hope is the case for the players?

  27. I think it reasonable to think that he would reflect on his conduct after being soundly booed;A person who wouldn’t would be a fool.

  28. I was responding to ballgame. I actually agree with you.

  29. bobbyk03 says:

    This has been good reading. I see both sides.

    I don’t think I’d boo my kid that much though… unless he was still acting that stupid as a supposed adult in his late 20s. Then, I would boo my own kid. Probably kick his a$$ too.

  30. nighthawk2 says:

    A new name, or a nickname huh? How about Hands of Stone? Maybe Roberto Duran would let him borrow it (everyone and his brother stole Ray Robinson’s nickname “Sugar”). After all, they have something in common, Duran “won” his first title from Ken Buchanan on an after-the-bell low blow.

    It’s “classless” to boo a guy who gets paid millions of dollars (that your ticket price helps pay) to catch a football and doesn’t catch it? Contantly? Jerremy Stevens isn’t my kid, he’s a guy that got rich by playing a kids game. And will probably get richer (somewhere else). Born Again Hard? Stevens? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Reminds me of the stuff said about Kitna when he left, that he wouldn’t throw interceptions or fumble anymore in Cincinnati.

  31. buddhabrad says:

    To everyone using the argument that booing Stevens makes him play worse, I reply simply: He dropped the balls and acted like a jerk when we cheered him. The booing started AFTER he failed to fulfill his potential (or whatever euphemism you want to use to replace ‘choked’). 40k fans didn’t just decide to start booing for no reason.

    Some people climb their way to greatness as a result of hard-work and talent. Others let it slip thru their fingers. (Insert image of Stevens falling off a ladder.)

  32. “I am glad Holmgren is more likely to lead and draw-out his players from a good, encouraging place, rather than run after them with sticks and rocks like so many seem to prefer.”

    Do you happen to remember Holmgren’s reaction after Stevens’ personal foul for taunting in the Raider game?

    Holmgren looked like he wanted to tear his head off. If you can read lips, Holmgren specifically said, “Do you think you’re f***** going back in there?!”

    It’s a fact that someone acting like an idiot/jerk brings out emotions……even from his ‘encouraging’ coach.

  33. I think Holmgren has stuck with JS too long, much like he did with Koren Robinson. The passes thrown in Jerramys direction are better sent to players who drop the ball less often, give up on plays less often and play soft less often.

  34. PapaHawk says:

    I just hope he doesn’t change his name to Bison Dele II. I believe that Stevens, like Nate Burleson, will help us win games this year. The dude is intelligent and athletically gifted. However, he is prone to do stupid things. Both of his “drops” Monday night were very difficult to come down with. He had just been held on the other one. I choose not to boo. I don’t think it helps us win the game. Bennie Joppru is no Bison Dele II.

  35. nighthawk2 says:

    Is that a diner serving buffalo burgers?

  36. seahawkfan5704 says:

    lol…about 6 weeks ago, all this talk was about burleson…I guess some of us need to take our anger out in someway…good to always have someone to yell/blame…

  37. eatayork says:

    seahawkfan5704 is right, 6 weeks ago we were all mad about Burleson. The difference is that he turned it around and starter PERFORMING. Hopefully JS will, too. Personally, I’m done with him. I think he has great talent and athleticism, and I hope he does well for whatever team he plays for next season (especially if he stays), but I won’t be getting an 86 jersey anytime soon.

    On the booing front: Tezzer, how do you externalize your anger/frustration with an underperforming player? Buy him flowers and a box of chocolates? Fans all over the country boo when a player (star or otherwise) is underperforming (see: Alex Rodriguez, NY Yankees). Booing is the only way for fans to show, en masse, their dissatisfaction with a player, team, or situation. It’s not a matter of class, it’s basic human communication.

    Perhaps it would be more impactful if the stadium just went dead quiet and everyone turned their back toward the field. Think we can get 68,000 people to do that the next time JS runs out during the intros?


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