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Raiders: Brayton was retaliating

Post by News Tribune Staff on Nov. 7, 2006 at 2:13 pm with 25 Comments »
November 7, 2006 2:13 pm

Raiders DE Tyler BraytonRaiders coach Art ShellSeahawks TE Jerramy StevensRaiders coach Art Shell has finished his press conference with Bay Area reporters. According to Shell, Raiders DE Tyler Brayton kneed Seattle TE Jerramy Stevens in the groin only after a Seattle player (presumably Stevens) tried to do the same thing to Brayton. I’ve heard several readers say they saw Stevens make such an attempt. I have rewatched the ESPN version of the sequence. It appeared to be inconclusive on this topic. Brayton, of course, was ejected on the spot. See Shell’s comments below. ALSO: Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren disputes the Raiders’ version of events.

SHELL: “I talked with the league office this morning and I gave our side of it, what occurred, why it occurred. Tyler was reacting to someone trying to kick him in the groin area. So there was a reaction to that. Sometimes when there’s pushing and shoving you might not react. But when that happens, guys will react and he did. There will be something. What it is I don’t know. Could be a fine. Hopefully that’s all it will be. Then we’ll go from there. They didn’t say exactly what it was going to be.”

SHELL on whether it will help Brayton’s case if the Seattle player (presumably Stevens) acted first: “Sure it will, because when you see the tape it shows that he got kicked first and he reacted. There is some culpability on the part of the other individual.”

Should the Seattle player be punished as well? SHELL: “Sure it should. It should because he initiated it and Tyler reacted. You tell your guys not to react to things like that but in that situation you understand.”

Did the Raiders lose their composure? “That’s unfair. It’s not losing your composure. Tyler has great character. That’s uncharacteristic of him. He doesn’t do that. If you look at his track record in the league office in terms of being fined for things I think he’s only been fined once which was for grabbing a face mask which is normal when you’re trying to tackle somebody. That’s uncharacteristic for him and that goes a long ways when you look at the track records.”

Shell said he learned about what happened on the field from Brayton’s teammates (Brayton had been ejected). SHELL: “I didn’t talk to Tyler. Tyler went straight to the locker room. When the players came to the sideline, they explained to me what happened. They said this guy has a tendency to run off at the mouth and pushing and shoving and all of a sudden he lets go with a kick. You just can’t do that. That’s not football.”

We’ll hear from Mike Holmgren on this shortly.

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  1. billywatson says:

    Stevens is a low character guy. He always has been. The Seahawks should go after another tight end in free agency and let him walk. I really didn’t like him since he “allegedly” ran his truck into a retirement home while driving drunk and then fled the scene. Dropping balls in the endzone and getting stupid penalties doesn’t help either. He is not the type of player you want on your team. He has enormous talent, but he is jerk and also has bouts with inconsistency. Eric Johnson come on down.

  2. roddychops says:

    i didn’t see any kick from stevens.
    i don’t have the luxury of a tape with me, but they replayed it enough last night and all i saw was some pretty aggressive blocking/pushing both ways, continuing a little after the play was ended.

    then the usual mouthing off while still in each others’ grasp, the brayton’s groin-shot. with both of stevens’ arms at his side.

    like other posters said earlier–i like that stevens gets in there with some fire and trash, but it would help if he could also back it up with some catches. (but his run blocking looked great on that last drive.)

    fire and backing it up awards still go to the new guys: JP and D-ON.

    the 3-Ds: d-jack, d-j, and d-ON!

  3. myELFboy says:

    I agree with you billywatson. Stevens should walk after the year…send him to the Bengals!

  4. bulldog80 says:

    Jiminy christmas guys, kick him off the team? He’s the only decent tight end we’ve had in a long time. I’d like him better if he didn’t drop the ball. However, He blocks well and is a mathc up nightmare for opponents. I like it that Stevens has some fire. We need more of it! I’ve replayed it a dozen times and can’t see Stevens doing anything but blocking hard. How about some frickin support from the fans. Brayton was way out of line.

  5. myELFboy says:

    Brayton is from the Tri-Cities where I reside, so I can’t be against him too much. To be honest, I think Stevens deserved a swift kick in the pants with the way he’s been playing lately. Maybe this will kickstart his play and he’ll learn how to hold onto a ball when it hits him square in the chest.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Stevens did it first. He needs to learn to catch the damn ball in the endzone and stop picking fights. There are a lot of great tight ends out there, and I would not put Stevens up there with them

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    The Raiders are liars. I too saw many replays of that play there was no kick from Stevens. I saw Brayton holding onto Stevens jersey long after the play was over. No doubt there was a lot of trash talking and Stevens got the guy to lose his cool. Tobeck did it last year if I recall, got a guy to lose his composure and get thrown out of a game. Brayton should get the same suspension Haynesworth got. Anyone who would believe anything a Raider said, I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you.

  8. PhilKenSebben says:

    Stevens may not be the highest character guy, but he knows the offense and has good chemistry with Matt. I would be very much against him leaving. there was a time when we all wanted Darrell Jackson’s head on a plate for dropping passes. I think he will get over it, about the same time a certain #8 returns.

    However, i did not see Stevens make an attempt to knee Brayton. he was not 100% innocent either, but he did the right thing by walking back and not going after him.

  9. Osiris33 says:

    Hitting him square in the chest is the reason he dropped it. You can’t let the ball get into your body, you catch it with your hands.

    As for the penalty, I dodn’t see anything that warrented a swift kick in the jewels. Maybe the coaches tape will reveal something.

  10. elgranderojo says:

    Stevens has had his character problems in the past. Last year he played very well and then had a rough Superbowl (with a few bright spots). I don’t think he said anything particulary mouthy before the SB… Porter just decided to pour gas on his words and the media lit it on fire (or maybe vice versa).

    The 15 yard penalty he got was fairly weak… you can’t say it was a bad call, just something that goes on without getting called most of the time (the official just happened to be pretty close to it).

    I did not see him kick or knee at Brayton’s manhood, but I’d have to look at the film again to verify that it didn’t happen (it may have happened a play or two earlier also). If Steven’s did, then that is low class, and sometimes you revert to old habits (he used to be quite the thug). However, I think he has done an excellent job of overcoming his past problems and staying out of trouble. His play on the field has been too inconsistent, but he is incredibly gifted and if he becomes more consistent could be a top 5 TE in the league. I think he is on the verge of being a really, really good football player… but he still has to earn it.

    I hope the coaches and front office will do the right thing with him in the off season… and based on their experiences with Stevens, they are the most qualified to make the decision on what that is.

  11. Just another after the fact rationalization of a low classless act from a low classless organization where the players have little direction or focus. The once proud Raiders now reduced to justification of the unjustifiable.

    I guess in Oakland it’s OK to knee others in the crotch? Wow?

  12. MoChawksFan says:

    I was listening to the “Dan Patrick: show on espn radio today. He said the video he was watching showed the possible attempt by Stevens. He had said this video was on

  13. buddhabrad says:

    When I watched the incident on video, I thought it looked like Stevens had just completed trying the same thing albeit quite clumsily, then Brayton gave it a whole-hearted attempt, which we all saw.

    I think the Raiders comments are more in line with what I saw.

    I am SO sick and tired of hearing about “potential”, “attitude” and all the rest. Consisent winners make plays. They don’t shoot off their mouths, or “look good in practice”. They make plays. Stevens poses a marginal match-up problem, because he drops balls and its easy to get inside his head. Let’s not forget his play in SBXL. Some would say he single-handedly cost us the game.

    Sando has repeatedly hinted that there’ll be 3 new faces at TE next year for a reason. Stevens’ days are numbered. The Jeremy Stevens Legacy: An admitted alcoholic who still drinks regularly, drops too many passes (usually in big situations), and gets taken out of the game mentally by any yappy LB on the other side of the ball. AND he drove into a retirement home in college.


  14. MoChawksFan says:

    If you want to see the video again under “braytons knee meets stevens groin”

  15. ajdrolet says:

    Yes, if you guys had waited to watch the full video first before airing your opinions, you would have seen that Stevens made a feeble attempt to either kick at Tyler’s inside leg or maintain his balance prior to Tyler’s knee. Only Stevens knows which one, but it looks more like a kick to me than a rockette’s dance number.

  16. hawkowl says:

    Exactly what ajdrolet said, this falls under the same category as the Henderson hit on Hasselbeck, only the player knows so it’s pointless debating the situation.

  17. billywatson says:

    I am not saying kick Stevens off the team. He is going to be a free agent and I am just suggesting the team not waste the money on re-signing him and go after someone that isn’t such a piece or work.

  18. PapaHawk says:

    AFter the season our Hawks will have to find somebody who can be a weapon at TE. Somebody who can block and catch. Those guys aren’t cheap. Stevens may be the best option. He certainly hasn’t maxxed out his potential. We all know that Holmgren and he have had their battles. I’d like to see him stick around…as long as we don’t have other idiots. A football team has room for an idiot…its just when you get more than one, then they can talk to each other and spread the cancer. But when there is one, its okay. I think we can deal with him as our offensive idiot.

  19. Drillslinger says:

    Stevens’ knee DID come up between Brayton’s legs, however, it appeared to be A) with little force and B) as Brayton was shoving Stevens’ shoulders (and vice versa). This indicates (to me) that there was no intention to “injure” on Stevens’ part.

  20. jake_brake says:

    Agreed that Stevens continues to have character issues – not as much as in the past, and he seems to have at least improved his work ethic and commitment to the team the last couple of years. But I was not impressed by his behavior during the Brayton play. Watching it both live and in replays, what really caught my attention was the way he danced around in childish glee immediately after the flag was thrown, obviously thrilled with himself for getting Brayton kicked out of the game when the win was already sewn up. I’ve seen more maturity on display at a grade school playground.

    For those in favor of jettisoning Stevens, however, whom exactly do you propose to take his place? It’s not as if elite level TE’s are just out there for the taking, and if you think the draft is going to produce an immediate upgrade, well, that is one more reason the NFL isn’t knocking on your door with a job offer. Ideally, we’d draft someone promising and sign Stevens to a short (2-3 year) contract, but it’s likely another team will offer more years and/or more $$ if we try to lowball him. Eric Johnson is intriguing, but he’s also missed 2 full seasons to injury. No easy answers here.

  21. bdfools says:

    To me, it looks like Stevens is a little off balance and being pushed backwards while Brayton has two hands full of his jersey and his leg DOES come up a bit between his legs. Looks accidental to me though, cause he’s falling backwards a little.

    I like the potential Stevens has. But it’s taken him this long to show some of it, he still has some character issues, and he still drops way too many balls.

    FYI Tony Gonzalez is a free agent at the end of this season and the Chiefs have implied they won’t franchise him. How would he look in a Seahawks jersey? :)

  22. Mike, that picure you found of Brayton isn’t going to do him any favors in this…

    Bottom line, folks, is that it is not hard to knee a man in his groin. Brayton did the unthinkable. Stevens raised a knee, but did NOT do THAT. Good lord, if you lift a man off the ground by kicking him in the jewels then you should be severely fined and suspended.

    Wow! Stevens should start doing endorsements for his brand of atheletic cup with that footage.

  23. tezzer21 says:

    Just shut up about it! My god, only men could spend so much time talking about a such a stupid thing like getting kneed in the balls. Who cares? There are things that go on like that all during the game…every week, every game. It’s called intimidation, trash talking, aggressiveness. It’s the dumb guy who gets caught doing it or taking it over the line…

    So your reaction is that Stevens should be sent packing? I for one, think he is immature. I also think he can be a huge asset. He is one of those guys that Holmgren is trying to work on. Sometimes it works in his favor, sometimes it doesn’t (Koren Robinson). But Holmgren will either help him mature or he’ll send him packing.

    But get over the knee to groin thing. Try to elevate your analysis and dissection of players to a higher level than that that which is between his or your legs!!!

  24. Nothing2CHere_MoveAlong says:

    Stevens may have potential, but for the last 2 years he’s been our best TE by far. Brayton was frustrated by getting dominated 4 plays in a row. Sure, Stevens may have done some talking, but so what?
    Those who want to let him go don’t understand the value of a big, athletic TE who can block well AND get open and catch the ball. Stevens is a keeper. If he becomes a free agent, just watch all the $$$ thrown his way by other teams.

  25. The YouTube clip at the 7 sec mark has a frame that shows
    Steven’s foot right between Brayton’s legs and near his crotch.
    This may have been accidental (incidental) but it seems that Brayton took it personally.

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