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My take on Stevens’ situation

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 8, 2006 at 8:21 pm with 27 Comments »
November 8, 2006 8:21 pm

The NFL’s decision to fine Jerramy Stevens seemed defensible based on the unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty for head-butting Stuart Schweigert. I just never saw compelling visual evidence suggesting Stevens tried to strike Tyler Brayton with a knee to the groin, as the NFL alleged. I’ve watched the play probably 20 times from start to finish. ESPN’s replays showed the entire fracas, and then some. There was a point when Stevens’ leg raised off the ground, but it appeared he was merely off-balance while tangling with Brayton. I could see no intent to deliver such a blow. However, another part of me thinks Brayton probably thought Stevens had made such an attempt. This would explain why Brayton would suddenly strike Stevens so blatantly. The league surely watched the play from additional angles available on the coaches’ video shot from above the end zone. Perhaps another angle showed more than what we could see on TV.

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  1. SnakeDoctor says:

    Although I think Brayton got off way to easy, it was nice to see the raiders stick up for their player. Mike I have not heard or read all the news in Seattle but have the Seahawks come to Stevens defense?

  2. Yeah, like perhaps the angle from inside the league’s lower intestine where they have apparently parked their collective heads. This was the same angle that they used when calling the PI on Jackson in the superbowl, the same angle that declared that Hutchinson’s contract offer from Minesota had to be met -in the past-, i.e. before the Seahawks had seen it, and the same angle that said the hit on Hasslebeck was clean.

  3. hawkowl says:

    Seahawks players have not defended Stevens publicly because unlike the Raiders, it appears the Seahawks organization has some level of control over their guys. The Raiders should take a lesson and try and keep some of their guys from mouthing off in the press. It really does nothing to help their cause. Imagine if in the real world you called your competition “a punk” and “a piece of (crap)”. All it does is make Sapp appear as big a “punk” as Stevens. Hopefully the Seahawks will remain quiet on the subject.

  4. Julian Peterson defended Stevens today. He said he thought the fine was excessive. Peterson also said he “couldn’t stand” Stevens as an opponent (back when Peterson was with the 49ers) because Stevens was like a “gnat” who would not leave you alone.

  5. doubledink says:

    I’ll give Brayton credit for one thing. His apology was spot on. He showed full acceptance of responsibility. It wasn’t one of those double talking versions you get from a politician when they are wrong. It proves he is not a punk. Sapp take notes! You are a punk.

  6. Sorry, I meant leave us true Hawks fans alone.

  7. seahawkfan5704 says:

    This is awesome! Next time someone does something stupid, the athelete can go to the press and claim he was “instigated.”

    I wonder if that means that Womack or Gray can drop and chop block someone, then claim that his man called his mom a dirty name!

    Come on, this is stupid! Each player should be responsible for their own actions. No one asked stevens if the guy he butted helmets with talked smack to him! This is a long dark road that will only diminish the actions of players.

    Stupid, just stupid…

  8. joemamma says:

    The guy JS butted helmets with (#30) took a swipe at his face as he was getting up- you couldn’t see it on TV, I was near the field in that corner.

  9. Good job, LordTD. Maybe the NFL should have a penalty box. They could put both players in at the same time for one 2 minute round. They could both continue playing if able. The fans would love it. It would certainly be more fair then the current method of dealing with fights.

  10. I dont think it needs to be said as of what the league thinks of us at this point.

    John Lynch got fined for hitting a player on a bad tackle…twice as much as Brayton did for kneeing our guy in the crouch. And Stevens getting fined? I really hate the uncalled for crap the leagues keep putting Seattle teams and their fans through. (Im talking you too, NBA!)

  11. dvast8r says:

    Sando, enjoyed your article re: Stevens this morning. Especially liked the bit you added about Sapp injuring another player. You gave us both sides and let us come to our own conclusion, without actually calling the guy a hypocrite.

    I guess my feelings on Sapp are pretty clear; no need to get into that further.

    good stuff, thanks.

  12. albanyhawker says:

    Mike – what did Tobeck do in the aftermath of that play to get a 15-yard penalty?

  13. He was arguing a point with the referee. The Seahawks thought the referee got a little excited in the heat of battle and overreacted.

  14. thebro88 says:

    i agree with you sando i didnt think stevens deserved the fine any way you slice it. Brayton clearly had a hold and control of stevens’ body, pushing and pulling and he was off balance, as for the earlier 15 yard penalty i didnt think that was NEARLY enough to permit a fine at all. I do think brayton’s apology was sincere and believe he got caught in the heat of the moment its unfortunate that it was here in his home state in front of his grandparents. one thing is aboslutely, positively clear to me, even though ive been a stevens fan since he was a dawg, he needs to start making plays. LESS TALK, MORE TD’S

  15. buddhabrad says:

    Tobeck’s 15-yarder on the play should serve as a reminder to us who have watched the video repeatedly. None of us know what was SAID between Stevens and Brayton during the play.

    Tobeck got a penalty for what he said. Stevens may very well have said something that contributed to the incident. The refs may have included what was said in the league report and that could have contributed to the decision to fine Stevens.

    That said, you’d think Stevens would have been given a penalty for taunting or whatever. But there are many instances where a penalty was not called during a play, but the player was fined at a later time, usually for a helmet-to-helmet hit, etc.

  16. bvankleypdx says:

    The play to watch is 2 plays before the scuffle…right before the commercial break. Stevens lines up across from Brayton and completely owns him. As the whistle is blowing the play dead, Stevens delivers a punch/blow to the pads that knocks Brayton backwards about 15 feet and on his butt. Then he stands over Brayton and taunts him. After seeing this play, I understood what got Brayton to the boiling point (though there is no excuse for what he did and he should have gotten a game off for it).

  17. OregonHawk says:

    Well said bvankleypdx, It looks like Stevens got what he deserved and then some.

    Stevens needs to start talking with his stats not his mouth!

  18. I thought Stevens would have learned after his SB performance.
    Shut up and catch the ball!

  19. localreader says:

    I am in 100% agreement with Colin Cowherd, Stevens deserves anything he gets. Stevens is a creep and the league knows it. Stevens has been involved in HS fights (attacking a man with a baseball bat), hit and runs (drunk), rape allegations, drunken driving arrests, etc. He’s the definition of an instigator.

    Warren Sapp maybe a punk as well but he does not have the criminal record that Stevens has.

    Stevens is a trash talker and trash talkers wont get much respect if you cannot back up your mouth.

    At least Kellen Winslow and Jeremy Shockey can play!

  20. localreader says:

    The fact is, in life and the NFL, your reputation proceeds you. The fine maybe excessive but if you substitute Jerramy Stevens with Terrell Owens, not many people would be coming to the aid to T.O.

  21. buddhabrad says:

    How is Stevens any different from Koren Robinson? Both had off-field problems. Both had unlimited potential. Both of them were plagued with on-field gaffs.

    Robinson got cut when he gave the team a reason to do so. Stevens will not be re-signed because he’s not given a reason to do so.

    It’s not about potential. It’s about performance. Stevens is as much of a distraction as he is an asset.

    Look at the discussions this week, most of which have been negative. No real mention of the nine sacks, the shut-out or the great play by Seneca. It’s all been Stevens and all negative. We should be celebrating a dominant win, and instead we are re-hashing Stevens and his “potential”.

    We WILL have new faces at TE next season. And we’ll get QUALITY replacements. Look again at the K-Rob situation. We cut him, and in less than a year, WR is our deepest position. We can do the same with the TEs. I’m not saying we’ll get Tony G, but if you were a top TE, wouldn’t you just LOVE to play in the Holmgren WCO? Of course you would.

  22. Too bad that on Thursday before a very big game we are focused on this topic instead.

    I like the line “Shut up and catch the ball!”

    And Dave Boling’s “Stevens was fined $15,000, apparently for groining Brayton in the knee.”

    TE’s with JS’s size and talent don’t grow on trees but he was a Mike Holmgren pick not a TR pick and wouldn’t be the first big talent to get dumped because of his attitude.

  23. hawkowl says:

    Is Stevens a distraction to the team? Serious question for Sando.

    I get the impression that Stevens is a distraction to fans, but not the team.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    Sapp’s not a thug with off the field issues? Ask Chad Clifton about that, or Mike Sherman. Yeah, that pot smoking at the ultra-clean “U” didn’t drop him in the draft did it?

  25. ElPerroGrandeDos says:

    Dump dump dump the chump

  26. SeanCarney says:

    Anyone who has comcast digital cable and nfl network can see the nfl replay on demand and it CLEARLY shows STEVENS trying to kick BRAYTON first.

  27. Rubbish SC! Just try this, find someone stronger than you who is about 4″ shorter and weighs more than you, and have them with both hands grasped on your jersey suddenly shove you backwards and see if one of your feet doesn’t come up in the air towards them. I’ve watched that incident again and again and again and don’t agree, it doesn’t clearly show anyting more than an enraged Brayton kneeing Stevens in the nuts. I agree though that Brayton may have thought Stevens was trying to kick him.

    Stevens should appeal that league ruling if it is actually based upon the Brayton incident and not the earlier head butt which was a BS call. Schweigert should have got a late hit penalty on that play as well, he should have been fined as well.

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