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Answers to your questions, vol. 64

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 29, 2006 at 9:21 pm with 44 Comments »
November 29, 2006 9:21 pm

The Jerramy Stevens situation is a talker, but I’m not sure how much more can be said. Let’s see what he does down the stretch. He is a tremendous talent. My own take is that things will even out for him a little, most likely. He is getting himself in position to make plays. He has not made the plays consistently, but he is due for some breaks. Marquand Manuel put a lick on him. That won’t happen every time. I think they’ll hit him on that deep middle route before the season is finished. Logic tells me they should reinforce that position in the offseason no matter what happens with Stevens. They need talented options, plural, at that position. Right now they have talented option, singular. …

Lemon: I’ll believe a contract extension for Josh Brown when I see one. They haven’t gotten a lot of deals done during the season. …

Lsquire56: I think Stevens is a project worth saving if he finishes strong this season. A project worth saving does not make a project worth paying huge bucks, however. This team needs new blood at the position even if Stevens comes back. I could see them drafting a tight end in the first four or five rounds. Then if they bring back Stevens, at least he would not be the only viable option in the passing game, as he is right now. …

Good stats from THANKS. …

Williambryan: Guys are rallying to Tobeck’s side a little. I’m hearing less of the banter and more concern for him. Hasselbeck said today he’s eager to get Tobeck back. The reality is that the Chris Spencer era is probably under way. I get the feeling Tobeck might not be back for a while. Could be late this season. …

Darrell Jackson rests his knee sometimes. He did it a lot last season. He hasn’t needed to rest it much this season. Eleven games in, if he misses an occasional practice, no big deal. If it becomes a thing where he’s missing most practices, then it might be more significant. …

LAMike: Good question on Parry. I would think the Eagles get that pick (2008?) given how much Parry has played. …

BB44: Joppru actually got behind Lofa Tatupu for a catch in scout-team work. Tatupu tipped the ball but Joppru caught it anyway. …

Good analysis blocis (“Toebeck as a starter is over. Chris Spencer, c’mon down! Engram as 3rd WR is over. DJ Hackett, c’mon down! Womack as a starter is over. Rob Sims, c’mon down! Scobey as KR is done. Nate Burleson, c’mon down!”). Tying those together is relevant. …

The Hawks have plenty of receivers without going after Champ Bailey too much. Let’s see who the Broncos put on Hackett and either Branch or Jackson.

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  1. buddhabrad says:

    It seems like just yesterday that we were all ragging on PorkChop. Now his early-season injury looks like a blessing, since it forced Spencer and Sims into some prime playing time. Having those games under their belts will be a tremendous benefit down the stretch this year.

  2. williambryan says:

    thanks, i also get the feeling the “Spencer era” is underway, but i also get the feeling that Holmgrens loyalty to Tobeck might play more of a role than the play of both players(assuming Spencer continues to improve and play at a high level.) and not to say that he doesn’t have loyalty to Spencer who i’m sure Holmgren wanted as much as Ruskell did.

  3. billywatson says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I think a lot of the hostility towards Stevens stems from more than just his play on the field. The fans would be more forgiving if he did not get stupid personal foul penalties and things of that nature.

    A lot of us here in Western Washington remember all of Stevens troubles in the past…alleged troubles if you need the disclaimer. Stevens was at least accused of beating someone with a baseball bat, then tested positive for marijuana while awaiting his court date, then accused of drugging and raping a girl, crashing his truck into a retirement home and fleeing the scene (then saying he did not know who was driving his truck) and then another DUI arrest.

    All of that, combined with the fact that he basically only played well for two-thirds of one season after being a first-round draft choice puts him on a short leash with the people in this neck of the woods. He has been a complete underachiever and his cocky attitude does not help any.

    I would rather see someone in a Seahawk uniform that is not as naturally gifted, but consistent, intelligent, and a good person. Stevens does so little with so much.

  4. Mike, was reading some SI articles and found this very interesting. What do you think of Jeffri Chadiha’s observation?
    “Ten players who will determine the NFL playoff race”

    Leroy Hill: Much of the focus in Seattle has been on the return of running back Shaun Alexander and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck from injuries, but Seattle’s defense still needs to get better, and Hill, a second-year outside linebacker, is vital to that improvement. Quietly as the notion is kept, some scouts think Hill’s a better linebacker than the more heavily hyped Lofa Tatupu. Hill is fast and instinctive, and the Seahawks need his play-making to avoid the struggles that plagued them earlier this year. Remember, five teams have scored more than 28 points against Seattle this year. That’s not an encouraging sign.

  5. elgranderojo says:

    BillyW and other Stevens bashers,

    I will agree that much of Jerramy’s past behavior is inexcusable (as a human being). However, to his credit, when was the last time he made the news for a similar digression? Jerramy will always have some of that thuggishnesh to him, but I think(hope) he is learning to be a better person and control his emotions off the field. I would hate for him to go somewhere else and have a relapse as a person, completely ignoring the football side of things.

    Holmgren does a lot of good for young athletes, Stevens being one of them. I think Seattle is the best possible place for him and maybe we should embrace him as a part of this team and hopefully as a rehabilitated member of our community instead of tearing him apart and destroying his confidence and self esteem.

  6. stinkfeetmcgee says:

    Well put big red. Nothing good is going to come of writers and fans bashing him. Who are we to judge him? I hate to see a player get booed at home, kill his confidence and hurt the team. Like him or not this team needs him.

  7. Dltrowbri says:

    Agree with rojo– I know that Stevens has gotten a lot of chances off the field but he hasn’t done anything in quite a while. A lot of this team or any other playing well is not just having the talent but believing that they will make the play. If he is booed every time he goes across the middle and drops one after getting blasted, do you think that’s going to help make things better? I agree with Mike in that the snow made things difficult, and frankly I’d be amazed if Steve Largent would have even held on to either of the drops Stevens had after those big hits he took.

  8. stinkfeetmcgee says:

    MUSTANGJSS: I remember you posting about having pics of Wistroms halloween party but I never saw you give a link to your myspace page. Did you change your mind about sharing or did I miss it?

  9. That’s an interesting take on Leroy Hill.. I know Chadiha a little bit. Seems like a very nice guy. Hill has the talent. I’d be a little surprised if he suddenly emerged down the stretch, given what they are asking him to do (and given his injuries), but it’s something to watch.

  10. doubledink says:

    You can tell Holmgren still has faith in Stevens. And as noted above his off field stuff has not recurred. More than anything he has a confidence issue right now and he keeps adding fuel to that fire by running his mouth to his opponents who feel obliged to prove him wrong.(we really don’t know what he has been saying – we are assuming based on Ju P’s gnat comment and fights and stuff)

    If he would only learn the value of some measure of humility and keep working hard most of this problem would vanish. If he can keep from erecting his own hurtles he will get through this, but therein lies the problem.

  11. Another question which has been hinted at, is whether Hill and Lofa would play better without Peterson? Have we seen lineups with Hill, Tatupu and Bentley? How about all 3 with Peterson in as a DE? As much as Peterson has produced sacks, I’m not sure he’s improved our run defense. We used to have Chad Brown serve the LB as sacker role, but that never really got us anything in terms of stopping the run. Have we regressed back to that strategy with Peterson now, and has it hurt us?

  12. Hill and Tatupu are battling a sophmore slump. Neither are playing as well as they did last year, neither on the field or in the stats department. It’s really that simple. However we know we have 3 GOOD linebackers, and they are gelling, give it time.

  13. shanewyer says:

    What are Leroy Hill’s expected return time and the type of toe injury he has?

  14. reshumate says:

    I think you meant DD Lewis.

  15. tezzer21 says:

    Here’s the bottom line. As Holmgren said “the team needs Jerramy to play well for us to play well”. There’s no debate there. Let next year play out as it will. But for the last 5 games this year, and the post-season, let’s quit booing our own players. WE ALL NEED JERRAMY STEVENS TO PLAY WELL. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD FOR 2 MONTHS AND ROOT FOR HIM!

  16. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    I’m not sure what the biggest Steven’s highlight of all time is:

    1. Getting loaded on booze and drugs and driving his pickup druck through a wall at the side of an old folks home?

    2. Three drops in the Super Bowl, losing the game for the Hawks, after opening his yap before the game.

    3. Kneeing Tyler Brayton in the you know what before getting the same favor returned to him.

    Really, it is a difficult choice.

  17. roddychops says:

    not sure what special angles you were privvy to to see #3, dog.

  18. Neigh. Whack! Neigh. Whack!!
    Let it go. I am sure we all know co-workers who drink too much or cheat or do something else bad. It’s their life. Let’s separate the football from all the other garbage.
    Yes Jerramy has alot of drops, that sucks. I hope he figures it out soon.
    Mike, I am curious if there is any way to tell if the run game is any better when Jerramy is in vs. our other TE’s?

  19. mustangjss says:

    Re: stinkfeetmcgee
    Sorry not sure if I posted the link or not, but here is the link to my Myspace page the pics are posted on that, you don’t have to be a member to look at the page…

  20. Leroyhill says:


    What do you make of Sims spotting Womack? I think it’s unusual to see O-lineman to do that because of disruptions to the continuity. How does the staff rationalize the approach?

    I wonder the decline in Tatupu’s performance is largely due to the inability to replace Marcus Tubbs. Tatupu needs the guys upfront to protect him. Even the most dominating MLB in this decade in Ray Lewis did not play well the previous two years because they didn’t have big guys upfront to protect him. When I was living in Chicago, I saw the same thing happened to Urlacher during 2001-2002 seasons when he didn’t have Ian Scott and Tommie Harris to protect him.

    On Leroy Hill, I am not a scout but he just doesn’t look fluid covering the TEs. His name is not called too often in running plays. I don’t know if it makes sense schemewise to have Peterson cover TEs, but off-field politics can prevent that from happening. Peterson will have less sacks, and fans like me might have harder time seeing his impact and mgnmt will take some heat because they don’t have the individual stats to show for paying that much money to him.

  21. PapaHawk says:

    All you Stevens haters are pissing me off. The guy is special and has helped the team win. He has done bone-headed things on the field a couple of times. So what. At least he hasn’t “Gone Koren” off the field. He shows up to meetings on time, he has recovered from injury and he gets open. The dude is a stud talent, and unless another Antonio Gates falls out of the sky, he’s our best option. The man needs a little support to be his best.

  22. i’m by no means a huge Jerramy Stevens fan, but I’m tired of all the people berating him, in many cases undeservedly.

    “Three drops in the Super Bowl, losing the game for the Hawks, after opening his yap before the game.”

    frankly that’s BS, and nothing more than rhetoric by those who don’t favor JS. 3 drops are valid and certainly didn’t help, but laying the outcome of the game on that is ridiculous. There were many things which combined as a result of the play on the field of several players (and imo, referees: DJ pushing off? Locklear holding? Hasselbeck cut blocking the ball carrier? Joey Porter’s horse collar tackle?).

    What if current fan favorite Josh Brown would have made a couple of field goals rather than missing? or do we let that go simply because he doesn’t have JS’ reputation (not putting in on JB, just using him as an example of the play of many players contributed to the outcome).

    as for “opening his yap”, that’s another incident completely blown out of proportion. JS stated, “"It’s a heartwarming story and all that, but it will be a sad day when he leaves without that trophy"… did you expect him to say Bettis was going to succeed and the Steeler’s would win the game?

    “Kneeing Tyler Brayton in the you know what before getting the same favor returned to him.”

    what “kneeing”? did you actually see the play in question? it clearly shows JS falling back and his leg raising, slightly bent. his knee was only bent about 10-15 deg and not in any position that would indicate trying to “knee” someone.. as for his “head butt”, it was hardly that, but it was certainly an aggressive move in that he was sticking his face into another players while taunting him or talking smack to him…

    JS has done many things that certainly should not be appreciated in any manner, and has ceratinly made some bonehead plays on the field, but the fact is he has stayed out of trouble “off the field” for some time.. and the 2 drops? while some certainly could have held on, if you’ve ever played football, you would not hold it against him for not making those plays.. makeable? yea, but i’ve seen very respected recievers fail to make the play under similar conditions (and some that would not have made some of the “nice” catches that he HAS made).

    bottom line is that there’s alot of people spreading perceptions and inaccuracies about his he doesn’t deserve. for now, he’s still a Seahawk, and his teammates and coaches believe in him and “has his back”. wouldn’t hurt if some of the fans did the same…

  23. I dislike JS for his (percieved) character. But I wish he wasn’t a Seahawk for more practical reasons…..

    The passes sent his way are better sent to someone who catches the ball more frequently and doesn’t give up on plays. Thats it. Its just about production.

    All the other stuff (driving thru the retirement home wall, sexual assault, the knee to the groin) makes me dislike him. But its the lack of production that makes me wish they re-directed all of the passes taht were supposed to go his way to someone else. For example, if you took the 19 passes thrown his way and sent them to DJ Hackett you would have more completions. Not to mention you would have a TE playing (Heller) who can actually block.

    I’m sorry Jerramy, but under the bus you must go.

  24. chuck_easton says:

    Hey, to put a silver lining around the tripe that is posted by one ‘dog’ on this site, just last week this same person was lamenting the fact that Shaun was going to start. As he stated last week, ‘Shaun is soft and just doesn’t run hard enough…’ I seem to recall Shaun having a 201 yard rushing effort on monday night.

    Maybe the ‘dog’ has taken the role of the anti-motivator.

    Please ‘dog’ come out with more outlandish posts ripping anyone and everyone so you can be proven wrong. Just based on the ‘dog’s’ latest attack I see Stevens having a career day this coming Sunday.

  25. lsquire56 says:

    JS is every bit as good a blocker as Heller, and Hackett would be out of football if he’d taken the hits a TE takes. How many of those drops came without violent collisions? TE can’t be compared to WR stats! That said, I’d like to see JS work on his hand positioning and tucking. Does anyone recall DJack going through quite a cycle of drops 2 years back??

  26. just about production? how about JS caught more passes in a single season than any other Seahawk – ever? he’s been hurt much of this year (i don’t see anyone wanting to dump Hasselback because he was rusty and threw 3 int’s in the first half – not to mention a fumple which resulted in a GB td.. perhaps JS’ confidence is a bit shaken from the SB (or imagine how you’d feel if you dropped the ball after having almost been seperated from the rest of your body and hearing your hometown crowd boo you for it?) or he is still not completely in a groove due to being injured much of this season. shouldn’t he have some time before being “tossed under the bus”?

    i like the whole DJ angle; how he’s stuck with the team, how he’s made the most of his opportunities, etc.. but sorry, he cannot have the same impact that a good TE can have, nor would he have been able to make some of the plays JS has made (if for no other reason the JS’ size). also, the matchups are completely different, for instance a CB or S may be matched up against the WR, where a LB would be matched up against a TE. what may open up for a TE in the middle of the field may not be open to a third WR, etc.; you just can’t compare them.

  27. err.. any other Seahawk TE – no ‘edit’ button :(

  28. ashleykeltner says:

    This is for long time ‘Hawk fans who have followed the team for many years. Maybe someone out there can reiterate… There was a time when a young Matt Hasselbeck had some disciplinary concerns. Although they were NOT even close to the magnitude of J. Stevens, he still had conflicts with Homgren because he had trouble in trusting him. There were times when he made comments to the media that were viewed as inapproritate. Not because the content was overly harsh but because he spoke out of inexperience & youth. My point is, over a period of time, Holmgren reeled him in, was patient & Matt has become the premier player that he is because he had the right person to guide him. Same can happen for Stevens.
    For those of you who mock Steven’s personal life…. Must be nice for all of you to not to be flawed in any way.
    (Wife of Ash Keltner)

  29. Sorry, my example with DJ Hackett wasn’t meant that way. I meant that more of the 20 balls thrown to Stevens would have been caught if they were thrown to ANYBODY other than JS.

    The point about JS’s production last year is a good one. But that was last year…..

  30. Yes, yes, yes. Everybody has issues. Blah, blah, blah.

    My flaws aren’t an issue (well, not in this blog anayway) because I am not the Seahawks starting TE. Jerramys flaws ARE an issue becuase his is the Seahawks starting TE and is performing badly and acting like the turd he is (hes got the criminal record and NFL fines to prove it!).

  31. For those of you with a good sense of humor, you can read the new lyrics to Pearl Jam’s “Jerramy” here:

  32. Oops.

    Once again, for those of you with a good sense of humor, you can read the new lyrics to Pearl Jam’s “Jerramy” here:

    The Parallax View

    (And for the record, I still want him to succeed.)

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Due for some breaks? No. Here’s a guy who gives up on routes, drops more balls that hit his hands than any player on this team, and who puts his teammates in positions to back up his mouth. (re. super bowl and the Porter nonsence.) He has tremendous talent but he is soft. His actions on the field speak for themselves. This is a position of need.

  34. On Stevens: It’s important to note how much Hasselbeck continues to throw the ball his way. Even after a couple obvious drops on Monday, Hasselbeck still threw to him, making it seem as if Hass trusts the guy. As someone said above, he does get open, and he does put himself in position to catch the ball. He just hasn’t been doing that lately. He’s not (by far) my favorite Seahawk, but I think he’ll come through eventually. He’s gonna win a game for us this year.

  35. mustangjss says:

    Re: Dukeshire
    How does the guy give up on routes? The guy is always in position to catch the ball, so how does he give up on routes? People like you come on here and just make stuff up, why?

  36. nighthawk2 says:

    Who are we to judge Stevens, or boo him? We’re the people the Seahawks organization expect to buy the expensive tickets, the overpriced beer and food, the merchandise and the parking prices. That’s what gives us a right judge a dude who gets millions of dollars to do one thing, catch a football. Which he doesn’t not do very often. Jackie Smith had a stellar career as a tight end, mostly with the St. Louis Cardinals, but what’s he remembered for? Dropping Roger Staubach’s game winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Stevens hasn’t had a stellar career. And he never will. “Oh no, Stevens will go somwhere else and be great!” Huh? Based on what? Like Koren Robinson? Like Jon Kitna? Like Daryl Turner? Like Shawn Springs? Yeah, they’ve been stellar since they left. I remember all those teams they took to the Super Bowl. For everyone that has their lips surgically attached to Stevens hometown Husky posterior, I want him gone. Not just gone, but run out on a rail, after being tarred, feathered and beaten like a government mule. We can and must up grade the tight end position. Sign the guy Holmgren really wanted in 2002, Daniel Graham.

  37. aelliott11 says:

    did anyone hear anything this morning on KJR about Bryce Fisher calling out Stevens?

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Re: mustangjss

    If you watched the game on Monday, you then saw Stevens let the football bounce off his left hip in the endzone when he had nearly stopped running never mind the fact he made little effort to catch it. I’m not making things up, I saw it with my own eyes. Please don’t comfuse the route or play calling with the effort. That said, the ‘Hawks need him to play well if any extened playoff run is to happen IMO.

  39. I am with bigred, PapaHawk, Cainam, tezzer21, stinkfeetmcgee and others: sorry blocis and nighthawk2, you are off the mark.

    You can’t question the spontaneous reaction of the fans who booed the Stevens’ drops. It reflects deep disappointment. Though, I felt that at least some of those boos were balanced by some spontaneous cheering at his role in earning us 8 4th Quarter points. Stevens enjoyed that. This is not about the fans’ right to boo or cheer.

    What gets me is this business of wanting him gone or not wanting him to succeed. What’s with you guys? Is it that hard to understand it is not just Holmgren or Hasselbeck or his teammates but the entire Seahawks team and all the Seahawks fans that need him to succeed? You want him gone, nighthawk2, but that’s being silly and selfish; all you want is some self-gratification for the wrong reason. Your sole reason for existence as a Seahawk fan is to see them win. Every game if possible. If we want to have the Hawks to have a better chance at these remaining games, Stevens must play and he must succeed. Spare me your examples nighthawk2 – none of those guys helped the Hawks to SB 40. Stevens though was there and while he played poorly in the big one, he played great to get us there. And you need proof of how important Stevens’ position is in the Hawks’ offensive scheme: look at the success or lack thereof the 4 wide sets (don’t give impractical examples of throwing all of Stevens’ passes to Hackett instead of to Stevens) or of the less-than-impactful Itula Mili. Or check out the Hawks’ proven success in the past of running from the two tight end sets or their offensive success generally from the ‘regular’ offensive set with one tight end. Man, you really need Stevens to succeed.

    He had a bad time with the Porter episode (thanks in my view to the general media and Porter: all he did was to state that the Bettis story was great, but the Hawks were going to win – what’s wrong with that?), he had a knee injury, he worked hard and diligent by all accounts at rehab, and came back only to get reinjured, and now he is having a tough time. Give him some support, give him some slack. Not because you like him or anything, but because you want the Hawks to succeed.

    DJack was so roundly booed for his drops a couple of years ago. If nighthawk2 and blocis had their way he would have been out too. For lack of production. C’mon you tough taskmasters! And don’t tell me that DJack has been a model citizen. He has been surly, he has often been aloof and certainly he has not portrayed himself as a great team player. Lot of speculation on why he did not show up AT All for training camp. BUT now we all think he is OK. It was all in his mind, and he fixed it and he may be the Hawks’ MVP for the season.

    I am glad Holmgren did not give in to blocis and give up on DJack, I am glad Hasselbeck did not give in to nighthawk2, and give up on DJack. Heck, Sando called him the mid-season MVP and he deserved it.

    Here’s to really wishing that Stevens succeeds for the Hawks in a grand manner. And takes that opportunity to ingratiate himself back with all the fans. Do well, Stevens.

  40. mustangjss says:

    RE: Dukeshire
    I was right in front of that play, so yes I saw it and I still think you’re making things up. Stevens first was being held on the play and second it was blatantly obvious to me that he didn’t see the ball, there was a small blizzard in his line of sight. Seriously you really think he isn’t going to want to overexert himself by sticking his hands out but instead let it hit him in the B@lls?

  41. Arrgh!

    Every Seahawks fan (including me) has wanted JS to succeed. We are all Seahawk fans.

    In my opinion, his behaviour and character issues will stop him from ever being successfull. Just like Koren. That being said, I wish him gone so that the passes that are being thrown to him can instead be sent to other players who are producing.

    Obviously he will stay the year, so I hope he catches every pass thrown his way, he blocks and runs hard on every play and doesn’t get immature foolish penalties. You know, if he could knock off the stupid behaviour, people would be alot more tolerant of his current case of droppsies. But someone else said, you reap what you sow……

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Re: mustangjss
    Effort is effort, if you saw the play the way you describe, then even you saw the ball coming right at him, despite the “blizzard”. In adition, it’s difficult for me to criticize his lack of overexertion when he QUIT ON THE PLAY. However, I stand by what I stated before, this team needs him to play well for them to realize a serious playoff run.

  43. Another thing that pisses me off about you JS bashers is that you talk about him not playing well in the SB. Who caught the only Seahawks TD in that game? Also the catch he made on the one yard line might have been the game winning play if not for a very questionable holding call. You guys who are so full of hate are lucky that no one judges your lives with the same harshness that you display.

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