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What to expect today

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 17, 2006 at 11:43 am with 8 Comments »
November 17, 2006 11:43 am

The Seahawks begin practicing in about 10 minutes. Coach Mike Holmgren has held off naming starters at quarterback and running back. Earlier in the week, Shaun Alexander appeared closer to rejoining the lineup than Matt Hasselbeck. Holmgren has pointed to today as the key day in determining which players will start. He is not going to make an announcement today, for obvious competitive reasons.

Reporters were given a choice upon arriving at team headquarters today: We can watch practice as long as we do not report specifically how many snaps the quarterbacks and running backs get with the starting units, or practice can be closed (setting a precedent I’d rather avoid). It’s not a great choice, but that is the choice we were faced with today.

There is no law saying reporters must be allowed to watch practice. We routinely do not report information regarding trick plays, special formations, new personnel groupings, etc. It’s just part of the deal when the team you cover lets you watch practice. In the playoffs last season, we did not report when Seneca Wallace worked at receiver in preparation for the NFC championship game. Wallace caught a 28-yard pass against the Panthers in that game. The Panthers would have been ready for that play had we reported what we saw in practice.

This is an unusual situation today. I’ll have a good idea from watching practice exactly who will start, particularly at quarterback. My feeling going into practice is that Wallace will again be the starter. That just makes sense to me. We’ll find out for sure Sunday. Even if Hasselbeck is somewhat limited today, if he works extensively Saturday, there’s always a chance he’ll start.

This is an unusual situation. As always, I’ll be honest and up front about how things are being covered.

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  1. Osiris33 says:


    Is Kelly Jennings at practice? What’s the update on his knee?


    Don’t worry, show some patience, don’t rush the man, Mike will post all the injury updates later like he always does.

  3. Caseman0419 says:

    Do reporters only get to cover the local teams?

  4. PapaHawk says:

    Mike, thanks for the heads up.I’m sure you’ll be able to report what is worth reporting ethically. I suppose the number of snaps per player would give away who will be most likely to play. AT this point nothing would surprise me as far as who starts the game at any position…what with Tobeck out last week.

  5. This is interesting. There is no enforcement as you can write what ever you want, but in the long term interest of your relationship with the team, you need to follow the rules.

    I am imagining a conspiricy theory where a rouge writer could make competitive information available to the other teams. You could make the information available via the black market and collect from every visiting team. I know Mike would never do this but it another ‘lame’ excuse that we can pull out later in the year if there is some unexpected poor performance.

  6. jake_brake says:

    That is an interesting theory but don’t you think the teams would quickly identify the culprit and blackball him from attending practices? Teams don’t have control over what writers print, but they sure as heck have control over who is allowed to watch practice.

  7. Interesting topic as there aren’t many Ethics 101 classes out there. Frank Hughes touched on a similar subject as he was transcribing a Danny Fortson interview, which never saw the light of the Internet. He basically stated that it was in the interest of future employment and continued access and the newspaper entrusted their employees to make these calls. Obviously with the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, there is excess material that makes for good reading later, like Seneca practicing at WR. Mike – At what level can you, as a journalist, take stories and anectdotes and put them together as a fictional story?

  8. And to go one step further on who butters your bread , a great source of dis-information

    ( for instance )

    Moss is trying out coach , are we going to sign him ?

    No comment

    Matt took 50 snaps , I take it that means he will start?

    No comment

    Could easily set up press to think one thing and do another ;)

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