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Answers to your questions, vol. 55

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 15, 2006 at 8:35 pm with 12 Comments »
November 15, 2006 8:35 pm

Thanks to the reader who pointed out this site for NFL playoff seedings. We’ll use that one until the NFL gets around to fixing its more comprehensive (but recently incorrect) site. …

Our podcast files are showing up again for those of you who have wondered where they went. Had to make a minor tech adjustment, but it’s working now. …

Jjhsix: I do not know how closely Dr. Z watches o-line play, but his take — that Hutchinson is just playing OK — has been the consensus. I haven’t seen him play enough to know. Hutchinson might need some time to adjust. Line play is largely about teamwork. He might have an injury no one knows about (one year he played with a torn labrum, for instance). I know this: Steve Hutchinson is a very good player when healthy. His impact might be muted because — stop me if you hear this — he is a guard. But we don’t need to have that debate again. …

WiscCory: I’m always open to writing another book, but it’s tough to find a deal with agreeable terms. …

Mystereeman: John Marshall did suggest initially that Boulware might play in the dime, but he left open the possibility he would not. I saw no reason to play Boulware in the dime if giving up big pass plays was the problem. Boulware is not part of the current dime package, nor has he been since Babineaux became the starter. …

Bnemhaus: Locklear’s status was not a surprise to me. I will be somewhat surprised, however, if he plays Sunday. …

Tompage: I think Mortenson asked the Seahawks about Wallace’s contract status because he was curious. This would have been when ESPN covered the Seattle-Oakland game, I think. That is my thought. Wallace’s contract situation was seen as a non-issue at camp. He signed the one-year deal and that issue was off the table, we thought. I can’t remember the last time Seattle extended a player in Wallace’s position. His extension wouldn’t have been a big deal even a month ago, really, because Hasselbeck was still playing. Now it seems like a bigger deal because everyone thought Wallace was enhancing his free-agent value for 2007, not 2008.

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  1. bnemhaus says:

    It’s odd about Boulware. He pushed his way into the starting safety position just two years ago by playing a huge role in the nickel/dime. He had at least three INTs to seal wins.

    I guess DB work is a lot about confidence. It’s just hard to believe Jimy Williams is really a better option than Boulware.

  2. kjknight3 says:

    Now THAT’s danged funny Mike. You showed us a new link to the correct seedings. But what I find so funny is that it is to CBS, which is who hosts the site. One’s right, one’s wrong. I’m sorry, I just find that very funny.

  3. It is funny. Thanks for pointing it out. The league will be taking over all Web operations soon.

  4. cpblessing says:

    So is Wallace under contract through 2007 or 2006 season?

  5. Drillslinger says:

    I believe Seneca is under contract for this season (original contract) and the next season (extension). (So… through the 2007 season)

  6. I just saw the play off seatings on NFL network.NFC Bears,New York,Seahawks,don’t care after that.AFC Couldn’t care less.How can New York be ahead of Seattle?Doesn’t heads up come first?If there isn’t any heads up then you go to all the other BS ways .

  7. Osiris33 says:

    New York would be ahead because its actually a three-way tie with New orleans. But actually I think the Saints win a three way becuase of their better conference record. In a two-way tie with the Giants, the Seahawks win.

  8. PapaHawk says:

    Boulware played in the nickel as a rookie as the Nickel LB. He didn’t replace a DB , he replaced an LB. Currently in the nickel we have Tatupu on the field instead.

  9. It seems wierd to me that Boulware is not one of our top 14 or 15 best players on defense (considering all the special lineups). He is a quality football player and a quality person in the locker room. I think they need to find a role for him where he can contribute besides just special teams. I think the punt return role that Burleson has been given is a good example of finding a way to get a quality player on the field so he can contribute.

  10. WiscCory says:

    I thought Jimmy Williams and Jennings played admirably on Sunday, making some solid tackles and being in good position on coverage. Why put Boulware in if those guys are playing adequately?

    That’s just one fans take.

  11. nighthawk2 says:

    Mike, what is your view on Babineaux starting over Boulware? Do you think the defense has improved, or was Boulware a scapegoat and the move was made to put everyone on defense on notice. I keep remembering Boulware’s INT at Minnesota on the Moss option pass, his INT in the Super Bowl, things like that, and I wonder why was he sat down and not Trufant, or Herndon?

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